Redneck Tenors Live - Nessun Dorma

3 Redneck Tenors (Billy Joe, Billy Bob and Billy Billee) sing "Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot" by Puccini. This song is the grand finale in the national touring show "3 Redneck Tenors - A New Musical Adventure."

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Author Twitchy07 (7 years)
lol... i bet they would had won american idol LOL!

Author SopranoE (6 years)
is the rest of the show funny?

Author getalife04 (6 years)
I have never heard of these guys! They are AWESOME! I loved the trailer in
the background lol. Absolutely incredible.

Author KnightOwl2006 (6 years)

Author Meowmie707 (4 years)
You guys are great.... What a ACT! Red neck tenors, a novel idea!

Author Bandfred (6 years)
Pretty good

Author WisconsinMom (7 years)
Much better than the "real" 3 tenors!

Author kira lord (5 years)
The redhead one went to Juliard on a full scholarship and performed in
Phantom of the Opera and at many huge opera places :P

Author debater52 (3 years)
Incredibly funny performance. My only issue is that the key was lowered to
accommodate the performers. I would love to see these guys live.

Author napaoldblue (6 years)
You're right. The show starts with one of the original three dying in a
wood chipper. So another cousin joins in, not a tenor. The premise is that
three tenors, like three sopranos, or three you-name-it can really only
sing in unison. Kinda boring, at least not as dynamic as having different
voices, which allows harmony (chords and a richer sound).

Author fordlandau (6 years)
mullet music power!! amazing voices , impressive!

Author Thomas Squiers (3 years)
I think this is hilarious. The comedy comes from the background and the
fact that you don't expect rednecks to be this cultured. The mullets are
top notch!

Author drecksack12345 (7 years)
;-) Welche Drogen nehmen die?Will ich auch haben! Whitch Drugs they have ;-)

Author napaoldblue (6 years)
Funny you'd use an example like that. Every time I heard Pavarotti,
Carreras, Domingo, et al. sing pieces like the National Anthem they always
butchered the pronunciation. Doesn't subtract from the art. And before you
call me a moron. Yes, I saw each of them many times live. I grew up
practically on the steps of the SF War Memorial. Oh, and unless you've
performed a principal role on the stage of the Met or originated a Broadway
role, I'd back off these guys.

Author jevryday84 (5 years)
What a pleasant surprise! Very nice rendition!

Author ComaLies225 (5 years)
I love how they all have mullets.

Author Tim Calderwood (4 years)
Okay, here's something you REALLY don't see every day!

Author Heyward Shepherd (4 years)
Hee-Haw that was great!

Author girly18ish (3 years)
they performed at our school and were hilarious!! it takes a lot to please
high school teenagers especially with opera! and they did:)

Author geobabe73 (6 years)
Loved it, sounds like the arrangement from The Opera Band. My one quibble,
that low voice sounds like a bass..... That was cool.

Author Candice157 (4 years)
Very nice rendition -

Author madmooster (5 years)
I'm for anything that gets opera out there. Way to go Rednecks. And they
sing Italian better some some "real" singers....

Author sann1979 (4 years)
Larry, Moe and Curly!!!??????

Author jkb052088 (6 years)
That is probably the dumbest thing i have ever heard about rednecks. I live
in mississippi right in the middle of the largest redneck populations lives
and where the term was coined. Just about every redneck I know loves to
watch TV on their couch drinking beer. Redneck doesn't always mean poor.
Its a lifestyle and most of the time a choice. Don't dis when you know
nothing about what you are talking about. Rednecks can love opera Too!!

Author loull287 (7 years)
i saw them in a show once. i dont think they should call themselves
rednecks. thats just my opinion.

Author tigerfanman (7 years)
amazing thanks for putting up a quality one

Author Grobanite122549 (3 years)
wow theyre actually really AWESOME :D

Author Gino Garcia (7 years)

Author encephalong (5 years)
That was really very good! Excellent!

Author buelligan123 (7 years)
I love the combination of these guys voices, very rich and powerful,
rednecks or no, I love them!

Author rogier1993 (6 years)
One word : WOW That's so nice! ( i know 4 words :P)

Author ApolenaRamius (5 years)
I love the wigs! I thought it will be bad but it's nice.

Author Анри М (5 years)
I love this song? Very beautiful!!

Author THEELITEONE (7 years)
Well Actually Paul Potts won British got talent by singing "time to say
Goodbye" he won the people heart by singing Nessun Dorma.

Author Alejandro G (6 years)
It's not about being a snob, you moron. What if an Italian singer sings
"Ebry bahlee" instead of Every valley? would you think someone correcting
him/her would be also a snob?

Author prsshred39 (6 years)
His name is Dinny McGuire. He plays the part of "The Colonel" in their
stage show. He is a tremendous talent, as he narrates and moves the
performance along - "managing" the Boys. We just saw the show for the third
time. If it ever comes to your town, run out for tickets. You won't be

Author Mary M Revis (3 years)
WTF?????? @@ DAMN ..NICE voices haha!! I nearly peed myself on the names.
Billy Billdee? LOL LOL. Anyway..MAN BEAUTIFUL voices!! Loving it.

Author loaactnow (6 years)
duh they are rednecks!

Author thedavisgroup (3 years)
They are really good

Author thedavisgroup (7 years)
This is great. Country folk listening , performing and enjoying Opera. I am
a classically trained musician raised in NYC. I grew up listening to Tom T
Hall, George Jones, and Charlie Pride, and this makes me feel great.

Author SantomPh (6 years)
real rednecks probably don't watch TV...or own one! the only tv they watch
is the one at the bar when the sports are on...

Author AliSakurai (4 years)

Author alicefay (5 years)
The term Redneck originally referred to farmers and ranchers, because the
back of their necks were usually sunburned because of being in the sun so
much. It has evolved to refer to people who generally either live in the
south, on a farm, in a small town, like country music or anyone who just
wishes they were one of the aforementioned.

Author kmillard (7 years)
Oh my gosh! That's absolutely hilarious! Totally spoofs the "Three Tenors"
big time with a country and Western flavor and actually performs the music
quite well, evenif taken down a couple steps from the original key.

Author Анри М (5 years)
I love this song? Very beautiful!!

Author LouisianaGatorGirl (4 years)

Author 777golda (6 years)
Bravo! I loved it!

Author kira lord (5 years)
It's hilarious. I see it everytime they perform near me (becase Im related
to one of them) But its great

Author Alexandra Sanderson (5 years) 0_0

Author Henrique Capelas (6 years)
they really should drop the "redneck" factor or whatever redneckedness
there is about them

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