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  • Zach McLemore
    Zach McLemore 3 months ago

    Way to film it to suck your own dick. What an annoying asshole

    • tajuan straughter
      tajuan straughter 1 month ago

      Haters you Go CThompson

    • CThompsonTv
      CThompsonTv 2 months ago

      +green red Ha!

    • green red
      green red 2 months ago

      Ooga Booga  he's trying to buy his own fame on youtube....  I bet he will regret it soon when it doesn't pay off

    • CThompsonTv
      CThompsonTv 3 months ago

      +Ooga Booga the hate is real 😂

  • Carl Brutananadilewski

    Besides the fact that you clearly recorded it to make yourself look like a saint, her reaction was pretty adorable.

    • CThompsonTv
      CThompsonTv 3 months ago

      +Carl Brutananadilewski Or maybe to help people want to do more things like this since you know me and all.

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