Types Of Golgappa Eaters - POPxo Comedy

From Miss Posh to The Spicy Lover - don't we all know these types of golgappa eaters?? Share this with a friend who loves golgappas! :D

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Runtime: 4:9
Comments: 1692

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Author sudha Mangalapalli ( ago)
it's so nice

Author Chowa Angela ( ago)
I Love Golgappa

Author Anurag Bisai ( ago)
Published date??? 😳😳😳

Author jasvinder singh ( ago)
I am unstoppable

Author Sushma Goenka ( ago)
I love golgappa and I have come across all these types of golgappa eaters. 😋

Author shreyashi Chatterjee ( ago)
i am the slow and steady one along with the spicy lover

Author Rajendrakumar Srivastava ( ago)
hit like if you like pani puri

Author Ritu Jain ( ago)
sneha is so. cute

Author Neelam Rani ( ago)
I am unstoppable

Author Deshna Jain ( ago)
they all r very fuuny .....I enjoyed thevideo

Author ali tiger ( ago)
its so funny

Author nitinbly1 ( ago)
I am the spicy lover - sneha

Author Babita Ghosh ( ago)
nice one

Author Purnima Sarkar ( ago)
I am like Cherry, Shraddha,

Author Alina Ch ( ago)
I think the 2:35 one,s Chinese😮

Author gollapudi sravani ( ago)
I liked the critic one

Author Dipti Shukla ( ago)
I love golgappe very very very very very much more😍😍😍😍😍

Author Dipti Shukla ( ago)
I like slow and steady 👍👍👍👍

Author Emon Chakraborty ( ago)
Ilove golgappa

Author Deepak Valmiki ( ago)
even search for my video aditya and preeti walmiki . And I am a very big fan of yours Cherry didi and Komal didi .

Author Gayathri 8 ( ago)
I'm the unstoppable one 😂😂😂

Author Vinod Jain ( ago)
very osm video

Author Areeba Mariyam Siddiqui ( ago)
i also love golgapa they are so yummy

Author SuperMan * HackeR ( ago)
I m the unstoppable

Author Aaiza Zubeda ( ago)
cute golgappa eaters

Author Lala Ji ( ago)
the spicy lover is so cute

Author Ashraf Abdullah ( ago)
Lush video

Author Muskan Gulati ( ago)
Hit like if u ❤ golpappa

Author Maya Chhetri ( ago)
me and my friends love pani puri and some r like them 😂😜

Author Mrs. Neetu Singh ( ago)
ahhhhhh!! so stupid

Author HUMA AYMAN ( ago)
actually i love the spicy golgappa

Author Gauri Khandagle ( ago)
I m the spicy lover

Author princess suhana TN ( ago)
nice girls aisa hi krti hai .. kha k huu huuuuuhhhh so much spicy 😁😁😁😉😉😉

Author Mayank Kumar ( ago)
yarrr jab koi papri pe papri mag raha ho aur golgappy wala kahe bus mam 40 mai kay meri papri kathum karogi

Author Mayank Kumar ( ago)
Iam the spicy one

Author Suju Rai ( ago)

Author Syed atherali ( ago)
nice video

Author Syed atherali ( ago)

Author ballav niroula ( ago)

Author Hashir Farooq ( ago)
Very cute girls

Author Danger Kkhan ( ago)
im the unstoppable, the critic and the spice lover . Ugh feel like having one !!!

Author fatima rajput ( ago)

Author Sweta Sharma ( ago)

Author Dwimalu Narzary ( ago)
hmm testi

Author Paramjit Wadhwa ( ago)

Author Vi Da ( ago)
Oops its not clean 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Author shubhangi Jha ( ago)
love gollgappa

Author Muskan Shah ( ago)
I m the unstoppable if money bahut sara ho😂😂

Author Ashwani Kumar ( ago)
what is this

Author Saumya Shree ( ago)
hit like if u like golgappa

Author Alayssa Bino ( ago)
shraddha are you really spicy lover

Author Aysha Mirza ( ago)
when I ssee this video so I think I want to eat pani purii and who want do eat golgappa anyone else.

Author king supercard ( ago)
hit unlike if u like pani puri

Author king supercard ( ago)
hit unlike if u like pani puri

Author sana malkani ( ago)
hit like if you are slow and steady

Author Manjusha Taylor ( ago)
hit if you want to eat golgappas daily

Author Rishank Ratan ( ago)
haha thats what I call the gospel of truth for golgappa eaters.. i am the unstoppable and my girl is the spicy lover...... 😊😊😀😀 great video.. had lots of fun while watching it.. ✌✌👍👍

Author Swanjali Rai ( ago)
I am slow and steady type

Author Palash Khobragade ( ago)

Author Bibek Kumar ( ago)
The posh is too good..

Author Shahid Nadeem ( ago)
sbhi golgappy walay bhaiya hain..oooooo

Author Susmitha Reddy ( ago)
I Am like the fast eater

Author Seema RB ( ago)
useless video...

Author lamn Teacher ( ago)

Author Esha KESHWANI ( ago)
i am the spicy lover and the unstopable

Author Cherry Cherry ( ago)

Author Dipika Jaiswar ( ago)
nice video ever....

Author Naila Ahmed Bagha ( ago)
thumbs up if u felt like eating golgappa while watching this👍

Author Jyothi Mayi ( ago)
I m the unstoppable eater

Author Anusha 123 ( ago)
unstoppable +spicyy😍😍😍😍

Shreya's speaking is killer 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

I am the critic and spicy lover 😋😋😉😍

Author Chanda Ramchandani ( ago)
I am a spicy lover.Ya I know sometimes it's too hard to eat spicy but I love spicy Golgappas.YUMMY.Hit like if u r also a Spicy Golgappa Lover.

Author Babena Nayak ( ago)
ha ha ha☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Author Samiha Alam ( ago)
so funny

Author annie amber ( ago)
golgappay is every girls first priority mine too I love spicy one ,,,,our bfs should give us free gollgappa treat daily lol

Author Mahtab ( ago)
I love gol gappa's to bad we can't get them in many places here in Australia haven't had them in a year😭😭😭

Author Dr. Akanksha ( ago)
spicy was damn awesome 😚😈🌶

Author Ashok Raula ( ago)

Author d.venkata rama sharma Sharma ( ago)
I think you've copied this video 😆

Author Binny Narang CR ( ago)
I am comming from india and i love goolgapa

Author KERIMA videos ( ago)
golgappa is my favourite

Author shrimoyee Chaki ( ago)

Author Sandip Roy ( ago)
I am the spicey lover......

Author Neekammal Janah ( ago)
the new one is bery cute.i want to eat it me too

Author SUMAN PANDEY ( ago)
Copiyed from #Timeliners

Author muskan fatima ( ago)
I'm also slow eater......😂😂

Author Puja Patel ( ago)
ya really good

Author Souparna Banerjee ( ago)
correct hai yaar

Author Prashna Shakya ( ago)
my. sister. is. also. the. lover. of. golgappa.

Author bindu vasuki ( ago)
I am unstoppable+critic+spicy lover

Author PINKI RANI ( ago)

Author Saniya Muqtar ( ago)
hit like if u love golgappas♥♡

Author Sulagya Khadka ( ago)
I m the unstoppable 😂😂

Author Keerthi Subrahmanyam ( ago)
i love shardas dress so much😍😍

Author vaibhavi hatey ( ago)
i am like the un stopable i 😠 the critic one and i 💖 the spicy lover

Author Suparna Majhi ( ago)
i love golgappa

Author Manju Singh ( ago)
hey, there are people who has pani Puri without pani.. only mithi chutney...

Author Sammeta's DIY World ( ago)
I am the spicy lover 😘😘

Author Just Like That ( ago)
Hit like the people who are the slow and steady eater

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