Indian Music - classical instrumental - Flute

Excerpts from flute maestro K. Bhaskaran's Indian Classical music concert in Chennai, India. This is in South Indian style, or Carnatic style of Indian Music. The artiste can be reached at, and his web site at

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Author Devraj Thiruvengadam (3 months)
Thanks for Playing Flute at Krishna Temple,Gopalapuram.While I was
worshiping god,U made me to sit and watch ur program.

Extraordinary Performance.....

Author lawowalker (5 years)
whats the name of the song and can in tbe found on itunes. If not, where?

Author pings007 (5 years)
adbutham, apoorvam :)

Author shankyxyz (5 years)
hey u shld add the tag reetigowlai. thanks

Author fraskydingy (3 years)
@marcohahaha She's playing tambura. It doesn't play a melody (it doesn't
have any frets). It's just used to add to the overall sound of the music.
It's an additional drone.

Author fraskydingy (5 years)
Wow. All of these are tremendous performers. This is breathtakingly
gorgeous music.

Author sanjum7777 (3 years)
Great music The lady is playing Tanpura. And Mridangam by ... yes its
Marlin Brando!!

Author defdeezy (5 years)
if it is jargon, then it is the jargon of expressing my love for this art
form, something that cannot be expressed. so i suppose jargon is a good
word to describe it, since words can only obfuscate. of course, you didn't
mean that, but i prefer to take stupidity and mold it into something useful.

Author Bhaskaran Krishnamurthi (6 years)
Sheet music is well, I would not say impossible, but very very difficult,
and at best it can approximate the exact representation -mainly because of
Indian Classical 'nuances' called 'gamakas' and secondly improvisational,
creative part of the music which is actually conceived and perfomred
literally 'on-the-fly'....

Author citizenfitz (3 years)
@acidcrashguy Thanks for getting me straight. Brando truly had more sides
to him than the Hope Diamond. America is the less for his passing.

Author Jada Skylar (2 years)
@macrohahaha Um, yes. Actually, she was. She was playing a sitar.

Author ex2dx (3 years)
and just as intriging is a tune on my nokia fone called 'facing
east'....which I wake up to every morning

Author Jessica Fischer (3 years)
sound level is so low I can't hear anything

Author fraskydingy (3 years)
@DCalifornian So, that's a tambura, not a sitar. It can't play a melody.
It's just strummed like that to add an extra drone sound to the music.
They're very very common in indian classical music.

Author CommanderKickass27 (1 year)
Nah, men don't have the plastic flashy ones, it's kumkum powder.

Author fadillah85 (5 years)
hell yeah

Author The Jamesinator (3 years)
Very skilled musicians and great music. I really enjoyed it.

Author rajuthatha (5 years)
Fantrastic- crisp, exciting and best of all, so very pleasant. Credit goes
to the entire ensemble, ably led, naturally by the lead, the the master
with the flute, Bhaskaran sir. Mukundan

Author NinetiesYouth (3 years)
@Karlfalcon I'd be proud of my Indian heritage if they invented harmony.
But the Europeans did it first.

Author aa1099 (1 year)
anyone know where i can buy this cd, the flute guy is out of control!

Author Riya Dhoorjati (1 year)
Hi Bhaskar sir superb music. Dear friends before commenting please do study
on the instrument and also on classical music. This is not tabla. This is

Author MitchWadeCole (3 years)
feckin love Tambalas.. they're amazing

Author sktneer (4 years)
Excellent..............keep it up.

Author julioshull (5 years)

Author hykcjswo (3 years)
Is there a title to this piece?

Author stevesimpson33 (4 years)
How lovely....and interesting

Author Aditya Jain (2 years)
wow wnt 2 c more....

Author me1we1 (2 years)
I can now see where RnB orginated from. Thank you

Author nathanvsf (3 years)
HARE KRSHNA. awesome! theres never a time im not listening to music like
this unless im taking a shower LITTERALLY

Author worldwildwest (2 years)
Great music with hyped up riffs , only thing missing is a Dancing Cobra in
the Middle!!!

Author Lucien Provencher (5 years)
Could not have said it better myself. Even after the novelty has worn off,
I'm still totally fascinated by this music and looking for more.

Author StripeBag (3 years)
aaah,so relaxing

Author marcohahaha (3 years)
was that woman even playing anything?

Author balakumar PARAMALINGAM (6 years)
sabhash !!! khanjira is very wonderfull

Author legzandherpiano (4 years)
@ ajwood123 (in case this gets posted elsewhere)
idiottttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttt

Author kingoku1 (4 years)
बहुत अच्छा!

Author Karlfalcon (3 years)
@jpfdlop The same to you!

Author shockduck47 (4 years)

Author asia elise (4 years)

Author Rory Connolly (5 years)
I hear that

Author ksriniasu (4 years)
I would have preferred that he played the song at a slower tempo. It is a
beautiful song in a beautiful raga, and at a slower tempo, he could have
made more justice to the raga in general, and the kriti in particular

Author Muraleedharan P.P (2 years)
@nickblattfilms The music played here belongs to Carnatic music (South
indian classical / Eastern classical music) Ragam is Reetigowla. There are
about half a dozen of famous flautists in south india. To name a few: 1.
Shri K.S.Gopalakrishnan 2. Dr.N.Ramani 3. Shashank Subramaniam 4.
Kudamaloor Janardhanan 5. Prapancham Sitaraman 6. Sikkil sisters trio
(Sikkil Neela, Sikkil Kunjumani, Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar) Pandit
Hariprasad Chaurasia is one of the famous flautist of Hindusthani music

Author arunachalesha (3 years)
very beautiful, thanks.

Author Amine Xizarus (3 years)
@Karlfalcon if he was deaf and just watching images hahahahaha got you ..
kidin :)

Author Raquel RaiseHell (4 years)
funky music, i like it :D

Author CMiraAsianMusic (1 year)
I like K.Bhaskaran playing Carnatic flute. What does "empagide" mean?

Author 919evilkiller919 (3 years)
मैं भारत से प्यार أنا أُحٍـــبُ الهِــنــدَ

Author shankyxyz (5 years)
pramadam reetigowlai.. nice accompaniment by sivaraman mama.

Author 8335890 (5 years)
i luv my indian culture its cool

Author jpfdlop (3 years)
@Karlfalcon, I am sorry, I have to apologize to you. I've read your comment
the wrong way! I've read the read the phrase as:"How can anyone find this
music entertaining?" without the word NOT, so that is the confusion I made.
So that was me that thought you were the obtuse and the smartass, which I
must withdraw with my sincere apologies! That means we agree on the idea
that everyone should find this music entertaining! Peace and good music!

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