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Dazzle DVC100 Capture Card - How to set up and record a Xbox 360 in PAL 60 - PART 2
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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: WWW.TWITTER.COM/_DANC This is the second part of the tutorial on how to set up a DVC100 dazzle with your 360. You will...
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This is a tutorial on how to adapt your Dazzle 100 series to capture video from your Xbox 360. Any Questions, please messager me. The capture...
Recording From Dazzle (DVC100) *OLD*
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Edit: Thanks for the 7k views guys, means a lot! Edit: Wow! 9K views, thank you so much guys, keep the questions coming and I will try to answer...
How to set up dazzle with xbox 360
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Hi, i have just got my dazzle and i thought i would just show you guys how i set it up. i will be posting a software video soon so i can show you...
How To Record Xbox 360/PS3 Gameplay
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Links For Products--------------- Y Adapters...
Setup Tutorial Xbox (HDMI, Turtle Beach, and Pinnacle Dazzle)
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just a turorial on how to get your xbox running on hdmi with turtle beaches and being able to capture, all at the same time. if you have any...
How to set up a Dazzle capture card for Xbox 360
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Views: 87711 Like & Subscribe to these guys please! Have Any Questions? Comment It, I'll Be Happy To Help!! I had a...
How to Use Dazzle Capture card while playing in HD
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hey heres just a quick explanation for how to play in hd while recording through your dazzle without splitters i hope this works for you!!! comment...
How To Set Up a Dazzle Capture Card
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DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! Dazzle Video recorder setup FAIR USE~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is...
How record Xbox 360, get best quality, setup, Dazzle
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This is a tutorial on how to record clips from any console, like the Xbox 360, how to achieve the best quality and I'll show you how to setup the...
How to Record from your Video Game System
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I will no longer be responding to questions about recording. I get 4-5 a day and it has just become too much work. Sorry. I did it for 5 months and...
How To Record Video Games Using Dazzle Video Recorder: Unboxing & Setup
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If you are interested in a tutorial showing how to record live TV using the dazzle, send me a message and if I get enough responses I will make a...
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how to run dazzle with hdmi-------directions below--------- Basically: 1- Use the cable hack-- 2- Put...
How To Set Up a Dazzle Capture Card (Without Splitters)
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A short tutorial on how to set up a dazzle capture card without those annoying and inconvinient splitters and a/v cables. I set mine up with an...
[How to] Set-up a (Dazzle) Capture Card with an HD-TV
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This video is strictly for HD-TV users that are finding themselves saying "WTF how r do eye plug whar?" This was very confusing for me at first,...
how to record your xbox 360 gameplay
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More Expensive dazzle -...
How To Set Up A Dazzle Capture Card
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*what you need* Dazzle Capture Card itself 3 two female 1 male end splitters a composite cable ( double sided male end red,yellow, and white ) a...
How to set up a Dazzle DVC 100 (And make a montage!)
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Hey guys. So we got a request to make this video, so here it is. This will show you how to set up a dazzle, and then what programs I use to make...
How to set up a video capture card
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This is a brief video on how to set up a dazzle or and other capture card.
Tutorial - How to get a Dazzle Dvc 100 (Black and white) into colour.
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This is my 1st of many tutorial, Hope this has helped you guys. Amcap Link - I Will be posting alot more diffrent...
XBOX 360: PAL-50 to PAL-60, HDMI fix component problem
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 94734
I hope someone will help..
How To Set Up a Dazzle With No Splitters
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 63583
this is how i set up my dazzle, you don't need any other cables apart from the one that came with your xbox, also u need a hd tv for this :)
How I set up my Dazzle Platinum capture card
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 86475
I quickly explain how I record footage from my Xbox 360 using a capture card, which in this case, is the Dazzle Platinum (or the Dazzle DVC170).
Dazzle Capture Card Setup [Best Quality]
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 34461
Just a short tutorial on how to set up your dazzle keeping the best quality you can for your dazzle. Where to find these items and how much they...
How To Record Gameplay on Xbox 360 & Ps3 (With Splitters)
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 19667
A Quick and east tutorial on how to set up youre dazzle capture card with splitters. -How To Do This Without Splitters & AV Cables:...

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