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Author nicole naima abdi (1 month)

Author Sliman Boubkri (2 months)
Machaa Alah 

Author Majid Hussain (4 months)
subhan allah

Author Agus Arifin (2 months)

Author Chabs90 Panda (1 month)

Author Hasnul Ismail (1 year)
يا الله، لونقڽ سوارا انق اين، سموڬ دبركتي اوليهمو، اينسحالله.
سجوق هاتيكو كدڠرن ايات-ايات سوچي، أمين يا ربّال عالمين.

Author Muhammad Karim (2 years)
Mashallah, Great

Author yousrarifiaxxx (3 years)
maaachaa2alaah,la 9owata illa bilaaah!

Author Nasir Kashmiri (1 year)
yes it is in Pakistan ,,,, what do you think my dear it can't be in

Author salarjadoons (4 years)

Author joseph Christ (10 months)
hail Shaitan!

Author mariam dor (9 months)
MashaAllah! MashaAllah! Allahubarik wa yahfadh min kully shaitan wa

Author marigal basanon (1 year)
masha allah

Author Omar Ali Zuberi (4 years)
This child has got remarkable confidence. Mashallah - Great recitation.

Author liibaan149 (2 years)
masha allaah

Author Mohammad Bayat (4 years)

Author c-boy (3 years)
tabarak allah ahsan al khaliqeen

Author 2Gulzar (2 years)
Masha Allah....

Author akonbouba1 (1 year)
@Sardanapolis The Holy Quran is the only book that has never been changed,
even an iota been changed that's why Muslims learn it by heart from A to Z
so that if evil and jealous people like can't change anything of it, we
have the Holy Quran in our hearts. Many great philosophers from Western
countries read the Holy Quran tried to explain and rewrite in French and
English but couldn't. May Allah the Almighty guide us to the right path and
have mercy of our sinfull souls. Allahou Akbar

Author mhad manalocon (10 months)

Author Abdulfetah Mohammed (10 months)

Author tamz safwan (11 months)
i wish i could read read like that

Author marcela aradau (1 year)
...los milagros de ALLAH existen

Author khalidmeh72 (2 years)
Masha Allah, May Allah guide all of us like this lucky boy

Author qendrim latifi (6 months)

Author Moshiur Rahman (1 year)

Author matabel0 (4 years)
masya Allah, Subhanallah

Author ServantOfTheMerciful (4 years)

Author Ahmed Mtubu (10 months)
تحيا النمس الله والبطة المسلمين

Author malisenkani30 (2 years)

Author turtles52 (2 years)

Author Yara Kamel (2 years)
macha allah wala hawla wala 9owata ila billah allhom katir amthalaho

Author AHLE SUNNAH (1 year)
is this in pakistan?

Author Rab Allaha (1 year)
اللهم انصر الاسلام والمسلمين

Author masters1404 (3 years)
اللهم انصر امة محمد صلى الله عليهم وسلم

Author chebba chaelin (2 years)

Author fuad fatani (5 years)
masha'a allah , may allah bless him and his parent . and we ask god to make
us like him

Author issa250981 (3 years)
am happy to be a muslim may allah bless all the muslim

Author Smart Alameen (10 months)
masha allah ......

Author Ahmet Zorer (8 months)

Author المخرج محمد العنزي (2 years)
الحمد الله االه يعز امة محمد صلى الله عليه وعلى اله وصحبه وسلم
مــــــــــــــــــــاشاء الله تحياتي

Author azzamabdulsalam (1 year)

Author mohammed aananou (4 years)
allahu akbar echt mooi wollah mashallah

Author Nasrulla Elluvalappil (2 years)

Author munir467 (4 years)
best racitation with confidence

Author Helgi Simon Sveinsson (10 months)
ابن العاهرة!

Author Junaid Tariq (2 years)
Masha Allah

Author MohamedDdorf (2 years)
English translation of the two last verses :م 19. But those who disbelieved
in Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.),
they are those on the Left Hand (the dwellers of Hell) 20. The Fire will be
shut over them (i.e. they will be enveloped by the Fire without any opening
or window or outlet.

Author tarzan235 (5 years)

Author ghamraoui305 (1 year)
Mashallah i wish i could read like that

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