Tam Doan-Mua Dong Hoa Trang (House of Flying Daggers)

A music video i made using clips from the movie HOUSE of FLYING DAGGERS (starring Zhang Ziyi) with a vietnamese song by Tam Doan called Mua Dong Hoa Trang.

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Added: 8 years
Runtime: 4:24
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Author Martin Hsueh (14 days)
Thank you for making this clip! I keep coming back to watch it from time to

Author bduong43 (1 month)
I seriously love you for making this video 

Author dtrix10kc (2 months)
God I love this movie. Love, betrayal and the ultimate sacrifice. 

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn (4 years)
So You can go to Vietnamese Music store and Buy DVD Van Son 40 . I think
the song You like will be In There ! And By the Way - You are Really like
The Song that much ? You are not Vietnamese ?

Author Liv2DaMax (4 years)
Love the music, the words are so soothing and brings peace to the heart!
The video goes perfect with it! Thanks for sharing friend! Would you be
kind enough to translate it in English please?

Author sonocomesono (4 years)
There was a video here, on youtube, the title was " lk - tam doan " and it
description was " van son 40 ". In this video she sings live, in a tv show.
These are the only information I have. The video was deleted from youtube.

Author BabyHatMeo (1 year)
Thanks David08...!!! Love it and I meow meow meow for more...!!!

Author FiTTable (2 years)
i love this song, i had completely forgotten until now. thank you soo much,
love this movie, its sooo touching

Author LMVH0900353040 (2 years)
I am a 28 yearsold male and this is one of a few movies that made me cry a
lot. And watching these movie clip and the song being sung by none other
then Tam Doan it is just sooooo unreal I think I cried more watching this
video !!! I love this song and movie and TAM !!!!!!!

Author ooyummybunnyoo (5 years)
the vietnamese song is very good,...

Author KagomelovesSango (3 years)
4:00 what is that for a music instrument

Author Thuy Tran (4 years)
Best song of Tam Doan "Mua Dong Hoa Trang"

Author schlossy (4 years)

Author Super Saiyan Goku (3 years)
@david08 "...they probably took my video without my permission and i should
be getting paid for it!" Am i missing something?

Author Andrew C (5 years)
this is a awsome movie..but no where near as good as Crouching Tiger hidden

Author xLolitaxRagxDollx (5 years)
best movie evah! ^_^

Author BurntChopStix (3 years)
duh viet na meeeeee song :D

Author StarsignDiva (3 years)
does anyone know where I can find the chinese version to this song? thanks!

Author Greek Alien (3 years)

Author mrteeha7 (4 years)
I love this movie and the song. Tam Doan songs this song well

Author david08 (2 years)

Author david08 (2 years)
Thanks bro! Unfortunately I do not have an HD version =(

Author GuardianDemonX (1 year)
shut the fuck up

Author Lyza Sylvia (3 years)

Author nam hoang (5 years)
dont know my sis wrote its the guy that shes replying to must be a fuck up
or somthing

Author NZ1919 (2 years)

Author david08 (2 years)
Thanks! =)

Author Athena Lockett (5 years)
This song is beautiful and dangerously addictive. I've had it stuck in my
head for weeks now and can't sing the words to save my soul!

Author Dymion (4 years)
Woah, that had a lot more blood coming out of Mei than i noticed in the PSP
UMD, did they tone things down in the PSP version?

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn (4 years)
Van Nghe Hay - Nghe Nao Ne - Nghe Di Vao Tim ...

Author LehcnefJieiku (4 years)
I get the goosebumps EVERYTIME that instrument is heard. Do you know what
that instrument's called?

Author daisyflowers111 (4 years)
This video used to have millions of views. What happened?

Author surfistadosom (3 years)
essa é de longe uma das mais belas canções que ja ouvi

Author Lovon Viola (4 years)
I really enjoy listening to this soundtrack, the movie was so colourful and
beautiful. The music is restful.

Author Caprifemme (4 years)
is takashi kaneshiro gay?! can any 1 confirm this rumor? thanks...

Author ngalex03 (2 years)
@LMVH0900353040 because you're a dam sissy. time to come out the closet?

Author david08 (2 years)
You're so very welcome! Glad I can help and that you enjoyed the video! =)

Author lucia478 (5 years)
wonderful video, wonderful film. cell film is so sad end :(

Author Pa Vue (4 years)
You did a great job with the song and this movie. The song matches the
video even though I don't know what the song is about but it sounds good.

Author david08 (2 years)
Thank you! =)

Author sixever10 (5 years)
I like the movie and the song<3 Tam Doan hát hay gioi dep gái

Author anonamese (3 years)
@JohnsonBoba Let me correct you on something, it's an ''ORIGINAL''
Vietnamese song NOT a cover. The creator of this video used an ORIGINAL
Vietnamese with this movie clips.

Author Akaikitsune13 (4 years)
awesome viddie, love Tam Doan, such a beautiful voice... HOFD

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn (4 years)
Hello sonocomesono ! You said " lk " ? i think that is in Vietnamese is
Lien Khuc - that mean they put 2 or more songs together - may be Too Long
to spell out or Up load even don' t know all the name of the song !

Author david08 (2 years)
Glad you like it...glad it made you cry! lol

Author Nagine (2 years)
excellent video and this song is so beutiful..

Author luigi26lui (5 years)
very very nice video,nice song,nice music perfect 10/10

Author lolhcd (3 years)
yay vietnamese song ^-^

Author seligor (4 years)
@CucNamCham just realised your name, you actually speak fluent Vietnamese.
I have seen your name on other replys etc. Did you get to hear the track
from "The Banquet" it is brilliant. In Vietnamese and Chinese.

Author sonocomesono (4 years)
Some time ago I heard a song sung by Tam Doan called "Ik". Where I can find

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