What's up guys?!?!?!?! Finally!!! My ancestry results took forever to come in but it was expected (6-8 weeks). I think you guys are going to be shocked at the results!!
My husband always said that I looked exotic but I didn't know I was truly exotic!!! Stop reading now because this will be a spoiler alert!!!


40% Native American!! What?! lol
30% Iberian Peninsula (Spain)
10% Italian
7% Irish
4% Black
3% from Great Britain
2% Europe West
1% European Jewish
more than 1% Asia East
more than 1% Middle East
more than 1% Caucasus

You'll have to excuse our ignorant behinds, Caucasus is somewhere ranging from Armenia, Iran, Turkey, or Greece, Italy, Romania, etc. We were just having fun reading these results! But had no idea what we were talking about, haha.
According to mom, Mexican is a mixed race, It is primarily Native American and Spanish. Which makes much more sense to me.

I highly recommend this test to everyone. It is so enlightening! If I find a lot more about my ancestors I will be sure to film another video on it! Thank you so much for watching! Don't forget to subscribe, love you guys!!!

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Author Andrea McCray ( ago)
Before anyone else comments, yes I know I look ignorant in this video. No, I wasn't taught about my culture, races, or ethnicities in school. The only culture that seems to matter in school is American culture and even then, some things are falsified. I never desired to look deeper into my roots as to where I came from because being told I was Mexican, was sufficient for me. It wasn't until recently I found out about this test and became curious. Immediately after filming, I told my mom about my results and she explained them to me, however I still did further research. Caucasus is not Caucasian, obviously. This is real raw footage of us reading our results for the first time. We were having fun! Enjoying ourselves! Seems like some of y'all view that as a crime. I wouldn't have re-recorded after deciphering the results. Me and my husband actually enjoy each other and love each other's silliness. Stop trying to force us to take life so serious.

Author Tauryluck ( ago)
I think you two are so cute. You make me giggle (in a good way). ;)

Author Loretta Cubby ( ago)
i dont know why some people are getting mad about people not knowing further than 50 years of their "nationality history" especially if your American alot of us were fed bs .... unless by luck we fell into MULTIPLE history/gentic/anthropology classes that taught people better christopher columbus sailed the deep blue sea.... your reactions were hilarious and glad your learning

Author Layla Samone ( ago)
native american does not in clude any spanish regions it includes alaska and cherroke, and other tribes im cherroke

Author DUANE BRAGG ( ago)
Do you know the process of the ANCESTRY DNA? Do your homework your not going to like it.

Author urthebest1122 ( ago)
Andrea, you look Natice American and Spanish, not Mexican at all I dont think. And, your results back that up. :)

Author Eric Washington ( ago)
You two look happy in the video and that's all that matters. Please stop worrying about what other people think or say. What matters are the people closest to you, and they already accept you both just the way you are :)

Author Kimberley Brennan ( ago)
Mexico is considered native America. Canada, the US, Mexico, and South America are the Americas. The truest native Americans are the ancient tribes in South America and Mexico... the Inca, Aztecs, Maya, Tolec, etc.. Iberia is what Spain and a Portugal were call a long time ago. Also Hun, remember. It is EXTREMELY rare for people outside of the northernmost globe (Greenland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc), and southernmost globe (Africa), to be all from one place. It would mean your line never left that area, ever! In the Nordic areas I named , Finland, Norway, etc..., they hardly left those areas, because of the ice. In Africa, they never left till they were taken by slavers. US native Americans are the United States first in habitants, came to the americas from Asia. They migrated to the americas over a land bridge called Biringia, that land bridge is gone now. Point being 99% of us are from a lot of other places. I'm 5'10", blonde, blue eyed, and growing up I was told I was Spaniard (Portugal and Spain), and Irish, along with a few bits from areas around those 2 parts of the world. Well, ancestry and 23 and me BOTH found 5%/4.6% northern African DNA in my make up. Were all just a mash up of different beautiful things that make us who we are.

Author Michelle Lancaster ( ago)
Native America doesn't mean from United States is about the American continent. So you can be from around America continent...

Author Vermilion Inferno ( ago)
god damn yall ugly

Author Stacey Beyhan ( ago)
Andrea please do a tutorial using Lunatick Cosmetic Labs!! Your lip color reminds me of their makeup! My friend Cassi is the owner/creator of this line. LOVE to see you do a tutorial!! YOU ROCK!

Author Stacey Beyhan ( ago)
lmao I'm laughing so hard. haha!!! My fiance and I need to do this!! I'm probably 85% African American or something. haha

Author Catherine Murry ( ago)
You're a beautiful Latina! And your guy is quite handsome.

Author Rubeus Swagrid ( ago)
Native Mexicans ARE Native Americans. So if you're Mexican, then you have a very high likelihood of being Native American. Native Americans means native to the Americas, North, Central, and South. Iberian means Spanish from Spain... which means those folks from Spain who colonized Mexico/Central/South America. Sounds pretty spot on for someone who's Mexican. Just research the history of the Americas and how this region was colonized. It'll all make sense then.

Author Samuel Sorenson ( ago)
Iberian peninsula is Spain, Portugal

Author Jasmin Anderson ( ago)
These DNA tests are lies lol People believe anything. Even real scientists will tell you that. If you want the truth the most indigenous DNA comes from Africa and a lot of Africans moved to other countries first before Europeans. Even Asians used to be black. The original Native Americans are black even the white people said that when they came to America. Mexicans used to be all black until spainiards came. Irish is still white European Jew is still white Italian is white. How would they know that you grandparent wasnt a Black Italian instead of a white one? Thats why you dont believe these results. Its a way to brainwash people and take their money and also to mask the roots real roots of most countries that used to be black like Ireland, italy, Native Americans, etc.

Author M.A Valentine ( ago)
Caucasus mountains not white Native American can be north central and south😂

Author Donna Marie ( ago)
screw the rest of them. You are being you. Don't change for anyone. You guys are sharing a bit of yourselves with the rest of the world. I thank you. PS. Congo is cute!

Author rhonda lenihan ( ago)
Mexican is usually native American and Spanish

Author katsrayoflight ( ago)
The Americas , and native american encompasses North America , Central America, and south America!!!!
So yes that means Mexico

Author Stoic Observer ( ago)
Iberian Peninsula is Spanish....

Author Cherpy LaTina ( ago)
did you figure it out?. yes. Mexico is indigenous. iberian is Spain .... lots of Jewish left spain in the 1400s and settled in Mexico. congrats on your results

Author MsBurnetta Hood ( ago)
yall so cute

Author Gustavo Ferreira ( ago)
Wtf, u didn't know that mexicans are mostly descendants from natives lol

Author CzarJuliusIII ( ago)
It's very rare to see an Afro-American that has 95% African DNA. That's definitely a first. Either way, it seems like a life-changing experience just to learn who you are genetically. I just ordered my test from Ancestry. Can't wait to get my results.

Author Midnight ( ago)
Hey, YES! Most Mexicans that aren't White Hispanic are basically Native American. There are 4 cultures or heritages. Native American African Asian and European that make up Mexican. Native is the main one.

Author 730 Mŷ ( ago)
Mexican is a mixture of Native American and Spaniard. Mestizo i.e. Half breed.

Author wren 22 ( ago)
wow, 95% African for an African-American is really high, that's great.

Author SoFrolushesTV ( ago)
Love your reactions.

Author John Lopez ( ago)
Baby Girl, Iberian is Spain and Portugal within the peninsula chart . Mexicans are a mixed between native Indian and Spaniards/ Portuguese. I.e. Spain colonized mexico and a Portuguese man (Cortes) led them there. True Story. :)

However, just feel blessed you know where you come from and build on that. If more people did this test (i am waiting for my results) then we wouldn't be fighting each other! We would finally realize that we are all one race, the human race, anything else is nothing more than a way to create classes between the strong to segregate us all!

Author nashee anjel ( ago)
i have found the physical embodiment of veronica by david so on jknews

Author Bohemian Rhapsody ( ago)
Most Hispanics are mixed with white (Spain) and Native Mexicans.

Author Xvideos ( ago)
eat that white ass all day,sike your a mutt

Author GMAN634 ( ago)

Author David of Yorkshire ( ago)
During the British Empire we were in Egypt, West Africa and South Africa, so you might have some ties from the old colonial days.

The Iberian peninsula is Spain, Portugal and Northern African. Spain was an Islamic caliphate for centuries.

Author Kai Sumpter ( ago)
Don't be confused Dr Claude Anderson has the answer. Most Mexicans are half Indian and Black they ran from Texas, Florida, to Mexico from slavery. Research John Horse Seminole means run away slave

Author Ahora ya ( ago)
Iberian Peninsula is Spain.

Author Ricardo Mejia ( ago)
Mexican are mostly a mix of native American and European. Mexican is not a race. it's a country.

Author Omari Jones ( ago)
Iberians peninsula is Spain and Portugal

Author Eigna ( ago)
lol this was fun to watch.. i am super interested in doin this dna testing.. thanks for sharing!

Author Dee ( ago)
Yes, the Native American includes both north america and south america. You can also upload your raw data to and gedmatch.

Author Dee ( ago)
That's awesome! Mine came back 2% African...from Mali and South-Central Hunters-Gatherers. (it just validated what we'd already found out). I LOVED finding my ancestry DNA.

Author Miguel Martinez ( ago)
and this bitch needs an education poor basted married the stupidest woman alive

Author Miguel Martinez ( ago)
this dumb bitch is annoying and super dramatic

Author Intellect 1234 ( ago)
Armenia, Georgia, lower part of Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Some of them look White.

Author Chasing Destiny ( ago)
I'm so sad that your weren't taught about mexican heritage. but most all Hispanic countries (mexico, Dominican republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and so on) are just people who are a mixture of a bunch of different races/ethnicities that were influenced by Spain (hence why they speak spanish) you should really really look deeper into it. I did a mexican studies class in college. very deep history. 💙 much love sweets. love your videos.

Author Chasing Destiny ( ago)
omg your dog is adorable 💙

Author CKFOKAY ( ago)
So funny!

Author Desert Lotus ( ago)
shew better find out what Indian tribe and start collecting those checks girl

Author Eric Kirk ( ago)
European does not whatsoever mean white. Also, Italians and Spaniards were mixed for eons by black Africans. At one point it was all white and that is the truth just like all of Africa was all black africans until way After the Pyramids were created and more. North Africa didn't turn into Arab occupying country until about 632 AD if not much after. Also, just like until 1492 all of North America was Native America and also South of America. Now its mostly not Its either black , white or Spaniard from the slave trade that both Hispanic people and white people took part in transporting black africans.

Author Justin Kase ( ago)
Race mixing is disgusting. A world full of proud racially pure people is better than one full of mutts with no real identity.
Real diversity > race mixing.

Author Joey Tuck ( ago)
I thought she was Asian

Author jrnailon ( ago)
The term Hispanic means you have a historical link to Spain (the origin of the Spanish language). It is not related to race but language. Neither is the term Mexican, which refers to a country (nationality). There are white Mexicans and brown Mexicans and in between Mexicans. The original peoples of Mexico did not speak Spanish. Colonization by Spain-really the rape, murder and stealing of the land- is reason the language and the wealth of the land was lost to the Spanish.

Author happynappyable ( ago)
Idris Elba's parents are from Ghana, Africa but he was born in London to African parents .

Author Bilal Babajide ( ago)
bruh how did you butcher african country names?lol

Author xr2kid ( ago)
is he African-American? cuz 95% is a lot for an African American. He is very rare. That's really cool. Most African-Americans are 73-85% African.

Author Andrea Simmons ( ago)
The Iberian peninsula is Spain , Portugal area I also believe Mexicans are natives and Spaniards combined

Author xochitl melendez ( ago)
Mexican are native Americans

Author Tina Kershner ( ago)
Just an FYI: the Caucasus region is not actually Caucasian. It is the areas of Iran, Iraq, Turkey etc. So basically Middle Eastern (????)

Author Rachael James ( ago)
don't be scaried the iberian peninsula is spain and portugual so basically that is spanish

Author Victoria MAKELL ( ago)
So mostly Central American, Spaniard or portuguese

Author L Jackson ( ago)
Idris Elba's father is Sierra Leonean & his mother is Ghanaian. He was born in Hackney which is in NE London.

Author Sharon Martinez ( ago)
I had watched this when you first posted and I had to come watch again. Girl, it sounds to me as if people take things too seriously and don't know how to have fun. I love watching you and your hubby and kids. You keep being you. You're so down to earth and open. I love that! Let the haters hate. You have a beautiful family! Love you 💜❤️

Author Jeanette Collins ( ago)
Aztec Indian honey they're "Mexican"

Author Sonya Lara ( ago)
You both are so funny and cute love you guys

Author GeneralSorrow ( ago)
Caucasian is "white" though we are also of varying shades. Mostly Europe but also some other areas.

Author GeneralSorrow ( ago)
Your husband looks a lot like Laurence Fishburne.

Author GeneralSorrow ( ago)
Welcome to the cracker club!

Author Barbara Saunders ( ago)
I like y'all!

Author P Htwr ( ago)
Andrea,is your husband's family from South Carolina???..My dads people originated their and mixed with the dna is 93% ...Black people from that region with percentages over 90% is not uncommon at all!

Author jistayable ( ago)
................. I liked this video.... I didnt wanna be petty but i couldnt help it. Tell your husband that that isn't a jamaican accent!... We don't say "mon" after every sentence. THEY LIED TO YOU!..... otherwise... great video

Author Samantha Ferrari ( ago)
You two are so cute!

Author Angel Child ( ago)
Bantu is Hebrew

Author antihero ( ago)
Cool dog!

Author BIZOU BRAZZA ( ago)
😂😂😂 he got more Caucasian than you.

Author awright504 ( ago)
"Im Mexican" hahhhahaha Most Mexicans dont know that they are descendants from Natives Americans and white Spaniards. When I hear people say, "Get out of my country!" to a Mexican, I get confused. lol Like.. This is their Native land. You are a migrant. My Mexican aunt looks really white. She think she has dark skin though . haha Race isn't a real thing. It was created as a social classification.

Author C 123 ( ago)

Author Víctor Manuel Sosa Cortés ( ago)
I loved your video!!!! Am doing the test too!!!

Author Fatima DaughterofZion ( ago)
Mexican is a nationality. Most Mexicans are native Americans because before the US swindled California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and some parts of Colorado, it was ALL Mexico. Before that is was ALL Native American land

Author sunny set ( ago)
I love your energy  new subscriber I am from Australia look forward for you next video

Author lapila ( ago)
Nice video.

Author ckygogo ( ago)
Native American could mean Spain. These test use area's occupied now like middle eastern. But the term is only been used since 1902. It's North East Africa which was Black until the Greeks & Roman took over same as Native American Most are just of Spanish white decent.

Author grimheathen ( ago)
Do any of these tests give haplo types?

Author Craig Reeves ( ago)
Andrea described the typical genetic makeup of a Mexican, who is of mixed Native American and Southern European descent.

Author Shlatz McLeod ( ago)
That's the most African I've seen on an African American. Explains why he's so beautiful

Author Bill Andrews ( ago)
3% Great Britian, Great Britain is a political union it isnt a haplotype. Britains are a segment of the Celtic people: Galicia (North western Spain), Brittany (Northwestern France), Ireland, Britian, Wales, Cornwal, Scotland .

Lots of Blacks and Irish mixed in the old south since the Irish were considered to be the "Niggers of Europe". So many blacks will find a Celtic link in their DNA, both groups were at the bottom of the social ladder, and did the same jobs.
Also it was on the docks of the South where the Irish taught the blacks Irish Clogging (Tap dancing). The Blacks added their African rhythms and created Modern Tap.

Author lisa mac ( ago)
hubby is really pure african u are african african

Author Sherry Moon ( ago)
sounds like you got mostly figured out. just a side note.. north Africa is the same bloodlines as the middle east so you are even more middle eastern than you thought.. as is parts of Asia. . you both turned out gorgeous :) enjoy each other :₩

Author nitsrah ( ago)
Yes Mexicans are considered native Americans

Author Antonio Brown ( ago)
Mexicans and Native Americans are the same thing

Author C Roberts ( ago)
For example the mayans

Author C Roberts ( ago)
Native Americans are Hispanic people

Author bigh00 ( ago)
Mexicans are descendants of Native Americans. Aztecs were the main group that populated what we know as Mexico today.

Author avilik13 ( ago)
Caucasus countries are Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Iran etc. They look Middle Eastern but they're not really. We use the term Caucasian nowadays in reference to white people usually with Aryan features but those from the Caucasus are generally olive skin dark-haired people.

Author Pwing Minecraft ( ago)
Hey it's Morpheus in his younger days ! :D

Author D muhammad ( ago)
Mexicans were given that name by Spaniards so they say native American they mean indigenous Americans.

Author Victoria 빅토리아 ( ago)
this bitch is so annoying like chill

Author Kevin Amy ( ago)
Do not be confused 30%Iberia is Spain and Portugal, 40% Native American , Mexican is your NATIONALITY NOT RACE! You can be a Native Mexican or Spanish Mexican or Afro-Mexican last mixed with Spanish & Native ,in your case with a touch of African(Afro).

Author Edward Lemus ( ago)
Mexicans are a mix of native, European, and Asian.

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