JJ Abrams was rude to Mark Hamill

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  • Mark Hamill reveals that JJ Abrams dismissed his ideas for his character in Force Awakens. JJ ABrams is not only the biggest Hollywood hack, he's also rude and ungrateful. Mark Hamill also accidentally reveals that there will be no backstory on hermit Luke in The Last Jedi. Expect more of JJ Abrams mystery box, plot holes and nonsense at every corner.
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  • Herr Doktor von Nuremberg

    867 JJ Abrams fanboys disliked

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 5 days ago

    Im,a big Star Wars fan... We are all praying The Last Jedi will give some weight and dignity to both Luke and Leia..which The Force Awakens sorely lacked... JJ Abrahms films with the possible exception of Star Trek...not Star Trek into darkness...were overrated and Unfortunetly not that memorable.. The Force Awakens has some great scenes ...some great visuals ...and some great Chemistry between John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Harrison Ford , and Chewbacca, and cudos for Chewies costume, actually looks like Chewbacca... Awesome...this being said. Force Awakens felt like a stack of mysteries with no answers....and disappointing, Kylo Ren.looked so awesome and ..such a good performance ..but he was beat by Daisy ....didn't feel right at all... took away from any intensity,,, kylo Ren was building through out the film....I really hope The Last Jedi...is great ...and my lackluster feelings of the preview...unwarranted...I want to be excited ...not nervous ..

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero 6 days ago

    Jews buy everything, ruin it, then move on. They own Earth, are ruin it, and hopefully will move on soon.

  • Darth Mual
    Darth Mual 8 days ago

    Who ever That dumb bitch is who spoiled the new movie, tell her to get a fucking life

  • Daniel Stefanov
    Daniel Stefanov 9 days ago

    * JJ was rude *
    *"dismissed his ideas"*
    That's not "being rude", god damn it

  • Rhett Burgess
    Rhett Burgess 13 days ago

    Kathleen Kennedy is such a cunt. She is so fake.

  • Ti Mari Gar
    Ti Mari Gar 23 days ago

    I have enjoyed all of the Star Wars movies. Looking forward to the next film. 😊

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 22 days ago

      That's because you're a good little girl

  • Willow Blaze
    Willow Blaze 24 days ago

    Kathleen Kennedy= Bitch

  • C M
    C M 25 days ago

    R.I.P. STARWARS (1977 - 2012)

  • Taylor Newell
    Taylor Newell 26 days ago

    This video is such click bait. Whoever posted this must not be very popular.

  • Wahh-luigi
    Wahh-luigi 1 month ago

    Rude? JJ Abrams just had some professional writers do the story and told Mark Hamill that his vision didn't fit into that story line. What is so rude about that?

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      Professional writers? Can you name them? He took ANH story and shat all over it and used it as a script.

  • Succ
    Succ 1 month ago

    I srsly wanna be friends with Mark he sounds so cool

  • Erik Schmunzeler
    Erik Schmunzeler 1 month ago

    Leave it up to a Jew to ruin something a White Man creates

  • Joey Cepeda
    Joey Cepeda 1 month ago

    That guy is the second best joker ever.

  • Yougetagoldstar
    Yougetagoldstar 1 month ago

    i love mark hamill. his role as luke skywalker was so memorable to me, because he was the kind of young, good natured hero turned badass. I've always loved characters like that and I think he played it so well. I'm not really impressed with these new star warses though. The new "stories" and new characters just seem so cold and bland. It looks like star wars, but to me it seems like some thin shell that once broken reveals a bunch of people in suits scrambling around with no heart or love for storytelling. everything just seems so weak now. there's no sense of wonder. in the original trilogy there was a mystery to the force and all that stuff that made me think that it all had deeper meaning. today it all seems so shallow and apparent. theyre just like... buuuuuh.. okay so the force is just this thing that lets people move things with their minds and do jedi mind tricks on people... how do they get it? fuck if i know, people just get it hmmkay?

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 1 month ago

    I love how he cares and accepts that the audience cares about the franchise. I love Harrison Ford, but he never has seemed to care at all and it saddens me slightly.

  • Derek B
    Derek B 1 month ago

    If I were a betting man, I'd say they going to kill off Skywalker. That will be the last of the original crew and then Disney can do whatever they want and spin whatever narrative. Hamill several times in interviews has eluded in way it going to be a disappointment, you can read it in the body language. Even George Lucas calls out Disney as "White Slavers"..lol. Well, when you are that rich you can say exactly what you want to say on television and just delete you voicemails the next day without listening to them. Initially I was excited Disney picked up Star Wars, continuing these sideline movies. I didn't expect them to use it as a propaganda machine for their motive and trash the original characters. It's ok, I have my despecialized edition.

  • Daniel Wiles
    Daniel Wiles 1 month ago

    That woman doesn't care about Star Wars.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      She's been producing movies for more than 30 years but not even once did she hire a female director or have "strong independent female lead". Yet now that Lucas gave her his company for free, she's hellbent on turning everything female.

  • G Dog12
    G Dog12 1 month ago

    Jj Abrams a fucking idiot

  • Chops Church
    Chops Church 1 month ago

    stupid click bait

  • TigerShark
    TigerShark 1 month ago


    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      He won't live that stupid rock in the middle of nowhere. I bet you he won't even lightup his saber, that would undermine Marey Sue. Notice tha Marey took Han Solo's seat while Chewie is now her co-pilot because what does Chewie know about the Falcon that Marey doesn't?

  • Fortune Finder
    Fortune Finder 1 month ago

    If you think Abrams was rude to Mark Hamill you should see Abrams on George Lucas. It's like he doesn't even realize that Lucas is the maker of all Star Wars.

  • King Wildfang Productions

    JJ shouldn't talk shit to the man Mark Hamill over here

  • ClashRoyaleGamer2304

    Luke dies inn the last Jedi

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      That's okay, he'll come back for 20 seconds as a Force Ghost at the end of Episode 9 to congratulate Mary for single handedly defeating Shmuck. They'll bring Hayden, Yoda and all the other dead Jedi to ruin their memory for good.

  • wiinterflowers
    wiinterflowers 1 month ago

    JJ Abrams is NOT worthy of having Mark Hamill in his Star Wars films! Hamill's a friggin' legend and if it wasn't for Hamill, then there would be NO Star Wars in the first place so show some GD respect Abrams!

  • Buenomars
    Buenomars 1 month ago

    "Well, that's good to hear!" *Joker laughs sarcastically*

  • maximusman4
    maximusman4 1 month ago

    Fuck you and your click-bait titles.

  • Moon Rider
    Moon Rider 1 month ago

    1:05 Katleen cut offs Mark Hamill from telling the truth on what he feels about the new star wars and JJ stupid vision..

  • brian vega
    brian vega 1 month ago

    fuck jj abrams

  • mdg140
    mdg140 1 month ago

    J.J. Abrams is an unimaginative imposter.

  • MrPete8680
    MrPete8680 1 month ago

    Oh yeah. Sure he is KK. That's why Luke wont leave the island right?

  • traida111
    traida111 1 month ago

    If Rey is the "Last Jedi", does that mean the 2nd to last Jedi dies? They better not kill off Luke

  • Michael Kempster
    Michael Kempster 1 month ago

    Anakin Skywalker is my favorite Jedi and Hayden made the character

  • Guy Harrison
    Guy Harrison 1 month ago

    There would be no Star Wars without Luke and there will be no Star Wars without Luke. Did you see the prequels? I rest my case.

  • naveed2809
    naveed2809 1 month ago

    I love how his voice has become so raspy over the years due to all the Joker voice acting.

  • sofly777
    sofly777 1 month ago

    How could JJ dismiss Luke Skywalker's ideas?? For shame!! I wish I knew what George Lucas's ideas were too (even though Disney don't care). Ugh....politics😒

    BRICK VON MANTHRUST 1 month ago


  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 1 month ago


  • Ryan  Redinger
    Ryan Redinger 1 month ago

    JJ is a Star Wars fan but yet he treats M(ark Ham)ill like shit?

  • ProMonarchyGenius
    ProMonarchyGenius 1 month ago

    Apparently Mark Hamill's input means nothing to Jar Jar Abrams and Dicksney. FUCK EPISODE 8!!!

  • FoxxPix
    FoxxPix 1 month ago

    After all, JJ knows best. This is easy to see by all of the disasters he makes. JJ should learn to listen once in a while.

  • MrJedabak
    MrJedabak 1 month ago

    I hope Mark gets to one day tell his backstory of Luke.

  • ros1tony
    ros1tony 1 month ago

    Make Star Wars Great Again!  MSWGA!

  • covenantKiller2400
    covenantKiller2400 1 month ago

    the new star wars movie sucked, star wars also sucks so come at me nerds.

  • Sam Weems
    Sam Weems 1 month ago

    you can tell mark hamil is a true star wars fan. and that hes totally trying to become the main character again to get that dough $$$

  • Alex Hay
    Alex Hay 1 month ago

    Slavoj Zizek is such a good philosopher!

  • mick oxlong
    mick oxlong 1 month ago

    hands up if you're birthday is on the fourth of may like mine,..may the 4th be with you,

  • Adam n
    Adam n 1 month ago

    "He is so significantly important to this next film"
    Like he should you dumb bitch

  • Random Mustard
    Random Mustard 1 month ago

    JJ Abrams is a total douche bag

  • a. banks.
    a. banks. 1 month ago

    Mark Hamill...
    Up against the odds.

    Unlike others, handles himself professionally, like a real (star/ship) trooper...

  • a. banks.
    a. banks. 1 month ago

    Mark Hamill...
    Up against the odds.

    Unlike others, handles himself professionally, like a real (star/ship) trooper...

  • ReturnTrip
    ReturnTrip 1 month ago

    Luke's backstory didn't have enough black people or independent women.

  • Son of a Shepherd
    Son of a Shepherd 1 month ago

    I'm really worried we aren't going to get any insight into what Luke's been doing all this time, in addition to any of his powers now. This is all going to be about the boring current conflict that still doesn't make sense to anyone yet.

    • Son of a Shepherd
      Son of a Shepherd 1 month ago

      And when everyone asked for something new they gave us an extra large AT-AT. Hope we're wrong but I'm buckling up for another awful movie.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      But they said there will be AT-ATs, I guess that's enough to make DIsney fanboys happy

  • JP Alpha
    JP Alpha 1 month ago

    I can hear the joker in him

  • Aaron Nicewonger
    Aaron Nicewonger 1 month ago

    you know he:
    1) is exaggerating for sake of an amusing anecdote
    2) has said essentially the same thing about George Lucas during the same convention

  • DC Comic 90
    DC Comic 90 1 month ago

    Mark Hamill you're the only badass motherfucking "Grandmaster Jedi". Star Wars Universe lives on because of you and not that pussy ass Disney puke! FUCK OFF DISNEY STAR WARS!

  • VictorNewman201
    VictorNewman201 1 month ago

    JJ's backstory was that Luke got stranded with John Locke and the guy from Bates Motel on a deserted island

  • TheRoyce4
    TheRoyce4 1 month ago

    Oh no. Gaylord I was rude to Gaylord II. Star Wars fags must take a side. What will they decide? So gripping, and meaningful for the rest of society.....

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 1 month ago

    yeah, j j abrams is such a damn genius he had to KILL HAN SOLO just to prove the audience that little brat was indeed evil.
    what a sucker.

  • Thomas Margolis
    Thomas Margolis 1 month ago

    JJ may not like Hamill, but a problem to simply ignore him. A presence that can't be dismissed.

  • malldaerk
    malldaerk 1 month ago

    When you realize Luke Skywalker is a psychopath serial killer clown and a 1000 year old ape that works for gigantic baby gods

  • rollo316
    rollo316 1 month ago

    Hopefully Luke has a breakdown and darth joker is born

  • Pickle Tickler
    Pickle Tickler 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure the only reason Kathleen Kennedy is on these panels is for situations like this, to make sure the actors don't say things she doesn't approve of. Mark was about to conclude his point and she just decided to interrupt like a bitch, Mark was obviously pretty pissed off by it.

  • Steven Taumoepeau
    Steven Taumoepeau 1 month ago

    Dear Ms Kennedy, I vote Mark, Harrison and the old crew to have their own Star Wars TV series!

  • Shane Stevens
    Shane Stevens 1 month ago

    'he's so significantly important to the next film' sure, as training fodder for the most overpowered instant-jedi Rey. I'm sure they'll even kill him off in a style similar to Ben so they can continue copying the original trilogy.

  • Richard Lew
    Richard Lew 1 month ago

    Why the fuck would anyone trust JJ Abrams with the sequels?

  • TruSol
    TruSol 1 month ago

    cmonnn after all this time ..u guys dont realize hes not supposed to tell anything. i bet hes all over the movie. people are gonna walk out saying he lied he was just keeping his lip tight about the movie ..they are supposed to

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt 1 month ago

    Fuck JJ Abrams. Piece of shit.

  • DragonSlayer2014
    DragonSlayer2014 1 month ago

    JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek, now he will do the same to Star Wars.

  • DR H
    DR H 1 month ago

    Of course JJ Abrams doesn't listen to Mark Hamill...he is a stupid Goyim after all.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 1 month ago

    I hope Mark would enjoy expanded universe Luke cause that Luke wasn't a pussy

  • Ikrani
    Ikrani 1 month ago

    Either Mark is subtly alerting us to the fact that Luke does nothing to explain himself in Episode 8, or he's trying to surprise us and Kathleen is ruining it. If the latter were the case I could sort of understand, but I hope to Almighty Lucas himself that the former isn't true.

  • MrAerisgloris
    MrAerisgloris 1 month ago

    let the legend talk you fucking kike!

  • Jacob Stamm
    Jacob Stamm 1 month ago

    Stupid clickbait title.

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 1 month ago

    Mark kinda let out a spoiler in a way by saying 7, 8, and 9 are not Luke Skywalker's story anymore.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      If you watch other videos, he also leaked that he has no "action" part and will mostly do voice over in the move. I suspect he's some Force Ghost and will only speak to Rey during her journey, wherever she is. Absolute disgrace.

  • MonsterHunterFan10052

    Star Wars Episode VII was shit. There was nothing original about it. The only thing that has me hooked for Episode VIII is that the freaking Director of one of Breaking Bad's best episodes is working on it!

  • Supernerd471
    Supernerd471 1 month ago

    The best thing about Mark Hamill is that he's a nerd just like the rest of us. He was never one of those people who is like "Hey buy my action figure but don't ever bother me while I'm on my way to some super expensive restaurant that you'll never be able to afford you peasant".

  • Alain Fatlao
    Alain Fatlao 1 month ago

    I can still hear Joker. Thanks for being the best Joker MH. <3

  • john the fisherman
    john the fisherman 1 month ago

    These new films do not compare very well to the empire strikes back.

  • PiDsMedia
    PiDsMedia 1 month ago

    Like, the story was never about Luke,... the story, is the journey, of R2-D2 and C-3PO, and all the things that happen around them.

    As for 'Mr' Abrams,... if you want to know how rude he is, look for W. Morgan Sheppards name in the credit roll of the Star Trek reboot, and then listen to the Directors Commentary, you'll hear the relevant bit around the time Spocks skipping out on attending the Science Academy.

  • Robert Franklin
    Robert Franklin 1 month ago

    JJ did better with Force Awakens than I expected, but I believe his shitting all over the Star Trek story arc with the "alternate universe" and copy pasting writing makes ... fuck him n/m

  • TheGroundedAviator
    TheGroundedAviator 1 month ago

    Luke probably spent the decade or so on that island jerking off!

  • Samridh Singh
    Samridh Singh 1 month ago

    He has always been my favourite jedi
    He was a great role model for the kids and everyone else
    He has given me the best childhood

  • Mr. Arnold
    Mr. Arnold 1 month ago

    Actors are just the talent for a production. They say their lines and do their scenes. That is showbiz.
    Also, Mark said many times that he knows less about SW than the fans do.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 1 month ago

      Mark doesn't know about the EU and I haven't read it either. But he certainly knows very well the OT and his character and has a precise idea where he should have been in the sequels, and that is certainly not as a quitter living like an hermit on a stupid rock in the middle of nowhere.
      That being said, that doesn't mean he can write a good story, however, anything would have been better than the abomination delivered by JJ Abrams and the Disney story group. They destroyed the old cast in order to showcase the new cardboard thin characters. The new cast are basically toy figyrines, nothing else.

  • Aki
    Aki 2 months ago

    ok yeh, its a good clip from the last jedi panel
    But what point does it indicate that JJ was mean to mark

  • Jim Bronaugh
    Jim Bronaugh 2 months ago

    It is well known that Abrams wanted to do a reboot of the saga rather than a continuation. Thus episode seven actually being the basic repeat of episode four including the death star. The next one will not be a reboot but a continuation. It will be Abram's view of a galactic federation which boldly goes where no one has gone before. The rebels will have a base, probably on a frozen planet and the new Empire will strike and the girl will go off to be trained by an old Jedi, but her friends will get into trouble and she will have to quit training and----well you get the picture. JJ ABrams doesn't make films. He remakes them using old scripts.

  • Dank Thug
    Dank Thug 2 months ago

    I wonder if Han Solo in reboot will be female. Maybe the robots will too

  • einc70
    einc70 2 months ago

    Luke Skywalker's story of equally important because of Anakin, the leader of the siths the driving force behind the dark force. The conspiracy against the republic. that balance between the 2 forces is important. The dynasty of the Skywalkers into the storyline pretty much set history or a legacy on its own into that universe. imo

  • C Beaudry
    C Beaudry 2 months ago

    Mark Hamill: the Count Dooku of Lucasfilms

  • Miguel Rodrigues
    Miguel Rodrigues 2 months ago

    J.J Ambras is so shit

  • Hikikomori
    Hikikomori 2 months ago

    Sounds like Disney is making a massive mistake not utilizing Luke as a character. A lot of the fans watching these new movies still care about the old characters and want/need real conclusions to their stories, not vague off script fan made explanations/theories. If they don't use Hamill while they have him, it will be a huge disservice to the character and franchise he helped build into a worldwide phenomenon not too mention the fans.

    • Hikikomori
      Hikikomori 2 months ago

      !00% agree, everything coming out of Disney is absolutely loaded with the same regurgitated sjw liberal ideologies. A vapid mess of a cash cow.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 2 months ago

      It is obvious that at some point the Disney executives sat at a table and decided they will have to sideline Luke to prevent him from overshadowing the very bland female protagonist. They know people wanted to see Luke back, but they wanted to shove their laughable new cast in our face. The new guys are cheap, they only cost half a million $ in the first movie, meanwhile Harrison Ford fot paid $30 millions.

  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer 2 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so were you

  • humberto araujo
    humberto araujo 2 months ago

    Click bait!!!

  • dragongeraldb
    dragongeraldb 2 months ago

    just use the force Luke.

  • hellowutlol
    hellowutlol 2 months ago

    *jj abrams is a fucking cunt! but I could understand getting a little irritated at mark hamill bitching how this new movie sucks every 3 seconds on set*

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 months ago

    I don't understand how JJ was being rude. He had a vision, Mark offers some opinions, he said no, they moved on. He does have a point though about books and video games taking away interesting storys from the films.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams 2 months ago

      You should know JJ Abrams has no vision if you watcherd the movie. Everyone had an input on this stupid story but he dismissed Mark hamill as if his opinion didn't matter. Do you know that Oscar Isaac was supposed to die on Jakku but he begged him to make him come back at the end, then he reshot the village scene with Oscar Isaac inventing that "you talk first" scene. Kathleen Kennedy decided to put Captain Phasma in the movie although JJ dismissed it already. Ava Duverney modified the scene where Rey fights Kylor Ren. It's like everyone was allowed to meddle the story except Mark.

  • Panama Jack
    Panama Jack 2 months ago

    Disney and Abrams have no respect the franchise. It's been a money grab from the start.

  • Randy Wyatt
    Randy Wyatt 2 months ago

    JJ is a non original idiot.His movies are successful only because of the legacy they have before them. Episode 7 was trash. Starting with cast and finishing with story.

  • Luther Strode
    Luther Strode 2 months ago

    For anyone wandering - STAR WARS was ALWAYS a Skywalker story: Anakin, Luke and now apparently Rey.

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