Easycap DC60 DC60+ Ezcap 32bit 64bit Free Drivers XP Vista Win7 Mac

64bit DRIVERS FOR EASYCAP DC60 & WINDOWS 7? YES - Click "more info"-link. Free download link for the Ulead VideoStudio 10 software will be found in my Online Store:

A. Drivers
B. Quick installation of EasyCap
in Windows
C. Quick installation of EasyCap DC60+
in Mac with VideoGlide demo version
D. Troubleshoots
E. Where to buy
F. Links

A. Drivers for EasyCap, EzCAP and Pinnacle Dazzle

B. Quick installation of EasyCap in Windows
1. Install from CD both drivers and
Ulead Video Studio.
2. Put EasyCap to Usb-port.
3. Let it find drivers for video and
then for usb audio with Windows.
4. Boot Your computer again.
5. Start Ulead and go to Capture/Capture
Video/Source to look if it has found
EasyCap drivers for Video.

C. Quick installation of EasyCap DC60+
in Mac with VideoGlide demo version
1. Put that main unit to USB-port
without any extra usb cable.
2. Start Your VideoGlide and it find
device right away and ask for license
key - but click that demonstration button.
3. Then in VideoGlide click Digitizers
and there VideoGlide - and then it is ready.

D. Troubleshoots
The most common reasons that You can not
get out video and/or audio are:
1. You have used scart/rca-adapter that
does not have output possibilities
(it is only input version).
2. You have tried to get video and audio
out that kind of ports from video device
that have only input direction.
3. In Windows: Files are corrupted during
installation (try again) or install CD is broken.
4. That extra Usb-cable is broken - don't use it.
5. You have wrong or not at all video- and
audio codecs in Your computer (very common
reason in Windows) - Use FFDSHOW-codecs
6. There is something wrong in windows computer
that makes conflict with EasyCap and the most
common reason is some other Usb-device in Your
computer - for example Usb-webcam. Take that
extra device away from Your computer and try again.
7. You do not have Usb 2.0 version ports in Your
computer and so ports are too slow.
8. You have Ulead Video Studio 8.0 that is not
compatible with Windows Vista with EasyCap.
9. You have EasyCap DC60 that is not compatible
with 64bit Windows or Mac.
10. You try to use Your computers own audio card
driver and then You can not hear any sound - You
must use Usb audio drivers.

E. Where to by


F. Links
FFDSHOW-codecs for Windows:
2. Free demo version of VideoGlide for Mac:

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Author Bernardo Deguchi (26 days)
In my fake easycap sometimes the image appears, flickers, sometimes does
not appear, the sound always works.... any idea ? Could be a hardware or a
plug problems? Or a drive problem?

Author Raul Zavala (10 months)
do these support the new mac os mavericks 

Author GamesPayback (1 year)
i need ATV driver for xp! can someone help me?

Author Kees Ijpelaar (1 year)
I have a UTV007 chip in it, the dongle is not very good, S-VHS do have bad
video output cvbs is better, S-VHS have cable mismatch.

Author funkyfenman (1 year)
Can anyone help,have EasyCap ver 2.10 Model DC 60 ,trying to us it with
Vista,does not detect TV signal keeps automatically trying to capture my
webcam footage ,a solution anyone ?

Author laithnimri123 (2 years)
SMI2021 but cant find the driver

Author brownsugarcandie2007 (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti Ok, thank you again, I looked up the video and it is very
good quality, I also some videogame footage as well, because I make video's
with videogames, the quality is very astonishing, in a week I will buy one
from you from your ebay store, because I use ebay to buy.

Author rhyskallen (3 years)
cheers man just got the drivers i have been searching for , for months....

Author jugghead82 (3 years)
Hey I download the drivers Im still getting their is no signal or its
unclear message from Ulead but at least now after the capture vid saves its
now an AVI file or WMV. The other driver I used had sound but this one
doesnt on the other one it said 2-USB and on this one it says 3-USB

Author Kaos Richie (3 years)
@EasycapExpertti yeah it had the same chipset as the accidental dc60 i
bought, but ive send it back with refund and i ordered one from your site :)

Author SuperWayneProduction (2 years)
Hello, I have the same thing here but the driver cd was broken when it
came. Can you tell me where I can download the drivers, I´ve been searching
in google for about 2 days. Or could you send me the driver? Thanks :D

Author XxjkycrxX (3 years)
I have dc60... and i cannot capture anything in win7 64 bit.. what can i
do? I have already download and install a lot of times the drivers :S

Author DuffManBR (3 years)
My easycap says SMI GRABBER DEVICE is it a fake Easycap ? Or the quality of
it is equal to the other ones? Please answer

Author Igotboomed Games (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti ooo i see... So how much do you sell your dc60+s for? You
did get alot of feedback and id like to maybe buy one from you. Im not a
smart guy ha, But em. As i said, iv a hd ready digital lcd tv. 64 bit,
windows 7 acer laptop. Says PAL/SECAM on the back of my tv. I would need to
just order a dc60+ off u ( if u cud giv me the link incase i fucked it up
ha ) and if i needed help from there, I cud contact u? I wudnt need to
download drivers if it works for windows 7 with a 64bit?

Author DayOfTheBread (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti The model no: DC60, the version is 3.1c

Author tasty1888 (4 years)
ok i use showbiz to record, so shuold i re instal that?

Author Bryan Corkins (3 years)
Are these drivers compatible with the EasyCap USB 2.0 as well?

Author fudgemant (4 years)
I tried downloading under where it says 1A. 32bit Drivers of DC60 (STK1160)
but it says it wont work beacause of my 32bit windows7 computer

Author philonetic (3 years)
I don't doubt that yours are made with great quality, but there is still no
"genuine" model, and there are more updated versions...

Author james miller (3 years)
do i just download all of them ?

Author fudgemant (4 years)
dude there is no place where i can download a driver for a windows 7 32bit
the one above wont work ): why me...

Author Yosephski (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti It is showing as unknown device under device manager. when
i plug it in, a window pops up saying USB device not recognized /

Author Karl Burt (4 years)
Ooooh, thanks, i shall try that right away!

Author Pn0yD3x (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti Thanks for the reply, I subscribed.

Author RIPblackass (4 years)
ive got the one on the right the 2.1 dc60 will it work with a 64 bit

Author TILT AMUSEMENTS (3 years)
yep tried that, even deleted the preferences after uninstalling the 1.4.8
version.......still does the same, either i have a cheap copy or this is
just a waste of time, appreciate you trying to help though thanks.

Author ToneVict (4 years)
thanks for the driver worked perfectly on windows 7 32bit, thanks a million

Author Yosephski (4 years)
My DC60+ is not recognized on Win7 64-bit anymore after installing your
drivers. It was working good but without audio. But after installing the
drivers, the computer is not recognizing the device anymore.. tried
uninstalling drivers but sill no luck.. help?

Author Mukjus (4 years)
@craigofshrewsbury same deal for me but I got "No parameters can be
rendered" need help too

Author FunAndJokes (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti hello i was thing of buying your easycap dc60+ v3.1B but
my computer has no cd drive will this be a problem i see you have
downloadable drivers does that include everything you need to set up the
easycap? thanks!

Author DayOfTheBread (4 years)
Whenever I insert my easycap into the USB slot, Windows will show it as an
'unknown device', however when I try to update the driver manually but
Windows says I have the best recommended driver already installed. I've
tried to uninstall and reinsert the device but the same problem keeps
happening, Windows is essentially saying I have the best information saved
for something that isn't even recognised or saved on my computer. Can
anyone give some advice as to how to fix this?

Author brownsugarcandie2007 (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti OK thanks! I own an EC for my Windows XP system, and it
worked, but I just upgraded to a windows 7 64 bit computer, but I just
found out that the easycap I own, is the fake one, and doesn't work, but it
worked so well for a good year and still does on XP, I just need to be sure
this capture card will work with windows 7, because I'm basically tired of
looking everywhere, so can you guarantee it will work? The computer I own
now, has everything built inside of it, Monitor/PC.

Author fudgemant (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti arggg sorry i got a question so after i do all of this
when i plug my easycap into my computer should something pop up?

Author fattom1996 (3 years)
mate can u help me i have a easycap 2.0 dc60.. and when i try to record in
colour it doesnt work the preview screen freezes but its in colour when it
freezes do u know wot the problem is?

Author Needsumfood (3 years)
Umm i have my easy vcap for a couple of months now and it work prefectly
the first time around. then i had to restore the computer to factory
settings and i lost the cd with it and it not working now. when i plug it
in it comes up as an ISDB - T dongle 24 any way i can fix that?

Author Pn0yD3x (4 years)
I did what you told me, I was using Sony vegas. Now im using Ulead but I
get this same error. Failed to initialize video capture plug in. Another
program may be using it or the file has been moved. Open driver failed.
Cannot created the video capture filter.

Author Karl Burt (4 years)
right it works, thanks! only problem is, no sound!

Author OroCrimson (2 years)
Hey, do you still reply to people? I'd love to have your help. Mine is
fake, which is obvious to me now. When I bought it online, it said DC60.
When I got it, the CD said DC60++. The manual is for Easycap001/Easycap002.
The driver it installs is an audio? driver called usbtv007, and when I
opened it up to check the chipset, it had "utv007" on the top of it. And
it's apparently manufactured by Fushicai, according to LinuxTVWiki. I don't
know what to do with it, or if there's anything I CAN do.

Author brownsugarcandie2007 (4 years)
What version easycap would you recommend for windows 7, 64 bit computers?

Author Cuttingx3dge (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti thnx needed 2 know bought my easy cap DC60+ on ebay

Author Matjaz Marussig (4 years)
It doesn't work on XP. Believe it or not - it doesn't work.

Author zLeoHD (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti i start using virtualdub thanks for all the help:D

Author TheKiLLiNGLePRecHaUN (4 years)
@ChrisCaelanThomas yeah go to his site easycapexpertii google it and on it
you sould be able to find your drivers had the same problem today lol

Author Cuppa Joe (2 years)
I had the fake EasyCap all along...that's what I get for thinking $7 was a
good deal. Thanks for the help!

Author jugghead82 (3 years)
It says STK1160 Grabber

Author DayOfTheBread (4 years)
@EasycapExpertti The only drivers I have installed within that category are
Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI and Realtek High Definition Audio.

Author zeetto5 (2 years)
Dude? Does this one seems legit

Author laithnimri123 (2 years)
please help i bought an easycap but i cant install easycap software
(driver) i have the cd for windows 7 64 bit so i cant run easycap in
windows xp 32 bit??

Author BroskeGames (4 years)
It will not allow me to record sound. The box under the "Capture Option"
cannot be checked. I'm using DC60+ on Windows 7 with your linked DC60+
Drivers. Can you help? :\

Author MarthSword (4 years)
Is DC60 better or DC60+? I've tried to make mine as good as possible but
the DC60 plus easycap's seem alot better. Mine is a USB2861 is there anyway
to use another driver or make it as good as the syntek one?

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