Maple Story:Hoblin King PQ

This is the new hoblin pq that just hit gms this is how the music should be. This pq is for 80-200 GMS

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Author Bbturtle35 (4 years)
@TheSuperSalesman i play american ms as well and it's called GMS A.K.A
North American MS

Author Bebo DeSouza (4 years)
@volttackle678 80~200 not 75 the hoblin Earrings for lvl 75 req

Author geto235 (4 years)
@KataclysmKat what does it do, or whats it used for?

Author Leonic (3 years)
what are the chances of getting green rex earrings?

Author Daniel Lee (3 years)
this pq looks long and pointless, but i like how the prize sounds...

Author street253 (4 years)
@chisinkill when are you coming back to maple?!

Author Ashley Hoblin (4 years)
Anyone else find this because their last name is Hoblin?

Author MrLooserful (4 years)
@street253 i tot 80

Author awiorg (4 years)
song matches gameplay lol nice job

Author juQes ! (4 years)
What is that awesome song?! :O

Author suddenhero123 (3 years)
now its lv 120+ now

Author theasianguy (4 years)
@street253 thats cheap

Author 1goldenguy1 (4 years)
@street253 Isn't it 80-100?

Author MisfitKimmy (4 years)
How exactly do you get the hyena mount? does it drop or do you need to
finish a certain amount of pqs? Thanks~

Author rcglitcher (4 years)
lol,GAY pq

Author chisinkill (4 years)
@street253 you need me to come back soon or something?

Author street253 (4 years)
@JoselitoAua i got the medal from the vistor event. Which is over now

Author Wazu (4 years)
omg ur so lucky <33 for me when i do this i always get mesos.... never
earings D:

Author KimySan (4 years)
I can't wait to do it ! :D

Author Feng Ling (4 years)
wow the goblin is a bitch

Author JoselitoAua (4 years)
the one u have on in the video

Author hayakatsu (3 years)
guess i should at least be lv100 to do this without dying every 30 seconds.
gosh darnit!

Author Bbturtle35 (4 years)
@TheSuperSalesman american maplestory is gms.....

Author street253 (4 years)
@1goldenguy1 yes the lvl requirements is 80. I never updated my top post
about it.

Author Isaac Molina (3 years)
can i has the first song's name? or is it really a maplestory song?

Author JoselitoAua (4 years)
were did you get the medal ?

Author qwerty845James845 (4 years)
@djungify pretty sure its the green rex earings

Author street253 (4 years)
@1zziipp1 You weren't on! f5 do your quests and we can do it

Author chisinkill (4 years)
HI JEV! its jason xD

Author Pranta Dey (4 years)
Whao! This was sick! Nice dude! What level were at?

Author David Jung (4 years)
What was the green little orb thingy the hoblin king just drop?

Author MrAcidGFX (4 years)
what do u capture with?

Author street253 (4 years)
@FallenHero852 I'm lvl 162

Author BorderSkt99 (4 years)
whatre the prizes? rewards O=

Author street253 (4 years)
@dglegend thank you =)

Author BlazedHearts (4 years)
Whats the music? :D

Author james bond (4 years)
@street253 its 80-200 fyi lol gut nice vid

Author street253 (4 years)
@BorderSkt99 you get rex earrings. Red add rex earrings add dex and str,
green add int and luk. Main reason people do the pq are for these earrings
they also add 10% hp. They have durability but you can fix that in leafre
for 400k

Author saharud123 (4 years)
I got the saddle on my Wild Hunter!(it's useless)

Author Kevin Lee (4 years)
What are you supposed to do when the Goblin calls on you?

Author 1zziipp1 (4 years)
D: u did without meee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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