Dazzle DVC100 Capture Card - How to set up and record a Xbox 360 in PAL 60 - PART 1

This is the first part of the tutorial on how to set up a DVC100 dazzle with your 360. You will learn how to record your xbox with PAL-60 settings, even though the dazzle only supports PAL-50. Please rate and suscribe. If you have any questions or problems, comment on this video and I will get back to you ASAP. The second part to this tutorial can be found here:

Dazzle DVC100:

AV Splitters:

AV Cables:

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Author TomahawkTappers ( ago)
And this is an american device! The uk took it from the market and exploited its price so they could be all goody goody twoshoes

Author TomahawkTappers ( ago)
To use dazzle with xbox all you need is an hdtv a regualr xbox av cable and the dazzle! All you do is plug the hdmi green red and blue cords into the tv and the red yellow and white to the dazzle then plug in dazzle set the xbox to Tv on te av cable and swiitch to the component outlet on yur xboc

Author DarkOmega150 ( ago)
no he didn't it's spelt with a U in the UK

Author AltSpartan ( ago)
you spelt color wrong a lot of times

Author TRX400atc1994 ( ago)
those this thing record pretty good?

Author Advocatus Diaboli ( ago)
Damn i dont have pounds, just dollars lol.

Author Anderium ( ago)
does it have to be a dazzle?

Author SamBoy991 ( ago)
so if i buy a dazzle. i need more wires to get it to work?

Author ps3gamer524 ( ago)
i have a hd tv can i record in av standard but play in hd as i record also does this work on windows xp?

Author FreezingFox ( ago)
i have a problem guys i've bought a dazzle dvc 100 and i installed it on my pc with windows 7 and when i try to record i get the message "A valid Input Signal has not been detected. Please check your cables" and i checked them several times and its all good. i got audio but i dont get video. plz help me O_o.

Author Robbie Herbert ( ago)
do you get the splitters with the dazzel?????

Author iAshleeyx ( ago)
followed it - on recorder (ON Laptop) Dazzle Dvc 100 comes up yet the screen is black help?

Author tyler coble ( ago)
do you have to plug the usb into your computer for it to actually work?

Author reece hale ( ago)
do u have to have it plugged into the computer/laptop straight away or can u record then upload it another time

Author Frazerson4 ( ago)
Iv set every thing up correctly but on the dazzle preview screen i can only hear my xbox and not se it plz some 1 help me

Author jmwFILMS ( ago)
I have different splitter type i use, and it wont record audio gameplay. Are those AV splitters better? Is there a difference? Someone help me

Author Matthew McLaren ( ago)

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@LEDgaming yes :) its better, less hassle haha

Author Cliff Cross ( ago)
@DCGenerix so having a standerd tv is fine?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@LEDgaming , my TV is hd in the video, however i only record in non hd as thats all this capture card can support.

Author Cliff Cross ( ago)
is this for standerd tvs or hd tvs

Author Adam Kiertscher ( ago)
Thanks alot man! Just made meh purchasez :)

Author JCoquilla ( ago)
@DeMizExAOD buy a new one?

Author angelon111 ( ago)
3:03 pervert!

Author Lil Serp ( ago)
Whenever I plug the usb into the front of my computer lines start going through my screen but when I plug into my laptop it doesn't. Please help!

Author owen chapman ( ago)
do u need internet

Author soulxicution360 ( ago)
@DCGenerix PLZ HELP i use windows movie maker and it shows a black screen when i try to record!!!

Author Lee Turner ( ago)
can u use a hd cabel ??

Author pkingkingryan ( ago)
Can you play on ur tv or ur comp?

Author Owen Harries ( ago)
SOMEONE HELP!!! My dazzle record audio but not video! some one help me please! xx

Author Owen Thomas ( ago)
i got my dazzle hooked up to my pc but it only has a black screen? Ive got the drivers so im lost

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@AquaGh0st Comet, Currys

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@GrEaSyXproductions use gold plated splitters to boost ur connection.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@xJCxQS do not use pinnacle studio, replace it, and use windows movie maker intstead just like i did in the video.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@MrGodlygameing because the DVC100 is only meant to record PAL50, but if u follow my tutoiral it records pal60 by using a black and white cheat. however, this only works with windows movie maker and not pinnacle studio, watch my tutorial.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@Shutupfatty2 your mistake is using pinnacle studio
replace it with windows movie maker
and your good to go.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@G0LD3NxNUK3xK1NG i think its just a colour
i used to have a black DVC100 :)

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
@G0LD3NxNUK3xK1NG i think its just a colour
i used to also have a black DVC100

Author Adam ` ( ago)
I've tried setting it up this way but it won't work?
I did everything but when I go to record in pinnacle studio it says invalid signal

Author James Crowley ( ago)
i have set it up just like you told me to n it says on pinnacle studio that a valid signal has not been detected

Author Dale Lewis ( ago)
When i set up mine i cant see the picture on the preview screen but i can hear the sound!?
it works for my ps3. But i wont it 2 work on xbox. plz help

Author Micah Stackhouse ( ago)
So, i wanna post xbox 360 vids with one of these
But based on what u showed, my computer needs to be in the same room as my xbox...
What if its in a different room?
Help plz!

Author Jack F ( ago)
Are u people serious payin £50 jus so u can video sutin 2 put it on youtube. Tha is jus sad

Author chaotictriforce ( ago)
Why is my white space Black... ( no racism intended)

Author notmuchtodo1 ( ago)
cheres that helped

Author Dan Cook ( ago)

Author thinkimfunny ( ago)
anyone got a link for the AV splitters for the UK? im trying to find one on amazon but i dunno which is the right one

Author Jason Steel ( ago)
oh sorry, my bad!

Author Best Girl ( ago)
No, you misunderstood me. I'm saying that the TV PICTURE is in black and white, not the picture on the computer.

Author Jason Steel ( ago)
dude, he told u to read the description, for how to record pal-60 in colour!

Author Alex ( ago)
No, unless you find a HDMI>Composite cable.

Other than that, you can buy a HDPVR, use google to find one of those.

Author Best Girl ( ago)
Is there any reason why my TV picture is black and white? I set up using the same cables etc. and the picture is now black and white.

Author GT ( ago)
Seems you used composite cables. Try setting your recording program to Composite, instead of S-Video.

Author froobedpoon ( ago)
they dnt hav them i checked before :( if u could find some could you link me?

Author Lew ( ago)
ok i am pretty pissed off... i had a easycap 2.0 and it didnt record in 60hz so i spent MORE money on a dazzle dvc100 and now i have tryed everything and it isnt recording pal 60.... god knows why

Author punkrok6 ( ago)
pretty sick setup, right up the end of your bed

Author suzrew ( ago)
i do wat you say but i comes up with no input signal how do i fix that

Author dinoatcharterdotnet ( ago)
So does the capure card plug right into the computer directly form thr Xbox?

Author justin buckley ( ago)
dude we came from great britan and maney other countries, so were not so great after all now are we?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
no mate, its the input aswell, gold plated splitters boost your quality.

Author ash james ( ago)
You dont actually need splitters,all they do is give sound on both the recording and through the t.v. waste of money tbh.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
well if you dont like pounds, then watch my video?

Author Andrew Taylor ( ago)
dude i said lol because the prices are in pounds not dollars. in america we people use dollars, which are for cool people

Author Andrew Taylor ( ago)
lol. pounds. in america we use dollars :D

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
everything into the dazzle is input

Author gavin ferrao ( ago)
do the cables from the dazzle to the tv have to be connected to an output or just any?? help please.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
well follow my tutorial and replace my PAL50 with one of your pals, do it all and if it doesnt work. change the pal to a different one.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
hmm, i think pal-50 is for europe.. have u tried using the other pals?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
what country are you from?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
you cant, the DVC100 is only cheap, thats why its not great quality.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yes, as input and output is required for the dazzle.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
well mines got that too, and my computer is brand new last month. u can try using without the splitters if you wish.. i would buy red white and yellow rca cables if i was you .

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
can you get a preview on your computer screen when u use your black red and white cables?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yes, it is.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
on the weekends, yes i am.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
because if u watch the video, the splitters have a cable coing out of the aswell that goes to the tv.. "av cables"

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yeah, you wont be able to play HD if your using the capture card im using. it doesnt support it.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
make sure your saving your clips as .WMV files

Author Ryan Ballance ( ago)
that happened to me i just rewired everything a different way

Author Ryan Ballance ( ago)
i have that thing can u edit things then put it on youtube. and can u put several clips together?????????????

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yes its the one up from what i use :)

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
are you cables firmly connected? like spliters pushed properly in the slots. and are they gold plated?

Author reecenolan ( ago)
i need a bit of help ive installed my capture card to my laptop and it works ok except for one thing when it is showing the preview its working one second and then it goes back to a black screen and thn it will start working again this is a real pain i im trying to record can anyone help me please?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
maybe, if it records in black and white just follow my second tutorial :)

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
oh well then it will work fine ;)

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
what dazzle model is it?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
doesnt matter, just use the black as a white

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
some do, the one in my tut doesnt though

Author Newsy Time 69 ( ago)
does dazzle support HDMI?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yes, i imagine so.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
the splitters are so u can plug your xbox into the dazzle, and your tv as one. its basically just adding extra slots in the dazzle

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yes, splitters improve quality dramatically

Author Shadowkaisa ( ago)
my dad didnt think that u needed them its black and white without is that y u need av splitters

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
when you plug in what cable?

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
what format are you saving the files in.. and also, when ur recording u can change the destination folder on the screen before you press "start capture"

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
hmm. well i would imagine you can only record non-HD sorry mate, but dw it takes a while to get used to, and then you hardly notice.

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
not if your dazzle can't support HD format, what dazzle do you have? if its the DVC100 like i have in the video, then no. u have to play without HD :(

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
ok mate, ill add you, and have fun recording!

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
i use YpBR with the xbox composite cables, looks just as good as a HDMi cable..

Author Dan Cook ( ago)
yes the scart is the one that came with the 360. also if ur trying to record halo 3 change your voice settings from mic to TV on the halo menu settings when u press start on your controller. then your dazzle will record voice too.

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