How Far Away Can World Champion Knife Thrower Hit iPad Pro 9.7"? - Gizmoslip

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  • javier felix
    javier felix 8 days ago

    can a iphone survive in a hot pocket

    MUSGAMER 8 days ago

    The ripples is the plastic

  • aidan mccullion
    aidan mccullion 8 days ago

    You know would be crazy if that thing still work to just get a replacement battery and screen and then what if it worked

  • Saif AL-iraqi
    Saif AL-iraqi 10 days ago


  • WhiteShark
    WhiteShark 10 days ago


  • Black cops Lover
    Black cops Lover 11 days ago

    The 2nd throw looked like the screen is water

  • * Fluffy Puffy Werewolf *

    100K more and we hit 3M 👏😂💙🍩

  • Amy Hogue
    Amy Hogue 12 days ago

    Why are you at zombie go boom 💥

  • Cat Dog
    Cat Dog 15 days ago


  • Mystic.Night.Fox
    Mystic.Night.Fox 16 days ago

    6:00 hand in camera

  • Mystic.Night.Fox
    Mystic.Night.Fox 16 days ago

    i mean 4:18 car comes in

  • Mystic.Night.Fox
    Mystic.Night.Fox 16 days ago

    4:11 car comes in

  • Lilivys World
    Lilivys World 16 days ago

    I feel bad for the tree...

  • Dodgy Bishop
    Dodgy Bishop 17 days ago

    Cringe is real.

  • The skipper 88
    The skipper 88 17 days ago

    what is The thing with destroying EXPENSIVE electronics i could have used! stop wasting your money!
    you spoiled bitches

  • EMSGamer
    EMSGamer 19 days ago

    Anime kunai physics are bull sh*t lol

  • EliteGaming
    EliteGaming 19 days ago

    I have been watching since 300,000 subs gizmo

  • Jeremian Lastly
    Jeremian Lastly 19 days ago

    I'd love to throw a brick at your fucking head. Specifically your teeth. It'd be awesome to watch your teeth shatter on high speed.

  • Jeremian Lastly
    Jeremian Lastly 19 days ago

    Wasteful douchebag assholes. I wish I could give you 100 thumbs down and take my view back.

  • Jeremian Lastly
    Jeremian Lastly 19 days ago

    But... fucking why? What if you gave that damn iPad to a kid in need? Some kid with poor parents in grammar or high school could've really used that. But no... let's be fucked up wasteful assholes and destroy something that required a lot of resources and time to construct! Fuck you guys. You could have even just sold the fucking iPad and given the cash to someone in need. You people are the perfect example of everything wrong with our society, period.

  • 2sp00ky4me
    2sp00ky4me 20 days ago

    I hope the guy throws the knife at gizmo lmaoooooo

  • Call More
    Call More 21 day ago

    Not an expert but pretty sure that he could hit a 9.7inch piece of wood at the same distance as this iPad waste of money

  • Vdog the anime guy
    Vdog the anime guy 22 days ago

    holy shit is that CM Punk from WWE

  • Troll Videos
    Troll Videos 22 days ago

    1:58 my dood

  • alexis valle
    alexis valle 22 days ago

    3:24 you could see his butt crack

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 22 days ago

    The amount of electronics destroyed in the channel.......

  • James Cardenas
    James Cardenas 22 days ago

    I live in Austin Texas

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel 22 days ago

    Why are you using an ipad?? You could've just taken an normal board or anything like that... some people don't have money for food...

  • Zert Mania - Gaming & Vlogs

    Why did you have to destroy an iPad why not just destroy glass it's almost the same thing

  • Sam Mencimer
    Sam Mencimer 22 days ago

    Gizmoslip after the first throw the camera was probably still on because the knife just hit the lcd

  • king savage
    king savage 22 days ago

    follow me on instagram kevinsbeast41

  • KJY
    KJY 23 days ago

    he will survive the zombie apocalypse if hes in the kitchen

  • Philip Demetreos
    Philip Demetreos 23 days ago

    You know honestly, its interesting until you realize what an asinine waste it is. Couldn't you have found a defective unit to throw knives at? I have no doubt there is a kid close by you who could have really used this unit for school. Waste of materials.

  • Pietro Vella
    Pietro Vella 23 days ago

    That nigga wouldn't shut up with the distance he said 42 feet fucking a million times

  • Just Karlolz
    Just Karlolz 23 days ago

    Can I have that broken ipad

  • HackingNerd
    HackingNerd 23 days ago

    Woah, be careful, there's a tag on those kinds of shades that there's a chemical in there that gives cancer

  • Rory C
    Rory C 23 days ago

    He looks like a Vandal Savagen from DC comics

  • Rory C
    Rory C 23 days ago

    Damn Adam is a savage.

  • Higgy ian
    Higgy ian 24 days ago

    I want to see this guy fight the knife girl from the hunger games

  • Hunter James
    Hunter James 26 days ago

    I'm watching this on my iPad Pro

  • moesgymmom
    moesgymmom 26 days ago

    Clickbait much?

  • Bob Senior
    Bob Senior 27 days ago

    This is a classic example of a privileged prick wasting something that could have been given to some poor kid for school. You need help.

  • Joanne Leong
    Joanne Leong 28 days ago

    this is my first video of GizmoSlip

  • Arath Rodriguez
    Arath Rodriguez 28 days ago

    2:21 red screen dead iPad r.i.p ipad I have an ipad

  • Llama Guy
    Llama Guy 28 days ago

    He is a good knife thrower

  • Stakoter
    Stakoter 28 days ago

    Já jsem z Česka :D - Btw that means I'm from Czech in Czech

  • SupanovaGD
    SupanovaGD 28 days ago

    i can barley throw a knife a feet away and have the point stick to a peice of wood

  • Nick
    Nick 28 days ago

    there could have been more to this video, you might need to utilize the equipment you have more and really think for a video not just throw cool things together, also your editor might need to make it more interesting as it really didn't hold my attention as a veiwer

  • Phoebe McLuskie
    Phoebe McLuskie 28 days ago

    You guys don't understand how much money your wasting, just use an appropriate size piece of cardboard.

  • Nicholas Wallington
    Nicholas Wallington 1 month ago

    iPad go boom

  • Meggie Moomoo
    Meggie Moomoo 1 month ago

    The first one is red that's cool

  • koolyousuf J.P.T
    koolyousuf J.P.T 1 month ago


  • Alberto Eacuea
    Alberto Eacuea 1 month ago

    just stop wasting your money

  • LOCO_Angel_ Twin
    LOCO_Angel_ Twin 1 month ago

    I love you guys

  • Sport Shot Tv
    Sport Shot Tv 1 month ago

    that wasa complete miss and he was not 30 feet away

  • Macinbop
    Macinbop 1 month ago

    he looks like Matt from studio c

    • Macinbop
      Macinbop 1 month ago

      the knife thrower does

  • Ramiro11cj
    Ramiro11cj 1 month ago

    Adam your really good at throwing

  • Ramiro11cj
    Ramiro11cj 1 month ago

    Me too

  • Micah Lankford
    Micah Lankford 1 month ago

    +GizmoSlip​ this video was amazing quality and I loved this video,. KEEP IT UP

  • Joe Kolohe
    Joe Kolohe 1 month ago

    Wasting food (apples) as targets? Ok still edible, but to waste this much time money effort? And people watch this crap and are entertained by it? And then what, just tossed it (iPad) in a trash can to go to a landfill...without ever being used. Congratulations World Champion Knife Thrower, Adam Celadin, but get rid of these losers for marketing. Anyone still wonder why the World thinks so little of America? Many (not all) Americans, and our culture?

  • Master Hughes
    Master Hughes 1 month ago

    Im making a movie right now called mountain stalkers were using throwing hatchets in the movie , i already have some movie trailers up were close to finishing the movie.

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 1 month ago

    😱 butt

  • Riyam A
    Riyam A 1 month ago

    Man I feel bad for that ipad

  • a.z studios
    a.z studios 1 month ago

    guys my friend bet that if i hit 50 subs he will pay me 50$

  • ExplodingHam
    ExplodingHam 1 month ago

    This is like torturing jews...

    • ExplodingHam
      ExplodingHam 1 month ago

      6 million iPad Pros
      Died from ultimate knife thrower.

      News flash: prepare for world war three

  • Austin Kaminski
    Austin Kaminski 1 month ago

    head shot

  • Babyunicorn2006
    Babyunicorn2006 1 month ago

    This is a waste of money

  • Keith Marrow
    Keith Marrow 1 month ago

    I hate how they waste so much money on these

  • GoldenPlays MC
    GoldenPlays MC 1 month ago

    2:21 red screen looks like blood lol

  • Pieter Lindeque
    Pieter Lindeque 1 month ago

    when a nigga can stab your punk ass from 40 feet away

  • Jay & Rod
    Jay & Rod 1 month ago

    Ajay Ghale Best Knife Thrower Hands Down

  • ChonGeeSan
    ChonGeeSan 1 month ago

    It would be interesting to see if you take the ipad apart, is there going to be a piece, any piece that still works :D

  • Visij Visij
    Visij Visij 1 month ago

    i am from Czech republic too are you live in america?

  • Scott Elmore
    Scott Elmore 1 month ago

    Adam is cool no joke

  • Garron Torres
    Garron Torres 1 month ago

    hey that's the zombie go boom set

  • TheDiamondKid
    TheDiamondKid 1 month ago

    before:1:01 after:9:30

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz 1 month ago

    Such a waste of an iPad!!! They should have just replaced the iPad with my dome, and then give away the iPad to a subscriber or something 😫😫😫

  • Myfavsandlikes
    Myfavsandlikes 1 month ago

    wtf is the point in wasting that beautiful piece of electronic when you could just throw the knives at a target?????

  • Andrey Bell
    Andrey Bell 1 month ago

    Guy would scope u a mile a way

  • StuckDragon32
    StuckDragon32 1 month ago

    dude looks like cm punk

  • Mathew Grant
    Mathew Grant 1 month ago

    that wasn't the reflection in the first one it was the camera

  • MarcintoshPC
    MarcintoshPC 1 month ago

    They talk about my one taps

  • mrbigg151
    mrbigg151 1 month ago

    What did that ipad do to yall? Lol I woulda had some small shooting targets

  • steve Vargas
    steve Vargas 1 month ago

    who saw a rainbow at 4:00

  • PS4 BOSS
    PS4 BOSS 1 month ago

    Is that Seth Rollins?

  • Epsilon Films
    Epsilon Films 1 month ago

    "The amount of light you need to get to 50,000 frames is crazy!" W- how- I- What? All you need to do is lower the resolution. What? And still, 50,000 fps isn't enough to see the crack of glass travel. For, glass breaking travels at the speed of light so therefore, you need to be filming at 300,000 fps. I know this because The Slow Mo Guys did a video where they had to shoot in 300,000 fps to see a crack in glass travel. They filmed for 5 seconds and that turned into roughly 24 hours of footage. Yeah, light and glass is fast. Take that Keemstar.

  • Epsilon Films
    Epsilon Films 1 month ago

    Dude, I hate channels like this. "Let's just buy a brand new expensive as fuck item and destroy it for teh luls. It's like that What's Inside? Channel where they cut open their YouTube 1,000,000 play button. That's just disrespectful to YouTube and their fans. Well this kek goes, "oh let's buy an iPad Pro when I'm not even going to watch PornHub on it before I destroy it." Give me one. I still got an iPad Mini. Give some away, put it to better use than just, "let's destroy it so it was useful, but now it's useless because I destroyed it."

  • aussie oi oi oi
    aussie oi oi oi 1 month ago

    you dont like technology do you lol. reminds me of the song by seth called dear science

  • A5archer
    A5archer 1 month ago

    Who else noticed he was a lefty?

  • Bbb Hhh
    Bbb Hhh 1 month ago

    These vids have kinda gone off the deep end

  • Rafael Pacheco
    Rafael Pacheco 1 month ago

    The guy doesn't understand a damn of what Gizmo is sayong

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez 1 month ago

    Bruhh he got a headshot officially ELITE

  • cyrus esquivel
    cyrus esquivel 1 month ago

    "I really want to see that screen ripple affect"

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez 1 month ago

    I love how they destroy the f$#k out of it

  • DMHN ender
    DMHN ender 1 month ago

    MOM: what are u watching
    Me: some guy throw knifes at a ipad.....

  • Lemon Flavoured Ramen

    how about you livestream the footage onto another device that wont break?

  • Keiko Wells
    Keiko Wells 1 month ago

    you are stupid and fat

  • Walter O' Driscoll
    Walter O' Driscoll 1 month ago

    zombie go boom

  • Dark Studio
    Dark Studio 1 month ago

    YES! Our Czech World champion!

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