Kun Khmer Cambodian Kickboxing Show

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Kun Khmer Cambodian Kickboxing Show
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Kun Khmer demo at Ancient Battle with Auth Phouthang and Pich Seiha.

Kun Khmer want to be recognise as an international sports.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF WORLD KUN KHMER - Kun Khmer (Khmer boxing styles) all forms of Khmer culture, during Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime was about to be parish. All "enemies of the revolution" were executed, including teachers, aristocrats, educated people, monks, doctors, artists, foreign speaking Cambodians, actors, singers and top Kun Khmer boxing practitioners. Over a centuries Khmer cultural heritage, including kun khmer and its masters, disappeared. After the civil war, Kun Khmer began to resurfaced in Phnom Penh, created by survivors, they pass what's left of kun khmer to the next generations. Kun Khmer is officially supported by the Cambodian Government as an important part of the Khmer heritage and it's attracting a growing number of young athletes around the world.

ABOUT WORLD KUN KHMER TV NETWORK - To help promote Kun Khmer sport that Khmer love so much a Cambodian National Sport, just like the "MUY THAI ORGANISATION" into the INTERNATIONAL ARENA, and to catered to all the Interested People and Businesses.
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ABOUT THE SPORT - Kun Khmer is a modern Khmer martial art formally known as Bokator, Boran Khmer, Pradal Serey (Brodal serei), Kbach Kun Khmer, Kbach Kun Pradal Khmer, kun khmer, khmer boxing, kick boxing, kbach kun boran khmer, cambodian kickboxing, khmer free fighting, khmer kun kru, twai kru kun khmer, khmer boxing, Khmer Traditional Boxing (Southeast Asian Khmer kickboxing styles)

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