The Bizarre Toxic Death of Gloria Ramirez

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  • Unraveling one of the strangest deaths in medical history.

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  • Ari The Psycho Weeb
    Ari The Psycho Weeb 9 hours ago

    "I don't like the word sheen because it's too close to my name"

    Okay Shane, ever stopped to think about fuckin Sheen Estevez from Jimmy Neutron? Now that's a garlicky sheen SHEEN for you

  • Trevor Boaz
    Trevor Boaz 13 hours ago

    You should do the French dancing people that Shane mentioned. Sounds SUPER interesting

  • Brooklyn Jones
    Brooklyn Jones 20 hours ago

    This happened exactly 11 years before my birth-

    im sCARED-

  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos 1 day ago

    Could it have been a gas leak?This would explain the weird smell, nurses fainting, moving everybody outside the hospital and not her. She could have been in the affected area and lived longer because of the air mask placed on her. The smoke detectors not going off there being no trace of the gas after the incident, the hospital a/c could have taking care of it. No traces of the gas because the valve was shut off after the incident.
    All the symptoms placed on her were distractions. All the people affected got a bonus outside of the court ;) some people wanted more that's where the lawsuits coming.
    The gas leak was pinned on her body to prevent the massive lawsuit against the hospital. Which would have gone bank robbed and closed it's doors with it all the nurses, doctors, maintenance workers, office workers etc.
    Something to think about.

  • SirRastas
    SirRastas 2 days ago


  • A Iracks
    A Iracks 2 days ago

    Good ole placebo effect

    • A Iracks
      A Iracks 2 days ago

      Ok never mind it was a cover up

  • Grace
    Grace 2 days ago

    when your Name is Gloria.

  • Crystal Latsyrc
    Crystal Latsyrc 3 days ago

    As a student in the medical field, this is making me reconsider my choice.

  • Elisa Lara
    Elisa Lara 4 days ago

    When all other logical theories fall just blame aliens

  • Hey Its Amebiously
    Hey Its Amebiously 4 days ago

    Overall, I think this all was a coincidence 😂😂 Idk so yaa

  • Black Specture
    Black Specture 4 days ago


  • guillermo Oliva
    guillermo Oliva 5 days ago


  • Kadeyn Ulmer
    Kadeyn Ulmer 5 days ago

    Shane "garlicky sheen" Madej

  • Be ar
    Be ar 5 days ago


  • Killin' Thrasher
    Killin' Thrasher 5 days ago

    omg......i can taste the fruity garlic 🤢

  • Wolf Cloud
    Wolf Cloud 5 days ago

    E.T = Extra Testicle

  • Your Flower Aphmau Angel


  • Mabel Valentine
    Mabel Valentine 6 days ago

    anyone shaniac? like if u agree♥

  • Jordan Schlansky
    Jordan Schlansky 7 days ago

    i think it was aliens

  • kasey w
    kasey w 7 days ago

    cyanide poisoning,, lmao

  • Cory Gibson
    Cory Gibson 7 days ago


  • Ernesto Duenas
    Ernesto Duenas 8 days ago

    it was a cover up.

  • Ernesto Duenas
    Ernesto Duenas 8 days ago


  • Spider Master
    Spider Master 8 days ago


  • Lobna Murshid
    Lobna Murshid 8 days ago


  • G.W.
    G.W. 8 days ago

    The Mission Inn Hotel next!

  • Birn Burns
    Birn Burns 8 days ago

    I just realised that they probably didn't move her outside because then pedestrians could've also been affected because of it.

    • Birn Burns
      Birn Burns 8 days ago

      They also probably needed outlets.

  • Desmond Low
    Desmond Low 9 days ago

    These 2 guys are so fucking hilarious. What a combination of horror and comedy. My favorite youtube show for the past 1 month and loving it.

  • LivLyfe
    LivLyfe 9 days ago

    Ryan's wheezing gives me life

  • Keenan Sullivan
    Keenan Sullivan 9 days ago


  • s z
    s z 10 days ago

    AYYYYYYYYYYYYE that cemetary is 5 minutes from me. I wanna go find her grave now

  • jassy p
    jassy p 10 days ago

    go to Alcatraz! spend a night there

  • Michael Anne Johnson

    with the whole why would you take the patients outside. it's probably because the hospital could have been contaminated, and they didnt want the patients in a building that could have some strange disease germs in it

  • ethereal_ 16
    ethereal_ 16 10 days ago


  • Melissa Nguyen
    Melissa Nguyen 10 days ago

    I had to look at Lush How It's Made just to keep me from getting scared tf

  • Rashi Shetty
    Rashi Shetty 11 days ago

    They might've had to move all the other patients out because the toxins and chemicals were already in the air and moving Ramirez wouldnt help much.

  • Alisa Cupcake
    Alisa Cupcake 11 days ago

    I just saw this story on the Travel channel and I had to come back and watch this. 💕
    The banter is the best.

  • Olivia Farry
    Olivia Farry 11 days ago

    Best show on buzzfeed by far, it acc makes me laugh sm😫😭

  • candywheel222
    candywheel222 11 days ago


  • Karen Tompkins
    Karen Tompkins 11 days ago

    Can you do the dancing til they died one in France

  • Emu
    Emu 11 days ago

    They did this on greys anatomy

  • DabugasPro
    DabugasPro 11 days ago

    Maybe she did drugs

  • Fickle Me
    Fickle Me 11 days ago

    this channel makes me wonder if there's a way to make the video screen smaller :/

  • Jamie LILLY
    Jamie LILLY 11 days ago

    The hot bus i'm on right now "smells like fruity garlic"😂

  • Kaylee Berry
    Kaylee Berry 11 days ago

    This was on greys anatomy

  • Sagar Saxena
    Sagar Saxena 12 days ago

    Hugh Laurie needs to review this.

  • Mysterious Zoologist

    your gonna love my toxic love.

  • Lulu R.
    Lulu R. 12 days ago

    This sounds like a case for... CC Tinsley.

  • Jennifer Clayton
    Jennifer Clayton 12 days ago

    its all psychological hehe..............there has to be a better way to get out of work

  • Jennifer Clayton
    Jennifer Clayton 12 days ago

    can you come to Australia and do some of our scary places

  • ICESK8TER123
    ICESK8TER123 12 days ago

    It does make sense that they removed everyone else from the hospital because if they tried to move Gloria then whatever symptoms the nurses had could've been spread to the other patients in the emergency riom

  • Giovani Not the real Giovani

    Why did I watch this? Now I'm paranoid

  • Saiya Dhoot
    Saiya Dhoot 12 days ago

    13:07 that really got me laughing for 5 minutes 🤣

  • epicnesse54
    epicnesse54 12 days ago

    What's the x files episode? I need to know

  • Liam Sturgill
    Liam Sturgill 13 days ago

    You should discuss the expressionless!

  • Liam Sturgill
    Liam Sturgill 13 days ago

    Best things in an unsolved video (in no particular order):
    -Shane's humor
    -Ryan's spooky voice when discussing mystery
    -Ryan's wheezes
    -Eerie music
    -Theories in comments and videos
    -Mysteries themselves

  • cydney myleah
    cydney myleah 13 days ago

    can you do an episode on mothman??

  • Saiya Dhoot
    Saiya Dhoot 13 days ago

    Maybe aliens 👽👽👽👽🤣🤣🤣

  • CharlysLaundry
    CharlysLaundry 14 days ago


  • Maya Gallo
    Maya Gallo 14 days ago

    they didn't take her out because if they did the disease could have spread over the city and the population of they city could turn into 0

  • Hannah Holdridge
    Hannah Holdridge 14 days ago

    I used to have sleep apnea and (as I called it when I was 5) day apnea. Sometimes I would wake up not being able to breath or talk. I would go to the kitchen and get some water. That helped sometimes. Keep in mind this was a problem when I was 5-8. I had a surgery that helped me with it though

  • EsmeraldaMendez451
    EsmeraldaMendez451 14 days ago

    Is it weird i learn way more here then school

  • ThatChickNobodyKnows

    It's not an episode of unsolved without (wheeze)

  • Kara Labadessa
    Kara Labadessa 15 days ago

    I think my phone is haunted now! YAY😭😭😄😄

  • BAD DoggIE
    BAD DoggIE 15 days ago

    a durian smells like fruity garlic

  • Greta
    Greta 16 days ago

    Lemp mansion

  • The Purple Slime TPS

    Fruity garlic.... why hmmm what's that smell oh I think it's fruity garlic 😂😂😂😂

  • TheOriginalKing 7
    TheOriginalKing 7 16 days ago

    Ay i live in riverside 🤘🏻😂😂

    ANT GOD 16 days ago

    Welp I've watched every episode in this life is sad again

  • Steven, That one Asian dude


  • SilkyC
    SilkyC 16 days ago

    LMAO Bigfoot spoolged on her chest....DEAD omg crying over here!

  • Maple A. Annabelle
    Maple A. Annabelle 16 days ago

    Shane and Ryan make me so happy

  • Tarantino King
    Tarantino King 16 days ago

    moving all the patients to the parking lot is the equivalent of taking bikini bottom and pushing it somewhere else.

  • Elis Nadhirah
    Elis Nadhirah 17 days ago

    Can you guys do Mona Fendi's mansion?

  • Holl E. H.
    Holl E. H. 17 days ago

    Or you could make jokes about a lady that was dying. Good move.

  • brendon's forehead
    brendon's forehead 17 days ago

    *sees "toxic" in title*

  • Pokémon TCG Academy

    Random comment but...

    I have No idea why they remind me of Twenty One Pilots

  • Letylolipop !
    Letylolipop ! 17 days ago

    1:36 am yup this is what I'm doing

  • Defying Gravity
    Defying Gravity 17 days ago

    i laughed with ryan during the alien abduction theory 😂😂

  • Love's ASMR
    Love's ASMR 17 days ago

    Can you do the mysterious death of Octavia hatcher its in my hometown pike vile Kentucky look it up its never been solved

  • Marianne Montarde
    Marianne Montarde 17 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that they kept Gloria in the hospital to create a sort of quarantine zone and keep whatever she was spreading around contained.

  • Cory Clears
    Cory Clears 17 days ago

    I live in Riverside.. crazy

  • Kc Kc
    Kc Kc 17 days ago

    we need a channel for this series like if u agree

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan 18 days ago

    "Stink bomb" OMG, I'm dead.

  • Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes 18 days ago

    (wheeze) has become my favourite part of this entire series

  • Idk My nam
    Idk My nam 18 days ago

    I got excited when they mentioned Riverside cause I live there

  • eeriechu
    eeriechu 18 days ago


  • Jacki Yoo
    Jacki Yoo 18 days ago

    I think why they didn't move her was because touching the body would be too dangerous because they didn't what sort of effect it could have (since they didn't know what it was). Also putting her outside can affect others outside the hospital. :/ Fruitty Garlicsss!

  • TipsyOrange&Co
    TipsyOrange&Co 18 days ago

    "mmm this goes all the way to the top!"

    Looks like a case for C.C. Tinsley!

  • BananaCraze
    BananaCraze 19 days ago

    This is my theory fruity garlic is poisones and she injected to her self

  • MrBlitzpunk
    MrBlitzpunk 19 days ago

    2017, still waiting for the "dancing to death" episode >:(

  • Bryttanie Sanchez
    Bryttanie Sanchez 19 days ago

    If anyone wants to learn more, The Dollop Podcast does a more in depth investigation: Ep 133 - The Toxic Woman of Riverside

  • Alex Acosta
    Alex Acosta 19 days ago

    I live in riverside...

  • Brea Messier
    Brea Messier 19 days ago

    Please do the mystery of the boy in the box!

  • Thank Me Later
    Thank Me Later 19 days ago

    they should do r chickens afraid of death

  • Bridgett Anderson
    Bridgett Anderson 19 days ago

    no no hell no! it is no such thing as aliens you are f****** idiot if you believe in aliens ,zombies and Bigfoot

  • LucaKingu
    LucaKingu 20 days ago

    so crystals took over her body and had no blood or gas...just plain solid which means she had no transportation of she died, others has been effected because the compound has to be highly toxic

  • eva !
    eva ! 20 days ago

    just an honest question- does no one see the way the two hosts handle the cases as disrespectful?

  • golden emarald
    golden emarald 20 days ago

    Don't you think this was a murder

    GDAY ITS LOLA 21 day ago

    what happened to going to the cemertary

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