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shihab vilayil e mail

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Author Vitoria Affonso ( ago)
Beautiful song!

Author pierre esposito ( ago)
ou trouver les cd et dvd de sajila ? merci

Author Janusz Grynkiewicz ( ago)
Fajnie spiewa, jest ladna, tylko dlaczego udaje Arabke,skoro jest Hinduska.

Author Maggy suàrez ( ago)
Bonitaaa cancion...

Author Maurício Barcellos ( ago)
Where are they from?

Author Iqbal Kotekani ( ago)

Author tabata borges ( ago)
i love you Mappila

Author tabata borges ( ago)
i listen everyday this song...

Author tabata borges ( ago)
it's song is sooooo good

Author soccersana22 ( ago)
I mean look at the translation...

Author soccersana22 ( ago)
This is what u call a song?

Author jellybalboa ( ago)
@TheRajneesh99 you are either a child with racist parents or you have low
I.Q and lack good morales due to your low inteligence and failed to have a
peaceful understanding and respect for other religions and cultures or
basically your just a son of a bitch


Author roseller oranza ( ago)

Author Nihaan khan nichu ( ago)
Rajneesh99 pattipiriyadi mone ninakenthu vivaramundeda piriyadi mone,nee e
song visit cheythille athu thanne islaminte oru poweraneda kunne

Author rajnesh chaturvedi ( ago)
she is saying"oh my Pig god allah ,please come and save me from hindus,i
get nightmares,..hindu gods are very powerful...hindus said they will shit
on me an all pakistani people,i am afraid if their god hanuman will get
angry we will get another islamabad earth quake 2005"

Author Siyad Sha ( ago)
very good selection for arabic song

Author Rachu Ragavan ( ago)
good songgggggggg

Author Abdul Munim ( ago)
Indeed the girl has sharp feature and natural beauty with perfect
nose,eyes.I am still not beleiving that she is Indian or Arabic,b`coz she
sung with perfect

Author eddyisno2 ( ago)
@rasheed1660 moplahs and pakistanis are the same left u pplz

Author Eldo Paul ( ago)
i need the lyrics smbdy pls help

Author amir tarab ( ago)
i never saw cute like her

Author reshykizhakkumpat ( ago)
good song

Author Abadir101 Channel ( ago)
Islam hates Shirk, but Is not this Shirk in obedience!!! عَنْ أَبِي
هُرَيْرَة قَالَ : قَالَ رَسُول اللَّه صَلَّى اللَّه عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَى آله
وَسَلَّمَ " مَنْ أَطَاعَنِي فَقَدْ أَطَاعَ اللَّه وَمَنْ عَصَانِي فَقَدْ
عَصَى اللَّه Translation: Abu Huraira said: The Messenger of Allah pbuh
said "Whoever obeys me has obeyed Allah and whoever disobeys me has
disobeyed Allah"."

Author sweetpie591 ( ago)
great my mom should me this song an its her favriote two

Author faizal pachu ( ago)
hai SAJLA I am very proud that ur my neighbour and saleej is my friend,wish
u all the best for gud singer .I like to listen all ur songs

Author Qari abdul rahman ( ago)
realy ,she is super

Author ANWARUDHEEN K.K. ( ago)
dont try to cheet others. useless,.....

Author Shajahan Ayyaril ( ago)
any song can attract by the music. ware a sleeve dress .what message u can
give by this song

Author DrakyGordon ( ago)
baba means the rajinikanth movie ar?

Author merooo98 ( ago)
عمل رائع جدا . عمرو المصراوى

Author suhail suhail ( ago)
sister don do shirk in hijab......don disrespect the other sisters in hijab
now its the trend for mallu muslim gals to expose them in all reality

Author Samad Yousef ( ago)
Watch here the original song by Saber El Robaey...Search Utube 4 the song...

Author truthsprevails ( ago)
You can select your own choice, but this Music is haraam. Allah-s name
mixing with haraami music is another sin. What happends to these muslim
girls? Why they degrading Allah & Islam? Beware! Allah is fast in your
account unless you regrets!

Author Shahad Ayar ( ago)
Her name is Sajila Saleem... daughter of Famous Mappilappattu singer Kannur
saleem and Famous Singer Kannur Seenathul Sulthana

Author Red Heart ( ago)
Amazing voice.. does any one know the artist's name? beautiful

Author Lalpet deen ( ago)
v v good

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