Lindsey Stirling - Prism

#BraveEnough on iTunes now featuring "Prism"! Album out worldwide!

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Song produced by Robert Delong

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Author Janice Drummond ( ago)
what can i say but lindsey...YOU ROCK!!!

Author Kirk Wasson ( ago)
Great work! Lindsey, if you see this... We are drawn to you because there is a big contrast between your style and everybody else. Other attractive female artists seem arrogant and (I guess) corrupted. The contrast between them and you is what makes us love you. This video has a level of arrogance to some of the personas that might be right on that edge. Just trying to help! Other than that, it is very well done in every aspect :)

Author Berk Eren Koca ( ago)
Fifty shades of Lindsey :D

Author Dennis Romero ( ago)
te amo lindsed a pesar de que tenga 10 años quiero ser como tu y yo toco violin por cierto

Author Habiba Mansouri ( ago)
trot cool

Author Matt Krupa ( ago)
Amazing is all I can say!!! Screen her live in Boston for my first show and have not stopped listening to her music.

Author SteelStorm33 ( ago)
boring, pls make great music like before...

Author Sophia Nearing ( ago)
i love this song! :)

Author tanqueta_moster ( ago)
y como un hombre sabio dijo y de pronto un comentario en español
y si lo pausaste en el minuto 49-50 eres hombre macho pecho peludo espalda de hierro levantador de sacos de arroz

Author Justin Tyree ( ago)
BEST music video EVER

Author Teevo Rain ( ago)
Very original!

Author Łukasz Mews ( ago)
can that be better done??? no no no it's a best of the best... lindsey, I love you

Author Mady Luna ( ago)
Lin-Z is the most fun to watch😂
Her moves are too hilarious

Author camila delafuente ( ago)

Author Djoha Tauekelov ( ago)
очень классная песня

Author ігри друзів ( ago)

Author arandom neo ( ago)
my favourite is lindsee

Author arandom neo ( ago)
man,lindsey just keeps on getting better and better with her violin

Author Beautye Okhomina ( ago)
Lindsey,this song is amazing!!!!!!

Author Alexandra bauman ( ago)

Author Graziela Silva ( ago)
Amo esta música! Lindsey vem pro Brasil!!!!! Queremos vc! :)

Author Sharon Anaya ( ago)
me gusto

Author Arisael Rivera ( ago)
This video is so freaking awesome, I'm upset I had not experienced it before! Rock on Lindsey! Rock on!

Author Phil Jyarek ( ago)
We have to accept Lindsay is a Ditto !!! love her

Author Princess Angel ( ago)
the first one with the blonde looks like bubbles form the power puff girls

Author Sarah Popeney ( ago)
Hi Lindsey I absolutely LOVE your music. I am currently taking violin lessons. I also just bought your new album "Brave Enough" 
I love the music on the album.

Author Perusa Lenne ( ago)
Sailor Moon vibe is strong with this video xD Love it!

Author Michael Chadwick ( ago)
Again, very creative, well done! You're smokin' hot Lindsey!!

Author katt17c ( ago)
i freaking LOVE this song!!

Author Mystical Lotus ( ago)
go girl!

Author CJ Yay ( ago)
You know something is good when you want to watch another video, but you can't click on the other video until the one you're currently watching until it's over. That is DEFINITELY this!!!

Author Ainsletta ( ago)
this is one of my favorites

Author Mahasweta Chatterjee ( ago)
this looks like that anime I watch sometimes..prism live..or rainbow prism live.. wow😃..

Author Oscar gonzalez ( ago)
amante de la musica intrumental de lindsey stirling

Author Maraii YUM ( ago)
Ive noticed that lindsey has some special kind of ballet/hiphop dance. Wondering if it was something that already existed or a dance she created herself?

Author Tacbeauty123 ( ago)
She's a really good dancer

Author Serenity Jamison ( ago)
Are they all you Lindsey Stirling.

Author niki d ( ago)
you did that same dance at the concert right? seattle 2016. loved it.

Author Jessica Velez ( ago)
Beautiful *-*

Author Anibal Rivera ( ago)
i'll see kurt's video and ill do everything you say haha (ok no) muack

Author Anibal Rivera ( ago)
you really have a mostruous tallent i love you

Author Kaila Powell ( ago)
reminds me of a kpop video..... the whole video is sooo cool, shows personality, and is unique.

Author denissebigtimerush ( ago)
This video is art

Author GameMangaMusicArt ( ago)
waw loved this video!

Author Dhuha Bariysa ( ago)
my new favorite kpop group: the violindseys

Author Liz y neonatos M g ( ago)
love you

Author softened butter ( ago)
this reminds me of Katy Perry's prism♥♥

Author Diana Perrie ( ago)
yeah Katy Perry's costumes

Author Adrien Lee ( ago)
I wonder if Lin-Z was inspired by CL from 2NE1.

Author Lytherin Dragonsong ( ago)
I see Meghan Trainor in Lindsey, Jessie J in Lindsee, and, I dunno, maybe Taylor Swift in Lin-Z? Maybe not Taylor Swift. Somebody blonde. So who am I missing with the other two? I know there's a connection; the illuminati triangle proves it! O_O

Author jj adk ( ago)
that was cool

Author Lauren Odowd ( ago)
I wonder how many violins she has all together

Author Jillian Peets ( ago)
I can't stop watching this, its soo amazing!! <3
I think the bubbly one is supposed to be like Meghan Trainor

Author Holliann Watson ( ago)
so cool.

Author KITTY STARS ( ago)
The Lindsey in the pink wing is giving me Katy Perry vibs. You don't really look like her but I keep mistaking you for her in that pink wing of yours 😂💁💁

Author CHLOE CHAN ( ago)
ahhhh this is too good😍😍😍

Author Tonhy Navarro ( ago)
Awesome .

Author Deipshot Martiinez ( ago)
my love the video

Author xXQueenEarth 15Xx ( ago)

Author Kev in B. ( ago)
enormous live in luxembourg ! AMAZING very great talent . i hope you will be happy in the future !

Author oWizbie minecraft ( ago)
this video is AMAZING!!! #love you linsey

Author Diamond Pepe ( ago)
who decided to add dogs?

Author Jocelynn Tantowijaya ( ago)
I love this!! It's amazing

Author Depraved Indifference ( ago)
My success is directly due to tiny dogs and pure talent.

Author makEKnickers ( ago)
why is she trying to look like Niki Minaj...

Author makEKnickers ( ago)
why is she trying to look like Niki Minaj...

Author av torres02 ( ago)
She plays and dance <3

Author toldu1 ( ago)
lindsey got that look from a meghan trainor video i recongize it lol

Author Luger BR ( ago)

I need a new replay button

Author David Blalock ( ago)
this is the cringiest video you've ever made.

Author nadir lima da silva ( ago)

Author Kinori Shafa ( ago)
Took me a while to realise that all of the are Lindseys

Author Kitty Mc Cakeatron ( ago)
for some reason I really want to do a performance like this at school

Author mostafa hafidi ( ago)
roumuze masounia harame

Author AnnieWarriorPrincess ( ago)
WARNING! Extreme use of Lindseys in progress!! Love it!

Author Dana Šlesingerová ( ago)
Perfect scene? 1:20 :)

Author chaeyoung's baby girl ( ago)
2:49 danm girl you slays with this abs

Author Best Mirfanda ( ago)
Lindsey's music is going in the wrong direction. I miss when it was just Lindsey's violin and the mix of classical and dubstep. Now it's all basic pop music.

Author DoodleBop92 ( ago)
This is the most illuminati thing I've ever seen. It's epic.

Author bean_ _101 ( ago)
Listening to her music calms me down
Love the violinsdeys 😃

Author Sarah Villeda ( ago)
has anyone red her book

Author Sarah Villeda ( ago)

Author casandra roberts ( ago)
which Volindsey is the most Lindsey?

Author Gabriel Lubinicki ( ago)
5 lindseys, the world would be better and more beautiful ;) , great job lind.When will you come back to Uruguay?

Author Hotbloom Williams ( ago)
the puppy dog was sooooo cute XD

Author Carol Sperling ( ago)
That gurl is building quite the collection of snazzy violins.

Author Chris Cloud ( ago)
0:44 that move tho

Author George Nelson ( ago)
was this logo inspired by katy perry's prism?

Author Marília Gabriela ( ago)
lady gaga do violino.....Linda ❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌

Author asuna san ( ago)
en verdad me encantan tu videos lindsey, me inspiraste para aprender a tocar el violin pero apenas boy empezando

Author houstonjdd ( ago)
All my dreams come true in one video. Beautiful/smart/mysterious/bashful/confident and a sweet solo. Nice!

Author bluwng ( ago)
How cute is this girl and what a talent.

Author Elif Zemzem Hebiloğlu ( ago)
so enjoyable

Author ZapJoltNetwork ( ago)

Author MR.MACARONI (Subaru Morton) ( ago)
I DIED with the bubble version of yourself <3 <3 <3 you remind me to sayumi michishige in her music video Shaba Daba Doo <3

Author TechPunk ( ago)
includes paid promotion?

UNACCEPTABLE! but what is it promoting?

Author Černý kocour Příběhy ( ago)
I love this part 0:35

Author Владислав Бутырский ( ago)
I love you

Author Fangirl Central ( ago)


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