How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Video for FREE! (2016/2017)

This awesome video will teach you how to make an intro with Panzoid for free! Unlike other videos, this video will show you updated methods on how to surf for more intro templates uploaded by the community and how to edit each template with your channel name. You don't need any software or downloads to do this, and it's completely safe, simple, and easy!

Panzoid Intro Maker:

Choose from a large variety of templates:

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Author iron_and_steel21 ( ago)
Hey Croat, how do you download a youtube videos audio into the files?

Author Desiree Denakis ( ago)
Thank you. This was very easy to follow and create my own intro! (Well, sorta) :)

Author THEDEVO PLAYZ ( ago)
can u access this from mobile

Author CloroxBleach ( ago)
i remember when i was subbed to you and you uploaded videos for games

Author Azzam Ali ( ago)

Author The Phantom 0ne ( ago)
how do you save music?????

Author XeoNebby ( ago)
When i pick one it does not work only says loading!

Author MB TEKKERZZ ( ago)
Any small youtubers want to help each other out? I've started fresh so would love a sub! will sub back..

Author ๖ۣۜbrage༻ ( ago)

Author Finley Gaming ( ago)
I cant find a audio file ._.

Author SlaM- ( ago)
Sub to whoever sub to me, comment when ur done

Author Clown Rage ( ago)
+CroatCode anyone please help me i downloaded the intro in windows 10 but, it wont let me open in media player and cyberlink director. please help

Author Jyotirmoy Das ( ago)
its a great help
am excited to try this

Author Super tech07 ( ago)
it sucks
THE audio file doesnt exist while playing after installed
you idiot

Author Super tech07 ( ago)
PLS help , its says the video.mkw doesnt support

Author BlUe I.o.GaMeR ( ago)

Author Chris Inko ( ago)
ill sub to anyone who likes this comment and subs back, comment done

Author LavawolfJD ( ago)
Would you get a strike for using a copyrighted song for an intro?

Author Techsavvy-Gaming ( ago)
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Author Redcheesepizza Duh ( ago)
i have one question, How do u get Music into ur files??? Like so u can upload it into ur intro

Author PanzoidGamingTab ( ago)

Author Diego Suarez ( ago)
why its stay loading?

Author XxFire beastXx4 ( ago)
Thank you so much it help me alot

Author Puzlek Mapping ( ago)
Why is everything wrong with you comments

Author Lucastothekill ( ago)
Thanks dude it helped

Author RANDOM GAMER ( ago)

Author SomeCanadianGuy ( ago)
I will sub to EVERYONE who subs me and likes this comment!!

Author NevergiveupElitepbteam ( ago)
nice video

Author Victor Kiptum ( ago)
where do i get your intro template?

Author Foxy ( ago)
Thanks now I can get a intro on my 2nd channel/my laptop channel

Author Bibi Otje ( ago)

Author Tropical ( ago)

Author FSPX ( ago)
Check out my most recent video and give me some feedback if you enjoy subscribe and ill sub back like when done :)

Author Sythons Army ( ago)
thank you so so much so much love for you u helped me so much

Author Tim_Weston ( ago)
If you sub me il sub back and like 5 of ur vids

Author Dark Qauzart ( ago)
how atactch to ur vids?

Author thecraftedkiller ( ago)
how do you add it to your video?

Author Ian Sanchez ( ago)
please help!!!!! i cant seem to get this to work first i had to convert the file using VLC media player but when i put it on my editing software but i cant get the video

Author MightyMarioGuy63 ! ( ago)
i found nothing

Author Sameer Kumar ( ago)

Author Random Facts ( ago)
Subscribe me and I'll Subscribe you Back

Author qjtrinh ( ago)
you make really great videos, mate. keep it up!

Author Gamer4LIFE ( ago)
thx work it

Author DjDarkAssassin ( ago)
I liked it

Author Hasan mahmud ( ago)

Author Snixxz ( ago)
REtard. You changed the front text but not the back text

Author TheSacredShadow ( ago)
Same here OneWickedGuY

Author Linda Windrawati ( ago)
I fine

Author Fr0zeN_SteEL ( ago)
Hey CroatCode, i m using sony vegas pro 14 currently and the clips that are downloaded from panzoid are formatted as either .webm, or .mkm or something, any recommendations

Author Maurice Edmanzug ( ago)
i'll Really Sub to Anyone Who Subs Me No lies :)

Author Lexy Elizibeth ( ago)
it takes forever to load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Garaad :D ( ago)
I swear!!! i will sub to anyone who #likes this and #subs to me and also #comments_on_my_latest_video,
comment done so I can easily sub back :D

Author Ecquinox ( ago)

Author The wild Gamer ( ago)
if u sub and like and comment that u did all of this on my channel I will give u a shoutout,but make sure to sub and like lol

Author Reborn ( ago)
what file u use to open it after you made it?

Author lindalately ( ago)
I'll sub to anyone who subs to me, just let me know

Author Kabine Diakite ( ago)

Author DemolitionGaming ( ago)
I'll sub to everyone who subs to me and comments DONE!

Author EpicX ( ago)
I will sub to anyone who subs to me

Author 3CH0 ( ago)
helped me out a lot

Author JoJoJosh V ( ago)
dam your the one croatcode
thank you

Author GlaceGaming GlaceGaming ( ago)
Could you sub to me now

Author Zlogs ( ago)
thanks man this really helped me

Author Cute Lil DJ Pikachu ( ago)
Thank you croat!

Author Rock Ruff ( ago)

Author Rock Ruff ( ago)

Author GobalHavok ( ago)
thanks for this video man!
It helps alot

Author Bryan Garcia ( ago)
Can you use a pre-made logo with these intros?

Author littlemanofsteel ( ago)
i will sub to anyone who will like these and hope you guys subscribe back too

Author Joyhaira Gaming ( ago)
How do I add the intro to my videos?

Author Infinite Gamer ( ago)
thanks worked for me. by the way I subscribed just started my channel please sub me.

Author Henry1219 YT ( ago)
It doesn't work for me

Author XxegamerTv ( ago)

Author LucasLikesTurtles ( ago)

Author jelly fan jelly ( ago)

Author just_equal ( ago)
Hey guys I will sub anyone who likes and subs me! just put done in comments and like this comment, cheers fellow youtubers!

Author FlyHacker ( ago)
Lol people are scamming for subs

Author T Man 22 ( ago)

Author MrBored ( ago)
Panzoid isn't working

Author Gamin Gabe ( ago)
I tried this on my iPad it won't let me put the template in :(

Author Ruizukun #39 ( ago)
Thanks You ARE AWESOME!!!!

Author NightTrap 2005 ( ago)
On my computer it keeps lagging

Author Ravi kumat ( ago)

Author Dyb4la RBX ( ago)

Author [TF2-COG]Phant0m_Stalker ( ago)
Thanks so much!

Author TH3 GAM3R ( ago)
intro for TH3 GAM3R plssss

Author TH3 GAM3R ( ago)
intro TH3 GAM3R

Author Fire God ( ago)

Author CowzyDahGamer_YT ( ago)
Helped me so much! Thanks CroatCode

Author MasterSwagKing ( ago)
this was amazing

Author Rice Panda ( ago)
Where do you find the Downloaded content??

Author CharlesNation ( ago)
I'll subscribe to anyone who subscribe on my youtube channel.
I upload daily video on different games and all. Wlkthrough/gameplay, Livestream and more.
Subscribe, like a video and comment done.

Author Manas Shrivastava ( ago)
I can,t find text option

Author Rehazel ( ago)
any one subbed to my channel will be subbed back

Author Sah Playz ( ago)
Thx Croat!

Author Weekly Inspiration ( ago)
This video was easy to follow but when I downloaded it, it wouldn't let me open the video.

Author Kaden games ( ago)

Author Animalsr2cute Aj ( ago)
mine didnt say text in the text thing

Author crapy creeper ( ago)
my sound does not work in panzoid

Author Parkour,flips and more ( ago)
Thank you so much croatcode.

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