Slapjack with Chris Pine

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  • meow meow
    meow meow 18 hours ago

    lol he is hot as fuck

  • Ana Victoria
    Ana Victoria 13 days ago

    he is FINE, that is all.

  • shir
    shir 20 days ago

    How come he is not the sexiest man in the world? He should have been a long time ago

  • shir
    shir 20 days ago

    Cute cute cute! I'm a pine nut:)

  • Maleeha Rizwan
    Maleeha Rizwan 1 month ago

    Chris's laugh is so frickin contagious omg

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar 1 month ago

    This Fallon episode is hands down one of the most boring appearances of Chris Pine I've ever seen ever. Nothing against him--he did battleships and flip cup in his last ones. Now he's just sitting playing cards obviously bored. Even his interview wasn't interesting. Fallon seriously sucks at this TV thing.

  • Aarushi Pradhan
    Aarushi Pradhan 1 month ago


  • Gwen Michelle
    Gwen Michelle 1 month ago

    so wish they could do 'Eeewwwww' together!

  • mastersword12345
    mastersword12345 1 month ago

    chris pine looks old..

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute 1 month ago

    i love how chris hits jimmy gleefully like a little boy LOL. he wastes no time in slapping him. but can anyone explain why he gets to hit him even though hes at 22 points? i thought 21 is the winning number and 22 wouldve been over?

  • Rosemarie Serrano
    Rosemarie Serrano 1 month ago

    I think the good looking days have exit for chris..

  • Michelle O
    Michelle O 1 month ago

    Chris Pine is everything <3

  • C M
    C M 1 month ago

    Chris Pine looked like the FedEx guy from the thumbnail. had to open it to make sure

  • Amy Bastiani
    Amy Bastiani 1 month ago

    jimmys broken fingerrrrrr 😦

  • Jen Warshawsky
    Jen Warshawsky 1 month ago

    I don't care if his beard has grey...he is still hot.

  • Werefox32
    Werefox32 1 month ago

    Remind me not to play games with Chris Pine's cheating ass!

  • barkape
    barkape 1 month ago

    they dealt it a different way every single time

  • frogyforever
    frogyforever 1 month ago

    I'm not gonna lie Chris looked good 😚

  • lar hjp
    lar hjp 1 month ago

    I've been in love with Chris ever since I saw him in Princess Diaries 2. I assume I will never EVER get over my crush on him.

    • mino d
      mino d 14 days ago

      lar hjp SAME

  • SMGxPrincess
    SMGxPrincess 1 month ago

    HE WAS SO HOT in Star Trek 😩🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 1 month ago


  • Micah Carlson
    Micah Carlson 1 month ago

    I hate this game purely because NO ONE ever knows how to properly play, including Jimmy. More Egg Russian Roulette.

  • H Styles
    H Styles 1 month ago

    Most of you commenters are crazy and/or blind - Chris Pine is one of the sexiest guys in show business - who cares about the gray hair? Being sexy and beautiful is more than just looks - he is a super nice guy with a great smile and sense of humor, he's bright and c'mon, look at those baby blues!

  • Ratchata sae-ueng
    Ratchata sae-ueng 1 month ago

    Oh i like it.

  • cb7pwn
    cb7pwn 1 month ago

    Pine looks like a serial killer

  • WillMayer Games
    WillMayer Games 1 month ago

    I thought this was slapjack

  • Ákos Györkei
    Ákos Györkei 1 month ago

    when did chris pine become 50?

  • Carolina Cowboys
    Carolina Cowboys 1 month ago

    Chris needs to shave that beard!

  • Nicotine46
    Nicotine46 1 month ago

    After all this time I thought Jimmy would've learn how to play blackjack

  • Kendobc In Japan
    Kendobc In Japan 1 month ago

    It sounded like he said Chris Pratt at the end...

  • Chhiring Tamang
    Chhiring Tamang 1 month ago

    Oops that slap by huge hand is less hurt than Antman 😂😂

  • Beatrice Boldorini
    Beatrice Boldorini 1 month ago

    Jimmy's fourth finger 😭

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson 1 month ago's always dealer wins! So Chris won't that first one

  • vcarter0723
    vcarter0723 1 month ago

    I love how Fallon reads all the rules, then when something happens and the rules are needed "What does that mean?" and looks around frantically. 🤔

  • Ibbe Saputra
    Ibbe Saputra 1 month ago

    he's trevor doing time travel with wonder woman

  • krisha shah
    krisha shah 1 month ago

    Chris hitting Jimmy without Jimmy attention made my day😂😂😂

  • sofia albertz ramirez

    how does that game works? the 21 is called?

  • Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison 1 month ago

    i don't understand blackjack

  • Mena T
    Mena T 1 month ago

    LOL Chris had the best slaps!!

  • MsLovestory01
    MsLovestory01 1 month ago

    Chris Pine is so hot.

  • Sarah Lorr
    Sarah Lorr 1 month ago

    Dang his grey is showing!!! NOOO MY BABY

  • Christal Ashton
    Christal Ashton 1 month ago

    did jimmy just call him chris pratt at the end? lol

  • Sara Delgado
    Sara Delgado 1 month ago

    Can't wait to see him in Wonder Woman Hope It's Good

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino 1 month ago

    Hit me

  • Badar Ismail
    Badar Ismail 1 month ago

    If I was Chris Pine I would've slapped the shit out of Jimmy as a punishment for his fake laugh.

  • Dheaz Nhutz
    Dheaz Nhutz 1 month ago

    wat happened to pine... he aged 15 years in 2 years

  • Inertia Productions
    Inertia Productions 1 month ago

    I just don't get Jimmy Fallon Kimmel is way more funny anyone else agree ?

  • racecar backwards is nascar

    Jimmy has played this game multiple times and still doesn't know how to play correctly...

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez 1 month ago

    This was the worst one they did

  • Saileach
    Saileach 1 month ago

    Did Jimmy say "Chris Pratt" at 2:47?

  • Caramel
    Caramel 1 month ago

    both are virgo both are awkward

  • Beysalyz Escobar
    Beysalyz Escobar 1 month ago


  • Caroline
    Caroline 1 month ago

    hah at the end jimmy called him chris pratt

    • Alison Spehr
      Alison Spehr 1 month ago

      Caroline no he definitely says chris pine

  • Clay McDonald
    Clay McDonald 1 month ago

    1:32 You can see what the ring avulsion did to Jimmy. That's a serious scar. Either he's double jointed or there is some tendon damage.

    • Alison Spehr
      Alison Spehr 1 month ago

      Clay McDonald he probably can't move it properly either, that's pretty damaged.

  • Gila Monster
    Gila Monster 1 month ago

    Chris got old

  • Sungasta
    Sungasta 1 month ago

    All the different ways he hits him HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Wildest_Wahoo
    Wildest_Wahoo 1 month ago

    I wish that they would just get some who actually knows how Black Jack works to deal.

  • MeSmiling Politely
    MeSmiling Politely 1 month ago

    Many of your videos aren't loading.

  • historiam amo
    historiam amo 1 month ago

    those are the dolnald trump hands from snl

  • Little Unicorn
    Little Unicorn 1 month ago

    Thier hands are bigger than my future...

  • Karen MacDonald
    Karen MacDonald 1 month ago

    My gosh, you guys commenting are so judgmental! Who cares if someone has a different look than when they were 20. It is the whole package of a person. Chris Pine is gorgeous, talented, humorous and a wonderful humanitarian. If you don't like him just don't watch him or even better, watch him in some amazing roles he's played and see his talents shine. As for Jimmy, he's great and is human. He's witty, humorous and talented. He wouldn't be The Tonight Show host if he weren't. I remember Johnny Carson and he set the bar very high.

  • Mac Veritas
    Mac Veritas 1 month ago

    Are those Trump's hands?? ahahahahahahaha

  • BMosesM
    BMosesM 1 month ago

    My God I Hate that Bullshit stupid fucking Joke Jimmy Does every time. "Hit M-... Well don't Hit Me *Points at opponents Hand*" why Can't he just Think if New Shit to say or Just not script everything he's gonna say. It's dumb af

  • kulsoomshah 16
    kulsoomshah 16 1 month ago

    wtf happened to him? I had a huge ass crush on him when he starred in star trek. 😭 come back old chris pine.

  • Kimimaru 4411
    Kimimaru 4411 1 month ago

    Imagine if Chris just unexpectedly gets up and slaps jimmys face full force body lean forward with that fkin papermache hand and he gets totaly rekt on the floor bleeding and they have to stop the show.

    That would be hilarious XD

  • Boogeypop80
    Boogeypop80 1 month ago

    At least they realize they are the worst at blackjack...

  • E Penn.
    E Penn. 1 month ago

    Chris Pine is so cool. Love his silly side lol

  • barry 234
    barry 234 1 month ago

    wonder women hype!!

  • Snake
    Snake 1 month ago

    I THOUGHT HE SAID CHRIS PRATT AT THE END THERE. I LOST MY SHIT. Its like when emma watson called jimmy fallon jimmy kimmel

  • HeWhoOnceWas
    HeWhoOnceWas 1 month ago


  • Sara Vinci
    Sara Vinci 1 month ago

    Oh my God, he's aging so bad, I'm so sorry...

  • King Keith
    King Keith 1 month ago

    I can't help think that's what happens if you wank to much

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 1 month ago

    WTH Dealer WINS

  • Bea InKorea
    Bea InKorea 1 month ago

    Currently laying in bed giggling more than appropriate at this

  • Spark Drifter
    Spark Drifter 1 month ago

    this nigga dont hesistate

  • Devoan Tyson
    Devoan Tyson 1 month ago

    this game is fixed

  • Adam
    Adam 1 month ago

    He looks so old! #Whathappened

  • shubham tewari
    shubham tewari 1 month ago

    chris pine kinda looks like will forte

  • Bayley Little
    Bayley Little 1 month ago

    Is Chris pine out of the new cod ww2 game? Looks like the guy from the trailer

  • Irrational Man
    Irrational Man 1 month ago

    Someone doesn't know how to lose

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 1 month ago

    Only on Jimmy Fallon where a push is a win.

  • Winston Teoh
    Winston Teoh 1 month ago

    man chris kinda looks like henry rollins at some angles..

  • Paul Staller
    Paul Staller 1 month ago

    am i the only one who is thinking he can be a stand in for stephen amell

  • _2392ahah
    _2392ahah 1 month ago


  • Alpha
    Alpha 1 month ago

    The way he hits him😂😂

  • Harley R
    Harley R 1 month ago

    I'm going to be the opposing opinion here. He looks fine as hell with grey hair

  • Utkarsh Sharma
    Utkarsh Sharma 1 month ago

    What is the song played at the end of all Jimmy Fallon videos?

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard 1 month ago

    I see they used accurate replicas of Donald Trump's hands for this.

  • Monina B
    Monina B 1 month ago

    i have just finished watching princess diaries 2 before clicking on this :/ <3

  • netmatrix75
    netmatrix75 1 month ago

    This was a boring episode.

  • HuSk1
    HuSk1 1 month ago

    wow! he looks so olddd

  • Celeste Diaz
    Celeste Diaz 1 month ago

    That moment when Jimmy says Chris PRATT everybody at the end 😬😂

  • Bebe. xo
    Bebe. xo 1 month ago

    I like this game. They should've kept going

  • Marvelena
    Marvelena 1 month ago

    Here before trending.

  • Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath

    you're a man

  • Bread n Butter
    Bread n Butter 1 month ago

    this game is real shitty.

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez 1 month ago

    Chris Pine looking daddy as fuck! 😍

  • Marlix Martinet
    Marlix Martinet 1 month ago

    Chris looks old but that's ok he's handsome I pardon.♥♥

  • Kripa Joshi Shrestha

    I could not recognize Chris in the thumbnail. What happened? I hope he is doing fine.

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