Easycap DC60 DC60+ Ezcap 32bit 64bit Free Drivers XP Vista Win7 Mac

64bit DRIVERS FOR EASYCAP DC60 & WINDOWS 7? YES - Click "more info"-link. Free download link for the Ulead VideoStudio 10 software will be found in my Online Store:

A. Drivers
B. Quick installation of EasyCap
in Windows
C. Quick installation of EasyCap DC60+
in Mac with VideoGlide demo version
D. Troubleshoots
E. Where to buy
F. Links

A. Drivers for EasyCap, EzCAP and Pinnacle Dazzle

B. Quick installation of EasyCap in Windows
1. Install from CD both drivers and
Ulead Video Studio.
2. Put EasyCap to Usb-port.
3. Let it find drivers for video and
then for usb audio with Windows.
4. Boot Your computer again.
5. Start Ulead and go to Capture/Capture
Video/Source to look if it has found
EasyCap drivers for Video.

C. Quick installation of EasyCap DC60+
in Mac with VideoGlide demo version
1. Put that main unit to USB-port
without any extra usb cable.
2. Start Your VideoGlide and it find
device right away and ask for license
key - but click that demonstration button.
3. Then in VideoGlide click Digitizers
and there VideoGlide - and then it is ready.

D. Troubleshoots
The most common reasons that You can not
get out video and/or audio are:
1. You have used scart/rca-adapter that
does not have output possibilities
(it is only input version).
2. You have tried to get video and audio
out that kind of ports from video device
that have only input direction.
3. In Windows: Files are corrupted during
installation (try again) or install CD is broken.
4. That extra Usb-cable is broken - don't use it.
5. You have wrong or not at all video- and
audio codecs in Your computer (very common
reason in Windows) - Use FFDSHOW-codecs
6. There is something wrong in windows computer
that makes conflict with EasyCap and the most
common reason is some other Usb-device in Your
computer - for example Usb-webcam. Take that
extra device away from Your computer and try again.
7. You do not have Usb 2.0 version ports in Your
computer and so ports are too slow.
8. You have Ulead Video Studio 8.0 that is not
compatible with Windows Vista with EasyCap.
9. You have EasyCap DC60 that is not compatible
with 64bit Windows or Mac.
10. You try to use Your computers own audio card
driver and then You can not hear any sound - You
must use Usb audio drivers.

E. Where to by


F. Links
FFDSHOW-codecs for Windows:
2. Free demo version of VideoGlide for Mac:

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Author ELECTRIC Banana ( ago)
Bad disliking

Author Donovin Caldwell ( ago)
where do i download the drivers for win 10

Author Bernardo Deguchi ( ago)
In my fake easycap sometimes the image appears, flickers, sometimes does
not appear, the sound always works.... any idea ? Could be a hardware or a
plug problems? Or a drive problem?

Author AlmightySteezy ( ago)
do these support the new mac os mavericks 

Author GamesPayback ( ago)
i need ATV driver for xp! can someone help me?

Author Kees Ijpelaar ( ago)
I have a UTV007 chip in it, the dongle is not very good, S-VHS do have bad
video output cvbs is better, S-VHS have cable mismatch.

Author funkyfenman ( ago)
Can anyone help,have EasyCap ver 2.10 Model DC 60 ,trying to us it with
Vista,does not detect TV signal keeps automatically trying to capture my
webcam footage ,a solution anyone ?

Author EasycapExpertti ( ago)
You can download the drivers and several capturing/editing softwares via my
online store's download page:

Author Nano ( ago)
Can someone please help me I have a laptop with no cd/DVD compartment. I
really want to capture video for my channel. Help would be great

Author fallentofate ( ago)
mine just can't find the drivers for the audio... I downloaded your drivers
and it didnt really do anything.. can you please help?.. It would be

Author Jahn5818 ( ago)
Can I have a valid download URL for FAKE UTV007? Thanks a lot.

Author Cuppa Joe ( ago)
I had the fake EasyCap all along...that's what I get for thinking $7 was a
good deal. Thanks for the help!

Author CarameloGames ( ago)
Thank you so much! I tried many drivers and finally found one that worked
through your website. Unfortunately, I like many have a fake easycap but it
is at least working now thanks to you.

Author Thodo Koss ( ago)
I have the same and i use a composite video but the display quality is very
bad.Anyway i can fix this?

Author Total Wafflez ( ago)
What one do you recommend I download? I am unfamiliar with these

Author Total Wafflez ( ago)
My easy cap says D60++ and my other cd says OEM Capture Device and when I
plug my easy crap into the computer it registers as oem capture device I
have a windows 7 64 bit OS system.. Please for the love of GOD someone help
me I am getting fucking pissed.

Author SuperWayneProduction ( ago)
Ah and when I plug the grabber in my pc, it says that it's a "usb 2.0 video
capture controller"

Author SuperWayneProduction ( ago)
I tried the drivers for easycap001 and easycap002 but they dont work. :( I
bought the device for 8$, there is not written easycap on it. the manual
says it is easycap001 or easycap002 and it says that the driver that is
installed is "stk1160 atv bda". But the driver cd that was broken says its
easycap dc60++. I bought it here: ebay
com/itm/310496379955?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I
have no idea what driver i should install :(. I have windows vista 32 bit.

Author OroCrimson ( ago)
Well they've just added the driver to their website, thankfully. Though if
it installs a driver called OEM Capture, it works apparently (it just
started working for me o.o') Use a webcam recorder-- it'll come up as a
webcam to use. Also, their website has programs you can use, like Ulead
studio, or a list of freeware programs as well.

Author SuperWayneProduction ( ago)
Hello, I have the same thing here but the driver cd was broken when it
came. Can you tell me where I can download the drivers, I´ve been searching
in google for about 2 days. Or could you send me the driver? Thanks :D

Author OroCrimson ( ago)
Thank you very much! Everything's working A-OK now :) You're a life-saver :D

Author OroCrimson ( ago)
No good. I finally got around to checking it out (found my easycap again)
and I can't install either SMI driver. Windows insisted that it is supposed
to be OEM Capture (which I can't get to work on anything) so I told them to
shut up and stop automatically installing drivers. When I use either
Setup.exe, I get an error. "Please make sure you have finished any previous
setup..." also, I can't manually install that one either, it tells me it
couldn't find the right drivers for the device.

Author OroCrimson ( ago)
Is it SMI? Okay. Cause it didn't look like the SMI in your pictures :P I'll
try that out. Thanks.

Author OroCrimson ( ago)
Hey, do you still reply to people? I'd love to have your help. Mine is
fake, which is obvious to me now. When I bought it online, it said DC60.
When I got it, the CD said DC60++. The manual is for Easycap001/Easycap002.
The driver it installs is an audio? driver called usbtv007, and when I
opened it up to check the chipset, it had "utv007" on the top of it. And
it's apparently manufactured by Fushicai, according to LinuxTVWiki. I don't
know what to do with it, or if there's anything I CAN do.

Author laithnimri123 ( ago)
SMI2021 but cant find the driver

Author laithnimri123 ( ago)
How to know what chipset I have? oh ok found

Author laithnimri123 ( ago)
dude i sucks i need a bigger help i did press in the download button then
(download button in website) the what btw i did sub 2 u :)

Author laithnimri123 ( ago)
i dont know how to use it i have easycap usb 2.0 wich driver should i
download and thanx for fast response

Author laithnimri123 ( ago)
please help i bought an easycap but i cant install easycap software
(driver) i have the cd for windows 7 64 bit so i cant run easycap in
windows xp 32 bit??

Author Dewald van Wyk (1567 years ago)
thanx i didnt know which one i had until i checked ur website

Author Luc Jordan Foster ( ago)
hey i bought an easycap DC60 and i dnt have a disk drive so i cant install
the drivers can any one help find the drivers for the easycap DC60 on a
windows xp 32bit netbook

Author zeetto5 ( ago)
Hmm okay. I already got 1 easycap, but not sure if it's a ripoff or not.
what are the signs of a ripoff? :/

Author zeetto5 ( ago)
Dude? Does this one seems legit

Author David Rangel ( ago)
T_T my easy doesntget detected on w XP.... i have dc60++ Heeeeelp !!! :S

Author jugghead82 ( ago)
Hey thank you so much for all your help I took the Videoview program and
files from your folder, put back the STK1160 Grabber and now Ive got sound
and video Svideo is still light but ILL just edit it. Once again thanks.

Author jugghead82 ( ago)
Hey I download the drivers Im still getting their is no signal or its
unclear message from Ulead but at least now after the capture vid saves its
now an AVI file or WMV. The other driver I used had sound but this one
doesnt on the other one it said 2-USB and on this one it says 3-USB

Author jugghead82 ( ago)
It says STK1160 Grabber

Author jugghead82 ( ago)
Got the dc60 v2.1c trying to run it on an hp windows7 pc was able to do
some little with it the driver I downloaded was USB2.0 ATV the weird thing
is it says no signal but I see picture composite shows but s video is
really light and Ive use Ulead aswell as Virtual Dub, so far Ive been able
to record with VideoView but the files are just that files that are opened
to play when I select open with the Media Player. Ive used a convert to
change them to avi or wmv. Is their a driver for dc60v2.1c?

Author PINBALL CRAZED ( ago)
yep tried that, even deleted the preferences after uninstalling the 1.4.8
version.......still does the same, either i have a cheap copy or this is
just a waste of time, appreciate you trying to help though thanks.

Author PINBALL CRAZED ( ago)
yes i did that, i get a brief preview of my image and then its gone. i have
my ps3 connected via av and i select composite in video settings.......but
the image lasts about 3 secs

Author PINBALL CRAZED ( ago)
im using an easycap 60+ 3.1b, my system is 10.6.8 when i go to video
settings and click it over to svideo i get a brief preview (around 3 sec)
and then back to a black screen.

Author TheEliteGam1ngTeam ( ago)
Do you have to have a Mac to record? Or can you have an ordinary laptop or
netbook with windows xp installed?

Author PINBALL CRAZED ( ago)
i have an ezcap 60+ plugged in to my mac, im using video glide demo and all
i got is a black screen with echo fx written across it.

Author 320Awaken ( ago)
You seem to be active, so i'll ask you...i just got this today, and
everything works up until i go to record...the "record" screen is
black...Not sure exactly what's wrong. Thanks! :)

Author Seismicly ( ago)
TY so much!

Author معاني فريدة ( ago)
thank you dude!! I was so disappointed 5 minutes ago , because my dear
friend had lost my only copy of the driver >_> but I download it from the
link you added in the description and my device now is working

Author philonetic ( ago)
Nice edit about the 64bit. As I said, I have no doubt that you're trying to
have the highest quality product possible, If you reply to me and let me
know when you're using 3.1c I will order from you.

Author philonetic ( ago)
I don't doubt that yours are made with great quality, but there is still no
"genuine" model, and there are more updated versions...

Author philonetic ( ago)
It takes but one look at your "converters" section to know the quality of
your goods. I've seen the same models in side markets in Thailand for less
than $2 dollars, and you're scamming people for upwards of $70 for *no name
brand* low quality goods. Look around people, the economy is bad enough.
Anyone claiming to be selling "genuine" EasyCAP/EzCAPS is lying to you,
there is no such thing, and the only trademarked name is EzCAP which sells
a more updated version than EasycapExpertti.

Author TheSuperStyles ( ago)
@DuffManBR How did you get your one to record audio!

Author DuffManBR ( ago)
What are the Easycaps that works s-video in win7 64 bits ? How can I know
that a easycap is fake ? Do you ship for Brazil ? Thanks

Author DuffManBR ( ago)
Thanks for answering me, I live in Brazil do you ship to here ? My one says
SMI GRABBER DEVICE but has audio, in the CD it says Version 3.1C and the CD
is all yellow, my conectors aren't golden, are you sure it is FAKE ? If it
is i will ask for a refund in the shop i bought. Sorry for english errors.

Author DuffManBR ( ago)
My easycap says SMI GRABBER DEVICE is it a fake Easycap ? Or the quality of
it is equal to the other ones? Please answer

Author Kaos Richie (1253 years ago)
@EasycapExpertti yeah it had the same chipset as the accidental dc60 i
bought, but ive send it back with refund and i ordered one from your site :)

Author Kaos Richie ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti Hey i got a EasyCap dc60+ and it says it version is 3.1C i
asked the buy explicitly if this is dc60+ he said yes, but when i install
it with the cd it still doesnt support PAL60 and everything looks the same
as the dc60 which i accidentally bought b4. I have no option for ntsc-433

Author CouIter ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti thanks it actually works nvm. thanks for replying!

Author CouIter ( ago)
Hey easycap experti what happened to the old drivers? I use to just look in
your description and see a 32 bit driver before that worked for me

Author Bryan Corkins (1949 years ago)
Are these drivers compatible with the EasyCap USB 2.0 as well?

Author fattom1996 ( ago)
@ItssssCreeper i have got splitters its cuz the easycap cant run on pal60

Author The1MCBrain ( ago)
i have installed it all on now and i have set it up thanks for the help but
know when i go to record there is a green screen and it wont let me change
from HDMI to normal ???

Author The1MCBrain ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti ok which drivers would you recomend beacuse i know that
there are many to chose from ?

Author The1MCBrain ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti i dont have any other usb webcams or dongals so im not
sure what to do

Author The1MCBrain ( ago)
Hi i am having massive problems with my eaycap i carnt set it up to my
computer properly it says something about it being registered to another
device when i want record please can you help me out

Author ItssssCreeper ( ago)
@fattom1996 you need to buy splitters

Author fattom1996 ( ago)
mate can u help me i have a easycap 2.0 dc60.. and when i try to record in
colour it doesnt work the preview screen freezes but its in colour when it
freezes do u know wot the problem is?

Author james miller ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti THANKYOU so much, i couldnt install the drivers cause it
is fake,,,, -_- but i still record with it, check out my channel and good

Author james miller ( ago)
do i just download all of them ?

Author Needsumfood ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti the first time around it had the name smi grabber device
is that the problem

Author Needsumfood ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti when i go to ulead editor all i see is digital tv input
the easy cap doesnt pop up at all i tried manually installing the driver
and it said could start up the device

Author Needsumfood ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti i have installed the setup.exe i plug it in and it still
come up as the same thing . how would i get it working again

Author Needsumfood ( ago)
Umm i have my easy vcap for a couple of months now and it work prefectly
the first time around. then i had to restore the computer to factory
settings and i lost the cd with it and it not working now. when i plug it
in it comes up as an ISDB - T dongle 24 any way i can fix that?

Author rhyskallen ( ago)
cheers man just got the drivers i have been searching for , for months....

Author XxjkycrxX ( ago)
I have dc60... and i cannot capture anything in win7 64 bit.. what can i
do? I have already download and install a lot of times the drivers :S

Author BrownNinja10 ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti Geniune? Like real? How do you know if its real?

Author BrownNinja10 ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti I have an 32 bit Xp So i can download the one in
description or your website? Also What Do you have recording programs like

Author BrownNinja10 ( ago)
Hey do you know if i can use any of these for Windows Xp?

Author Matjaz Marussig ( ago)
It doesn't work on XP. Believe it or not - it doesn't work.

Author zLeoHD ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti i start using virtualdub thanks for all the help:D

Author zLeoHD ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti i just install Ulead Video Studio and i put it on windows
xp service pack 3 and when i put record ulead get freeze

Author zLeoHD (283 years ago)
@EasycapExpertti yea it say usb audio interface and STK1116 grabber it
doesnt metter if i use WindDVR 3 for recording?

Author zLeoHD ( ago)
hey hope you can help me with this i have easycap dc60 2.1c and my audio
doesnt work i use windvr 3 for recording

Author Ferretscraze11 (644 years ago)
What is the link for D60+ (Windows 7)? Having trouble sorting them out.

Author TheRAVAGEzz ( ago)
Ulead won't instal on my computer for some reason. Will you help me?

Author SuperCrazyJunk ( ago)
which link is for mac

Author Mukjus (1702 years ago)
@craigofshrewsbury same deal for me but I got "No parameters can be
rendered" need help too

Author TeamIcY ( ago)
Man love you !!!!!!!! <3

Author Man Made Tortoise (1004 years ago)
Okay so today i unistalled the D60 Driver for easycap and installed the
DC60+ Driver for easycap but when i got into amcap, ulead video studio
etc.. it comes up wtih this "Either no video capture driver is installed in
this system or no device is connected" Even though my easycap is plugged
into my computer... Can anyone help me out??

Author Man Made Tortoise ( ago)
Can you help me out? I have the Easy Cap DC60 V2.1c installed onto my
compter but i downloaded the DC60+ V3.1B driver.. but how do i change the
drivers around..? and im using vista 32 bit..

Author ProtectTheHouse ( ago)
thank you man when i got the easy cap it was cracked in half

Author MGOFlashHound ( ago)
hello i have the Easycap DC60 v2.1C, i got it from ebay and i installed it
but it didnt work. i installed the windows 7/vista drivers said in youtube
video and i had a windows 7 64bit laptop but still didnt work. i trade my
laptop with my bros vista 32bit laptop but it still doesnt work. so im
think of getting the dazzle but now i want to get the best easycap. what
should i pick dazzle or the best and updated easycap card?

Author MarthSword ( ago)
Is DC60 better or DC60+? I've tried to make mine as good as possible but
the DC60 plus easycap's seem alot better. Mine is a USB2861 is there anyway
to use another driver or make it as good as the syntek one?

Author fudgemant ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti arggg sorry i got a question so after i do all of this
when i plug my easycap into my computer should something pop up?

Author fudgemant ( ago)
im trying to get to my computer to select the easycap but its taking

Author fudgemant ( ago)

Author fudgemant ( ago)
I tried downloading under where it says 1A. 32bit Drivers of DC60 (STK1160)
but it says it wont work beacause of my 32bit windows7 computer

Author fudgemant ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti how does downloading a driver tell u how u have a fake or

Author fudgemant ( ago)
dude there is no place where i can download a driver for a windows 7 32bit
the one above wont work ): why me...

Author WhoSaysImAnerd ( ago)
how do you get everything on a netbok?

Author TheSteveoninja ( ago)
What do the red and blue checks mean

Author DayOfTheBread ( ago)
@EasycapExpertti I'm afraid I just keep getting the same message when I
plug in my Easycap. "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has
malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it. USB Root Hub (2 ports) -
Unused Port - Unknown Device"

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