application of a long leg cast

This video shows how to apply a long leg cast

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Author Paige miller ( ago)
I think I broke some thing in my knee it really hurts

Author Brianna Smith ( ago)
I joke my first

Author Camille Parker ( ago)
I had a short cast on for the whole summer and when I took it off my leg
had enough hair to cover a small dog 😂😂

Author eric thompson ( ago)
Things wrong with this video.
1. Cast is not 90 degrees at ankle.

Author Pranking Derp ( ago)
I broke my tibula in 2 places and my fibula in 1 place but I had a splint
before and they didn't remove the cotton they just left the cotton there
and put a few layers of padding then the cast and I had that for six weeks
and then a short cast then a boot

Author Pranking Derp ( ago)
I broke my leg and foot last week falling down the stairs and I am now in a
long leg cast sat on the sofa and I have to wear it for 6 weeks and then I
get a short leg cast for 4 weeks then a boot for 4weeks and its gonna suck

Author anjum sattar ( ago)
are u wearing nailpolish!!!!???

Author Georgia Bugg ( ago)
I broke my knee and ankle when I fell off my bike .my knee got wedged in
the seat and the chain changed into my ankle bone. I had a purple long leg
cast and a pink short cast

Author Delaney Denmark ( ago)
I sprained my ankle, and today, I hurt my knee, I think that I most likely
fractured it because, I took a pretty hard hit for the knee........😓 but I
didn't go through as much pain as my friend did, she broke her arm, wrist,
2 times for the leg, it was at school, anyone know what I could do for my
knee? I'm a little scared to get a cast on, and off 😰

Author goat cv ( ago)
Left leg in full plaster up to my sack wow how it feels n the looks I get

Author Missemmiexx ( ago)
I have broken my tibia but it is a spiral break so a full pot on for 8

Author Emmalee Mcintyre ( ago)
how do u get that stuff can u give me link

Author Carol Richards ( ago)
LOL, nothing is free hun, look at the UK's economy, GDP growth, employment
levels and debt ratio to GDP before National Healthcare and after, its the
way to go from the World's economic superpower to a bankrupt, debt ridden
country, the numbers don't lie!

Author jessie lacey ( ago)
I Broke My Index Finger On My right Hand 2 weeks off P.E then Broke My left
wrist and missed 2 months of P.E!!! I even went To a Sport and activity
centre with It On

Author Ambrielle-Lyn McQuaker ( ago)
They are also free in Canada

Author Creative loving nice noisy sometimes Person ( ago)
They knocked me out to put on my leg cast it was yesterday so idk how they
put it on mine is blue

Author TheFazeProjectUK ( ago)
I have cmt and have to have a short leg cast applied EVERY year! Between
2-8 weeks in cast, ever since i was 4. Most times i have both legs done at
the same time

Author Teresa Stephenson ( ago)
I have one on now.... It itches like crazy. Sweats like crazy. And it
stinky.... It SUCKS

Author Megan Reed ( ago)
My mum had to get one of these a long time ago. She said it itched like
hell. Her leg must have been really smelly afterwards.

Author Yousef Al-Howmy ( ago)
I'm watching this and having a long leg cast on from football injury.

Author Jay Amburgey ( ago)
I broke my leg last year playing football and had to get a long leg cast

Author riley pacello ( ago)
i am going and getting on e write now bye 

Author hannah Stevens (1289 years ago)
This is not how they did my cast

Author vickersfan ( ago)
shite i gotta get a cast next friday :( gotta medial malleolus fracture in
a car accident

Author MaggieMooz ( ago)
ouch what did u do collide or slide or something?

Author jim bob ( ago)
@ Irish dancer... That's because u live in a welfare state and I'm sure yur
taxes r outrageous compared to ours lol. Besides, if u don't have the money
to pay for a hospital, the doctors are still required by law to help u
anyway, so it's kinda technically sorta free-ish here too lol

Author Ema Biersack ( ago)
I woul get pink or green

Author julia w ( ago)
is she sitting on a desk?

Author 2007Colonial ( ago)
Thanks, I make much better LLCs now! 

Author Caroline Judnic ( ago)
Why am I watching these videos??

Author John Hutch ( ago)
@zerogravity889 it's actually really easy, it is not that heavy, though it
seems heavy when you get, but it is really light-weight when it is regular.

Author Jenna Thompson ( ago)
@Gabrielles100 yes kind of lots cos its really heavy on your leg

Author Taylor Sherman ( ago)
why am i watching this............. O.o

Author Lib Johnson ( ago)
This is a fantastic demonstration video, thank you - jsut what I was
looking for. 

Author Triston Murray ( ago)
@agreement7 no its 1 girl laying down 1 guy in the front and another in bck
his body is just out of the shot so it gave the illusion that he had
painted toe nails i thought the same thing

Author mangosmoothie97 ( ago)
@caycay4472 no, 99 cents

Author caycay4722 ( ago)
@kidgeoboi 99 DOLLARS !!! 

Author Bryttany Duncker ( ago)
@caycay4722 Great idea, I would love to get a fake cast to scare people

Author caycay4722 ( ago)
@AmericansSexualPreds whats that

Author caycay4722 ( ago)
@ClubNorthwesternMemb i was gonna get one to prank my dad for april fools

Author Bryttany Duncker ( ago)
@caycay4722 yah i was wondering that 2

Author caycay4722 ( ago)
how much does a cast cost

Author Omar Casillas ( ago)
Is Her Leg Really Broken Or She's Just A Demonstration Girl

Author pvtfonz ( ago)
Who the fuck is gonna ever use this in their life? And obviously I know
people break bones, aaaa hurrr durrr. But I mean, that's why they call it
going to the ER? Or calling 911.

Author buttonsdog42 ( ago)

Author Bored-Of-Being-Bored ( ago)
lol i tried it on my arm n ducttaped it and now i cant get it off nor move
it!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME! 

Author hartranft66 ( ago)
you are still rolling like a hack, now you are showing uniformed people,
how to roll a llc?? still using m-pac and synthetic, dont you know how to
use webril?!?1

Author Rachelle Prince ( ago)
I just got mine off do u have any advice for the knee since it was in that
positioning? my knee really hurts

Author Lily Danielson ( ago)
i have gotten my goal this is my sisters acount so im just on it to post
stuff cuz i lov casts!! iv never had one untill today cuz i broke it i was
jumping on a tramp and landed on the frame and boom insantly i went into
pain and it swelled i like having my long leg cast i mean atention gifts
etc. a lot of people think im weired but i like it

Author Lily Danielson ( ago)
i love ur vids!! i really want a long leg cast i tried oredering one off
the internet but it did not work out plz tell me how o break my tibia!!!
thnkzz (im not crazy)

Author Michael Wagener ( ago)
dude i had a full leg cast for a month and it sucked. not bending ur knee
is terrible

Author ERrofl ( ago)
If it is a real broken leg, they are moving it too much

Author Hailey Danielson ( ago)
who is getting the casts it looks like the same person and do they need the

Author Zuki111112 ( ago)
Question when would you need one of these casts?

Author Blake Smith ( ago)
I didn't need one of those, but they were sure generous with the screws. I
had to get 3 screws and a plate over my medial malleolis. (I don't think I
spelled that right)

Author Widdelund ( ago)
I'm sitting with my broken leg here right now, not so funny. But i'm
removing it in 2 weeks!

Author Richard Nelson ( ago)

Author Steph Rose ( ago)
where can i get the casting tape cheap ??

Author chicagourl ( ago)
This brings back so many memorys I broke my Fibula last year on Easter but
we didn't do anything for about 2 weeks after and we think I broke it again
what joy lol

Author leafsfan234 ( ago)
my wrist ias probibley broken at it just hurt like hell

Author feiscool ( ago)
LLCs are also used in Shin Fractures also

Author lennic95 ( ago)
If I were her I'd ask to keep it on! LOL

Author lennic95 ( ago)
OK, you would need to know that you have to have a long leg cast if you
break your tibia or fibula, a short leg cast is for a broken ankle, foot or
base of leg. Okay

Author loveanianimeme ( ago)
Try not to swet as much. And you can also spray some deoderant on it to
make it smell better.

Author noah ziad ( ago)
can anyone tell me what is wrong with her leg. im wondering if i have the
same problem. well my leg is just getting longer than the other one.and
give me pain and tingling and pain in my lower back. is that long leg cast

Author Beckett Adelman (410 years ago)
i have chondromalacia : ( thats where the cartilage under the kneecap
deteriorates and i might have to have surgery : ( sad

Author Beckett Adelman ( ago)
i might have to have surgury on my knee. is this the kind of cast i'd get?

Author sr0828 ( ago)
Great video . Thanks

Author Vic Pounamu ( ago)
Thank you so much. This is a great instructional video

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