Pixar Movies Ranked - Worst to Best!

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  • Brianna Brickey
    Brianna Brickey 8 hours ago

    Grace, can you do a video ranking Disney animated film?

  • Brianna Brickey
    Brianna Brickey 8 hours ago

    I remember when Cars came out when I was in elementary school and every girl wanted to buy a Sally toy (blue car) from McDonalds! 😄
    I didn't like Toy Story 3 either, seemed like an unnecessary sequel

  • Logan Burgess
    Logan Burgess 9 hours ago

    NOT MY OPINION, this is the official list of the worst to the best Pixar movies.

    18. Cars 2
    17. The Good Dinosaur
    16. Cars
    15. A Bug's Life
    14. Brave
    13. Cars 3
    12. Monster's University
    11. Finding Dory
    10. Toy Story 2
    9. Ratatouille
    8. The Incredibles
    7. Monsters Inc
    6. Finding Nemo
    5. Inside Out
    4. Up
    3. Toy Story 3
    2. Toy Story
    1. Wall-E

  • Brendan
    Brendan 11 hours ago

    Here is my list:

    18. Cars 2
    17. Brave
    16. Monsters University
    15. Cars
    14. Cars 3
    13. The Good Dinosaur
    12. Ratatouille
    11. A Bugs Life
    10. Inside Out
    9. Finding Dory
    8. Toy Story 3
    7. Monsters Inc
    6. WALL-E
    5. Toy Story
    4. The Incredibles
    3. Toy Story 2
    2. Finding Nemo
    1. Up

  • SonicBlaster Central
    SonicBlaster Central 14 hours ago

    18: Cars 2 = 28%
    17: Brave = 72%
    16: Monsters University = 77%
    15: The Good Dinosour = 77%
    14: Wall-E = 89%
    13: Cars = 90%
    12: Monsters Inc = 95%
    11: Cars 3 = 96%
    10: Inside Out = 97%
    9: Ratatouille = 97%
    8: The Incredibles = 97%
    7: Toy Story 2 = 98%
    6: A Bugs Life = 98%
    5: Finding Dory 98%
    4: Finding Nemo 98%
    3: Up = 99%
    2: Toy Story 3 = 99%
    1: Toy Story = 100% or should I say To infinity and beyond!

  • Artemis
    Artemis 17 hours ago

    You should do all dreamworks theatrical releаsе animations

  • Alex Hammer
    Alex Hammer 17 hours ago

    I stopped watching once you said toy story 3
    WTF Cars 3 was not good and u say #8?

  • Russell Hunter
    Russell Hunter 20 hours ago

    1. Toy Story 2
    2. Monsters Inc.
    3. The Incredibles
    4. Up
    5. Wall-E
    6. Finding Nemo
    7. Finding Dory
    8. Toy Story
    9. Ratatouille
    10. Inside Out
    11. Toy Story 3
    12. Good Dinosaur
    13. Monsters University
    14. Cars 3
    15. Bugs Life
    16. Cars
    17. Cars 2

  • Xander White
    Xander White 21 hour ago

    I get why you put toy story number one because it started it all and without it we may have never have gotten the incredibles <- even though this is the best animated movie ever monsters inc is the only one I don't particularly like that High on the list even though it's good it's not incredible's good

  • McKenzie McDonald
    McKenzie McDonald 22 hours ago

    Disagree 100%.

  • Jerry
    Jerry 1 day ago

    Can't people just respect Grace's opinion? Yes I disagree but we all have different opinions and we should learn to respect them

  • MC Spirit Wolf
    MC Spirit Wolf 1 day ago

    what's wrong with Coco?
    I mean besides the obvious possibility for it to be kinda similar to book of life (but only on the premise of diabetes dia de Los muertos, I think that will be the only similarity)

    The animation, from what I've seen, looks absolutely stunning!

  • Sijo James John
    Sijo James John 1 day ago

    good dinosaur, cars 3 inside out above up

  • Carlos Benítez
    Carlos Benítez 1 day ago

    Toys Story is your number ??? Disgusting!!! Brave and Ratoutille in the las numberst? Finding Nemo is the number 1 of all!

  • Shay.Smith42
    Shay.Smith42 1 day ago

    I have been greatly vexed

  • Olivia Victorious

    Monsters University before TS3??? Grace!! Rewatch your Pixar!

  • dippster357
    dippster357 1 day ago

    In these days when we are being told the importants of family and the family as a unite it seems to me they would've done a couple of " INCREDIBLES " movies what would have helped better than showing family coming together to defeat the evil they should have done at lease 3 movies on that family by now!!! they should start writing screen plays now everybody in the theater enjoyed that movie liked you talked about in watching Finding NEMO!

  • Miguel Leon
    Miguel Leon 1 day ago

    Cars was my childhood loved the first film

  • Pikapool
    Pikapool 1 day ago

    18:00 guessed it

  • Kelly Tignor
    Kelly Tignor 1 day ago

    Grace I'm a huge fan and love watching your videos every day but I gotta say this ranking is whack

  • Marc Válentinė
    Marc Válentinė 2 days ago

    Grace you're the absolute best. I feel you are such a great blend of a honest and down to earth movie reviewer but Even more than that you're a genuine geek (like many of us) you know about the comic character or cultural origins. Thank you and keep going
    I just recently had a conversation about how Boo was such a wonderfully created character that was one with such little
    Comprehensible dialogue!
    Great list

  • v5a
    v5a 2 days ago

    I agree with most of the stuff on the list except for ratatouille, which I think should be much higher.

  • Pablo Perez
    Pablo Perez 2 days ago

    Haven't seen Cars 3 and probably won't see it, but here's my ranking of all the other movies!!

    17. Cars 2
    16. The Good Dinosaur
    15. Monsters University
    14. Cars
    13. Brave
    12. Finding Dory
    11. The Incredibles
    10. A Bug's Life
    9. Ratatouille
    8. Toy Story 2
    7. Toy Story 3
    6. Wall-E
    5. Inside Out
    3. Monsters Inc
    2. Toy Story
    1.Finding Nemo

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis 2 days ago

    I know there is a lot of them but I would love to see a worst to best list on the Disney channel original movies like High school musical, cheetah girls camp rock etc I would love that list 😂👍🏼

  • Dominic Rezino
    Dominic Rezino 2 days ago

    The order of the list was absolutely shit, I would say mine but I don't want to spend the time to type it

  • MasterOfDeath
    MasterOfDeath 2 days ago

    NOOOOO Toy Story 3 should be #1!

  • Leroy Samantus
    Leroy Samantus 2 days ago

    Ratatouille appeals the most to me out of all Pixar Movies. The score is amazing and in my opinion far more memorable than any other score. Also it doesn't rely on a ton of action to make the movie exciting. It throws out some pretty good messages to but not in a very "in-your-face" way, so you can still enjoy it without thinking too much into it. The setting for the whole movie is just magnificent and fits the story very good. But of course we are talking about Pixar so there are a lot of other movies that can compete with it. These are just some reasons why this particular movie appeals to me.

  • Panda Coasters
    Panda Coasters 2 days ago

    look i really really love animation movie's that not have a secod or third so i really love Ratatouille i really love brave and it sounds
    but up And the incredibles are like my fav movie's

  • ryancanfield1
    ryancanfield1 2 days ago

    17. The Good Dinosaur
    16. Brave
    15. Wall-e
    14. A Bugs Life
    13. Ratatouille
    12. Monsters U
    11. Up
    10. Cars
    9. Cars 2
    8. Toy Story
    7 Toy Story 3
    6. Toy Story 2
    5. Finding Nemo
    4. Finding Dory
    3. Inside Out
    2. Monsters INC.
    1. The Incredibles

  • Jonathan Kociuba
    Jonathan Kociuba 2 days ago

    Can do Pixar Movies ranked by levels of sadness?

  • wildsmiley
    wildsmiley 2 days ago

    Up, Inside Out and The Incredibles are my favorite Pixar movies. To me they are near perfect. And I feel that kids can handle the heartbreaking first 10 minutes of Up. Sometimes you can give them the tougher material to deal with along with all the fun. I was raised on movies like The Neverending Story, The Secret of NIMH and Return to Oz and as a little kid I could handle the darker moments in each film and I appreciate those moviemakers' willingness to go there.

  • TM N
    TM N 2 days ago

    My Rankings
    Haven't Seen: Cars 2, Cars 3, Monster's University, The Good Dinosaur
    14. Brave
    Honestly, I barely remember it.
    13. A Bug's Life
    Haven't seen it since 99. Don't remember much.
    12. WALL-E
    I just didn't get it.
    11. Up
    That opening kills me, but, the rest is boring.
    10. Cars
    I don't love it, but I don't hate it.
    9 & 8. Toy Story 2 & 3
    I feel the same about these two. They are both mixed bags for me.
    7. Ratatouille
    Solid, likable, cute. Not one of my favs but a solid watch.
    6. Finding Nemo
    A classic, I just don't quite love it as much as most people.
    5. Finding Dory
    Yeah, I know don't hurt me. I've watched it multiple times with my daughter and tried to convince myself I don't like it this much, and dang it, I just do.
    4. The Incredibles
    Brad Bird nails it and it has a fantastic family dynamic.
    3. Monsters Inc.
    That final moment of the film gets me every time.
    2. Inside Out
    I've never enjoyed crying because of a movie more.
    1. Toy Story
    This is the movie that completely owned and defined my childhood. Watched it with my daughter for the first time the other day, and it's still a masterpiece.

  • Jahvar Mcclean
    Jahvar Mcclean 2 days ago

    I agree with your list.

  • Ashley Chapman
    Ashley Chapman 2 days ago

    I love Cars... am I the only one? lol.

    But WALL-E was my FAVVVVV.

  • Christian Ogden
    Christian Ogden 2 days ago

    I actually love bugs life

  • Christian Ogden
    Christian Ogden 2 days ago

    I think it's safe to say that the mcu has already started to lose it. every movie feels the same

  • Jacob Matsunaga
    Jacob Matsunaga 2 days ago

    am I the only one who wasn't that big of a fan for Finding Nemo?

  • Michael Jures
    Michael Jures 2 days ago

    Grace, the beginning of Up is a huge sobfest. But the movie does a great job of making you for it the rest of the movie. Inside Out on the other hand just beats you down the whole time. I left that movie with a heavy heart. As the ending did not make up for the constant barrage of sadness.

  • Ms Dreadedfate
    Ms Dreadedfate 2 days ago

    I agree about The Incredibles.
    I tend to forget it's a Pixar film, it never really felt like one to me. It probably would have been my number 2 though.

  • Connery Cateni
    Connery Cateni 2 days ago

    cars 2 was a joy to watch (even with flaws), bug's Life was an insult to antz (and also not really any good). and the original cars has the heart of a Pixar film.

  • Val Issa
    Val Issa 2 days ago

    I disagreed with this list sooooo much XD. My favourite Pixar films, in order (I think...) are: Wall E, Rattatouile, Up, Toy Story 2 and 3, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, A Bugs Life... actually I think my list goes:

    1. Wall E and Ratatouille
    2. Up, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles,, Finding Nemo, Cars, A Bugs Life, Inside Out
    3. Monsters Uni, Toy Story
    4. Good Dinosaur
    5. Cars 2, Finding Dory, Brave

    And haven't seen Cars 3 yet.

  • Daniel El-khoury
    Daniel El-khoury 2 days ago

    Any chance of a top 10 comic book costumes of all time? Saw your MCU vs DCEU best costumes (for men and women) would be cool to see a list of all comic book movies (eg fox, Nolan trilogy) you could do one for men or women or following off the note of Wonder Woman a list that includes both (men and women work best together) thanks :))

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam Robinson 3 days ago

    Bugs Life is way better than the Cars films. But Antz is a lot better than Bugs Life

    And Cars and Good Dinosaur above Toy Story 2 and Up is crazy to me

  • xXRabbitSnipezXx
    xXRabbitSnipezXx 3 days ago

    please react to VICTORIA & ABDUL official trailer grace

  • Jon Awakens
    Jon Awakens 3 days ago

    I can't rank Pixar movies due to I love them all Pixar for ever

  • Alfred C Kumwenda
    Alfred C Kumwenda 3 days ago

    From the start, We all knew Toy Story got #1. But I don't agree with Some on your list. The Good Dinosaur should be #12 and A Bug's Life is likely #10. But I do understand it's a hard list. And Cars 3 is surprisingly good. I loved it very much and makrs up for the 2nd film (which I also like and proud to say)

  • Alfred C Kumwenda
    Alfred C Kumwenda 3 days ago

    I dont agree with #17. A Bugs Life was a good film

  • lew marshall
    lew marshall 3 days ago

    The Incredibles is the best Pixar movie

  • Bg4_stop_motion axg

    wall.e is my favorite Pixar film

  • farkickgames
    farkickgames 3 days ago

    lost sub.

  • LittenTheLitKitten __

    lol this video got me triggered

  • Carter Bennett
    Carter Bennett 3 days ago

    This is such a garbage list. Not because of the list itself but because of the imposed agendas that YOU, grace put into these movies and force on them when there is no sign of them

  • Nicholas Speer
    Nicholas Speer 3 days ago

    Ratatouille so low and up at 9 whaattt and toy story 3 so low huh?? Explain grace

  • Christian_Country_Boy I love Jesus Christ!

    What are you talking about a bugs life has a very strong anti Communism message. God bless everyone. 🙏🙌😇

  • LittenTheLitKitten __

    18.Cars 2
    17.The Good Dinosaur
    Below Average
    16.Monsters University
    13.Cars 3
    12.Finding Dory
    11.Bugs Life
    10.Monsters Inc.
    9.Wall E
    7.Finding Nemo
    6.Toy Story
    The Best
    5.Toy Story 3
    4.Toy Story 2
    3.The Incredibles
    1.Inside Out

  • William Cole
    William Cole 3 days ago


    Alright folks,
    I am just about as ardent and avid a Pixar fan as you're ever likely to meet. I will talk Pixar movies with you alllllll day. So when I saw Grace put this up it immediately piqued my interest and I clicked without hesitation (being a big fan of her stuff as well). But ohhhh my lord was I fuming by the end of this thing. I rarely speak to my computer but I found myself audibly saying whispering "Whaaaat the-" upon multiple occasion.

    SO, obviously I had already given substantial thought to ranking the Pixar movies and had made my list a long time ago and have just been updating it with every release. But I feel too strongly about this to just give you my list right away and let you compare them yourself, so I'm going to spell it out for you:

    -A Bug's Life is a freaking classic; one of the ten masterpieces. It's got great writing, great characters, and a great story. There is no way in hell that it should ever be anywhere near the bottom of any Pixar list, let alone considered as their "worst".
    -I won't say too much about Cars 2. It is definitely one of Pixar's worst. I however do not think it is as bad as everyone else. The story was at least creative, and it had some decent new characters and writing. As you'll see further down it is actually not at the very bottom of my list.
    -The original Cars does NOT belong this low on the list. Way too much hate here. Say what you will about the sequels, but the original is a classic. I understand that some people cannot get past the whole idea of talking cars, but when you do, it is SUCH a fun movie, and very quotable. Radiator Springs is one of my favorite places in the entire Pixar universe. And like every other Pixar masterpiece, it has exemplary writing.
    -This one's obvious, Toy Story 3 is sooooo out of place on this list. It is also one of the ten masterpieces. And Idk wth Grace's issue is with the emotion in this one and Up, but I'd say that was one of the strongest suits of both. Especially in Toy Story 3. The darkness and realism of the death scene was so new and unexpected that it completely redefined what an animated movie could be. And the ending worked incredibly well! Throughout the movie we get to know Bonnie and grow to love her as we see how kind and imaginative she is when playing with her toys. Ofcourse there isn't that connection yet, she only takes them in at the end of the film, the story was still about Andy. And it doesn't matter that she doesn't know the gang yet. That's what was so great about that scene is Andy's like introducing her to all of them and telling her to take good care of them. Idk, I think that was the absolute perfect ending to the trilogy. And yes Grace, if a film can illicit emotion from the audience, that is a win. Honestly Toy Story 3 may have held more emotional weight for me than any other pixar movie (which makes me think it should be even higher up on my list). And I think that is largely due to the fact that they DID use the same characters throughout all three films. We had a long time to grow to love each and every character. And the stories told in all three Toy Story movies are SOOOO original. Do you have any idea how rare that is in animated sequels nowadays? In any sequels?? The Toy Story series is the EPITOME of how to make a sequel. They felt like stories that needed to be told, not just a money grab and not an excuse to see our favorite characters return to the screen *cough *cough Finding Dory *cough.
    -Brave and Monsters University are about where they should be. Not bad movies, but just not on par with that Pixar that we know and love. Brave especially, because of the story. The first half was fantastic. I LOVED the characters. But the story just so banal. I was really really disappointed with that one. But as far as animated sequels go Monsters University was great, just not as far as Pixar movies go.
    -OKAY. Putting Ratatouille this effing low was god dang CRIMINAL. I almost falcon punched my laptop. Ratatouille is one of my absolute favorites. The entire feel of the film, due to its gorgeous animation and Giacchino's masterful music is just magical. But much more than that, Ratatouille is some of Pixar's best writing and best voice acting, and without a doubt one of the best written animated films ever made. And the story! My god the story is so great! Yes it was a difficult idea to tackle but that's exactly why it's so brilliant! Because of how well they pulled it off! Ugh, I'm still incredulous that Grace put this one so low.
    -Finding Dory does not belong NEARLY this high. That movie was SUCH a disappointment. I thought surely with Andrew Stanton and Thomas Newman returning it would have been at least decent. But instead it felt like one of the most forced sequels I've ever seen. And I mean the story. It was so unoriginal. Like I mentioned earlier, it was clearly just an excuse to return to that world. But on top of that, the writing was just nowhere near on par with Pixar. For the most part the humor did not work at all. I'm sure families enjoyed this one but, come on, we're not just here to discuss family value, THIS IS PIXAR!
    -Ok guys, let's be real. Toy Story 2 is the greatest animated sequel ever made. THAT ALONE makes it deserving of a high spot on any Pixar ranking. And higher than 10 in my opinion. Jessie, Bullseye, Stinky Pete, Al, Zurg, Buzz 2, so many great new characters, remember those rock em sock em robots?? "No, he was talkin ta me! Nooo, he was talkin ta me!!" Lolll. And Emily's montage?? Breaks my heart every time. And again, the story was WORTH TELLING. I honestly think Toy Story 2 is almost just as good as the original.
    -Up is kind of where it should be I guess. I love Up don't get me wrong. The story is WONDERFUL. So touching; like I said, the opening scene is brilliant and a total game-changer. But the writing just isn't on par with Pixar's best.
    -I have yet to see Cars 3, but I seriously do not anticipate it being ANYWHERE NEAR that high on my list. Certainly not higher than the original Cars. Idk. We'll see.
    -FOLKS. THIS IS WHERE I LOST MY HEAD. The Good Dinosaur is the first BAD movie Pixar ever made. Four words: THE PLOT WAS NON-EXISTENT. It's probably not AS bad as I think it is but I absolutely hated that movie. It crushed whatever hopes Inside Out gave me for Pixar's future. So number SEVEN?? Above Toy Story 2 and Ratatouille??? I have no words Grace. No words.
    -I absolutely love Wall-E (I'll explain why below) so I'm ok with where she put that.
    -Inside Out is too high. It's a great movie; worthy of Pixar's name. But not better than Ratatouille, Wall-E, Toy Story 2 or 3.
    -And I won't argue with the top 4 (besides that Ratatouille DEFINITELY deserved to be with them)

    SO, all that being said, here is my definite list and reasons for each (if I didn't already specify above):

    17. The Good Dinosaur
    16. Finding Dory

    (Not Great)
    15. Cars 2
    14. Brave
    13. Monsters University

    12. Up (I will reiterate because this may upset some people: I thought Up was a great movie, and it was exceedingly heart-warming, but it did not have the same great writing as Pixar's better films)
    11. Inside Out (The idea for this one was just SO freaking original. And pulled off so well. It just barely falls short of being a masterpiece I suppose because again the writing isn't like totally exemplary. Then again maybe I just like how round of a number 10 is hahah)

    -so keep in mind that I hold all of these in the highest esteem and they are somewhat fluid in their positioning
    10. Cars (I still do NOT understand all the hate this one gets. I think it was incredibly original, and well put together on all fronts)
    9. Toy Story 3 (The stories of second sequels are even more seldom worth telling than first sequels, which makes Toy Story 3 a total triumph. And like I said above, the fact that we'd been with these characters for so long and the poignance of the ending give the film an emotional attachment that few of their others do. And incidentally I think Ken is maybe the funniest character Pixar has ever made)
    8. A Bug's Life (A Bug's Life is just a classic, end of story)
    7. Toy Story 2 (Simply the greatest animated sequel ever made)
    6. Wall-E (Now this one is unique from all of Pixar's other movies. I love this movie for largely different reasons than I do their others. Just the atmosphere and feel of the whole movie is surreal. I escape when I watch this movie. I think it's even one of the best sci-fi movies out there)
    5. Finding Nemo (Like Wall-E I think due to the setting and to Thomas Newman's brilliant score, this is one of the Pixar's most beautiful and magical movies ever. But then it also has a wonderful story and great writing)

    (Four of the Greatest Films of All Time. Period.)
    4. Toy Story (It is the ORIGINAL animated feature film, and it just so happens to also be an absolute masterpiece. Remember these are )
    3. Ratatouille (I already sort of raved about this one but it is just SO original, and SO well done on every front. It's simply one of the funnest movies to watch)
    2. The Incredibles (I think this is Pixar's writing at its absolute best. It is unbelievably quotable and really just, too dang good)
    1. Monsters, Inc. (This is my favorite Pixar movie. I LOVE Monsters Inc. I quote tons of movies all the time, and I have many other favorite films. But somehow, I know this movie better than ANY other movie. By which I mean I can LITERALLY quote the ENTIRE movie from start to finish. I just absolutely adore this movie)

    Ahhhh, Pixar, I care so much about you. Please do a good job with Coco.

    Did you read that entire thing?? Wow, I'm impressed. I told you I was a total Pixar nerd lol.
    Ahhhh Pixar, I care so much about you. Please do a good job with Coco and don't go down the toilet like Dreamworks did. You all are better than that. I still believe in you.

    • William Cole
      William Cole 3 days ago

      P.S. Grace if you should read this please don't take offense. I still love you and you're still my favorite

  • Hershel Katz
    Hershel Katz 3 days ago

    so we went from "I am going to rip this movie to shreds!" to #8 out of 18.... huh Grace you're funny lol

  • David Clip
    David Clip 3 days ago

    My list. 1 Monsters Inc.2 The Incredibles 3 Toy Story4 Ratatouliie 5 Finding Nemo 6 Cars 2 7 Inside Out8 Cars9 Up10 Monsters University11 Cars 312 Toy Story 313 Toy Story 214 Finding Dory 15 A Bugs Life16 The Good Dinosaur17 WallE 18 Brave

  • Sonix625
    Sonix625 3 days ago

    Seems like you base it on the risks of Pixar and creativity rather than best

  • Gerrel Saunders
    Gerrel Saunders 3 days ago

    Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur over Toy Story 3, Up and Ratatouille. Hmm, mmkay.

  • S I
    S I 3 days ago

    I think Ratatouille & Wall-E are my Top two period. Everything else kinda lost a bit of steam after time but those two still run strong and have great stories/score/drama and message.

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson 3 days ago

    I enjoy cars as an adult though...

  • eldie farrar
    eldie farrar 3 days ago

    Toy story 3 at 15 is ridiculous

  • Carlos Esquivel
    Carlos Esquivel 3 days ago

    I don't agree with the top 3, for me it's
    1.toy story 3
    2. walle
    3. inside out.

  • factfeeder777
    factfeeder777 3 days ago

    I totally would have put the good dinosaur in the top 3

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    "I bet we all have the same top 4"
    unlikely considering you already mentioned Inside Out and Wall E and these are my top 2

  • rsinurface
    rsinurface 3 days ago

    I still don't get how Cars 3 is so high up your list Grace??

  • Annabelle Land
    Annabelle Land 3 days ago

    My top 4 are Wall E, Toy Story 3, The Incredibles, and Toy Story 2. I was born 2000 so I was a little too late to appreciate the classics like the original Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

  • ToggleSpeed
    ToggleSpeed 3 days ago

    Do you have a review for TRANSFORMERS: The Last Knight?

  • GeekyNerdTheatre
    GeekyNerdTheatre 3 days ago

    When I rank Pixar I always take the Toy Story movies off the list because they feel like they're in a league of their own. Up and Incredibles are my top 2.

  • Angry Duck
    Angry Duck 3 days ago

    Ratatouille is the freakin' best

  • Fintan Watson
    Fintan Watson 3 days ago

    The Good Dinosaur was awful...so bland and forgettable...

  • Hypermedia101
    Hypermedia101 3 days ago

    I agree with grace toy story 3 is the worst of the trilogy it had its moments and it was and it was conclusive ending but most of it was really cliché

  • ScorpiousDelectus
    ScorpiousDelectus 3 days ago

    Toy Story 3 at #15? The Good Dinosaur at #7??? Grace has gone insane

  • Sparky KMAS
    Sparky KMAS 3 days ago

    @GraceRandolph did you hear, Chris Evans to drop the mantle of cap America after avengers 4 . Your thots? I feel that he'll hav a heros death

  • Netflix Membresia
    Netflix Membresia 3 days ago

    spiderman gameplay e3 reaction? it very cinematic... and spiderman!

  • Apollo
    Apollo 3 days ago

    Why does she act like everyone dislikes A Bug's Life? She should realize she's in the minority.

  • Zebra Vibes
    Zebra Vibes 3 days ago

    Batman v. Superman's trailers are so strong they shape the movie for me.

  • Ivy kek
    Ivy kek 3 days ago

    Cars 3 higher than Up? Dude no

  • SiD
    SiD 3 days ago

    Review baahubali 2.

  • Union Jack-
    Union Jack- 3 days ago

    Hi Indy Mogul

  • perfectlyadaptable
    perfectlyadaptable 3 days ago

    Interesting list. I understand what you mean by emotional balance and forcing an agenda but I don't really see Pixar movies as trying to manipulate the audience. The magic of Pixar is often found in allowing oneself to let go of the logic of adulthood and embrace the mindset of our inner child which allows for a belief in the unbelievable (toys coming to life, rodents becoming chefs, houses flying by balloons) and which comes with potent emotions. I don't see it as manipulation if I they are simply achieving their rather transparent goal of bringing out our inner child. Anyway, I'm surprised Ratatouille was ranked so low! It is a visually stunning film and the story is told so well. It is one of my favorite movies even outside of Pixar movies.
    My list (based on which ones I would watch again/how often I watch again)
    1. The Incredibles
    2. Ratatouille
    3. Finding Nemo
    4. Monsters Inc.
    5. Toy Story 2
    6. Inside Out
    7. Toy Story
    8. Finding Dory
    9. Toy Story 3
    10. A Bug's Life
    11. Brave
    12. Wall-E
    13. Up
    14. Cars
    (I have not seen Cars 2, Cars 3, The Good Dinosaur, or Monsters University)

  • Cartridge Cat
    Cartridge Cat 3 days ago

    Why Were WALL-E, Toy Story 3, Bug's Life, And Ratatouille So Low???? And Why Was The Good Dinosaur So High??? I Hated That Movie!!! Ohh, Well, It's Your Opinion.

  • Meghan Morris
    Meghan Morris 4 days ago

    1.monsters inc
    2.the incredibles
    3. Inside out
    4. Up
    5. Toy story 2

    • fat cat
      fat cat 3 days ago

      Meghan Morris i like the incredibles more but i respect your opinion.

  • Leo McKay
    Leo McKay 4 days ago

    My Top 5 would be:
    1: WALL•E
    2: Monsters Inc
    3: Toy Story 2
    4: The Incredibles
    5: Ratatouille

  • Rodrigo Martinez
    Rodrigo Martinez 4 days ago

    I stopped the video after #15. No Grace, no!

  • librapaladin81
    librapaladin81 4 days ago

    Grace...  I LOVE that we disagree so much!  Honestly, somehow that keeps me coming back and I always find it fascinating to hear your opinions, which are so often different from mine.  And then when we do agree, I'm like "see.... we're not both crazy".

  • Rosa
    Rosa 4 days ago

    I agree with everything you said about Toy Story 3. I would put Toy Story 2 before the first one though. My favorite Pixar films are Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc, I'm so happy you like them too Grace! It was so nice to hear your opinions on all of these :)

  • shayneedsanap
    shayneedsanap 4 days ago

    my list (excluding cars 3 because i havent seen it and don't intend to)
    17. cars 2
    16. monsters university
    15. the good dinosaur
    14. a bug's life
    13. brave
    12. cars
    11. toy story 2
    10. toy story 3
    9. finding dory
    8. toy story
    7. inside out
    6. ratatouille
    5. the incredibles
    4. wall-e
    3. monsters inc
    2. up
    1. finding nemo

  • Thumb Head
    Thumb Head 4 days ago

    Could not disagree with you more on Bugs Life.
    18. Cars 2
    17. The Good Dinosaur
    16. Toy Story 3
    15. Monsters University
    14. Finding Dory
    13. Brave
    12. Coco
    11. Cars 3
    10. Monsters Inc.
    9. Cars
    8. Up
    7. Bugs Life
    6. Ratatouille
    5. Toy Story
    4. Inside Out
    3. Toy Story 2
    2. Wall E
    1. Finding Nemo

  • shayneedsanap
    shayneedsanap 4 days ago

    when you said "most iconic film that takes place under the sea" i was thinking of the spongebob movie lol

  • Alberto Ramirez
    Alberto Ramirez 4 days ago

    I do agree with most of your list. Toy Story just HAS to be #1 but The Incredibles is a close second. A bugs Life is the funniest movie of all the Pixar movies and love the message of that being different is okay and to not judge another without trying to understand.

  • Lance Shadow
    Lance Shadow 4 days ago

    a bit harsh on toy story 3,. but yes, I agree that movie is so overrated

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 4 days ago

    This list gave me serious anxiety Grace! Love you btw, but cmon a bugs life was not that bad!!

  • marc magloire
    marc magloire 4 days ago

    Great list! My favorite is the incredibles!

  • ssbn401
    ssbn401 4 days ago

    I feel like it's pretty hard to place The Good Dinosaur so high (#7) when it missed the target so badly with the audience. This was aimed at kids - even more so than some of the more mature Pixar films - but the number one comment that I have heard from every single person who took a kid to see it was that it was far too scary, often to the point of traumatizing kids. Parents were taking their kids out of theaters left and right because of this fact, so to me it has to be in the bottom third.

    • MegaSoulHero
      MegaSoulHero 3 days ago

      ssbn401 How is it scarier than Hunchback?

  • Alec Wigan
    Alec Wigan 4 days ago

    we all know which one is the worst

  • cody gossett
    cody gossett 4 days ago

    how are you not married yet and bring cherished every waking moment? You're a beautiful star and very thrilling content.

  • Shuzzlin' reader
    Shuzzlin' reader 4 days ago

    God I hated toy story 3. My least favorite by far

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