Stop Trying To Make Us Kiss

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  • That’s DeviantArt’s job.

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    Grant O'Brien
    Katie Marovitch
    Mike Trapp
    Zac Oyama

    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Grant O'Brien and Katie Marovitch
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    1st AC - Chris MacDonald
    2nd AC/DIT - Heather Ballish
    Gaffer - Brody Anderson
    Key Grip - Saul Cervantes
    Sound Mixer - Ryan Bertolami for BoTown Sound
    HMU - Denise Valentine
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
    Supervising Producer - Alex Edge
    Production Legal - Karen Segall
    Production Accountant - Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Daniel Plagens
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Sam Geer & Ryan Martin
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek
    Assistant Editors - Spencer Kombol & Andrew Primavera
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  • Runtime: 3:6
  • Tags for this video:  Collegehumor  CH originals  comedy  sketch comedy  internet  humor  funny  sketch  kiss  romance  fail  

Comments: 2 272

  • Jenna Meyers
    Jenna Meyers 1 hour ago

    Why is the illuminati sign in one scene but not the others?

  • Ricky Bobcats
    Ricky Bobcats 15 hours ago

    *o h b r o t h e r h i d e*

  • Strawberry Mustache
    Strawberry Mustache 20 hours ago

    Is Grant really gay?

  • Seth Weaver
    Seth Weaver 22 hours ago

    Anybody else notice there's always an illuminati sign

  • Utsav Yadav
    Utsav Yadav 1 day ago


  • haleigh Lusinski
    haleigh Lusinski 1 day ago

    Is it just me who you sees the illuminati eyes In the background out some videos

  • crazy salamander
    crazy salamander 2 days ago

    it's funny

  • crazy salamander
    crazy salamander 2 days ago

    CollegeHumor you'll make yourselfs look like huge hypocrites

  • Wolfsplash McWarriorsTrash

    Same, Grant. And I don't even work on a sketch channel.

  • Kaleigh Miller
    Kaleigh Miller 2 days ago

    Katie's hair ❤ its so wavey

  • Fujoshi Bish
    Fujoshi Bish 2 days ago

    The end: yes grant you are indeed out 😂😏😏😏

  • Sebby Style
    Sebby Style 3 days ago


  • josh flores
    josh flores 4 days ago

    Ik its a little to late to ask.....but what happened to the old college humorcast

  • March 22nd
    March 22nd 6 days ago

    I kinda ship Grant and Zac

  • ImWeirdAndILikeIt
    ImWeirdAndILikeIt 6 days ago

    Rip desperate bi grant, same tho

  • Tea-Wrecks
    Tea-Wrecks 7 days ago

    uhh, the end?

    I get that grant is bi, but, Katy, Zak and Mike actually kissed

    Zak and Mike bisexual confirmed?

  • onewiseowl
    onewiseowl 7 days ago

    im subverting the genre thats why its funny

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster 8 days ago

    When the subtitles say "sleazy music"... I die.

  • commandexecuter 12
    commandexecuter 12 9 days ago

    The illuminati book in the background tho

  • Echo Arts
    Echo Arts 9 days ago

    Thanks CH, I ship Zak and Grant now. Goddamn it

  • LunarWave Gaming
    LunarWave Gaming 10 days ago

    What was that about clickbait? XDXD

  • Jaehwa Sa
    Jaehwa Sa 10 days ago

    The threeway kiss killed me. Two mouths, so stupid, loved it.

  • Whatever Tulip
    Whatever Tulip 11 days ago

    Grant and Zac are my favourite 😂😏

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam 11 days ago

    i can see them pitching this sketch ,,so we all pitch a sketch and grant keeps having ideas about us kissing'' xD

  • André Domingues
    André Domingues 11 days ago

    The fact that they actually kiss each other in the end gives it that extra irony.

  • gjian galac
    gjian galac 12 days ago

    lol that illuminating at 36 sec

  • Anushna Dasgupta
    Anushna Dasgupta 13 days ago

    I love Grant

  • The Evan
    The Evan 14 days ago

    Zac x Grant AKA please kill me almost all of the videos on here I watch include them for some reason

  • nerd adventures
    nerd adventures 15 days ago

    Mike wanted to grab ass

  • Anya Lowe
    Anya Lowe 15 days ago

    Omg "that's DeviantArts job"

  • Sarah Studios
    Sarah Studios 16 days ago

    The description tho haha

  • TendoGamer101
    TendoGamer101 16 days ago

    Bringing back Josh Ruben is the solution to all your problems.

  • it's bonlouii
    it's bonlouii 17 days ago

    That's DeviantArt's job

  • Liz
    Liz 17 days ago

    Every yaoi fanfic writer ever 😂

  • Smol Trashlord
    Smol Trashlord 17 days ago

    Kate is a high yaoi lover and *I* LOVE IT

  • Питер ._.
    Питер ._. 18 days ago

    I ship Zac and Grant.

  • Avant Pop
    Avant Pop 20 days ago

    grant wrote that ending

  • Oppo Phonr
    Oppo Phonr 22 days ago

    pidio lucu

  • Tareek Ellis
    Tareek Ellis 22 days ago

    why is trapp always wierd

  • Hernando Rodrigues
    Hernando Rodrigues 22 days ago

    I laugh my ass off, so maybe it does work

  • Christian Blake
    Christian Blake 22 days ago

    I'd kiss grant

  • Jenna Norton
    Jenna Norton 22 days ago

    I love Katy's hair like that. The waves. It's so good for her!!!

    BHARTI 23 days ago

    sir mene aap la chennal subscibed kar diya hai plz mera chennal bhi subscibed kar le bharti

  • Gaming Gazebo
    Gaming Gazebo 24 days ago

    I personally love the sketches when trapp is the only one who is making sense and everyone else is crazy like the "born in the wrong generation" sketch, that is my favourite sketch

  • StormSkyFTW Xx
    StormSkyFTW Xx 24 days ago


  • TheJorgeJulieAndDavidShow Entertainment

    "As a reward of charity work and handsomeness I GRANT you two mouths." HAHAHAH

  • titus hinkle
    titus hinkle 24 days ago

    3 way kiss? never heard of that

  • Nellie Rowr
    Nellie Rowr 25 days ago

    The end... I just ....... just cringe

  • anime fan
    anime fan 25 days ago

    i ship them so hard !!!

  • Charls Reji
    Charls Reji 26 days ago

    anyone noticed the illuminatty symbol at 0.37 its on a book

  • Julio Ramirez
    Julio Ramirez 26 days ago

    Yes grant you are out

  • Jacob Richardson
    Jacob Richardson 26 days ago

    Do you think Katie is laughing at grants ideas because Grant laughed at her ideas in the video where she pitches sketches that show her negative self image?

  • o0TreyRoyer0o
    o0TreyRoyer0o 26 days ago

    Grant finally got his kiss!

  • Cowlevel
    Cowlevel 28 days ago


  • Nolan Crush
    Nolan Crush 28 days ago

    The description, AHAHAHAHA!

  • Very Smart Sandwich
    Very Smart Sandwich 28 days ago

    Katy must be into.... BL!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Lol

  • Noah Brinkman
    Noah Brinkman 29 days ago

    i want to see themkiss xD

  • Thepeacemaker6342
    Thepeacemaker6342 1 month ago

    god, the pinnacle of comedy.

  • Melina Lopez
    Melina Lopez 1 month ago

    did anyone see the illuminati symbol in the book at the start

  • Omar smokes weed 323

    who saw the illuminati sigh on the book at :36

  • Boxerchester09
    Boxerchester09 1 month ago

    Smash already did it no point in these guys doin it

  • Becky R.
    Becky R. 1 month ago

    Is this the third time Katie has worn that pink dress in a sketch?

  • Sof Deg
    Sof Deg 1 month ago


  • Whitney Nelson
    Whitney Nelson 1 month ago

    What is the plant on the table?

  • Whitney lps Productions

    This was written by grant

  • Chloe Cantey
    Chloe Cantey 1 month ago


  • The Luigi plushi Show


  • Man of Mystery
    Man of Mystery 1 month ago

    Dear god

  • Abbie Crafts
    Abbie Crafts 1 month ago

    is grant gay?!?!

  • DuctTapeGamer
    DuctTapeGamer 1 month ago

    I find it funny how they say "we made that years ago" when none of them worked there when that sketch came out.

  • laure Beguedou
    laure Beguedou 1 month ago

    The side kisses were so cute~ I am jealous now :<

  • LittleRedRidingHood
    LittleRedRidingHood 1 month ago

    Imagine what their parents would feel like if they saw this

  • Alaina E.
    Alaina E. 1 month ago

    Sweet baby Jesus... That ending though.

  • ςеираι ςυδα ιονεя

    ik grant is gay but are they both gay

  • Rob Thurman
    Rob Thurman 1 month ago

    Damn, can we get more of Katie in that dress?

  • Ka Ru
    Ka Ru 1 month ago

    Where can I see behind the scenes for that?

  • antimatterdragon321
    antimatterdragon321 1 month ago


  • TEAMBLUE0725
    TEAMBLUE0725 1 month ago

    Love how they showed the jake and amir bread skit. lol

  • Alex Salinas
    Alex Salinas 1 month ago


  • Edward Nigma
    Edward Nigma 1 month ago

    Pfff when they say they made the Jake and amir sketch. First of all it was probably just Jake and amir, with maybe some Ben, Tom and Josh and secondly, none of these were even at the company then, maybe as interns at most. Good sketch though, subverting the genre at the end.

  • kaiju hamilton
    kaiju hamilton 1 month ago

    is grant gay?

  • Nugget101
    Nugget101 1 month ago

    How much u wanna bet their mouths touched at the end

  • Elizabeth Walsh
    Elizabeth Walsh 1 month ago

    did anybody see the eye of god on the book and then it disappeared

  • Rayan Pauli
    Rayan Pauli 1 month ago

    Grant from college tumor 😂😂😂jkjk

  • Angela M
    Angela M 1 month ago

    somehow I thought this was going to be about fan-fic writers and how they always want different char.s to make out

  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 1 month ago

    Just bring back Jake and Amir.

  • Iron Overheat
    Iron Overheat 1 month ago

    that ending with the triple kiss made me cringe more than I have ever cringed in my lifetime, I believe.

  • Loafin
    Loafin 1 month ago

    *and then we just kiss*

    HAPPY PLAYER 1 month ago

    i love these 4

  • Heil Grammar
    Heil Grammar 1 month ago

    ur hitler

  • April Orange
    April Orange 1 month ago

    Lmfaooo I love this

  • ARMY
    ARMY 1 month ago


  • HUFhammered
    HUFhammered 1 month ago

    The illuminati

  • WAKE ME UP wake me up inside


  • Kathryn Dean
    Kathryn Dean 1 month ago

    literally me

  • chancellorham
    chancellorham 1 month ago

    I miss Jake and Amir, that's all I've been watching for the last 2 weeks

  • Wajahat Hussain
    Wajahat Hussain 1 month ago

    not my proudest fap...

  • Carvalho Jerome
    Carvalho Jerome 1 month ago

    Did anyone see the illuminati? :D

  • Tymony Alexandria
    Tymony Alexandria 1 month ago

    give me that rabbit jam

  • Holland Vibes
    Holland Vibes 1 month ago

    Can't blame Grant. Zac is cute

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