Can 6900 RPM Fidget Spinner Literally Walk on Water? JESUS FIDGET SPINNER EXISTS??

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  • Dikshant Singh
    Dikshant Singh 12 hours ago


  • Alexa Pacheco
    Alexa Pacheco 1 day ago

    I love that the phantom captures all of the movements that the things do its amazing

  • Alexa Pacheco
    Alexa Pacheco 1 day ago

    i love your channel so much

  • Alexa Pacheco
    Alexa Pacheco 1 day ago

    please pick meeee😍😍😍👏

  • Alexa Pacheco
    Alexa Pacheco 1 day ago

    please pick meee i have enter to a lot of your giveaways and i didnt win anything not even a spinner:(

  • malik thomas
    malik thomas 1 day ago

    You lost me at the calculations

  • The Flying Gamer
    The Flying Gamer 1 day ago

    fidget spinners are Jesus

  • the big fat papik
    the big fat papik 3 days ago


  • Jordan Lua
    Jordan Lua 4 days ago

    I have. a selver figget spener

  • walkerj410
    walkerj410 4 days ago


  • walkerj410
    walkerj410 4 days ago

    How could you not get it in the fucking pool?

  • jessica james
    jessica james 5 days ago

    That's moment of inertia

  • Lightning Fox
    Lightning Fox 7 days ago

    God dang it you bloody spoiled it at the beginning of the video UGH ITS NOT WORRY WATCHING THE VIDEO NOW

  • Daniel Vestøl
    Daniel Vestøl 7 days ago

    But you just said it goes no faster than 60mph, then you talk about your 1000mph spinner? What the actual fuck?

  • Beckett Harriman
    Beckett Harriman 8 days ago

    “Have enough spinning momentum to maintain its weight as it goes across”
    GizmoSlip - 0:37

  • Shad0z
    Shad0z 8 days ago

    if you call a fidget spinner that can go on water a jesus spinner is a boat then a jesus boat?

  • Harvey Hewitt
    Harvey Hewitt 8 days ago

    Next video: fidget spinner flies to space

  • JoltJump
    JoltJump 9 days ago


    • JoltJump
      JoltJump 9 days ago

      wait crap nvm this is crazy cool

  • Rqnx SenjúTM
    Rqnx SenjúTM 9 days ago

    On the second fidget spinner you pushed it but on the first one you didn't

  • MrCurly210
    MrCurly210 9 days ago

    Nick Swardson...Anyone ?.. Yes ? ...Oh, no ? OK.............High five ? No ? ok I understand......

  • DJ strange
    DJ strange 9 days ago

    hi again I need a s8 plz

  • BoltzPlays GT
    BoltzPlays GT 9 days ago

    I got sam fidget in thumbnail and in the video

  • alex mcvey
    alex mcvey 10 days ago


    Then this video was made

  • dabossboi gaming
    dabossboi gaming 10 days ago

    penis is on eat me balls pal jizz

  • Pepper K
    Pepper K 10 days ago

    Giant Kid

  • Gabriel Akande
    Gabriel Akande 10 days ago

    GizmoSlip the amazing, good version of TechRax.

  • exept the sept bru
    exept the sept bru 10 days ago

    wow rick and morty tshirt wubba lubba dub dub

  • Mietek Pizza
    Mietek Pizza 10 days ago

    What's name of this song 0:17 ?

  • Muhammad Nahri061192

    what slowmo cam is that???

  • Adminstraitor Tutorials

    And I thought I got away from math, Here too D":

  • ahuula6886
    ahuula6886 12 days ago

    Can you send one to me please my son really like one of those we no sell any sppiners here in Hawaii so if you can send one like in blue one I pay 1000$ I run a company of my own I can pay you if you send it to po,box 1975

  • Gear Grinder
    Gear Grinder 12 days ago

    Dafuq? I saw absolutely nothing to get THAT excited about. Seriously, this was the lamest video I saw all day today.

  • Anshul Kharb
    Anshul Kharb 12 days ago

    aweaome thinkin bro..... 😅😥😥😥😥😥

  • Super Saiyan Rose Goku

    Brandon how do you feel bout the pants and the Cactus???😂😹🤣😭

  • Sophia Singh
    Sophia Singh 12 days ago

    wow love you guys

  • OpTiCcZ
    OpTiCcZ 12 days ago

    We finally fount the Jesus Fidget spinner 😂😂😂

  • Shiny XD
    Shiny XD 12 days ago


  • Franklin Delano Donut

    Jesus Spinner Confirmed.

  • Deividas LTU
    Deividas LTU 13 days ago

    I guess its the fastest fidget spinner alive

  • TheBeater04
    TheBeater04 14 days ago

    my honda s2000 makes more than that


  • eliel criss cabral
    eliel criss cabral 14 days ago

    spinner de Quicksilver xdd

  • tadsite
    tadsite 14 days ago

    this guy is going to be over the moon if he ever gets laid.

  • Double L K Bros
    Double L K Bros 14 days ago

    Man he got all scienceee on me

  • Hmm...
    Hmm... 14 days ago

    You are a retard

  • God Of peasants
    God Of peasants 15 days ago

    If you look at the holes in the blue fidget spinner if you have my mind the. You would know what it would look like:)

  • DewFighter04
    DewFighter04 15 days ago

    Thi dude sat down Ike heTired

  • YouTube TV
    YouTube TV 15 days ago

    hey bro giveaway

  • Kaden Flowers
    Kaden Flowers 15 days ago

    Remember it is also aluminum so it floats

    And it could just be momentum

  • Z-Army
    Z-Army 15 days ago

    well this was very anticlimactic

  • vortex 345
    vortex 345 15 days ago

    this is so cool 👍

  • HATER Cu Bâzdâc
    HATER Cu Bâzdâc 15 days ago

    Wow how much stupid here...

  • Paul
    Paul 15 days ago

    why are people wasting their time on something like this tf

    RECKLEZZ SAVAGE 15 days ago

    White peopel ....

  • Marc Àvila
    Marc Àvila 16 days ago

    When she finally send nudes 4:51

  • Maikol Collins
    Maikol Collins 16 days ago

    What are u doing with your life bro?

  • Mr. Epic
    Mr. Epic 16 days ago

    Can you drop your phantom from 1000ft

  • Mr. Epic
    Mr. Epic 16 days ago

    It's the bomb! (Orange bearded guy)

  • Gladiator Management

    I wonder how many phones does he have. He must be rich

  • coolcrawford
    coolcrawford 16 days ago

    Sonic did it better in audacity Zone

  • Milo May
    Milo May 16 days ago

    like your top

  • kaelan stonehouse
    kaelan stonehouse 16 days ago

    where'd you get the blue fidget spinner

  • Alfred Mariano
    Alfred Mariano 16 days ago

    Anybody else who skip at the computations? That's around 1:18 - 2:13

  • Jeremiah Wibberding
    Jeremiah Wibberding 16 days ago

    *watches first 10 seconds* yep. yep it can,

  • Hamix
    Hamix 16 days ago

    The cring 'I know you meme lords' kmn

  • Wat Lel
    Wat Lel 17 days ago

    you can only imagine jesus having fidget spinners on his feet to walk on water

  • sasori akasuna
    sasori akasuna 17 days ago

    Yea, it walked because you threw it across the water... skipping stones

  • SkyeDesiignsツ
    SkyeDesiignsツ 17 days ago

    it doesnt have a feet.

  • Matt Deezly
    Matt Deezly 17 days ago

    how far they've fallen

  • thegomez1
    thegomez1 17 days ago


  • thegomez1
    thegomez1 17 days ago

    Guys please dont leave rude comments!!! Brandon just wants to entertain people and make us happy when we are bored 😉 by the way brandon I absolutely LOVE this channel!!!

  • xthamer
    xthamer 18 days ago

    what is Jesus?

  • Bobby Hostetler
    Bobby Hostetler 18 days ago

    Kinda amazeing why kinda its fucking fidget spinners

  • Alpha Bulldog gaming


  • Prince Melancholy
    Prince Melancholy 18 days ago

    First ten seconds you answered the question to an eight minute video.

  • Samuel Tluang
    Samuel Tluang 18 days ago

    Im Highly insulted

  • Canadian Gold
    Canadian Gold 18 days ago

    What are you doing with your life

  • dj gaming
    dj gaming 18 days ago

    1:44 all I heard was womp womp womp

  • talon lynn
    talon lynn 19 days ago

    he died for our spins!

  • Jos3Random
    Jos3Random 19 days ago

    RMP= Revolutions Per Minute

  • morrigan mcdaniel
    morrigan mcdaniel 19 days ago

    your work inspires me.

  • morrigan mcdaniel
    morrigan mcdaniel 19 days ago

    omg that was freaking awesome!!!!

  • PaybackPatz
    PaybackPatz 19 days ago

    6900 RPM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Its Faith Nation
    Its Faith Nation 19 days ago

    OMG! This was lit

  • rafiq soufiane
    rafiq soufiane 19 days ago

    wanna wiiin

  • FacelessVoid edi wow

    is techrax now even a channel?

  • Fire ninja 402
    Fire ninja 402 20 days ago

    Oh shoot he used RPM

  • Cường Lê Quốc
    Cường Lê Quốc 20 days ago

    nice camera

    ACRYLO 20 days ago

    Really offended 😠!

    ACRYLO 20 days ago

    I fell offended 😢

  • Jaivardhan Deshwal
    Jaivardhan Deshwal 20 days ago

    hes excited AF

    and leave the spinner slowly on water u idiot not throw it

  • rubie schuster
    rubie schuster 20 days ago

    you are amazing

  • FlyestBoy
    FlyestBoy 21 day ago

    only needed to watch 10 seconds of the video. putting the result of the question as the intro ruins the video imo.

  • Nicholas Korinek
    Nicholas Korinek 21 day ago

    I am getting the same fidget spinner at 2:58

  • Jeremy Twenty
    Jeremy Twenty 21 day ago

    some people don't understand figuritive speaking

  • 50cal
    50cal 21 day ago

    Why didn't you use the air compressor away from the water so there were no fucking ripples... then once it's spinning, walk over to the pool and let go... fucking moron. Also your reactions are shit, fuck you.

  • Iwona Danek
    Iwona Danek 21 day ago

    whose craling the coments when his calculating

  • Deegan Burgler
    Deegan Burgler 21 day ago

    can I have that blue fidget spinner and I subscribed

  • EivindSpinner
    EivindSpinner 21 day ago

    broooo were you on drugs? haha

  • kole wetmore
    kole wetmore 21 day ago

    i want to win the galaxy S8

  • YouTried
    YouTried 22 days ago

    now make it fly at yourself

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