application of a long leg cast

This video shows how to apply a long leg cast

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Author Emmalee Mcintyre (8 months)
how do u get that stuff can u give me link

Author Missemmiexx (5 months)
I have broken my tibia but it is a spiral break so a full pot on for 8

Author Jay Amburgey (1 year)
I broke my leg last year playing football and had to get a long leg cast

Author caycay4722 (3 years)
how much does a cast cost

Author terrorlord15 (4 years)
@Horseluver1236 when in doubt duck it, so duck it some more that will solve
your problem like it solves all problems.

Author Ambrielle-Lyn McQuaker (1 year)
They are also free in Canada

Author REESEFUL25 (3 years)
Do u cast the same person each time ??

Author squeato2 (5 years)
i was cheer leading and we were in a pyramid and i was at the bottom... the
pyramid fell, dislocated my elbow borke my wrist and fractured 3 of my
fingers hurt soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

Author 080594M127 (2 years)
@Ironman3211000 Ouch I broke my leg and I got a long leg cast for 6 weeks,
a short leg cast for 4 weeks, and a walking cast for 4 and a boot for 4.
That's much worse.

Author pvtfonz (4 years)
Who the fuck is gonna ever use this in their life? And obviously I know
people break bones, aaaa hurrr durrr. But I mean, that's why they call it
going to the ER? Or calling 911.

Author Triston Murray (3 years)
@agreement7 no its 1 girl laying down 1 guy in the front and another in bck
his body is just out of the shot so it gave the illusion that he had
painted toe nails i thought the same thing

Author CRNIrishDancer (2 years)
@crazy541 and the others! Hospitals are free where I live! I live in the UK
go us!:) and why aren't they free for you ?

Author NYhunter4 (4 years)
tibia = shin . for the idiots who skipped science.

Author 2007Colonial (3 years)
Thanks, I make much better LLCs now!

Author 97085609 (5 years)
Lol me too =)

Author calif92627 (4 years)
@Renegaw2 That is something that I never had a chance to do for a month I
would have gladly traided so that I could have enjoyed the expireance.

Author joshfuckedup (3 years)
i borke my leg and had to get a long leg cast and this guy is fucking
everything up

Author thevolleyballgirly3 (4 years)
i hateddd my long leg cast. i had it for 3 months and when they took it off
i had a short one, and my ankle and knee killeddddd

Author Zuki111112 (4 years)
Question when would you need one of these casts?

Author Taylor Sherman (3 years)
why am i watching this............. O.o

Author 13gymnasticslover (2 years)
ouch what did u do collide or slide or something?

Author manmojo04 (6 years)
how do i make my cast smell beter

Author Ema Biersack (2 years)
I woul get pink or green

Author boppop12 (4 years)
I broke my tibia and fibula and was in a long leg cast for six weeks. it
was torture!!

Author mythbusted13 (6 years)
where is the best place to buy all of the llc materials

Author elfboi666 (3 years)
@agreement7 so....

Author CH1CK3Ncentauri (4 years)
i get my cast today.. me thinks cuz i am currently wearing a splint. but as
soon as this sitting around ride is over is back to skateboarding for me =)

Author Kisser369 (4 years)
i was put to sleep when i got mine so i wanted to see what it looked like.

Author Slugger2981 (2 years)
TheMrsBieber333 I was playing softball and broke my tibia shattered my
meniscus tore my ACL and dislocated my knee cap I had to have surgery and I
have one exactly like that on... But mines purple!(:

Author vickersfan (2 years)
shite i gotta get a cast next friday :( gotta medial malleolus fracture in
a car accident

Author MileysFanSupporters (5 years)
I broke my wrist when i was 6 and i fell by playing kickball and i had to
wear a cast for 8 weeks

Author NYhunter4 (4 years)
i doubt this is a real broken leg. probably just a demo.

Author leafsfan234 (5 years)
my wrist ias probibley broken at it just hurt like hell

Author Carol Richards (1 year)
LOL, nothing is free hun, look at the UK's economy, GDP growth, employment
levels and debt ratio to GDP before National Healthcare and after, its the
way to go from the World's economic superpower to a bankrupt, debt ridden
country, the numbers don't lie!

Author John Hutch (3 years)
@zerogravity889 it's actually really easy, it is not that heavy, though it
seems heavy when you get, but it is really light-weight when it is regular.

Author MsJblover92 (3 years)
i"m a very weird person i find this very amusing

Author Michael Wagener (4 years)
dude i had a full leg cast for a month and it sucked. not bending ur knee
is terrible

Author ERrofl (4 years)
If it is a real broken leg, they are moving it too much

Author 080594M127 (4 years)
@olderoneful I won't. When I broke my tibia it hurt like hell. Also if you
break the tibia the ankle gets affected the most. Also the ankle and the
calf muscles atrophy a lot if you break your leg. You don't want a broken
leg it's torture. My leg was locked in 3 casts for 3 months and now it's
all healed up and I'm strengthening the ankle. All you need to do is fall
and land with all you weight on one foot I did it skating but it was a
freak accident then it'll break but DON"T DO THIS.

Author Omar Casillas (4 years)
Is Her Leg Really Broken Or She's Just A Demonstration Girl

Author Bryttany Duncker (3 years)
@caycay4722 yah i was wondering that 2

Author NYhunter4 (3 years)
hospitals arent free.

Author chicagourl (5 years)
This brings back so many memorys I broke my Fibula last year on Easter but
we didn't do anything for about 2 weeks after and we think I broke it again
what joy lol

Author Brooke Adelman (6 years)
i have chondromalacia : ( thats where the cartilage under the kneecap
deteriorates and i might have to have surgery : ( sad

Author feiscool (5 years)
LLCs are also used in Shin Fractures also

Author 080594M127 (4 years)
that's not a real broken leg if it were broken she wouldn't be able to move
her ankle.

Author REESEFUL25 (2 years)
If I ever broke one of my bones, would u cast it for me ?

Author hockeysnipa28 (5 years)
ive had it on for a week i got blue

Author lovingcasts (4 years)
i remember when i got my llc. i broke my tibia in 2 places. OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH

Author caycay4722 (3 years)
@ClubNorthwesternMemb i was gonna get one to prank my dad for april fools

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