Binks' Sake - Piano

Hi Everyone!!! This was my first attempt on Bink's Sake from One Piece. I want to make a new one but Im very busy right now. I also have a video of the full version of Bink's Sake by the Rumbar Pirates. watch it too =-)

Please Rate & Comment XD

If anyone wants this arrangement, just PM me.


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Author meguyakumi (4 years)
ur keyboard's a little shaky...gud piano playing though! hope u can send me
the sheet for that.. thx so much!! yohohoh! ^_^

Author Elvendreams (6 years)
Great Playing! I love it!!! its so jolly!

Author numa182 (6 years)
you are great...very very compliment!!!!!

Author Claidistar123 (4 years)
Your awsomw did you know that? I really like this video!!!!^-^

Author elepantuna (5 years)
this is the first one i`ll study if i get to learn how to play piano.

Author Angy89 (5 years)
buahaha yohohohooooo , beutiful!

Author lenneth3 (5 years)
You are great! i wish i knew how to play piano like you do!

Author roronoazoro11 (5 years)
Yo ho ho indeed! So good!

Author windgalemax (6 years)
I made an arrangement of Binks sake and the link of the score is in the
description of my video!!! =-)

Author Pharap (5 years)
it can be happy or sad, some of the words are sad, some are happy

Author Mawlund (6 years)
LOOOOL! I laughed my ass off when the text bubble with "yohohoho" came up:P
awesome played:D good job

Author Goldfisch2008 (6 years)
yohohoho yoho-hoho Love the Song and Brook FTW

Author Xr4g0n (5 years)
Im afraid I dont speak japaneese, so if there's anythign you'd like to say,
write it in english (=

Author greq1337 (5 years)
if brook could hear this, we would be proud. but,of course, he has no ears

Author Pharap (5 years)
cool, what are the notes?

Author Thirty ought Six (3 years)
ho do u learn how to read music? i always have to translate it into abcdefg
before i learn it.

Author lookiss3 (3 years)
@windgalemax 2 years now! :o Awesome job :D

Author Michiru59 (6 years)
you are awesome! you have awesome skills! =)

Author Varsha Vivek (3 years)
this is really good

Author SpideRicha (6 years)
so far your version of "Binks Sake"(Piano) is the Best! 5/5

Author SmilingOnigiri (5 years)
Ahaha I luv when you wrote "yohoho yohoho ..." xD

Author jackcyj2 (5 years)
Could had been faster... since its an happy song :D

Author Vivi (5 years)
Actually this song was playyed as a Ballada and a more upbeat party song in
the anime, for different events. It seems like brook plays it based on the
time and event. so it can be shorter and faster or slower

Author windgalemax (6 years)
Hi everyone, thanks for watching! i tried to play the full version by the
rumbar pirates. watch it too!!!

Author overpwnageuber (6 years)
i love it =3 its so great =3

Author windgalemax (5 years)
@elepantuna I cant believe it went so quick! its already a year? its seems
like yesterday. lol! :-) Thanks

Author TheLiacat (4 years)
No, there's many versions of the song sung by the pirates, but this
particular version is the way the Rumbar Pirates sing/play it.

Author Cosimo Malvestio (5 years)
"binkusu no sake wo.." ^^ i love this song YOHOHOHO to everyone!! xD

Author Dylan Tietje (6 years)
That is an AWESOME arrangement!! I love it!!

Author elepantuna (5 years)
grats man! this video is 1year old!

Author windgalemax (5 years)
lol!!! yohohoho I agree!!! XD

Author Paulo Eduardo Sabadin (5 years)
A música original "Binkusu no Sake", parte do piano, é somente um
acompanhamento. Mas realmente é legal a melodia da música que você tocou.
(NICE JOB ^^).

Author Alice duh hipster (5 years)

Author Kilocron (5 years)
Looks like that piano needs to be anchored down better, it's wobblin all
over the place. But regardless, great job!

Author dlwilliam (4 years)
@windgalemax did you start playing the piano when you were a kid?

Author Tha Khonlao (5 years)
on the piano it so so relaxing (^_^)

Author marvesmarves (5 years)
Nice... very nice dude

Author Xr4g0n (5 years)
As Luffy would have said, "SUGOI!!"

Author Too13lue4U (6 years)
awesome! check out my guitar cover of this song. What mic do u use? its so

Author tojsiab100 (4 years)
yohohoho this is sooo cool i thought my heart was going to stop, although i
have no heart... yohohohoho

Author JiraiyaTheLegendary (6 years)
5 stars xDDD yohohoh

Author azher donazher (5 years)
can i see your panties..? although i dont have eyes yohohoho..!!!

Author bigweight93 (4 years)
why no one starts with the real intro of bink's no sake??...anyway great

Author H0llowIchig0w (5 years)
lols in the description you said by rumber pirates? Many pirates sing it
even when brook wasnt born

Author MrShayer (4 years)

Author sanfanucci (5 years)
kishishi is moria yohohoho is brook

Author Nin Yo (6 years)

Author Quadserat (5 years)
n1 I love it 5*

Author 1metaknight1 (6 years)

Author Jenny Mirajane (5 years)
its a happy and sad song at the same time so everyone can play it as they
wish! :)

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