What a war with North Korea would look like

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  • Shawn Mcfadden
    Shawn Mcfadden 1 day ago

    Ford will be sending their Ford Focus plant to CHINA!!!!

  • LatinAce103
    LatinAce103 2 days ago

    Destroy main food source like rice fields and the war would be over in a month

  • Lao Han Tun
    Lao Han Tun 4 days ago

    Trump administration will be swift and neat. Good luck Kim Jon Un.

  • Dave Klem
    Dave Klem 9 days ago

    nobody wants to see anyone killed but it is important to examine what could happen if we do nothing. N. Korea has become what they are because we sat back and did nothing. Hopefully we can learn from history.

  • sfh asg
    sfh asg 10 days ago

    I hate Mafia. It is the very evil fellow like Komei Shokastu(genius assassine of Three Kingdom) and Kanbe Kuroba(Japanese genius assassine of Sengoku Era) and Geppelse by not having its own hands and manipulating people and injecting drugs into person without conciousness with epileptic injecture and no proof of the crime and as not educating him and having him believe a lie by Geppelse 100 times, abusing the power of organization, it trys to make only a person's life out. I think this kind of the organization should be fought with North Korean Mafia armies. But it is fault of Mafia. It is all because Mafia has been doing demos in Shinokubo to kill Korean when it is a war. And boss and executives have been asked to do that by World Government. 私は暴力団が嫌いだ。すごく、悪い者で孔明、黒田官兵衛、ゲッペルズで自分の手を汚さずに人々を動かしたり、てんかん注射など証拠のない犯罪で人に知らないうちに薬を打ったり、人に何も教えることもせずに、悪教育自滅の計、ゲッペルズ100回を使って嘘を信じさせたり、組織の力を乱用して一人個人をダメにするんだ。こんな組織は北朝鮮の暴力団軍と戦ってほうがいいよ。でも、暴力団が悪いんだぜ。だって新大久保で戦争のときに韓国、朝鮮人を殺すことのデモをしているから。あと、やはり、暴力団の組長、幹部が世界政府にそうするように頼まれている。これらが私が言いたかったこと。
    But these sentences are bad in impression. I didn't write it well. So ifsy yd hit a person without crime proof, yd either having a fault, yd should correct the thing yd did in Shinokuba. And to correct those sentences are the waste of time.These are?wffat I watned to say.
    Today, I have pains in my waist. Everyday, I have been attacked by Mafia without proof. Mafia doesn't judage ifsy it is right or wrong at all. Mafia is as very foolish as to only target at one concerning with the politics any other than Masses. Mafia depends too much on Masses.

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 11 days ago

    KIM UN now is out in a safe place. The military rules.

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 11 days ago

    In com. regimes the elite and the army live better than the
    average west !

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 11 days ago

    NK stand for what believe the elite and the military. Bloody noses can be expected. Can easily spread. Russ are economically and presented inside with economy trade and advisers. At the borders- massive troops and gifts. No treat of NK. The treat is from the arabs and the KIKEs. They are clear attack on the west, not NK or the Russ. Europa and USA have troubles inside. Agenda 21 will do not work.

  • T. M
    T. M 12 days ago

    North Korea would get destroyed in 3 days. the US wouldnt even have to try. the moment we attack, amidts the chaos half the troops if not all will immediately defect. they arent in the military because they want to. theyre forced to serve. they try to escape the country all the time. the korean border guards arent there to keep people out. theyre there to keep people in. We would turn coat their entire military the moment we start to free their DEATH CAMPS. their entire country is starving and hanging by a thread. they post their tallest and most fed soldiers to guard the border so that they look strong. they arent strong and trying to look weak. its been the opposite.

  • Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut

    Fucking american pigs.

  • Doug fervan
    Doug fervan 16 days ago

    Recent events about n Korea

  • Laramie SLATER
    Laramie SLATER 18 days ago

    is it possible to emp nk and then use Oden to bomb their ass

  • Wayward News
    Wayward News 19 days ago

    yeah... US likes war and bombing and oh, don' t defend yourself... the dildo should be up your ass with 50 stars end stripes

  • Steven Musgrove
    Steven Musgrove 25 days ago

    Nuclear war scares elites the most. The idea of having to re-enslave the world's population through debt and consumerism would set them back 400 years.

  • Always haveFaith
    Always haveFaith 26 days ago

    pray for Seoul

  • Always haveFaith
    Always haveFaith 26 days ago

    why not send stealth fighter jets to destroy the artillery?

  • Trollsif Stalin
    Trollsif Stalin 27 days ago

    The greatest nuclear threat to the United States is Russia. According to April 2017 New START declaration, it has 1,765 strategic warheads deployed on 523 ICBMs, SLBMs, and strategic bombers.

  • White Hat
    White Hat 1 month ago

    Like if North Korea has conducted more than 4 other "unacceptable" tests since this video was uploaded

  • Wynton Cooley
    Wynton Cooley 1 month ago

    Fox is sooo bad lol, only go on for Skip & Shannon.

  • Know All
    Know All 1 month ago

    USA can not win against North Korea without destruction of South Korea and chaos in Japan. Soldier casualties in US bases around Korea, and in the Middle East will be a collateral damage.

  • MrJohnnyDistortion
    MrJohnnyDistortion 1 month ago

    NK is like the little kid next door teasing the neighbours dog on the other side of the fence when one day, the dog digs a hole from underneath.................

  • Cmoney Dom
    Cmoney Dom 1 month ago

    Trump Trump Trump

  • Cmoney Dom
    Cmoney Dom 1 month ago

    what I'm hearing is they just don't like American and they don't want business or anything and America the way gov is they wanna take it and invade and see what they got sins they don't welcome them or others

  • James Butera
    James Butera 1 month ago

    omg cant they all just stop this shit? its childish.

  • pure irish
    pure irish 1 month ago

    Who the fuck does america think they are,so what if they are launching anything,they can launch Kim to the moon if they feel like it,they are an independent sovereign nation ye fuck heads,the Koreans won't bow to no cabal.

  • Bob V
    Bob V 1 month ago

    There are some compelling reasons that the US should take out N.Korea.
    1. South Korea has been an industrial power for a long time. They have had 50 years to deal with the North's threat but have done nothing, preferring to cower under the US shadow. Now the threat has grown to include US.
    2. Kim Jong Un has not responded to diplomacy, and soon will have the ability to put nukes on the US. Kim Jong Un seems to be serious about his threats against the US, and hasn't had a problem with killing, even killing his own brother, aunt and uncle.
    3. Trump apparently has the guts to deal with the problem, whereas O and previous presidents didn't.
    Reasons against:
    1. Bloodshed in S. Korea. (again, they have had a long time to do something and have done nothing, so its really not the US' fault if there are casualties in Seoul.)
    2. Would cause friction with China and Russia.

  • lak akl
    lak akl 1 month ago

    to all whom think nk war would be over with the flick of a switch, you better remember that China and Russia are on nk' s side.

  • jah jah Rome Hearbeliciouz

    Fake news Volks it's fake news

  • john pardon
    john pardon 1 month ago

    how did north korea came into existence? just saying, if it was that easy it would already have happen.

  • m. x.
    m. x. 1 month ago

    HOW WAR WITH N.KOREA WOULD LOOK LIKE: always doing their job. war mongering media

  • Doctor Hibbert
    Doctor Hibbert 1 month ago

    let's put this to a understanding so North Korea can understand humanity is not the Threat

    and also many nations and States I'll simply working together as partnership but at North Korea is simply going over the top

    with their weaponry of nuclear strikes towards a nation where they are simply trying to help

    there are too many threatening Commitments going to one particular person or one particular nation so everything else is reacting

    China Japan a great nation of technology and highly advanced metal material which we should be training with I know they are in a commitment of trying to convince North Korea to not rage or go to war

    for example when people are in need you must learn to co-operate and hand out this need

  • duha falah yasin
    duha falah yasin 1 month ago

    christians are pure evil being.

  • duha falah yasin
    duha falah yasin 1 month ago

    christians are pure pure evil beings they are the monsters they are the blood suckling zombies they even suck jeunes blood and yes they would litarly eat him and yes they would drink his blood and yes anything more babaric naver mind crusify him and blaming and god of raping Mary .god curse them in this world and in the hereafter.

  • duha falah yasin
    duha falah yasin 1 month ago

    It was hiroshima then hitler ism naw it's the muslims and north Korea that's the evil s of christian nations.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 1 month ago

    Kim Jung Un is a young leader but unlike his father or his grandfather this guy really is not playing he would nuke the shit outta us he is just waiting for his chance...its all about how our weak ass no political background no military background having President handle things but we all know can't trust him

  • TheSoloAsylum
    TheSoloAsylum 1 month ago

    China should send all it's citizens to the border to fart on North Korea at the same time.

  • MCLaundry Needs
    MCLaundry Needs 1 month ago

    All it would take is the dropping of one of our MOABs onto Pyongyang and one call to NK an hour before it lands. Holocaust adverted.

  • Jared Gutierrez
    Jared Gutierrez 1 month ago

    The USA should drop MOAB's on north korea when they are having a military parade so they all die at the same time. Before Kim Jong Un eats all the chicken in the world.

    • Campers
      Campers 19 days ago

      And then Russia would destroy NATO.

  • Tahuan Tinsuyo
    Tahuan Tinsuyo 1 month ago

    China's "ambition" in the South China Sea are identical to the United States ambitions and dominance in the Gulf of Mexico. China does not want to be blockaded by the United States Navy and its vassals in Asia.
    ''North Korea's desire to kill us all (including you) and develop a nuclear weapon capable of destroying anyone they want because "our dear leader says so".
    The United States already had its desire to kill North Koreans in the Korean War in 1952. We killed over 1,000,000 Koreans and bombed every city and village in the North including the bombing of dams and bridges, a war crime. According to North Korean military doctrine, only nuclear weapons can thwart American aggression. It makes perfect sense if you know history. Had Saddam Hussein had fifty nuclear weapons, Iraq would not have been invaded nor would have Libya. Those are the lessons. The world needs protection from the United States.

  • godofwar2222z
    godofwar2222z 1 month ago

    Tucker Carlson - You really need to work on your facial expressions lol . (retarded blank stare)

  • Axl Raj
    Axl Raj 1 month ago

    war day 1-1 billion people vaporized
    war day 2-6 billion people kill themselves before the radio active does

  • Lesvinx
    Lesvinx 1 month ago

    We'd kick ass ,duh

  • bluewater454
    bluewater454 1 month ago

    What would a war with NK look like? Two words -
    Pyongyang city is situated in a nice bowl, surrounded by mountains.
    One tactical nuke dropped in the middle of that city.
    Game over.

    MADMAX 1 month ago

    We should just launch are entire arsenal at them and just pick up the pieces.

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown 1 month ago

    NO WAR

  • Roberto
    Roberto 1 month ago

    lol we can't even beat ISIS. What makes you think we can beat a strong civilized country.

  • AndrewLK87
    AndrewLK87 1 month ago

    Something is telling me this news anchor at Fox hasn't seen someone in prison bite another prisoner's nose off.

  • Wiley Williams
    Wiley Williams 1 month ago

    We gonna sit here and pretend that 4:46 didn't happen???

  • Billy Jimbob
    Billy Jimbob 1 month ago

    What would a war between the US and North Korea look like? Flyswatter (US) meet fly (North Korea).....SPLAT!!!!!!

  • Rocio Jesus only save

    Is all about souls .....Jesus coming give you live to him , he is coming read your bible (Matthew 24 )

  • silverss onyoutube
    silverss onyoutube 1 month ago

    north Korea will most likely blow themselves up with nukes . Their rockets are about as useless as the hair on Donald Trumps head.

  • taw guccio
    taw guccio 1 month ago

    i see most of you are really underestimating North Korea....like that country been put under sactions and still managed to built itself from skretch.....war with North Korea aynt a piece of cake....ITS WAR

  • The Homeless Consultant

    It would look like a giant crater where Pyongyang used to be, and a world of 7 billion people who have already forgotten that Kim Jong-un had ever existed. For heaven's sake, lets just get this job done, give the surviving North Koreans their freedom back, and move on to issues that really matter here in America.

  • Eien Rozen
    Eien Rozen 1 month ago

    I'm guessing they don't know Samsung literally has its own military.

  • David Fubuster
    David Fubuster 1 month ago

    bitch please!!!!!! North Korea has been totally ingnored by the US and the rest of the world because they are not a real threat. one US Boomer sub could take out the whole discusting country in about one hours time. they rattle thier sword because they are afraid and no one listens.

  • Pablo Picasso
    Pablo Picasso 1 month ago

    we'd stomp on them like they're an ant ❤️🇺🇸

  • Prince Peterson
    Prince Peterson 1 month ago

    I haven't seen North Korea bomb or attack anyone....but I know who is .... just saying

  • NoBot617
    NoBot617 1 month ago

    The only threat North Korea has is the nuclear weapons without those they are nothing. Just like Russia

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 1 month ago

    Death to North Korea.

  • Patty Hays
    Patty Hays 1 month ago

    A poodle trying to piss off a pit bull. Thats the equivelent of that dipshit from North Koreatrying to scare the U.S.

  • Your Asian Friend
    Your Asian Friend 1 month ago

    I just love how ignorant most people are for commenting such nonsense

  • Phillip Luis Villanueva

    Soo much keyboard warriors in the comment section.

  • catherine Villar
    catherine Villar 1 month ago


  • BaneQuaker
    BaneQuaker 1 month ago

    I love how the comments are focused on beating the shit out of NK while it's SK that's taking the heaviest casualties when SHTF. I'm a South Korean living in Seoul, by the way. You guys want to see us South Koreans getting killed, right?

  • IceColdMeat
    IceColdMeat 1 month ago

    I'm so fucking tired of the goddamn propaganda, Tucker Carlson kill yourself you piece of shit. You're a joke.

  • Cindy Ng
    Cindy Ng 1 month ago

    if we can have a big barbaque or cookout on the dmz and hopefully the winds carry the smell deep into north korea and some how relay a message to the starving people their they can eat as much as they want if you can dispatch

    your crazy leader and make it across the border..might work better then the military option....

  • Joe
    Joe 1 month ago

    Depends on whose terms this war is fought. The USA will prevail on her terms. Who will feed North Korean troops?Once again, N E Asia fails to see the future.

  • leon rus
    leon rus 1 month ago

    We all have Family to provide food & shelter in time to be// even play war game // We don't mean total distruction of planet Earth // Would You consider Join Stock Market (Welcome to Join South Korea in time to be )) Your Brother Hood for very long time // Please do not ignore value of life //

  • leon rus
    leon rus 1 month ago

    North Korea do not have enemy unless create them self // please consider value of life on planet Earth // Kind Regards // Leon Rus Australia //

  • Aurora
    Aurora 1 month ago

    Welp, We're all just going to die. It was nice living.

  • Theguywithanswer82
    Theguywithanswer82 1 month ago

    All the trumpsters who voted for Trump, who want war, should be the first ones to enlist!!

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 1 month ago

    The U.S would crush them like bug

  • Skylar Joens
    Skylar Joens 1 month ago

    North Korea is weak, They won't do nothing

  • Sabbath 357
    Sabbath 357 1 month ago

    anyone can see this guy is a monster. he twists the minds of the people. they used to be a free country.

  • Erik3E
    Erik3E 1 month ago

    North korea did 9/11

  • Joe Morello
    Joe Morello 1 month ago

    Things are different now: Kim Jong-un is the Commander-in-Chief of North Korea. From my evaluation, China and Russia have no influence over him which creates a security threat to there Nations likewise. In other words, Kim Jong-un is showing both China and Russia with his nuclear ambitions that he will deal out war to any Nation he desires! Is Kim Jong-un crazy? Yes, and his advisers are encouraging it! 🇨🇦😞

  • Federico Mazandarani

    I hope any person who attacks North Korea burns in hell for ever. The innocent people of North Korea have not harmed anyone in this world. They are true and patriotic people who live a decent life and do not think being rich and powerful is the only goal in life. Fuck the ANGLO AMERICAN white mother fuckers who want to attack, RAPE, bomb, kill, and destroy every country in the world who does not allow them to colonise her. FUCK imperialist mother fuckers and fuck you particularly if you agree with ENGLAND & AMERICA.

  • uralsmol
    uralsmol 1 month ago

    y can't nk nuke us with planes instead of missiles

  • Sterling simms
    Sterling simms 1 month ago

    YOU REPUBLICANS ALWAYS OVERESTIMATE THE UNITED STATES AND UNDERESTIMATE THE WORLD. You all said Iraq would last a few weeks because their stuff is Soviet Era. It's a matter of numbers despite the age of these weapons their sheer numbers alone would hurt us. We can't just bomb the shit out of people REPUBLICANS an invasion would require ground troops and MASSIVE U.S. casualties.

  • Jetsu
    Jetsu 1 month ago

    I wonder how North Korea will feel when they have 40 GBU's heading towards their turf.

  • lebnen143
    lebnen143 1 month ago

    uptade missile system of us is in place usa is ready !

  • allgoode
    allgoode 1 month ago

    When they do that army show off celebration thing just launch another Moab and wipe all those cucks out

  • Lawrence Gill
    Lawrence Gill 1 month ago


  • Obama bin laden
    Obama bin laden 1 month ago

    America can't deal with ISIS and trying to take on Korea. sorry but I'm American and I would back Korea till death fuck America. who the fuck they think they are telling people how to run there shit. we are not in 1945 anymore buddy. America is done for

  • Robert Singer
    Robert Singer 1 month ago

    Just nuke the USA. Problem solved!

  • Tengie Xiong
    Tengie Xiong 1 month ago

    what if N. korea is actually failing there missle on purpose to fool the US? what if they have something really bad behind all this fake fail missle? just a thought.

  • Montagne
    Montagne 1 month ago

    North Korea is going to fall in the first fucking hour of the war. Its an ant against a tiger, come on guys.

  • chazzman1900
    chazzman1900 1 month ago

    Drop a mother of all bombs ( MOAB ) on the Kim Jung un castle . maybe drop 2 just to rub it in the world would not get pissed it's not a nuke or chemical bomb . I bet it would damn sure rock his world ✨🇺🇸✨💥💥

  • 颜鹏
    颜鹏 1 month ago

    North Korea is a buffer zone for China and Russia. It is a problem between USA and China/Russia in fact.

  • Silver Reyes
    Silver Reyes 1 month ago

    was not expecting that last comment, lmao

  • Noel Artem
    Noel Artem 1 month ago

    The war would last 3 days, then there would be no such place as North Korea...

  • Sports God
    Sports God 1 month ago

    Lol they're so small we could drop 1 nuke on them and they would be gone

  • Julius Red
    Julius Red 1 month ago

    Yeah Fox is better at covering American news. CNN is better at covering International News.

  • insight001
    insight001 1 month ago

    First off, it seems like a bad idea to bomb a nuclear facility.

  • Jordon Carter
    Jordon Carter 1 month ago

    what part do they attack about a war with nk

  • I Am The Other Guy
    I Am The Other Guy 1 month ago

    Kim is so fat he has a roll of it on the back of his head.

  • Frank Blangeard
    Frank Blangeard 1 month ago

    George Friedman predicted that Japan would go to war with the United States. He predicted that in 1991.

  • Marcy Marcy
    Marcy Marcy 1 month ago

    Tucker looks so dumb

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