I Don’t See Race

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • I guess my eyes have just evolved to be like, so progressive.

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    Katie Marovitch
    Zac Oyama
    Grant O'Brien
    Mike Trapp

    Director - Michael Schaubach
    Writer - Katie Marovitch
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
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    Assistant Editors - Spencer Kombol & Andrew Primavera
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Comments: 7 822

  • Pero Peric
    Pero Peric 4 minutes ago

    I don't see rice. I see mash potato.

  • Micah L
    Micah L 2 hours ago

    I don't see

  • Nik School
    Nik School 5 hours ago

    When I first clicked on this video, I expected the woman to be the good one, talking about how she doesn't put race first and see's people for their personalities rather than ethnicity... I got what I asked for, but it got taken WAY too far.

  • Chilltrillgangtx
    Chilltrillgangtx 14 hours ago

    Why do I know ppl like this

  • lalobee
    lalobee 18 hours ago

    If you like to call out bullshit statements like these, could you please NOT be transphobic while doing so? Yes, there are pregnant men. Get over it ...

  • Sylph_of_Breath
    Sylph_of_Breath 22 hours ago

    _She needs glasses_

  • Paul Benetollo
    Paul Benetollo 1 day ago

    This sounds f**king crazy but look at the like kinda Asian looking guys sticker on his computer from the beginning to the end, at first it's a little DNA double helix but at 34 seconds into the video it changes to the illuminate sign like the eye with the triangle around it and it's kinda freaking me out

  • Marie Janssen
    Marie Janssen 1 day ago

    I only know Bruce Willace from one music video from like 2010

  • Sleepy White Girl

    Lord, help her.

  • Kat Dante
    Kat Dante 1 day ago

    people like this are fucking annoying

  • Thinh Vo
    Thinh Vo 1 day ago

    Why is she counting her finger when talking about wheel chair?

  • odosmaker
    odosmaker 2 days ago

    Except race is the one that's made up.

  • iAmDineshVg YT Handle

    I can't see Katie!

  • FakeBlocks
    FakeBlocks 2 days ago

    I only see carbon-based lifeforms

  • SylenKune
    SylenKune 2 days ago

    I don't see species
    Starts eating people

  • Lynn Perez
    Lynn Perez 2 days ago

    Do people find this funny? I didnt even smile once...

  • ronnysuke
    ronnysuke 2 days ago

    I honestly could not see gender in this video

  • Wolle van Ro
    Wolle van Ro 2 days ago

    My friend keeps saying he doesn't see race. He is blind, and he thinks he's hilarious.

  • Saremi Ayaluna
    Saremi Ayaluna 3 days ago

    youngsters nowadays

  • NightGallows
    NightGallows 3 days ago

    I don't see the difference between people and inanimate objects, making everything one huge shapeless mass.

  • Ann-sophie Dondeyne

    hahaha dead

  • Mundane
    Mundane 3 days ago

    Every feminist ever

    Just less sexist

  • Desiree Lucille Rose


  • God satan
    God satan 3 days ago

    i see dead people

  • maxjtj31
    maxjtj31 3 days ago

    I agree with her, it is tough to see black people, especially at night

  • Sonmyster
    Sonmyster 4 days ago

    i bet shes vegan...

  • Mark8BG
    Mark8BG 4 days ago

    Being racist is no biggy

  • Mark8BG
    Mark8BG 4 days ago


  • liv squid
    liv squid 4 days ago

    trapp and katie wearing the same shirt

  • Avery Hills
    Avery Hills 4 days ago

    Zach at 1.54 is so relatable

  • Attic Rat
    Attic Rat 4 days ago

    globalist propaganda

  • studiointerface
    studiointerface 4 days ago

    Okay Katie, I sent my info. Did you get it?

  • Psychopathic Unicorn

    *whispers* I see dead people

  • Rainbow Fox72
    Rainbow Fox72 5 days ago


  • Brandon Meeker
    Brandon Meeker 5 days ago

    You'd see a blob while I'm a ten year old white kid and I've done nothing with my life

  • webgeunius
    webgeunius 5 days ago

    Would have been funnier if they found out at the end that her eye sight was really bad

  • ChaosNe0
    ChaosNe0 5 days ago

    I don't see money.

  • Maxine Harper
    Maxine Harper 5 days ago

    I don't care about the colour of your skin. I just care about the content of your character.

    Sound familiar?

  • Florian Riggenmann
    Florian Riggenmann 5 days ago

    Gender Studies in a nutshell

  • Marius Stefan
    Marius Stefan 5 days ago

    7.300 ppl didn t get the joke..

  • I am a serial killer

    I don't know if I'm blind because I don't SEE disabilities.

  • Ben Zinger
    Ben Zinger 5 days ago

    The phrase 'I don't see race' is not literal. It simply means that the person does not judge based on race, the race of a person is ignored because it is irrelevant. No real person is this stupid. Well done on becoming full blown SJW though!

  • Major Ramsey
    Major Ramsey 5 days ago

    "He's FAMOUSLY Bald!"

  • wangson
    wangson 5 days ago

    Cracked.com is so much funnier.

  • Kamari Ray
    Kamari Ray 6 days ago

    I hate people like katie

  • 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets

    I don't see dumb comments.

  • The Amazing Pumpkinhead

    This actress always seems to play someone that I want to punch, she's probably just a really nice person and good actress but she plays such annoying character

  • Ben Mogensen
    Ben Mogensen 6 days ago

    Fucking libs

  • Geo cool
    Geo cool 6 days ago

    Am i the only that wants to kill katie?

  • Mystic Exarch
    Mystic Exarch 6 days ago

    Magnificent fail. No seriously, I'm legitimately impressed at the colossal margin by which the point sailed over their heads.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is better than you

    All that lying made her nose that big

  • Galaxy Muffins
    Galaxy Muffins 6 days ago

    i was hoping at the end she sead she was blind

  • Milou Breebaart
    Milou Breebaart 7 days ago

    Does She need glasses?🤓

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 7 days ago

    "I just see shapeless blobs walking around" Same girl, same 😂

  • Valentin Wurth
    Valentin Wurth 7 days ago

    mike looks skinnier in this video

  • Linda Christiansen
    Linda Christiansen 7 days ago

    all the good actors quit.. no one's attractive anymore

  • kato093
    kato093 7 days ago


  • Suspendius
    Suspendius 7 days ago

    *communism intensifies*

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 7 days ago

    You guys are astonishing actors... 👏👏👏

  • Mega Margaux
    Mega Margaux 7 days ago

    "FAMOUSLY BALD!" actually made me laugh out loud

  • Lady Creepypasta
    Lady Creepypasta 7 days ago

    I don't know what's worse in the world. The people who try too hard to be assholes or try too hard to be nice?

  • KaLe
    KaLe 8 days ago

    according to katie, if katie = x and retarded people = y,

    x = y

    because hey, everyones the same right

  • Skidoosh Layman
    Skidoosh Layman 8 days ago

    I don't see black people stealing my car, i just see people.

  • Crafting Menace
    Crafting Menace 8 days ago

    I actually don't see race. Yes, I SEE it, but I don't fully register on sight "They're Asian, they're Mexican, they're black." I didn't realize one of my friends was Mexican for 2 years.

  • TheEpicPlace
    TheEpicPlace 8 days ago

    I'm both inspired and entertained by her outlook 😝

  • WingedGiraffe
    WingedGiraffe 8 days ago


  • Rebekah Wiles
    Rebekah Wiles 8 days ago

    This isn't that funny.

  • Soda King
    Soda King 8 days ago

    all I know is if you call a black guy racist you are branded a racist and if you say anything literally anything bad about feminism as a man you are branded sexist men here's some advice don't say anything about feminism its a woman word like the n word is for black people only a woman can talk about it when men do it they get called sexist also 100% equality is literly impossible it can't be done we can make our soicity as equal as possible but 100% is impossible think about it let's say abortion woman wants abortion but hang on the guy who is the dad dosent want his kid aborted so in that case one person dosent have equal rights and let's fave it when it comes to kids men are not equal with women women let men be involved when it suits them like give me matinence money or do you share of raising the kid but when its jot convenient men can go f*** off is what women basically say think about it abortion that's another story on legal or not but every abortion someone's equality is being stamped on sometimes its the unborn sometimes its the unborn and the dad always remember sure unborn we were all like they one time and we woulden be here if it was for abortion I've seen many examples of some hard liner pro choice women discovering they were minutes form dieing that way and it really makes you think the 70s was when abortion was legalised in america between that time and 2013 over 500,000 people in america died of gun deaths the abortion figure is over 61 Million that's right its over 8 times as many people that died in the holocaust I'm sorry if that's not a genocide the word dosent have a meaning the point is women do not see men as equal when it suits them its me me me and everyone else can f*** off when it suits me

  • ImWorth
    ImWorth 9 days ago

    I don't see out of my right eye.

  • Satwik Agrawal
    Satwik Agrawal 9 days ago

    *I don't see this video*

  • Wayne Palmar
    Wayne Palmar 9 days ago

    oh my god xD

  • Nuutti Järvinen
    Nuutti Järvinen 9 days ago

    Where can I send that message to you, because I really want to get on that secret site? :D

  • Id4n
    Id4n 9 days ago

    In and out is shit

  • Strilliam Cransberry

    So infuriating to watch

  • emmeaki
    emmeaki 10 days ago

    Funny, but true at times. I'm black and my white friend was saying that the coconut flavor at the cafe where we worked smelled like some kind of sun tan lotion. I said, "Ok". She then said, "What's it called? You know, everybody used it back in the day." She continued to describe scenarios and how I should know the name of this product. I just stared at her until it clicked that black people didn't use sun tan lotion!

  • MC Gamer 11
    MC Gamer 11 10 days ago

    "I don't see race" that's a fucking lie

  • Conor Hoffman
    Conor Hoffman 10 days ago

    What people mean by this is that THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT RACE. Because it isn't important when you're judging someone.
    Unless you think peoples races are important...... which would make you kind if racist

    • Conor Hoffman
      Conor Hoffman 2 days ago

      Nadia Jones Yeah, it isnt a race problem

    • Nadia Jones
      Nadia Jones 2 days ago

      I wish that were the case, but I'd say half the people who use this phrase often don't see police brutality as a "race" problem. They don't see (irony) the injustices of this world caused by racism. They like to blow it off as something as, "everyone goes through this, not everything is about race"

  • salmonhead666
    salmonhead666 10 days ago

    This is like liberalism on steroids versus liberals

  • Jigglymon
    Jigglymon 11 days ago

    she just referred to that do next to her and her brothers as a woman so obviously she can see gender

  • Avilion
    Avilion 11 days ago

    Who is racing??

  • beavis81
    beavis81 11 days ago

    What's wrong with wanting to see past race?

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    I thought she would be blind

  • The MadCatter
    The MadCatter 12 days ago

    in a way, she's right. equal, means the same.

  • murky hydra
    murky hydra 12 days ago

    I thought the joke was she was blind😔😔

  • Captain Kidnap
    Captain Kidnap 12 days ago

    Grrrrr! What about us bears?! Grrrr! Bark! lol bear noises

  • kyle nielsen
    kyle nielsen 12 days ago

    So you could point out what you feel as discrimination in "I don't see color," but you choose to straw man?

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 13 days ago

    "I see shapeless blobs walking around" has a potential to turn much darker than presented here.

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns

    Not to get too serious but race is as much about "the color of your skin" as gender is about "a lifeless piece of meat between your legs" or more commonly known as "what's in your pants (besides legs)." "Race" is related to culture, ancestry, spirituality, religion, wars, family, location, mythology, shared history etc. Gender is about the creation of life, it's biology, a cosmic relationship to the universe, the continuity of generations, and it is about physique and roles we play in the family by virtue of the body. It would not be appropriate for me as a member of the African diaspora to claim I know what it was like in Vietnam any more than it is to say, defiantly, that there are "women who happen to have penises." They don't have penises. I am not Vietnamese.

    If this seriously offends you, go back to the year 2000 and every other year before that because this thinking was normal.

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns

    I had to pause because I was so glad they approached gender

  • ocean eyessee
    ocean eyessee 13 days ago

    OMG! Soo true! Hahahaha!

  • Isabella Pagowska
    Isabella Pagowska 13 days ago

    I love Katie so much xD

  • Yeggster Shane
    Yeggster Shane 13 days ago

    Blonde girl ... brush your weave before every film short shoot!

  • Smallest Keet
    Smallest Keet 13 days ago

    My cousin can't see race.. ....she's blind.

  • Victoria Newman
    Victoria Newman 14 days ago

    While I get the message against "colorblindness," I would argue that many traits of different races, such as nose types, nuances in hair, et cetera, are actually difficult to distinguish and thus it is possible to be blind of it. For example, I may find it hard to tell between an Asian woman and a white woman with black hair. Now, that raises questions -- is it better learn to as a society ignore these subtle differences -- would this cause prejudice to go away? Or is that just stupid? I am still referring to White vs. Asian vs. Native Americans, etc, not White vs. Black, which would be stupid not to notice.

  • Iridium
    Iridium 14 days ago

    what's sad is that everyone I know thinks like her

  • 9nikolai
    9nikolai 14 days ago

    Should've ended with them taking her glasses off and she gasping and dying of shock...

  • Togle
    Togle 14 days ago


  • TheChanCan
    TheChanCan 15 days ago

    College Humour is what Buzzfeed wish it could be.

  • mistakes were made
    mistakes were made 15 days ago

    holy cow she just miss pronound him as a her. throw her in jail as per new laws.

  • ElectricXplorer
    ElectricXplorer 15 days ago

    I honestly don't think of movies as being either diverse or non diverse unless it is weird like when there are only white people or everyone is a different race.

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