Lindsey Stirling - Prism

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  • #BraveEnough on iTunes now featuring "Prism"! Album out worldwide!

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    Also thanks to Kyle Hanagami for choreographing! Check him out at

    Song produced by Robert Delong

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  • Clay Crafts
    Clay Crafts 15 hours ago

    This seems like Shadows, but elevated to me. Not sure why, but just as amazing x

  • Vaia SlapGirl
    Vaia SlapGirl 18 hours ago

    hello k-pop fans!!!

  • Vincent van Gogh
    Vincent van Gogh 2 days ago

    I want those leggins

  • Ruudie
    Ruudie 2 days ago

    i love your music :)

  • Джи Хад
    Джи Хад 2 days ago

    ска ябвдул

  • Кладбище Мертвеца

    столько образов, и Линдс на всех идеальна!

  • Star Gal
    Star Gal 3 days ago

    I like that they all have different violins

  • Michelle Wang
    Michelle Wang 4 days ago


  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 4 days ago

    lindsey which violin in the vid was ur favourite

  • Allan Marsh
    Allan Marsh 5 days ago

    I'm a Sterlingian (?) as well. Is there such a thing? Anyway, I'm a sucker for a talented violin player, and Lindsey really fills the bill.
    And her videos are pretty cool, too.

  • Timothy Allen
    Timothy Allen 6 days ago

    I was sitting here thinking to myself, now what can possibly be better then Lindsey Stirling. Well here we have it folks its 5 Lindsies.

  • ivy Anderson
    ivy Anderson 6 days ago

    I get it, it's like how a prism splits up light into a rainbow, only with a person!!! Coooooool!!!

  • A S
    A S 7 days ago

    This was insane... like so good

  • Rebeca Andere
    Rebeca Andere 7 days ago

    Love you I wanna play violin like you ❤️

  • Lisa Ross
    Lisa Ross 7 days ago

    Lindsey I have a nerdy joke what do you call a paper that has since perditions Heavy in mass😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  • Merle-sophie Ebbes
    Merle-sophie Ebbes 8 days ago

    All of my best Friends Like this Song...💙💙💙

  • Mika Mann
    Mika Mann 8 days ago

    Lin-Z is so cute, i think i merry her

  • Colleen Sunshine
    Colleen Sunshine 9 days ago

    How is one person this talented?

  • Monte Roach
    Monte Roach 10 days ago

    oh my gosh, it looks as though Lindsey had a great time with this video. It was a really neat variation from other videos. Not saying that I do not like her other videos, there's just a wide variety of them. Great job!

  • Oscar Valenzuela
    Oscar Valenzuela 10 days ago

    Lindsey kind of looks like Meghan T

    LIZ JOSENTO MUÑOZ 10 days ago


  • mimi sy
    mimi sy 10 days ago

    can we all just take a moment to appreciate the amount of EDITING that went into this?

  • TheWhiteFoxTruth
    TheWhiteFoxTruth 10 days ago

    The dancing was on point in this one. Really good job!

  • Anime and gamer girl Bubble rose

    Lindsey's set up looks like it's from All About that Bass XD

  • universalman95
    universalman95 11 days ago

    The first time I saw this I thought it was representing
    Jay-Z, Meghan trainor, Sia, Ariana Grande, and Lady gaga!
    Like and reply if you agree!

  • warhamsterful
    warhamsterful 11 days ago

    I wonder if they'd be at all opposed to a 6 way?

  • nikita goots
    nikita goots 11 days ago

    о боже это ахуено

  • PaperArt
    PaperArt 11 days ago

    the sign in back changes periodically from M&M to "The Violindseys"
    so many cool details :)

  • Peter Albrecht
    Peter Albrecht 12 days ago

    welcome to brıtnay musıc

  • Sean Eduard Ramirez
    Sean Eduard Ramirez 12 days ago

    lindsey and lindsee and lindsie and lind-z cool

  • Merle-sophie Ebbes
    Merle-sophie Ebbes 12 days ago

    i m The one who See only The M&M Werbung and from thr Mars not?

  • Riley Keene
    Riley Keene 13 days ago

    Out of all of Lindsey's videos, this one's definitely my favorite. I can't stop watching it!!

  • Abbie Trash
    Abbie Trash 13 days ago

    culture appropriation? ugh

  • Наталья Теплова

    Спасибо Линси!!!!, ты уже столько раз вдохновила меня своим творчеством и была рядом, когда все отворачивались! Ты- чудо и огромный талант. Каждая песня -это огромная история про нас всех и тебя в частности.

  • OliverTheGamer CS:GO and More

    ooh did a presentation about her and got a A holy cow :D

  • Barbellatime 1016
    Barbellatime 1016 14 days ago

    I love you you are my ideal my name is ayden

  • DanceWarrior14
    DanceWarrior14 14 days ago

    Is it just me or does pink haired Lyndsey look like noodlerella

  • julicpl
    julicpl 14 days ago


  • Leah Olson
    Leah Olson 14 days ago

    Meaning of this song. Until you look differently at someone (like through a prism) you won't understand the different sides of their personality. ???

  • Leah Olson
    Leah Olson 14 days ago

    love Luna

  • Bianca Christmas
    Bianca Christmas 15 days ago

    Lindsey can go with any color any hairdo

  • ley Genesis
    ley Genesis 16 days ago

    creo acabo de ver la cara de no panamore, en el video hard times ..? o soy yo

  • Madalena Simões
    Madalena Simões 16 days ago

    You are a fantastic😘

  • TheRealCritique
    TheRealCritique 16 days ago

    This is not really music. ANyone with a fricking keyboard could make this song. VIolin is not replacing guitar in pop music anytime soon.

  • YanBra
    YanBra 16 days ago

    Hi Lindsay I'm bryan a software developer and I want to use your muscle "prism" for a pub reply me quickly
    ps : Thanks google translation

    • YanBra
      YanBra 16 days ago

      and i am french

  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow 16 days ago

    Can I take one home with me? XD

  • Natabaka Koumono
    Natabaka Koumono 17 days ago

    tell me how can i play violin and do kagebunshin no jutsu?

  • Dj KAFLO
    Dj KAFLO 17 days ago

    Esta rola me la recomendó mi exelfa
    Me pone triste :'v que procede ?

  • Bunny and ME!
    Bunny and ME! 17 days ago


  • Олег Снеговик

    Она такая хорошенькая. Я так хочу ей вдуть. Представляю как она двигается в пастели, наверняка ОГОНЬ!

  • Mikolaj G.
    Mikolaj G. 17 days ago

    She is so beautiful with every haircolour. :D

    • Mikolaj G.
      Mikolaj G. 17 days ago

      That's a big plus point but not the only reason.

    • Batman is Back
      Batman is Back 17 days ago

      Mikolaj G. Because she is white.

  • RoboPigi1662
    RoboPigi1662 18 days ago

    This song is the last song that Lindsey did in this style, I will miss it, but it doesn't mean that I don't like the new style too.

  • Куки Кэт
    Куки Кэт 18 days ago

    я тебя обожаюююююююююююююю

  • Omar sukaiti
    Omar sukaiti 18 days ago

    My favorite lindsey was the one that played the violin.

  • TERRAOperative
    TERRAOperative 19 days ago

    I see the Sukiya restaurant sign in the background.
    They are all over Japan.

  • Venomus Tv
    Venomus Tv 19 days ago

    This song just Satisfyes me

  • Zhiyuan Liu
    Zhiyuan Liu 21 day ago

    starting of the video, I already know is about japanese characters

  • Jessica Chapman
    Jessica Chapman 21 day ago

    The dog is like "leave me alone, and what ever"

    • Alan Smith
      Alan Smith 15 days ago

      It is Lindsey Stirling's dog, her name is Luna and if you follow Lindsey on social media you will find out that the dog loves being around her.

  • Yejun Chun
    Yejun Chun 21 day ago

    This video made me spend all my money I was saving for a year to buy a electric violin and hire a teacher...

  • Syed Shah
    Syed Shah 21 day ago

    all hale the violin angel Lindsey Stirling

  • Gaby Contreras
    Gaby Contreras 22 days ago

    My favorite song, I love!!!!

  • aaliyah mosqueda
    aaliyah mosqueda 22 days ago


  • aaliyah mosqueda
    aaliyah mosqueda 22 days ago

    I love you so so much

  • aaliyah mosqueda
    aaliyah mosqueda 22 days ago


  • RespectAce
    RespectAce 22 days ago

    i need to sober up, i see too many stir-lings

  • alyna ryniewicz
    alyna ryniewicz 23 days ago

    in nov i what to her concert

  • Katsuna Hadaki
    Katsuna Hadaki 23 days ago

    The "Behind-One-Another-Arm-Thing" is yet so simple but amusing

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova 23 days ago

    My favorite outfit is Lyndsie!!! 💓 wish she would list where she buys some of her outfits and accessories they are bomb! I love unique and different styles

  • daeho2
    daeho2 23 days ago

    ... I can't help but think of the many possibilities...

    ... I'm sorry.

  • Nicolás Peña
    Nicolás Peña 23 days ago

    ha! and they told her she wouldn't make it...

  • Marcus Fry
    Marcus Fry 23 days ago

    This became my favorite song at 0:53

  • deathlyhowelter
    deathlyhowelter 23 days ago

    that moment when you saw this live

  • Colleen's Cookie Cat

    I like lindsee

  • Rafael Lima
    Rafael Lima 24 days ago

    1:29 This part is so magical

  • Adam Majid
    Adam Majid 26 days ago

    that last wink lol

  • apachechief96
    apachechief96 26 days ago

    Sweet, my one in a billion chance of marrying Lindsey just went up to like 7 in a billion!!

  • nathy Valen
    nathy Valen 26 days ago

    whats happening?

    DADGBE 28 days ago

    how much to do this in my living room?

  • Nish Mohanakumar
    Nish Mohanakumar 29 days ago

    You are some kind of auditory and visual masterpiece. I love everything you do!

  • MH Sarraf
    MH Sarraf 29 days ago

    That's ur best music video ever

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 29 days ago

    Love it!!!!My favorite song in the world,i hope I can play violin like that in maybe 18 years or less 😉

  • Atmo Sphere
    Atmo Sphere 1 month ago

    Super happy about Brave Enough being out! So hyped to see what you will produce in 2017!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Danicha Estrella
    Danicha Estrella 1 month ago

    I can not stop watching the video, I love the movements, the violin makes magic in the dance. The structure of the video has been music, but the change of character, is everything is amazing.

  • Tay Tay10
    Tay Tay10 1 month ago


  • Julianne Hardin
    Julianne Hardin 1 month ago

    why are they all half a violin?

  • MH Sarraf
    MH Sarraf 1 month ago

    this video is not available :v tell me I'm not the only one :'(

  • Chris Daboss
    Chris Daboss 1 month ago

    Has this been taken down? I'm not able to watch the video...

  • Tyler Burch
    Tyler Burch 1 month ago

    I really want to know, which Violindsey she most identifies with. I mean she shares a name with Lindsey so you might think her, but Lindsay seems to have the most screen time.. hmmmm

  • Julianne Hardin
    Julianne Hardin 1 month ago

    ah...I love it when there are easter eggs in videos like 1 lindsey kicking another one or Lin-Z wearing a ponytail in one section of the video.

  • Joey C.
    Joey C. 1 month ago

    It's a shame illuminati has gotten her, such talent. One can see all the symbols in this vid :(

    • Jesse Garza
      Jesse Garza 25 days ago

      Triangles, multiple personalities/alters, and then the one eye symbolism at the end?

  • Inplay` z
    Inplay` z 1 month ago

    I cant watch the Video. Pls help

  • Seby Axinte
    Seby Axinte 1 month ago

    prism is a fatastic

  • Elyshia J
    Elyshia J 1 month ago

    the editors must have had a hard time doing this .-.

  • 7Winterwind
    7Winterwind 1 month ago

    How is it possible to move like that?!

  • Cloe McCloster
    Cloe McCloster 1 month ago

    havent music and m&m's already been brought together?

  • Nya Vaness
    Nya Vaness 1 month ago

    the artistry, the effects, the ridiculous number of hours you spent doing the choreography for ALL OF THE PARTS. out did yourself. go girl!

  • Sergio Alberto  Chac Koyoc

    Buen video lindura. hay tanto que preguntarte en este video sobre todo en los atuendos.

  • J.Ashton Gagnon
    J.Ashton Gagnon 1 month ago

    Did anyone else notice she does the American Sign Language sign for music during one of the scenes where she doesn't have a violin?

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