Indian Music - classical instrumental - Flute

Excerpts from flute maestro K. Bhaskaran's Indian Classical music concert in Chennai, India. This is in South Indian style, or Carnatic style of Indian Music. The artiste can be reached at, and his web site at

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Author Devraj Thiruvengadam ( ago)
Thanks for Playing Flute at Krishna Temple,Gopalapuram.While I was
worshiping god,U made me to sit and watch ur program.

Extraordinary Performance.....

Author Anil Jeerankalagi ( ago)
Buddism is part of Hinduism.Hinduism is the base of all the religions. Ex:
Buddhism, Jainism. Follow Hinduism if you really want to listen to these
kind of music, coz buddhism follows single god bUDDAH (hindu Siddharth)
which is not other than you following single god Christ! Hinduism is the
greatest religion in the world :)

Author Vedvrat Shikarpur ( ago)
Pleasure to the ears.. Is there a longer version of this? Listening to
this, one is left wishing it never ends..!

Author akshatha setty ( ago)
how to down load this music plz help......i want only the music [not the
video ]plz kindly guide .

Author akshatha setty ( ago)
how to down load this music plz help.......

Author Hitarth Shah ( ago)
Which type of flute is it called ? I loved the sweetness of the flute,and I
want to have this one...

Author Riya Dhoorjati ( ago)
Hi Bhaskar sir superb music. Dear friends before commenting please do study
on the instrument and also on classical music. This is not tabla. This is

Author BamBam123456789ish ( ago)
Pursue your heart, not a path that someone else has laid out. There, is
where you will find true happiness.

Author CMAsianMusic ( ago)
Yes, sorry. I realized it only some minutes after I sent that comment. But
I couldn't delete that comment. Any idea on deleting sent comments?

Author Bhaskaran Krishnamurthi (790 years ago)
I dont understand your comment, - I AM K. Bhaskaran. I do like 'his'
playing the carnatic flute. Otherwise he would not be playing it.

Author SpittingMage ( ago)
Humbly, my spirit has denounced its roman-catholic background. As of now, I
will persue the path of the Buddah.

Author CMAsianMusic ( ago)
And do you like K.Bhaskaran playing Carnatic flute?

Author Bhaskaran Krishnamurthi ( ago)
You can even check out Amazon for K Bhaskaran's CD tracks - The Indian TV
National channel says that this artiste is also a leading/notable artiste -
check out the link which has a video of the artiste's DD national program
that contains a intro abt the artiste.. and you can check the wki page and
other sites of the artiste .............. thanks

Author Bhaskaran Krishnamurthi ( ago)
I dont know - we need to ask 'Sundar Ujire'

Author CMAsianMusic ( ago)
I like K.Bhaskaran playing Carnatic flute. What does "empagide" mean?

Author Sunder Ujire ( ago)

Author k ( ago)
Good one, but in all honesty that's not the Table, it's the Mridangam,
which is much different than the Tabla.

Author Locke ( ago)
Nah, men don't have the plastic flashy ones, it's kumkum powder.

Author aa1099 ( ago)
anyone know where i can buy this cd, the flute guy is out of control!

Author Mukesh V ( ago)
@worldwidewest only thing missing is your racist ass getting a beat down.

Author jessica macleod ( ago)
That's awsome!!

Author Robby Rogers ( ago)
The guy has a Bindi? I thought only the women get that...

Author Academic1Researcher ( ago)
Many thanks.

Author thatperfectmoment ( ago)
or Carnatic flute

Author thatperfectmoment ( ago)

Author zephyrhouse ( ago)
Very nice!

Author worldwildwest ( ago)
Great music with hyped up riffs , only thing missing is a Dancing Cobra in
the Middle!!!

Author TheRaven0316 ( ago)
WOW I like this video!!! I'm not Indian but I like this music!!

Author LukesVideoLounge ( ago)
You carn't help but not like this music. It's just genius....

Author Jada Skylar ( ago)
@macrohahaha Um, yes. Actually, she was. She was playing a sitar.

Author tintin ( ago)
@Karlfalcon Its all about perception dude. I do find it interesting, I was
on the other side once and I understand why they dont find it interesting.

Author Shameer Ahmed ( ago)
simply thank you!!!!

Author Aditya Jain (1616 years ago)
wow wnt 2 c more....

Author loudog7771 (1112 years ago)
Is that Raymond's dad playing Tabla?

Author Muraleedharan P.P ( ago)
@nickblattfilms The music played here belongs to Carnatic music (South
indian classical / Eastern classical music) Ragam is Reetigowla. There are
about half a dozen of famous flautists in south india. To name a few: 1.
Shri K.S.Gopalakrishnan 2. Dr.N.Ramani 3. Shashank Subramaniam 4.
Kudamaloor Janardhanan 5. Prapancham Sitaraman 6. Sikkil sisters trio
(Sikkil Neela, Sikkil Kunjumani, Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar) Pandit
Hariprasad Chaurasia is one of the famous flautist of Hindusthani music

Author bmkaruppan (650 years ago)
>> And of course, Sri Bhaskaran has rendered this great song, widely
popularised by great vocal maestro MADURAI MANI IYER (d.1968, aged 56) - in
such gripping melody. We must listen to him in live/ face-to-face concerts,
more and we wish him many more years to enthrall us with the spiritual
essence of Carnatic music which transcends, and liberates us from our
mortal world of just finite dimensions.

Author bmkaruppan (1046 years ago)
May I make some comments on the song per se?The song, by PAAPANAASHAM
SHIVAN,the immortal Tamil composer (also with a few Sanskrit compositions
to his credit), is on LORD GANESHA who is invoked as an undertaking is
being started.The song is a very simple one describing the Lord's
attributes,with the first words meaning how His 'tattva' or mystic
principle can be adequately understood by mortals.Raaga - REETI GAULA which
is an attractive derivative of a full scale (Janaka)Raaga, Kharaharapriyaa..

Author Academic1Researcher ( ago)
If a anyone can accurately tell me the name of that flute i'd truly be
grateful :)

Author The Jamesinator ( ago)
Very skilled musicians and great music. I really enjoyed it.

Author gigglesmansonn ( ago)
I love going back to my roots and listening to this music. :D

Author mayank sir ( ago)
20 dislikes from successors of aurangzeb

Author Jose David Vargas ( ago)
@Karlfalcon 20 people do it

Author Bhargav Sai ( ago)
@nickblattfilms This might be Carnatic music. You can check out Hariprasad
Chaurasia for flute artists. But I guess what he is playing is South Indian
prominent flute. There are various many artists, just google. Delve deeper
into Indian Classical or Carnatic Music. I don't much about music, just
trying to provide you some basic info.

Author nickblattfilms ( ago)
What is this type of music called? Any notable artists I can check out/CDs
I should download? Anyone know?

Author EndofMusic ( ago)
@Karlfalcon I'd be proud of my Indian heritage if they invented harmony.
But the Europeans did it first.

Author hykcjswo ( ago)
Is there a title to this piece?

Author Academic1Researcher ( ago)
@ajwood123 Your'e really unintelligent to be saying things such as that.

Author Dylan Fink ( ago)
this reminds me of thick as a brick by jethro tull xD

Author terreseco ( ago)
In no other music, that is classical Indian music, have i heard such
oneness. It is as if everyone involved is thinking and hearing the exact
same thing, as if they are truely one. This is a very good example of that
oneness! Wow! Oh and what western musician wouldn't want to be as tight as
these guys. These guys and lady are sick tight! peace

Author Karlfalcon ( ago)
@jpfdlop The same to you!

Author jpfdlop ( ago)
@Karlfalcon, I am sorry, I have to apologize to you. I've read your comment
the wrong way! I've read the read the phrase as:"How can anyone find this
music entertaining?" without the word NOT, so that is the confusion I made.
So that was me that thought you were the obtuse and the smartass, which I
must withdraw with my sincere apologies! That means we agree on the idea
that everyone should find this music entertaining! Peace and good music!

Author Karlfalcon ( ago)
@jpfdlop Say what you mean, don't be obtuse.

Author fraskydingy ( ago)
@DCalifornian So, that's a tambura, not a sitar. It can't play a melody.
It's just strummed like that to add an extra drone sound to the music.
They're very very common in indian classical music.

Author fraskydingy ( ago)
@marcohahaha She's playing tambura. It doesn't play a melody (it doesn't
have any frets). It's just used to add to the overall sound of the music.
It's an additional drone.

Author marcohahaha ( ago)
was that woman even playing anything?

Author Jessica Fischer ( ago)
sound level is so low I can't hear anything

Author StripeBag ( ago)
aaah,so relaxing

Author citizenfitz ( ago)
@acidcrashguy Thanks for getting me straight. Brando truly had more sides
to him than the Hope Diamond. America is the less for his passing.

Author citizenfitz ( ago)
I like how they brought Marlon Brando along to play the tabla. It's a side
of him we rarely got to see.

Author MitchWadeCole ( ago)
feckin love Tambalas.. they're amazing

Author Sacred King Xizarus ( ago)
@Karlfalcon if he was deaf and just watching images hahahahaha got you ..
kidin :)

Author arunachalesha ( ago)
very beautiful, thanks.

Author 129bubbly ( ago)
BEAUTIFUL!!! rare to get these perfomances today

Author shockduck47 ( ago)

Author grwatanabe ( ago)

Author yrmum812 ( ago)
very helpfull thankzzz :)

Author TarjaTurunen1Fan ( ago)
I also said "listen 2" not watch :)

Author TarjaTurunen1Fan ( ago)
Do some research ;)

Author TarjaTurunen1Fan ( ago)
I didnt say that, I said "If you listen 2 the video above you will plainly
hear where western music has come from" ;)

Author bani kevin ( ago)
how do you plainly hear western music it is complete indian to indians

Author Gavriel0 ( ago)
please don't

Author Festina_Lente ( ago)
Have a chip on your shoulder don't you?

Author alina sherina ( ago)
i feel like bellydancing

Author stevesimpson33 ( ago)
How lovely....and interesting

Author TarjaTurunen1Fan ( ago)
I wasn't going 2 join in on this "intelligent" conversation but some things
have been said that I will not stand by and let go without saying
something...if you listen I'm assuming you how 2 do that right? If you
listen 2 the video above you will plainly hear where western music has come
from...Now, debate that oh brilliant one(s)

Author goodluckpeace44 ( ago)
cricket sucks. fuck cricket, you dont need knowlage to play cricket like
mathematics classical music or things of that sort. where are you from by
the way?

Author sktneer ( ago)
Excellent..............keep it up.

Author shankyxyz ( ago)
haha, dont worry, it all belongs to the subcontinent. not to any 1 country
in it. pakistan india b'desh nepal and lanka have more in common than just

Author goodluckpeace44 ( ago)
haa I wished Lanka had a culture as rich as this

Author goodluckpeace44 ( ago)
what a fucking stupid shit are you? you must be from a country with people
wearing feathers hja ha ha

Author Gustavo Dias ( ago)

Author asia elise ( ago)

Author Walter ( ago)
caraio que belo som

Author Balakrishnan Subramanian ( ago)
THATHVAMARIA THARAMA- Papanasam sivan-nice to hear the flute-No wonder that
more than137 hundred viwers have heard it. Divine song

Author kingoku1 ( ago)
बहुत अच्छा!

Author Raquel RaiseHell ( ago)
funky music, i like it :D

Author legzandherpiano ( ago)
@ ajwood123 (in case this gets posted elsewhere)
idiottttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttt

Author ksriniasu ( ago)
I would have preferred that he played the song at a slower tempo. It is a
beautiful song in a beautiful raga, and at a slower tempo, he could have
made more justice to the raga in general, and the kriti in particular

Author shankyxyz ( ago)
hey u shld add the tag reetigowlai. thanks

Author lawowalker ( ago)
whats the name of the song and can in tbe found on itunes. If not, where?

Author Lucien Provencher ( ago)
Could not have said it better myself. Even after the novelty has worn off,
I'm still totally fascinated by this music and looking for more.

Author Juliana Longoria ( ago)
Awesome Music!!!!

Author poisonedredwine ( ago)
I wish I could play like that : )

Author Karlfalcon (971 year ago)
How can anyone NOT find this music entertaining?

Author fraskydingy ( ago)
Wow. All of these are tremendous performers. This is breathtakingly
gorgeous music.

Author OLugs ( ago)
What's the deal with the shape of that one drummer's skull?

Author murdaa666 ( ago)
that lady is having a great time

Author pings007 ( ago)
adbutham, apoorvam :)

Author Rory Connolly ( ago)
I hear that

Author senescencia ( ago)
yeah, orient culture is cool, im from chile, and our culture sucks, its the
true, here with have "cuecas" but is not depper music, is about "the fat
Loyola" and things like that, are good guitar work, but naa, the people of
my contry, the most, are so mediocre..

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