Oblivion Draconic Armor H cup moving breasts

A clip of how the Breasts move in the Draconic Armor

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Author Brandon (2 years)
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap.

Author SpitShineT0mmy (2 years)
@NightReigns The good part?

Author DrunkenGunsAndBombs (2 years)
nice u made the tits have a life of its own...

Author Moemura (2 years)
I guess it follows game logic, with the less the armour it covers for
females the higher the defense it gives?

Author Onii -Chan (2 years)
@AndrewSMi95 I'm actually looking forward to it :D

Author Logan Brock (2 years)
@Mathaius833 You're kidding right?

Author medo sam (2 years)
why dont they do this in elder scrolls V "skyrim"?

Author irio3333 (1 year)
yeah, go have sex with a 78 year old woman and then come here and say that
again. moron

Author Augur (2 years)
ASSUMING DETECT CONTROL OF *takes off shade* Dat Ass.

Author AZombiesWorstEnemy (2 years)
Pleas start running......

Author Bianca (2 years)
I'm not a lesbian but i'd do her.

Author whyquestionit (2 years)
how in the fudge did you get this?! I want this for my char D:

Author Supervisor69 (2 years)
mmm :D

Author mikemaz00 (1 year)
This dont suprise me at all...

Author maybeso08 (2 years)
can u make the npcs have bbb textures

Author blackopsglitchesftw (2 years)
ay muy grande tites. lollololololololololol i was trying to speak espanish.
lawls i meant spanish.

Author Osvaldo Diaz (2 years)
hi man, were is location this armor? in the game plis

Author Zac Conner (2 years)
O.O Damn!

Author HoboNoah (2 years)
@spyjan1 And whose fault is that?

Author HoboNoah (2 years)
@AndrewSMi95 Probably a-lot. Fappers gonna fap.

Author Caffeinated DaVinci (2 years)
I don't like the walk animation at all. It looks to clunky and cumbersome.

Author otonanoC (2 years)
@shadowxp93 Technically, I'm an elemental canine.

Author T3cHnojUnkI3 (2 years)
@DoctorRainbow8321 lol good one. i hope some one learns to love you so your
not so damn lonely :3 or that you get hit by a bus then fall into a
neverending well. plz don't ask, i'm not making sense to myself right
now... O.o

Author Nevada Stalker (2 years)
Dat boobz

Author CRAXERSNAX9025 (2 years)

Author Dewani90 (2 years)
@whyaminotkorean link on description, or you want the race? "a chingari and
ismelda demon race", or you want the walk? "Umpa sexy walk", that's all the
info i have for now, good luck

Author foxclaws56 (2 years)
@Mathaius833 Firm? You mean..Fake?

Author Andy Hokland (2 years)
Can you give me the exact savegame for this character to appear? I
installed the mod but i have no idea where "The Best Defence in the
Imperial Market District" is! Can you give me your savegame?

Author Stephan131996 (2 years)
you've got quite the "bounce" to youre chest

Author idvhfd (2 years)
That's what makes for this game being unrealistic. Let's face it, would a
slut with tits that big be able to swing a sword? Nop. BACK TO THE KITCHEN!
OR even better, sit on that bed.

Author CpsLock3 (2 years)
Bet you feel awful severing the ties with Oblivion now huh?

Author thekmanzz (2 years)
@DeathGhost809 Ew stupid.

Author acdale (2 years)
Download link has been added to info

Author Anon Śmieszczyński (2 years)
@NoirsCoO I wouldnt propably. False breasts, not so good looking face, and
hair like chineese bitch.

Author Mathaius833 (2 years)
@foxclaws56 pirky

Author KwaruMax (2 years)
I need to start buying the PC versions.

Author Bottle of Painkillers (2 years)
You have a real bounce to your chest!

Author kratelok (2 years)

Author gso619 (2 years)

Author Sean Lewis (2 years)
I want this in Skyrim. Now....

Author lisandro2882 (1 year)
Please give yourself and applause.

Author Zach Odom (2 years)
People do this shit?

Author CrescereXScithe (2 years)
That's not suggestive... in ANY way...

Author Xander Stewart (2 years)
This is the woman I have been searching for ever since I hit puberty. lol
I'm 27 now by the way. :)

Author Akmal Khan (2 years)
Id tap that

Author MrItalianmustard (2 years)
@YoivaporuncaminoV2 Actually all the Daedric Princes can change gender and
form at will.

Author KlubKaiser (2 years)
"Swag activated"

Author silvermoonwolf19 (2 years)
Wow. That is fucking PATHETIC, adding shit like this to otherwise non
sexual games. There's real porn on the internet, or god forbid you actually
go get laid.

Author The597link (2 years)
eh i'd still hit it

Author mypersonaljesus1 (2 years)
guys like tits in their game.....whats wrong with that?

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