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Author Al Davis ( ago)
I have successfully put my Preachers to sleep... lol

Author solomonii0 ( ago)
could that flute possibly be Blake? just wondering...could the church with
big tithe payers be west angeles? just wondering

Author Sean Guider ( ago)
He got what he Deserved, unlike Bishop O. T. Jones. Who did nothing

Author MaeSekou ( ago)
@frankeyz jonesmusic LMBO carnal!

Author MaeSekou ( ago)
I have this on cassette

Author professorrob ( ago)
How Can We Find The Rest Of This Video

Author Alex Cooley ( ago)
Where could I find the rest of this video?

Author TRBlack08 ( ago)
@abrahamcolson he was 79 when he passed

Author shaven84 ( ago)
Although I'm no longer religious, I still must pay my respect to Bishop
Owens. I was lucky enough to have many opportunities to listen to this man
teach the word through the years @ Greater Community. I have not gone back
for my own reasons for some time, but I always remembered Bishop Owens to
be a nice man, and truly seemed to embodied the meaning of being pius. If
there truly is an after life, and a judgement we must all face than I
surely know Bishop will judged outstandingly. R.I.P Bishop

Author pastorbl ( ago)
R.I.P Bishop Owens

Author Christopher Grreen ( ago)
Rest in peace are missed

Author Earl Thomas ( ago)
@stashoe so sad what xtians consider "prophecy"

Author Cool Moses: The Vegan Warrior ( ago)
This is Prophecy!!!!!! He talking about some recent issues. What a Man of

Author Cool Moses: The Vegan Warrior ( ago)
RIP Bishop

Author abraham colson ( ago)
@flcogicboy Just want to know how old is bishop C.D.Owens

Author MrTheOneAndOnly83 ( ago)
@brown547 LOOOOL He's not talking about the time of the service he's
talking about the time we're living in!

Author T Brown ( ago)
Wow, he made a reference to the time being 12 midnight. Way too long for a
service to go on, but that's COGIC.

Author marqueshr7 ( ago)
@WIZZINGSHIRE The presiding bishop is elected. 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (KJV) 1 I
exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers,
intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and
for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life
in all godliness and honesty. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the
sight of God our Saviour; 4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come
unto the knowledge of the truth.

Author flcogicboy ( ago)
THATS MY BISHOP!!!!!!! i dont care who is in office right now!!!

Author dallaskenn ( ago)
@WIZZINGSHIRE You're opening up a can of worms.

Author wizz wizzingshire ( ago)
i dont feel the great love and prasie for blake that the past COGIC
presiding bishops had from its members.mayeb the COGIC members should start
voting for the presiding bishops.

Author Telli Hardy ( ago)
@firecogicuk... Amen!

Author Telli Hardy ( ago)
Amen Firecogicuk..... Bishop Owens Himself does not seem to be bitter about
anything of the past. People need to just let stuff go... and be VERY
careful about the judgement they place on others as it just may be there
own. If Bishop does not seem to have an issue why are others still worried
about it. sad sad sad.

Author Prophet Rory ( ago)
Well what happen?

Author Donte Everhart ( ago)
Bishop Owens was wronged while in office, and those who wrong him will reap
what they did! Including the man who sits in the seat right now! The bible
is right!

Author dallaskenn ( ago)
As you can observe from reading the comments on this page, there are those
who feel that Bishop Owens tenure as Presiding Bishop(1995-200) was
"embattled" in a similar fashion likened to that of Bishop O.T. Jones
Sr.(1962-1968). I would advise you consult COGIC historians for
comparisions and contrasts.

Author dallaskenn ( ago)
kmcaj87, I own a copy of the book "Never Forget; Dark Years of COGIC". I
know it well. The stories in various chapters of the book are hair-raising.
The Chancery Court hearings, the second-guess chessboard moves between A.B.
McEwen, J.S. Bailey, S.M. Crouch, J.O. Patterson Sr. and O.T. Jones Sr. are
dizzying and stultifying. When the dust clears by November 1968, the loser
seems to be A.B. McEwen in that O.T. Jones was elected Senior Bishop in
1962 to McEwen's chagrin and J.O. Patterson in 1968.

Author kmcaj87 ( ago)
There a great book called "THe dark Years of COGIC", tellin about the
troubles from 1961-68. It has some stories that would literally blow your
mind...literally fights fights were takin place during the Holy Convocation
and the cops were called on a number of occasions.

Author kmcaj87 ( ago)
Bishop Patterson had only been a Bishop about two years before he was
elected to the General Board with a great number of votes. Bishop Patterson
had the chance to be 2nd and 1st assistant Presiding Bishop primarily based
on the number of votes in two elections, but he always said he wanted to
have the top position.

Author dallaskenn (2004 years ago)
Willball234, are you refering to the 1907 split between C.P. Jones and C.H.
Mason, or the 1961-68 battle for "apostolic sucession" involving Bishops
O.T. Jones Sr., A.B. McEwen and J.O. Patterson Sr., or both situations?

Author dallaskenn ( ago)
fttq, you can find the rest of the sermon at the COGIC VIDEOS website. It's
from the 1996 HOLY CONVOCATION. You can order it for about $30.00.

Author dallaskenn ( ago)
OK willball234, sounds like a power struggle to me. I don't understand how
the 1996 vote would be so close, given the fact that Bishop Owens had been
Bishop Ford's First Assistant and therefore rightful apostolic sucessor
upon Ford's death in 1995. Why would G.E. Patterson mount such a challenge
so early?

Author Facebh18 ( ago)
Oh wow that was cold, I lived down there in Florida and one of my friends
was telling me about that and how it caused a big split of that church.
That was poor judgement and blind leadership.

Author marqueshr7 ( ago)
Bishop Owens is a man of God but Farrakhan is great orator but I wouldnt
follow him to the mail box.

Author marqueshr7 ( ago)
A great orator doesn't suffice for effective spiritual leadership- Bishop
Owens is an anointed vessel and a celebrated church innovator but he made
some carnal decisions after he lost a church judicial case resulting in his
plummet of favor among the saints. Bishop Patterson lost by just one vote
in the 1996 election, and the General Board demanded a re-count but Bishop
Patterson declined the gesture and sat humbly on the Board until Owens made
a highway to Pattersons 2000 election victory.

Author jmarquis52 ( ago)
they had a power struggle?i would like the details on that also

Author dallaskenn ( ago)
Can someone inform me on the details of the power struggle that emerged
between Bishop C.D. Owens and Bishop G.E. Patterson which resulted in Owens
loosing a second quadrinial in the election of 2000?

Author marqueshr7 ( ago)
a Preachers Preacher

Author Rickey Smith ( ago)
"I have successfully put my preachers to sleep". Bishop is cool as the fall

Author minjdemond ( ago)

Author cdscott2377 ( ago)
'dastardly rascality' ain't that alright!! Preach Bishop!!

Author lashawn12345 ( ago)
I seen this Preacher, in Brunswick GA, at Pastor Nathaniel Hicks Jr.
Church. I tell U this man can Preach. He is AWESOME.

Author drj4321 ( ago)
a flute want do thak you

Author shawn bryant ( ago)
This is the best Ive heard Bishop Owens. I have always admired him because
he's rich. He said a good word.

Author sante3121 ( ago)
was bishop chandler the presiding bishop during this time.

Author jamminondakeys ( ago)
Thank you. That is real interesting to know.

Author jamminondakeys ( ago)
What was the topic and scripture for this sermon and do you have the
remainder of it? Also does anybody know what those letters on the cross
stand for. I've been going to church all my life and don;t know what they
stand for.

Author Monique A ( ago)
Preach Preacher!!!!

Author BladeForce ( ago)
Say a Word Bishop CD Owens, like nobody else can. From a boy I remember him
blessing us and making you hunger for. We never wanted him to stop. So much
wisdom all up in there...

Author shearkkpsi ( ago)
When God is looking for a trumpet a flute wont satisfy...

Author Domo1906 ( ago)
The most prolific preacher... annointed and articulate

Author Ron Wilson ( ago)
The one and only...Bishop Chandler David Owens!

Author Travell Rounds ( ago)
at this time he was Presiding Bishop and every member of the GENERAL BOARD
wears redand every bishop in the COGIC wears red but their robes are not

Author Travell Rounds ( ago)
Are you COGIC

Author roncarl ( ago)
every young man or woman thinking about preaching the Gospel Of the Lord
Jesus Christ should be required to listen to these men of God as they
preach under the annointing of the Holy Ghost, we that are in Jesus are
neither black or white we are just blood washed

Author roncarl ( ago)
I am an apostolic minister, but let me tell you, I listen to alot of Holy
Ghost filled ministers, apostolic, pentecostals, cogic and others, I listen
to Bishop Patterson all the time and I been listening to Bishop Chandler on

Author roncarl ( ago)
this the man that should succeed Bishop Patterson. Bishop Owens has the
experience, he has been presiding bishop before

Author Jennifer Allen ( ago)
Chandler David is one of a kind! He is a master and gifted orator! I love
me some Bishop Owens!

Author cogicboij ( ago)
Bless the true holiness church of god in christ and all the church of god
in christ bishops bishop owen is teaching nothing but holiness God Bless

Author theApostleone ( ago)
I've never heard this story told this way...I love it! Bishop Owens always
gives me another way of looking at the word!

Author HolyGhostPreacher ( ago)
I Love my COGIC Bishops

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