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Author shatchett0 (3 years)
Why the hate? It's unreal. Don't much like the car but there's no need for
the hate.

Author Elliott Alameda (3 years)
im white and I fuggin love these cars. I want me a 84 cutlass with 24
Forgiato 2.01's

Author Travis Johnson (5 years)
I belive its fake aswell, it sounds tired as hell did you hear when it took
off it bogged down, it has no power what so ever. lol

Author jeromeb619 (5 years)
shit im runnin i got a 434 stroker nice car tho paint look wet as shit
where u get it done at

Author jhizzylawnman (5 years)
they did make 80ss style 442 s

Author Uncivlizedrd (4 years)
So here is my question. you want to build a motor and put a cowl and shit
why ruin the car. My first assumption is that its not a 442. Cuz noone in
there right mind would ruin a orig 442 (seeing as that 442 cutlass' are
rare as hell to begin with) second without googling it do you even know
what 442 stands for? And I'm willing to be its an automatic trans making it
NOT A 442. not to be a hater but that car looks like shit. must be a ga
thing. where the hell are the headers? weak motor!

Author olverafam (4 years)
thats not a 442

Author Montecarloryder86 (5 years)
u doin your thang with the cutlass bra. i can't say not 1 bad thang about
this car. let the haters hate cuz most of em broke an catchin the bus.

Author Chris Hanson (4 years)
another nice car fucked up by dumb nig who cant talk,so they jack their
cars up like redneck four wheel drives,but they dont like four wheel

Author blesdavis (5 years)
that nigga smokin in da back ground coffin

Author MrBossilini (4 years)
@Uncivlizedrd (Four Barrel Carburetor,Four On the Floor Dual Exhausts) then
its also been (400 Cubic Inch Displacement,Four Barrel Carburetor,Dual
Exhaust) then 4 cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Dual camshafts,after '65,
any connection between the 442 name and the features were just
coincidental.maybe u should learn ur shit

Author bassoundlikethunda (5 years)
dude yall are dumb. change the gearing so that piece of shit can take off.
and for those sayin its not a 442, it might be. its deff. a small block
chevy, but theres no way to tell if its a 305, 350, 400, just by seeing the
engine bay. it may be a 400 small block bored/stroked to a 442 but i highly
doubt it.

Author Gio Delta (3 years)
Another classic muscle car ruined. Narrator barely speaks english, take
that carb powered machine away from him and return it to its original
muscle car look

Author Patrick Quade (4 years)
this may be superfluous, but.... why wouldn't you allocate some funds

Author mike peezy (3 years)
deeze pussass niggaz hatin on dat C-Town shyt..i bet dey sum crackerz..706

Author alivesmokin420 (5 years)
datz a fukn waiste of money no lip on da rimz wak azz hood gay
interior!!!!! ur niggerz are tryin 2 hard cum 2 feenix,az well show yu how
2 roll!!!! triple 6!!!

Author Slyteradon Raptor (4 years)

Author Jeremy Prince (4 years)
niggas be killin me wit this false flaggin mess. brah, a 442 is considered
by the motor size... meaning u got a 442 motor, not a weak ass 400 SBC.
thats small block chevy for yall slow folks. then all he got is a damn KnN
air cleaner, chrome kit and some flowmasters!!! tha car is hot but dont put
442 BIG AS HELL down the side if it aint even got olds motor much less a
442 under the hood. O AND 442 IS BIG BLOCK NIGGA!!!

Author MrBossilini (4 years)
@Uncivlizedrd u dumbshit there not all auto and .442 is four-barrel
carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, and two exhausts. 400 engine
not a 442 they dont even make a 442,theres 455 and 400 and in 1965 they had
options of manuel or auto . and since 65 the 442 has changed a few times
but remain similair .learn ur shit before u speak

Author rayfl502 (4 years)
@lilgervin Where exactly did he shit at sir?. Was it inside of the ugly
blue car .

Author DC plack (5 years)
welfare paid for this car

Author Sam Ellis (4 years)
step my motor up? its a stock 400 with a k&n and some $20 valve covers.
Prolly barely turns them rims

Author Russell Barnes (3 years)
bro thats a chevy motor not a olds 442

Author OHN (4 years)
I really don't know how you do dat....

Author tom adkins (4 years)
pretty much the only thing i like on this is the paint

Author jhon doe (4 years)
hang yo self wit dis bullshyt please

Author CTAjunior (4 years)
does it say "gay rights" on the white truck ?

Author emanuel lott (2 years)
Dat shit barely takn off

Author 1BULLDOGBLITZ (4 years)
hhmmm cool

Author 77chevy4x4 (4 years)
alill more on yor kneez bitch catch u up on that tax free link card shit mo
money fo"

Author Static Shock (3 years)
clean whip bruh!!

Author 561sage (5 years)
is it true u gotta put a certain transmission to put rims on a car

Author The3DComputerMan (2 years)
chevy motor bitch

Author drowsky21 (5 years)
@pwnuntheface91 - stop fuckin hating, white fuckers need to go on
the 4x4 vids !!!

Author Anthony Mackmore (4 years)
@lilgervin nigga fuck you

Author Hustle256Man (5 years)
Mane do you know what a 442 look like?

Author IVEMER (3 years)
nucca fagy fonkeyducks..

Author nc252chickakanique (5 years)
Man I got a Cutlass and I'm in Columbus. Race me in it. I got a 350. I
burned it before and i will do it again. That B I said whats up. Mr. 1000

Author emanuel lott (2 years)

Author p8ntballcracker (5 years)
no... they deff live there... and will never move out cauz they spend all
of their welfare checks on that...

Author CANemo224 (5 years)
car horrible... and this is coming from someone black i dont even think
thats 442!

Author p8ntballcracker (5 years)
bahaha your a dumbass, ppl do that to trucks to actually drive off the
road... what do these stupid ass rims do for functionality? NOTHING just
look gay

Author T Pain (4 years)
listen to the engine knockin at :56-oh and they did get you cause a 400 sbc
doesnt have a dipstick on the left lol clown dont forget to stop at the
zone and get them fresh chrome wipers to match that tacky ass throwback
1995 chrome tape.....

Author HAITIAN SOSA (5 years)
seen dat cutlass on stewart ave in atlanta the oyher

Author BMAN294 (4 years)
the oil changes must be easy anyway

Author sc4r3cr0w1 (4 years)
@icerushbust7142128 true

Author TruePointGuard3 (4 years)
i aint a nigga to hate ya feel me...nice car tho i wanted to throw some 6's
on my monte but ima keep the rallys give it that muscle car feel

Author lilgervin (4 years)
My partner shit

Author moparguy92 (4 years)
what a wast !!!!

Author Wayne Tucker (4 years)
pros: good lift kit, I can tell you got more shit than just cups and
shocks. cons: horrible chrome tape, tacky interior, and wheels to small for
lift kit..... you have recieved 3 out of 5 stars......

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