WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer

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  • Dale Lee Cooper
    Dale Lee Cooper 1 day ago

    Just saw it, the movie is even better than the trailer.

  • Flora Guan
    Flora Guan 1 day ago

    wondr shit rri u suck pcenu imt he memo of god

  • Avalia Leoric
    Avalia Leoric 1 day ago

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  • Abhishek Tekam
    Abhishek Tekam 1 day ago

    good sweet movie

  • YY ニュース
    YY ニュース 1 day ago

    so good -man- #ChupaKids

  • Aoife Molloy
    Aoife Molloy 2 days ago

    Still, after seeing this movie twice, I get so flipping pumped watching this. The soundtrack, the fight scenes, the slow-mo shots...damn

  • It's_ Alex
    It's_ Alex 4 days ago

    Damn the soundtrack at the end always gives goosebumps!!!

  • Suderland Tú
    Suderland Tú 5 days ago

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  • natural0921
    natural0921 5 days ago

    In my opinion, this version is the best of all the trailers of the movie

  • jab cribuncabasillo

    amazing soundtrack.. love it

  • Emre.D
    Emre.D 6 days ago

    DC did it again. What a horrible movie.

  • Defta Modarko
    Defta Modarko 7 days ago

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  • Ana Lavez
    Ana Lavez 7 days ago

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  • Khuong Thoai
    Khuong Thoai 7 days ago

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  • Immortals- RO
    Immortals- RO 7 days ago

    Another version of Captain America.

  • Sonya Manka
    Sonya Manka 7 days ago

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  • asd
    asd 8 days ago

    Wonder Woman 2017 Movie

  • slavko bukvic
    slavko bukvic 8 days ago

    The movie is wonderful. No pun intended. I clapped my hands at the end.

  • pheba100
    pheba100 9 days ago

    As much as i think that Gal Gadot is one of the hottest females in the world I strongly believe that she is way too untalented as an actress... Seriously my aesthetic was damaged after seeing her in Wonderwoman... As for the movie it's one of the worst i've seen in the theaters... Luck of screenplay and interest... The whole movie is a worship for a beautiful woman with silly dialogues and extra scenes with no point (aka the man who sells ice-cream in the train station during the war!). I don't even want to mention the scene where they drink their beers and she is replacing the cup on every second. Not even Scorsese does these mistakes in his movies.

    The last fight scene was nice though.

    I truly believe that "Mummy" propably will be better.... It doesn't get any worst than this. 4/10

  • wayne shaw
    wayne shaw 9 days ago

    whats the soundtrack name at 1:30

  • The Real Deal Horses

    This movie was everything I wanted it to be. The humor is great, digital effects are amazing, great storyline and awesome movie soundtrack. I recommend this movie for anyone. 😆

  • Daniel Matthew
    Daniel Matthew 10 days ago

    Wonder Woman movie NOW available in HD quality

  • Grace Sturgess
    Grace Sturgess 10 days ago

    This is what I call great film, i liked it a lot. I saw it here:

  • Aamar FM
    Aamar FM 10 days ago

    nice movie

  • Aamar FM
    Aamar FM 10 days ago

    nice movie

  • ineke
    ineke 11 days ago

    16:44 [[HdRip 1080p]]Wonder Woman 2017 https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CindyCazorla/posts/XyFknecB8Y8

  • Nektarios Christopoulos

    I do prefer Linda Carter in the 70s

  • Geørge MK
    Geørge MK 11 days ago

    Just saw the movie
    It was amazing!
    The only thing bothered me was that she didnt speak greek in any scene

  • Donna Carol
    Donna Carol 11 days ago

    WONDER WOMAN (2017) i am watch at

  • Abdel Wakil Longou
    Abdel Wakil Longou 12 days ago

    in the movie she try to stop gaz attack to safe innocent peopole
    but in real life she suport gaz attack on children in Palestine
    in 2014 she post it in facebook
    shame on you gal gadot they were innocent peopole
    like in your movie

  • Christopher Punzalan

    His Beijing gaga hand he's law Jan disused kskkdkdjjdj

  • Cynthia Utz
    Cynthia Utz 12 days ago

    Finally a good DCEU Movie!!!

  • radolf p
    radolf p 12 days ago

    congrats.. wonder women broke all records..640 millions worldwide..

  • melrania queens
    melrania queens 12 days ago

    years ago i wanted a wonder woman movie and now there is. omggg

  • C1 cinema
    C1 cinema 12 days ago

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  • Michi Aluto
    Michi Aluto 12 days ago

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  • Иван Балянов

    my top:
    2.Suicide Squad
    3.Man Of Steel
    4.Wonder Woman

  • Evelyn Lim
    Evelyn Lim 13 days ago

    Will there be a sequel in wonder woman cuz I want Steve Trevor to live again

  • jisel garcia
    jisel garcia 13 days ago

    best movie of the year. loved ir

  • Saul Ramirez
    Saul Ramirez 13 days ago

    I'm both frightened and arose.... by that ending theme(more arose).

  • Elin Wille
    Elin Wille 13 days ago

    Wonder Woman

  • Ben TEN TEN
    Ben TEN TEN 14 days ago

    This movie is a lot like a female version of Captain America in Winter Soldier.

  • aplayaz2000
    aplayaz2000 14 days ago

    well ill go ahead and say DC raped marvel in the ass with this piece

    haha marvel defeated by a woman !


  • LunaGer
    LunaGer 14 days ago

    Such a good movie. WB, you guys outdid yourselves with this one.

  • urigotliv
    urigotliv 15 days ago

    I think Riley Reid should take the leading role in Wonder Woman sequel. that girl can really do wonders

  • Emma Mae Gridley
    Emma Mae Gridley 15 days ago

    Wonder woman is the most badass DC character

  • Shandy Sawh
    Shandy Sawh 15 days ago

    I'm so glad this was the only trailer I watched. It was the one which captured the tone of the movie the best without spoiling anything or ruining any of the amazing set pieces... like No Man's Land. Good job trailer crew!

  • Nate Dog
    Nate Dog 15 days ago

    SJWs can keep their Ghostbusters. We have our Godkiller.

  • manonfire237
    manonfire237 15 days ago

    What an amazing film honestly! They did it Justice. Gal Gadot was incredible in every scene!

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers 15 days ago

    why it's Wonder woman fight a seem way better than Captain America so gay

  • Joelrat's Film Resort

    Holy cow it was actually good

  • rajibdavid
    rajibdavid 15 days ago

    I saw this movie last night and it was staggering. One of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. I was literally gasping at some scenes, it just took over my body. Gal Gadot was fantastic, she's just marvelous.

    Can't wait to watch it again, it's definitely worth it!

  • Izaac Robinson
    Izaac Robinson 15 days ago

    GOAT trailer

  • Vincent Hipolito
    Vincent Hipolito 16 days ago

    I hope we can freely download the full movie of this, I'll wait for it. This was an awesome movie. I love it <3

  • Dalma Hati
    Dalma Hati 16 days ago

    Gal Gadot changed herself for every scene.
    Appreciated by Connie Nielsen (HIPPOLYTA). Thanks to Patty Jenkins. And for music to Rupert Gregson-Williams. 8.5/10
    Good wishes to Diana for next👍👍 #WonderWoman #GalGadot #Diana

  • Ayasaki Hiro
    Ayasaki Hiro 16 days ago

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  • Adam Tatti
    Adam Tatti 16 days ago

    Just saw it yesterday. The best DC movie in years.

  • Liset
    Liset 17 days ago

    Looks epic, the war scenes look amazing as well

  • Priyanker Rao
    Priyanker Rao 17 days ago

    GUYS! movie update please? 1:00 was this scene in the movie? i don't recall it being in the movie. and they said they did not cut any scene.

    • grimmsy001
      grimmsy001 14 days ago

      Priyanker Rao Yep, the scene establishes that Diana has accelerated healing ability. Perhaps it's not a bad idea to see it again ;)

    • Priyanker Rao
      Priyanker Rao 16 days ago

      it was?
      boy, do i need to watch this movie again!

    • grimmsy001
      grimmsy001 17 days ago

      Priyanker Rao It was in the movie -- right before the scene where Diana saw a naked Steve.

  • Ricche RBLX
    Ricche RBLX 17 days ago

    I watched the movie today it was so good! and sad too

    if u want spoiler dm on Instagram
    insta : ricche.rep

  • ectoplasmicentity
    ectoplasmicentity 17 days ago

    I just watched this movie AGAIN! Even better the second time!

  • Stephen Parallox
    Stephen Parallox 17 days ago

    I think Themyscira is somewhere between Greece and Israel.  It does fit the movie geographically. :)


    And y'all tried to take out the No Man's Land scene, so...

  • Devesh Pandey
    Devesh Pandey 17 days ago

    Guys please don't spoil the business of a brilliant movie by leaking it online here where millns come....If you really liked it, you should promote others to go to cinemas to watch it rather than promoting piracy !!!Already those comments have got 3500+ likes

    • Soulkey sbr
      Soulkey sbr 17 days ago

      You do realize that those are bots with scam/virus links right?

  • VVilDeCaRd
    VVilDeCaRd 17 days ago

    what i love about a wonder woman is the she dominates the battlefield !

  • whogg0521
    whogg0521 18 days ago

    Even after watching this simply AWESOME movie yesterday, I could STILL watch this trailer every day. I think I got more chills today.

  • ElRadioDJ913
    ElRadioDJ913 18 days ago

    Admit it, that movie was fucking amazing!

  • Snoopy 101
    Snoopy 101 18 days ago

    Saw this movie last night! It was INCREDIBLE!

  • FallenEpic
    FallenEpic 18 days ago

    Me watching Wonder Woman trailers: "Yes..." [Nod] "I like where this is going."
    Me watching the Wonder Woman movie: "FUCK YES!" [Flips Table] "Why can't more DC films kick this much ass??"

  • Bayonettamachinekill

    You did your job. I was impress it was a great movie.

  • Bibo Reyes
    Bibo Reyes 19 days ago

    I can't believe this came out almost a year ago. How in the hell did I survive that wait...

  • Lambily 974
    Lambily 974 19 days ago


  • NJ223Gaming
    NJ223Gaming 19 days ago

    This movie was fucking amazing

  • Awesome Alie
    Awesome Alie 19 days ago

    Best director everRR!! PATTY JENKINS simply amazing story and such a great movie!!

  • Dmelo King
    Dmelo King 19 days ago

    One of the best movies

  • Pontic Media
    Pontic Media 19 days ago

    She assumed his gender.

  • sagar k.s
    sagar k.s 19 days ago

    She has made WONDER in the movie :) Just wonderful :-)

  • Ramones Devil
    Ramones Devil 19 days ago

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  • Fabian Valentįn
    Fabian Valentįn 20 days ago

    I Just Saw This Film A Few Hours Ago. The Film Lives Up To The Hype. Putting Male Superhero Movies To Shame. A Glamazon Goddess Being Glorious In 2+ Freaking Hours. Wondrous Job Gal Gadot, a.k.a Wonder Woman.

  • Hotpodger Dodger
    Hotpodger Dodger 20 days ago

    Did anyone actually see this movie? Does it actually have a good script or is it just teen superhero paplum nonsense?

    • Hotpodger Dodger
      Hotpodger Dodger 17 hours ago

      Kal-El fan 49 It's DC means nothing to me. So in other wards you're telling me it's crap.

    • Kal-El fan 49
      Kal-El fan 49 11 days ago

      It's DC, of course is a great movie.

  • meggy moo
    meggy moo 20 days ago

    I just watched the film , it's fantastic! sad that ... oops nearly a spoiler alert 😁

  • Naomi Frye
    Naomi Frye 21 day ago

    Was really good I saw it twice!

  • mluntom
    mluntom 21 day ago

    Hong Kong fans here, I watched in today, really a comeback of DC....

  • Kinq Trex
    Kinq Trex 21 day ago

    what song 2:14

  • désolé
    désolé 21 day ago


  • alexrodriquez718
    alexrodriquez718 21 day ago

    Great movie this was 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • cr4yv3n
    cr4yv3n 21 day ago

    Yet another superhero mpvie...meh

  • JM Escario
    JM Escario 21 day ago

    This movie is sooo GREAT,

  • Alxkzmrz
    Alxkzmrz 21 day ago

    Just came back from the movie. It was amazing!

  • Marco Figueroa
    Marco Figueroa 21 day ago

    Thank You WB for an amazing movie

  • Brian Peppers
    Brian Peppers 21 day ago

    Feminist claptrap nonsense

  • Radhika P
    Radhika P 21 day ago

    watching it tmrw so excited!

  • Benoski893
    Benoski893 21 day ago

    Saw the movie yesterday. It did the DCEU justice.

    Let's hope they keep this momentum going into Justice League...

  • Rebekka Rasmussen
    Rebekka Rasmussen 21 day ago

    Goodbye To Superman and Spiderman and Other Onthers Hello To Wonderwomen 😆😝🙋🏻💃🏼👏👌🏼💪🏼👊🏽🙏🏻

  • Mike Padilla
    Mike Padilla 21 day ago

    I just saw the movie and let me tell you it's worth watching again! amazing....

  • robk1990
    robk1990 22 days ago

    Just watched the movie and I loved it!

  • Mike's MOCS
    Mike's MOCS 22 days ago

    Fantastic movie, Gal KILLED it as WW

  • Dave Ragland
    Dave Ragland 22 days ago

    #boycottwonderwoman or at least this one for her anti-Palestinian actions and hatred!

  • wonderglory
    wonderglory 22 days ago

    How would German-Vietnamese gymnast Marcel Nguyen react to this? He's also a soldier himself.

  • Connor Mausolf
    Connor Mausolf 23 days ago


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