Oblivion Draconic Armor H cup moving breasts

A clip of how the Breasts move in the Draconic Armor

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Author Somekidcalledmatt ( ago)
and btw... all tits are a bit bouncy... Go to U.S.A and hit on fake titted

Author Somekidcalledmatt ( ago)
Well... we have the chance to watch that on this game, so why should we
have smaller...? My fav is c or d-cup (on real women, because it looks
freaky when they have such huge sizes. Pixels don't look real... :P)

Author Somekidcalledmatt ( ago)
That does not mean that he's gay... Just means he hasn't hit puberty yet

Author jsnunya (212 years ago)
Sounds more like you like rock hard fake shit. *ALL* tits bounce to a
degree. I do admit these are a bit large, but saggy? You need more exposure
to tits that arent pixelated or surgically modified.

Author lisandro2882 ( ago)
Please give yourself and applause.

Author Nicholas Cartwright ( ago)
how did you get the wings

Author (532 years ago)
meh, with a body like that i think im cool with it

Author lisandro2882 ( ago)
No, you're gay! Tits are tits, no matter the shape, size or color!

Author r0cKmEsExYjEsUs ( ago)
I don't care how saggy or firm they are, tits are tits.

Author mikemaz00 ( ago)
This dont suprise me at all...

Author Dylan Mcilvenny ( ago)
Your tits are bouncing There lovin There cumin n there trying to touch my
tits Trying to touch my tits There trying

Author Taryn Delaforce ( ago)
I'm a girl.. I completely agree, sometimes big is too big.

Author ninja8761 ( ago)
one handed incrased to 100

Author RedDracolich ( ago)

Author MrItalianmustard ( ago)
@YoivaporuncaminoV2 Actually all the Daedric Princes can change gender and
form at will.

Author Conor Mangan ( ago)
you have a real bounce to your chest

Author Redbeep23 (1327 years ago)
@dodruler legs/feet/nipple

Author DethklawExodus ( ago)
@YoivaporuncaminoV2 shes a Daedric princess

Author hotdudeftw ( ago)
How come i always come back and watch these vids...

Author Logan Brock ( ago)
@Mathaius833 You're kidding right?

Author Chris Buchanan ( ago)
Ah, YouTube. Whenever my faith in humanity gets a little too high, you're
always ready to go. "Oblivion Draconic Armor H cup moving breasts"? And the
comments? You've outdone yourself this time.

Author foxclaws56 ( ago)
@Mathaius833 Firm? You mean..Fake?

Author Dakota Long ( ago)
@Mathaius833 clearly yo uare gay, if you wouldnt want those in your

Author Toast Of Doom ( ago)

Author shrekt ( ago)
@T3cHnojUnkI3 I hope someone rapes you and teaches you to get back in the
kitchen. I don't care about your gender, and that's not violent, I say that
to everyone. Derpafuckingherp.

Author PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1 ( ago)
@AndrewSMi95 I'm actually looking forward to it :D

Author Xander Stewart ( ago)
This is the woman I have been searching for ever since I hit puberty. lol
I'm 27 now by the way. :)

Author silvermoonwolf19 ( ago)
Wow. That is fucking PATHETIC, adding shit like this to otherwise non
sexual games. There's real porn on the internet, or god forbid you actually
go get laid.

Author KwaruMax ( ago)
I need to start buying the PC versions.

Author cat in dryer ( ago)

Author Nomad Jedi ( ago)
You have a real bounce to your chest!

Author Philippe Brondeel ( ago)
soooo, instead of fixing bugs they've improved boob fysics? seriously now?

Author mypersonaljesus1 ( ago)
guys like tits in their game.....whats wrong with that?

Author Knight ( ago)
What animation set is that? :O

Author jOAO J ( ago)
get a life dude.

Author Chris Schneider (314 years ago)
you sir are horny and probably lonely

Author Muscleman1388 ( ago)
Id drink from it.

Author HoboNoah ( ago)
@spyjan1 And whose fault is that?

Author HoboNoah ( ago)
@AndrewSMi95 Probably a-lot. Fappers gonna fap.

Author Rain Twister ( ago)
@spyjan1 *puts arm over you* Trolls my friend! Trolls everywhere!

Author derpnerpwerp ( ago)
@spyjan1 dumbo? you better be the one trolling otherwise that would be a
very embarrassing word to be using. I actually read that in the a baby's

Author spyjan1 ( ago)
@ODSTD56 STFU, bitch. I ain't a dumbo like you. You're the one who's been
trolled 1,000,000 times.

Author Rain Twister ( ago)
@spyjan1 Chill out bro. Sounds like you've been trolled to much.

Author spyjan1 ( ago)
@ODSTD56 More like, more idiotic. You're such a pervert. Don't even talk
about it again 'cause I'm in a bad mood now so if you gonna say anything
else about this stupid bitch that her breasts are good then you're gonna
die. I'm fucking annoyed by the fact that most of the people are interested
in this shit. I know, I am very different from others, and I'm proud of it.

Author Rain Twister ( ago)
@spyjan1 Bitch Please..... This would make Skyrim even more awesome.

Author spyjan1 ( ago)
@ODSTD56 Fuck you

Author Ir0nF1st924 ( ago)
@AndrewSMi95 nude mods have been made

Author Rain Twister ( ago)
I want this in Skyrim. Now....

Author ipavco90 ( ago)
Oh god, lol I can just imagine how ashamed and embarrassed you'd be if your
mom or your girlfriend walked in on you playing oblivion with those mods,
I'd rather they walk in on me watching real porn instead this sad desperate
pathetic virtual fantasy porn, haha

Author Zach Odom ( ago)
People do this shit?

Author Akmal Khan ( ago)
Id tap that

Author dmastermanga ( ago)
@AndrewSMi95 stupidly awesome? :)

Author CpsLock3 ( ago)
Bet you feel awful severing the ties with Oblivion now huh?

Author losaface4 ( ago)
how I get here...

Author Hax ( ago)
My boobs is BooBs And BooBs is boooooobssssssssssss !

Author medo sam ( ago)
@thekmanzz what stupid? who is stupid?

Author spyjan1 ( ago)
Boring, ugly and bitchy. I just wasted my goddamn 18 seconds.

Author spyjan1 ( ago)
@IDidItCauseIDidDrugs First, learn to spell and stop using word
shortenings. Second, those who ask if mods are for Xbox or PS3 have no
brain and you're one of them.

Author thekmanzz ( ago)
@DeathGhost809 Ew stupid.

Author SourceStrike ( ago)
@AndrewSMi95 only a couple, that make underwear disappear ^-^

Author medo sam ( ago)
why dont they do this in elder scrolls V "skyrim"?

Author Honorairé de Ballsac ( ago)
@NoirsCoO I wouldnt propably. False breasts, not so good looking face, and
hair like chineese bitch.

Author Mark Bowes ( ago)
Nice rack...............of wings

Author CRAXERSNAX9025 ( ago)

Author KlubKaiser ( ago)
"Swag activated"

Author Papersnake ( ago)
@NoirsCoO top comment whoring is more your thing .

Author Lazsathel (64 years ago)
you've got quite the "bounce" to youre chest

Author Brandon ( ago)
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap.

Author Jerry The Predator ( ago)
Fraps? More like *puts on sunglasses* FAPS YYYYEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Author spartan99105 ( ago)

Author DrunkenGunsAndBombs ( ago)
nice u made the tits have a life of its own...

Author idvhfd ( ago)
That's what makes for this game being unrealistic. Let's face it, would a
slut with tits that big be able to swing a sword? Nop. BACK TO THE KITCHEN!
OR even better, sit on that bed.

Author idvhfd ( ago)
@EvilKitty03 Mass distraction.

Author SpitShineT0mmy ( ago)
@NightReigns The good part?

Author - Matches - ( ago)
i clicked for the tits

Author gso619 ( ago)

Author Kurai San ( ago)
donde las consigo estan geniales esas chavas salen en el oblivion

Author XxSoraMifunexX ( ago)
@NoirsCoO *claps (faps) vigorously*

Author AZombiesWorstEnemy ( ago)
Pleas start running......

Author Woffbjeff ( ago)
Any way you could link to the '' race '' mod or what u got? can't find it D:

Author TheDeviantGia ( ago)
. . . . Da fuck?

Author Zac Conner ( ago)
O.O Damn!

Author Mitch ( ago)
Damn, i'd rock her world! WOOHOO! jiggles anyone?

Author IDidItCauseIDidDrugs ( ago)
I luv elder scrolls but the last 3( mirroring,oblivion,skyrim)I bought 4
console but I was just wondering r there ne mods 4the console or is it only
4computer cause some mods I've seen r really cool

Author lceman11 (1836 years ago)
i gotta lay off the cat piss...

Author AndrewSMi95 ( ago)
God with skyrim's new engine I wounder how many stupid sexual mods will
flood the moding community.

Author NightReigns ( ago)
I'm in that part of youtube again......

Author Dewani90 ( ago)
@whyaminotkorean you will still need a skelleton to work with, and
coronerras maximum compatibility skelleton does the job nice enough (you
will not need any other skelleton to bounce around oblivion) =w=

Author Dewani90 ( ago)
@whyaminotkorean if you use "dmra skimpy armor replacer" and "bbb for dmra"
with "womans move", every armor will look this skimpy, you will go :O after
watching the steel one in action, the daedric/bound armor looks just like
this one, it just adds shoulder pads, and with womans move in OMOD version
you can install walk/run/shield bash and your character will bounce
properly o.<

Author whyquestionit ( ago)
@Dewani90 Yeah the race c: and the armor too ^.^ But ty! :D

Author Laura Anderson ( ago)
@DontFallOnMe Im a girl and I play pretty much any game out there. You have
to understand that it is fantasy and people make it how they want them to
look. If there is some slutty character in a game I still let my husband
play, because I know that at the end of the day that character can not make
him as happy as I can. (and I dont mean sexually)

Author Nevada Stalker ( ago)
Dat boobz

Author underdog353777 ( ago)
Many of these breast sizes didn't exist until oblivion modders realized
what the engine would allow.

Author agentlsk ( ago)
so stupid.

Author Osvaldo Diaz ( ago)
hi man, were is location this armor? in the game plis

Author Osvaldo Diaz ( ago)
hi man, were is location this armor? pliss

Author kratelok ( ago)

Author maybeso08 ( ago)
can u make the npcs have bbb textures

Author Dewani90 ( ago)
@whyaminotkorean link on description, or you want the race? "a chingari and
ismelda demon race", or you want the walk? "Umpa sexy walk", that's all the
info i have for now, good luck

Author Dewani90 ( ago)
@maybeso08 oh that, just download XEO (the last version) and install it on
your PC, then every character will look pretty or sexy or handsome or like
hunks, i just downloaded the HD textures for the faces, the chars look
younger and better, that's all i needed, i have no problem installing xeo
but makes my game bigger (also adds extra npcs), guess i have a ton of npcs
already with cm, csr npc and from2chlives mods installed

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