Types Of Golgappa Eaters - POPxo Comedy

From Miss Posh to The Spicy Lover - don't we all know these types of golgappa eaters?? Share this with a friend who loves golgappas! :D

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Runtime: 4:9
Comments: 1156

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Author Rashmi jaiswal ( ago)
plz do a eat it or wear it challenge plz...popxo luv you 😍😍:-)

Author Sheraz Shah ( ago)

Author Anjali Singh ( ago)
Copy of screen pati.. Didn't expected this

Author Karan Ailawadi ( ago)
teekha wali overactor........c

Author Karan Ailawadi ( ago)
screenpatti isse zada acha hai is tpopic mey

Author Karan Ailawadi ( ago)
badi pagal hai pehle bola ki gloves ni pehn rakhe bhai pehen to rakhe hai gloves.........c

Author Jashan Kaur ( ago)
👍👍👍...Hit like who loves to eat MEETHI PAPRI.....😋😋😋😋😋

Author Zoya Siddiquei ( ago)
We get the best phuchka's in Kolkata 😊❤👌

Author Priya Singh ( ago)
thats true😂😂😂

Author ila parmar ( ago)
i m non stop eater ha ha ha😝

Author Jyoti Khattar ( ago)
Hey i m slowy wale and spice wale

Author rajni dutta ( ago)
I love this video

Author Ishita Roy Chowdhury ( ago)
i love golgappa ,fuchka in kolkata

Author shashiwardhan singh ( ago)
" miss posh "insaan ko itna bhi chullad nhi houna chaheye yaar .. vo sab saaf hie rakhte hai . vo chutiye thoudi na hai jo bekar chizey khilaengey aisa karne se unka hie loss houta hai .

Author Dalia Majhi ( ago)
I am the spicy lover

Author Suparna Das ( ago)
very funny hahahaha

Author Fiza Mirza ( ago)
critic one superb and Miss posh

Author niceMeena Singh ( ago)
i am the unstopable and spicy lover and i love golgapa

Author Redha Jawed ( ago)
The golgappa maker was anyways wearing gloves for ms posh😂😅🤣

Author Nayyar Azeem Khan ( ago)
Love this vedio ..... yummy😙😙

Author Baharay Gull ( ago)
I am the critic one hahha but I love gol gappa yummm 😋😋😋😋

Author Kamal Sharma ( ago)
i love water of golgapa

Author Hur Ain ( ago)
I am the spicy lover

Author Manju Verma ( ago)
i think POP XO does not reply

Author MR TITU ( ago)
cherry is foodi

Author Pam Narayan Sharma ( ago)
I want it now

Author Sharia Asghar ( ago)
I am a slow eater😂😂

Author Naheed Tabassum ( ago)
I love spicy for happy😡

Author sudhanshu kumar ( ago)
Who is actually eating golgappa while watching this video cause I am

Author Shashita Yadav ( ago)
after watching this video I want to eat golgappa

Author Tahmina Naqvi ( ago)
the man is wearing gloves

Author Papiya Modak ( ago)
nice.... it is funny... 😊

Author SAANVI PAREKH ( ago)
i am a spicy lover

Author angel of peace ( ago)
I am the spicy lover and also unstopable

Author Amlesh Jha ( ago)
l am slow eater (arey my daughter)jab use jyada mil jàay tab WO pass karti hai kabhi mujhe to kabhi apni DIDI mummy ko hahahaha

Author Zen Gurung ( ago)
I love ❤️ spicy 🌶 one so ....... 😋

Author Mehrajkhanum Khanum ( ago)
im da sapcy lover

Author Talieah Khan ( ago)
Ufff itni raat ko tao milen ge b ni

Author Mohammad Abubakar ( ago)
i am unstoppable and spicy lover

Author jaie ( ago)
I'm unstoppable! 🙋

Author riddhi pandhare ( ago)
Who is *MISS POSH* I guess when it comes to golgappas no one is *MISS POSH* I am the unstoppable one & the spicy lover but not like that

Author Salma Banu ( ago)
i love golgappas
so yummy

Author shweta chhetri ( ago)
lol😜😜😜I'm anti spicy girl

Author Princess Maya - Be awesome ( ago)
I am the slow and steady golgappa eater

Author Alaina Ansari ( ago)
Superb 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Author Aafreen Fathima ( ago)
Im the crtic and the spicy lover

Author Sakshi Sinha ( ago)
free ka papri wali mai hu haha😉

Author Poornima Krishnamoorthy ( ago)
slow and steady

Author YUSUF Khan ( ago)
I love it

Author Madhavi Ekkirala ( ago)
I am a spicy lover
But not like that

Author Saniya Sethi ( ago)
The person who relates the most: Golgappa wala bhaiya 😂😂

Author Tanya Tewatia ( ago)

Author Amrin Ansari ( ago)
komal.... such a over actor☺☺☺☺

Author wes potter ( ago)
when boy beg papri they refused to give more than one..😡

Author wes potter ( ago)
c is eating wit her left hand..✋

Author shaik RahamathAli ( ago)
that spicy lover is very funney

Author shaik RahamathAli ( ago)
I like to eat golgapa and iam slow eater

Author Ayush Verma ( ago)
I love golgappa and I can't compromise in this matter so I'm also.... the critic..... I want to eat it!!!!!!

Author Ayush Verma ( ago)
I'm aur thikha and free loader also..... 😂

Author Tapaswini dash ( ago)
m the sicy over nd critic

Author Lucy n Lina ( ago)
wow,its so vool,i love it n i undoerstoodsa

Author Manisha Kalra ( ago)
love golgapa i love popx o you are the​ best😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😎

Author Mahabal Puthran ( ago)
Mujhe toh bada man kar raha hai panibatashe ( golgappa) khane ka. 🌭🍕🌭🍕🍥

Author kawaii hime ( ago)
pls give tht new gurl more videos she was best among all ..

I wish I would also eat golgappas in my country. Because I live outside India and there are no golgappas here in Kuwait😢😢😢

Author Brisleen Kaur ( ago)
I am the unstoppable

Author gouri m ( ago)
haaa kyaa tasty golgappa hai

Author kavita singh Chauhan ( ago)
I love golgappa😋

Author sanya naaz ( ago)
i m the third one

Author shrafat ali ( ago)
i am unstopable

Author Parul Walia ( ago)
Loved the video

Author Zabitah Resha ( ago)
I am the spicy one😜

Author Kashvi Tomar ( ago)
I am the slow one

Author reer Khatri ( ago)
I am slow steady

Author Kunjal Gala ( ago)
can u pls make video on types of mango eaters hit like if anyone agrees

Author deepa g ( ago)
awesome guyz. love u popxo . 😘😘😘

Author deepa g ( ago)
I am that slow and Steady one😇😇😇😇

Author Vs Tiwari ( ago)
I am biggest fan of POP XO 😍😍my age is 13 years. My favorite is Cheery🤗 or Komal 😘other one is one girl but I don't no name😜 she look in nepal it's so cute.😍😘

Author Yashika Dwivedi ( ago)
I love panipuri yummmmmm😋😋😋

Author Yashika Dwivedi ( ago)
me tooo.😘😘😘😋😋😋😋

Author Zeba Perween ( ago)
golgappe ki kasam like Karo👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author king shahrukh k adnan khan ( ago)
I'm the unstoppable golgappe eater

Author Irtiqua Miran ( ago)
golgappa is my favorite

Author Amruta Kulkarni ( ago)
I'm unstoppable 😋😋

Author ragini srivastava ( ago)
I love street food

Author Music life ( ago)
I'm slow and steady

Author Shailendra Mishra ( ago)
nice video

Author vijayan tk ( ago)
i love eating golgappa
while seeing this I am feeling hungry

Author Anushka Jhoshi ( ago)
i am the spicy lover and the unstoppable

Author Roma Sundriyal ( ago)
You have just copied screen panties. com golgappa eaters

Author anamika manna ( ago)
i'm the unstoppble!!!!

Author Jyoti Agarwal ( ago)

Author Rekha Prajapati ( ago)
I can't live without golgappa

Author Nagma Shah ( ago)

Author Naziya Saikh ( ago)
cheee cherry look is soo ugly ewww and her mole on face makez me laugh hard😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Ann Varghese ( ago)
I hate the miss posh people!!

Author Renu Rajawat ( ago)
very nice

Author Jaishree Gorwani ( ago)
I am the spice lover

Author Ruhi Rathore ( ago)
i too a slow eater

Author Farida Anwar ( ago)
I'm the spicy lover😆

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