Tam Doan-Mua Dong Hoa Trang (House of Flying Daggers)

A music video i made using clips from the movie HOUSE of FLYING DAGGERS (starring Zhang Ziyi) with a vietnamese song by Tam Doan called Mua Dong Hoa Trang.

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Author Tuyetvan Leethi ( ago)
bai hat lam cho long buon hon cam on

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn ( ago)
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Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn ( ago)
Cố Gắng làm được 5 ống Tưới Nước mà Bắt Buộc phải Bỏ Lại 1 cái Next Day làm
tiếp . Bàn Tay nhức nhối luôn . Ủa - mở đại Bài Nhạc sao nghe Tâm Sự quá !

Author sam tucker ( ago)
thank you so much Ashley..truly a beautiful song

Author degman00 ( ago)
Beautiful song.

Author sam tucker ( ago)
Please who can translate these lyrics to English for me...such a beautiful

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn ( ago)
just select All and Quick for The Whole Body .

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn ( ago)
Today I have to use The Big Machine and it helped .

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn ( ago)
My Mid Back Pain was gone . My neck now Much Much better . Anyway We need
to keep An Eyes on the Past Trouble .

Author Theresa Trần Quyên Nguyễn ( ago)
Bai nay Duoc Cham Diem Cao la nho Anh Huong cach Hoa Am cua Nhac Tau .

Author kim huynh ( ago)
Co ai biet bai nay tien hoa k ak

Author van Lee ( ago)
merci david ta chanson tes tres souhaite beaucuop mon coeur

Author van Lee ( ago)
bai hat nay rat buon co phai kg cac ban

Author diamond killerz1738 ( ago)
Hey David, I can't find the "Hero" video you posted a while back. Can you
please re-upload, or give me the name of the Viet song you used? Or maybe a
link to download.I loved it and its driving me crazy that I can't find it.
Thank you.

Author dtrix10kc ( ago)
Tam's voice is absolutely beautiful and I keep coming back to watch this
video and hear her voice time and time again. Gorgeous movie and this piece
fits the video perfectly. 

Author wickwicklovegd ( ago)
Cho hoi ten phim gi day ạ

Author las Matematicas de POCOYO jaja ( ago)

Author Martin Hsueh ( ago)
Thank you for making this clip! I keep coming back to watch it from time to

Author bduong43 ( ago)
I seriously love you for making this video 

Author dtrix10kc ( ago)
God I love this movie. Love, betrayal and the ultimate sacrifice. 

Author Mylan Ha ( ago)
can you do the drama lan ling wang with Mơ Ánh Trăng Về by Như Quỳnh

Author dtrix10kc ( ago)
Hey Guardian. Back at you a-hole.

Author dtrix10kc ( ago)
Gorgeous movie with such a sad ending. Thanks for this video.

Author bduong43 ( ago)
I love this :) thank you for making this

Author Đại Việt ( ago)
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underlying philosophy from Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hồ Chí Minh, or Pol
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humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.

Author BabyHatMeo ( ago)
Thanks David08...!!! Love it and I meow meow meow for more...!!! 

Author BabyHatMeo ( ago)
Thanks David08...!!!! Love it love it and I meow meow meow 

Author YuDumPhuck ( ago)

Author david08 ( ago)
Thanks! Glad you like it! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Thanks! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Thanks! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Glad you enjoy it! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Thanks bro! Unfortunately I do not have an HD version =(

Author david08 ( ago)
You're so very welcome! Glad I can help and that you enjoyed the video! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Thanks! lol

Author david08 ( ago)

Author david08 ( ago)
You're very welcome! Glad you enjoy it! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Thank you! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
You're very welcome! =)

Author david08 ( ago)
Glad you like it...glad it made you cry! lol

Author Washington Irving ( ago)
i do not want to be saved by your god

Author JaKo Son K Konso ( ago)
yeh Shut up Bac Ki!

Author NZ1919 ( ago)

Author Kinhnamese ( ago)

Author ngalex03 ( ago)
@LMVH0900353040 because you're a dam sissy. time to come out the closet?

Author Kim Long Nguyen ( ago)
Better than Romeo and Juliet to me. Love this story. 

Author Fittable ( ago)
i love this song, i had completely forgotten until now. thank you soo much,
love this movie, its sooo touching

Author Імя карыстальніка ( ago)
@TsukChikaze niiiiceeee

Author Імя карыстальніка ( ago)
Is this chinese or vietnamese? 

Author Maria J ( ago)
@Soyo2811 Tâm Đoan - Mùa Đông Hoa Trắng :)

Author duyjohn ( ago)
Agree, I love Tam Doan's voice! ;-)

Author AndyBHNL ( ago)
Tam Doan sings the song so beautifully.

Author Wraitheghost ( ago)
I absolutely love this movie! Thanks for this. It's done quite beautifully.

Author Le Pha ( ago)
Great movie about love and betrayel. Music is great for it too. Andy Lau is
also a great actor.

Author Morrigan Aensland ( ago)
Perfect Film - Perfect song...!

Author Patricia Morgan ( ago)
what wonderful music to a a truely wonderful film

Author anonamese ( ago)
@JohnsonBoba This Vietnamese song was written by Nguyen Nhat Huy.

Author anonamese ( ago)
@JohnsonBoba Let me correct you on something, it's an ''ORIGINAL''
Vietnamese song NOT a cover. The creator of this video used an ORIGINAL
Vietnamese with this movie clips.

Author lala land ( ago)
@JohnsonBoba I can tell how self conscious you are for being a vietnamese

Author JohnsonBoba ( ago)
@seaweed9999 because it's a COVER you dumb bitch! why all the racial
remarks now? gawshhh just stfu and listen to the damn music! if you dont
like it, dont bother watching!

Author itsquan ( ago)
@seaweed9999 why not? hmm... i think the vietnamese song aren't perfect to
this little scene... but it's ok.^^

Author lala land ( ago)
Why use a Vietnamese song for a Chinese movie? They don't match. 

Author weepingboy3 ( ago)
Love is a beautiful thing. It makes life worth living. How I wish I had
loved just once. Maybe it will never come but I can always dream

Author blackeneddove ( ago)
I sobbed during this video. The editing was beautiful, and the song was
heart felt. It brought up many repressed feelings that I keep inside. I
haven't allowed myself to cry like that in a long time. Thanks for helping,
I know that needed to come out. 

Author blackeneddove ( ago)
@CucNamCham Music is the universal language. It has no language barrier. It
can touch any heart, at any time, even if the words aren't understood. 

Author YuDumPhuck ( ago)
@StarsignDiva This is an original vietnamese song, sung by the one and only
vietnamese singer named Tam Doan. There are no other version.

Author lykitzsotammy ( ago)
love this movieeee It's been forever since I've seen it though. Good song
choice too :)

Author Ettore de rossi ( ago)
questo film è stato un vero capolavoro,al livellodi Heroe 

Author megatroll ( ago)
I love and hate this movie. The whole time I fantasized about how nice it
would be if the blind Zhang Ziyi was my girlfriend (so she wouldn't know
how ugly I am LOL) ^^ but then the movie took a sudden twist and this sad
sad saaaaaad ending came up. I admit I cried like a baby at the end. :'(
Such a great movie. Acting, cinematography as well as action are superb.
Just be prepared to get your heart ripped out at the end.
Author Vy Tran (1481 year ago)
@StarsignDiva There is no chinese version because the song is originated in

Author YS ( ago)
does anyone know where I can find the chinese version to this song? thanks!

Author Lee Yunhee ( ago)
the video and song really collaborates together.. Well done.. good film

Author Lee Yunhee ( ago)
@xxJxMxCxx 'Mua Dong Hoa Trang' means White Winter Flower. the song is sung
by a famoud viet singer named Tam Doan. Search on youtube and type in Tam
Doan-Mua Dong Hoa Trang and there's a video of the song created especially
for her by PBN (Paris By Night Entertainment).

Author Lee Yunhee ( ago)
@Vahat888 The actual song is about 2 lovers being seperated by their fate.
He died trying to protect her then she sings about her loneliness, how she
can still see and hear him through their hearts and souls.

Author bachylang (652 years ago)
Good job with the video. Now whenever I hear this song I think of HOFD.

Author YuDumPhuck ( ago)
@rawvegangreece No, it's a vietnamese song.

Author dimitris niko ( ago)
is this mandar song?

Author Lina Kouroumani ( ago)

Author FlawlesseXecutor ( ago)
@david08 "...they probably took my video without my permission and i should
be getting paid for it!" Am i missing something?

Author lucirz ( ago)
@david08 it's amazing how the lyrics really relate to the movie and the
scenes you edited, good job

Author Vahat888 ( ago)
This song is touching and simply beautiful though I do not need to
understand a word of it. Great selection !!

Author キリト vamps ( ago)
it' beautiful i love this movie

Author david08 ( ago)
@southparkninja1 first off, i DONT GET PAID for any of this. this is
strictly put together so people can enjoy. as a fan of the movie and the
music, i jus simply edit the two together a hobby of mine. so whatever

Author itsquan ( ago)
yay vietnamese song ^-^

Author alladinmoua ( ago)
@LehcnefJieiku From what I hear, the instrument you're probably talking
about is either the erhu (Chinese violin), or the guzheng (Asian harp).

Author LegendaryGamer1639 ( ago)
This video used to have millions of views. What happened?

Author lucirz ( ago)
que linda!!!!

Author greyeyedb ( ago)

Author Dymion ( ago)
Woah, that had a lot more blood coming out of Mei than i noticed in the PSP
UMD, did they tone things down in the PSP version?

Author Pa Vue ( ago)
You did a great job with the song and this movie. The song matches the
video even though I don't know what the song is about but it sounds good. 

Author xmuraix77 ( ago)
samanosuke llolll

Author Dorothy Milnes-Simm ( ago)
@CucNamCham We watch subtitles, films and trailers. The Vietnamese are
brilliant singers. Have you heard the end song for "The Banquet" filmed by
Tam Doan again Brilliant. I'm Welsh by the way.

Author killerviewgang ( ago)
I used to always listen to this song over and over :) Love it, and this vid
too :)

Author Liv2DaMax ( ago)
Love the music, the words are so soothing and brings peace to the heart!
The video goes perfect with it! Thanks for sharing friend! Would you be
kind enough to translate it in English please?

Author david08 ( ago)
@rdoggg19 no problem bro...all a misunderstanding. glad u enjoy the video

Author Rick ( ago)
@david08 I owe you an apology. I got this video confused with the video for
"lovers" on the dvd. I figured since I called you out on this in public I
owed you a public apology. All the same this is still a great video

Author david08 ( ago)
@rdoggg19 well..u better tell me which DVD it is cuz they probably took my
video without my permission and i should be getting paid for it! i made
this video years ago and i still have the original edited files to prove
it. so don't be accusing me of what i did or did not create. my name and
email is embedded on the video for a reason..

Author Alapaj ( ago)
woow, such a beautiful and peaceful song!!!!

Author maria nounou ( ago)
i wish i knew the words in english...

Author schlossy ( ago)

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