[Old] How to setup a Minecraft [Cracked] multiplayer server with Hamachi! [In-depth Tutorial!]



If you have updated your minecraft you will also need to update your Minecraft server. Go to their website and re-download it [link below]

How to setup a multiplayer server of Minecraft [Cracked] with Hamachi.


Quick Memory Editor:

Minecraft Server:

Your server properties should look something like this:

#Minecraft server properties
#Tue Aug 24 04:29:03 EDT 2010
server-ip= [Add Hamachi IP]

^^Don't for get to add the last line.^^

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Author Taboshy ( ago)
Minecraft gift code giveaway!
Video will be up soon about that!
When i reach 50 subs i will give away a gift code to someone that needs it!
All you have to do is subscribe! Good luck! :D

Author emile nu ( ago)
mine said in log and chat [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpected exception

Author TheJason2049 ( ago)
so is the server needs hamachi?

Author Adam Mihin ( ago)
u cant open the file with wit noething notepad or word pad
pls help

Author Kleptomanta ( ago)
Make sure online mode is false

Author Bad Luck Brian ( ago)
hamachi is full please tell me another one if you make it

Author SkyPod07 ( ago)
it aYA Cnt resolve hostname for my friend

Author Drew Hawkins ( ago)
It says user not premium

Author Chris Halstead ( ago)
id: minecraft1179 pass: dope ip:

Author cakelover33 ( ago)
MINECRAFT CRACKED HAMACHI ID: Dabear96 Password: minecraft IP:

Author eric wang ( ago)
my friend keep on saying that my server is unreachable even he had hamachi
plz help!

Author Littlebig ( ago)
hey youtube if yur on mincecraft my sever is

Author Linda Daly ( ago)
alot of people like raiding and such. it makes things more exciting. we
dont care about being the top server as long as players have fun.

Author phoenix man ( ago)
servers that allow greifing end up not being on the top servers!>:(

Author Cronic8010 ( ago)
thanks =)

Author t0nnnyyy ( ago)
Op "name" (without the brackets)

Author Jussi Peltoniemi ( ago)
it happen every time

Author Jussi Peltoniemi ( ago)
quick memory editor not respownsin

Author Agnostics ( ago)
It is the same way as any other server. You can visit our forums and post
in the support section if you need more help.

Author PMW NATION ( ago)
i know this was back in 10' but im asking everywere on youtube. how do i
add plugins to my hamchie server?

Author solarflight1237 ( ago)
wtf i spawned in the ocean!!!????!!!!

Author solarflight1237 ( ago)
never mind found out

Author solarflight1237 ( ago)
its not letting me open it with anything

Author TheTrueComputerGuy ( ago)
Woops Guys sorry the IP for it is

Author TheTrueComputerGuy ( ago)
Hey guys! Join my CRACKED hamachi server the network IDs are
TheAmazingServer1 TheAmazingServer2 TheAmazingServer3 TheAmazingServer4
TheAmazingServer5 Password for all of them is 123. Ask owner for items so
you can help build :) The server is creative and always Open Join now!

si alquien quiere unirse al mio es: limosino cotraseña:123

Author Slay Sauce ( ago)
Can some one help test my server and see if yall can join

Author Tmayo1995 ( ago)
hamachi = SRMinecraft No1 Password = thomas ip = if full join
SRMinecraft No2 SRMinecraft No3 more will be added!!!

Author Niykin ( ago)
COME PLAY ALL :D cracked Hamachi master password to all networks!:lol
network name:145865 network name:187468 10 AVAILABLE SLOTS JOIN QUICKLY OR
YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO AT ALL If you have skype tell us in game and talk
with us :D

Author IGriefer JustKidding ( ago)
Join my server guys Hamachi is CoolguyTokenz1,2,3,4,5, and 6 pass 123 ip is

Author Rimc ( ago)
add me on skype for minecraft cracked servers - aivaras0012

Author homedisaster ( ago)
does this work with bukkit?

Author Beto Reyes ( ago)
Why can't I login offline? It says it has not been downloaded. What should
I do?

Author crazychainsaw ( ago)
ok so my server is legit and i bought the game but i had to change online
mode to false because he didnt buy it now it always says he is offline when
he trys to tp or i tp to him is this y?

Author Creator88X ( ago)
Cracked server Network ID's: minecraft.what minecraft.what2 minecraft.what3
pass: jeffrey IP:

Author Ericka Napolitano ( ago)
hamachi: kaye_shaeneCA pass: 123 IP: add me!! :DD

Author Samuel Fernandes ( ago)
esse serve e de hamachi e e serv bukkit e muito loco da pra fazer loja e
tudo a conta do hamachi e roln1 roln2 roln3 roln4 roln5 roln6 roln7 roln8
roln9 tente um desse e muito irad o ip e

Author JulianExertAE ( ago)
it work thx i love you even u though im gay :P im boy

Author Spen10 -Gamer With Austism ( ago)
my server its also cracked

Author Spen10 -Gamer With Austism ( ago)
hamachi: SRnetwork250 no passcode! ip: or you7 if you join! help wanted!

Author Rpgloverz ( ago)
Hamachi: MCRPG's Pass:123 IP: NEW server!

Author Khalid Hussein ( ago)
join my server hamachi: khalidkk pass: 123 ip: thanks!

Author Khalid Hussein ( ago)
cant find player - widespring only have playerS wide string

Author Nutraine ( ago)
i cant open the server

Author Dizzy Pooberry ( ago)

Author DesiredToDivine ( ago)
Join MineCraftingForever1 all the way to 10. Password is 123

Author DolerisLT ( ago)
thank you :):):)

Author Prafulla Raichurkar ( ago)
i can connect but my friends cant

Author Julia Lopéz ( ago)
join my server stil A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO CAN PLAY HERE Hamachi name:
CVDPJOJO Ip: no password but if there is a password then just
put in 123

Author The King SpyCrab ( ago)
Join my Server. It's cracked but with Hamachi. Hamachi server name is
Uniqecraft Ip: NO WHITELIST Survival. I will download more
plugins when time, it's allmost 24/7. opens up every time atleast 18:00

Author PirateBitter ( ago)
Join my CRACKED MINECRAFT SERVER IP: No whitelist Survival with
many plugins

Author LIJOSO ( ago)
He doesn't work. When I connect, there stays: Failed to connect to server,
connection timed out: connect. I do everything in this video, but he
doesn't work... HELP ME PLEASE!

Author Flapman ( ago)
Play on this new CRACKED minecraft server! You don't need hamachi and the
server is online 24/7! Search: "Riftland" on youtube and watch our trailer.
See you ingame!

Author 11gtaiv ( ago)
thank you so much i finally got on to a server join my server

Author Adji ( ago)
I need link for server creator version 1.7.3 PLEASEEE HELP!!!!!

Author miner0007 ( ago)
How do u make urself admin this way

Author higums1 ( ago)
at the quick memory thing i wont come up player widstring

Author kozakmate98 ( ago)

Author ROFLfruit ( ago)
GO TO THE "NEW" Skyblock CRACKED Edition! Made by: Me! Server IP: Hamachi Name: Seikocraft Pass: 123

Author 15killa16 ( ago)
i luv u the last line was def what i needed to stop the authentication of
minecraftDOTnet :D

Author onoshedidnt100 ( ago)
My Quick Memory Editor stops responding when I try to search!

Author Sam Nagaraj ( ago)
thanx this helped alot!!! I will like and subscribe!! :)

Author jack342able ( ago)
Hurry And Join My Server! Name:Lenticraft ID: Pass:123 JOIN Now

Author Dominik Baic ( ago)
Join my server! 1st, one who join will get op! Hamachi ID:
MinecraftServer190 There is no pass!! Everything else ill tell in hamachi!

Author MrRakso11 ( ago)
join my hamachi Hamachi ID: MrRakso password: 123 I.P: Join Now

Author MrRakso11 ( ago)
i have a cracked version of minecraft, but it dont login plz help

Author supremeumbra ( ago)
Hamachi Cracked Server, join now! Network ID: Supremeumbrasnetwork
Password: minecraft I.P. :

Author Svencro100's Gaming ( ago)
Helllo,all pls join new minecraft server! network id:minecraftfunz123
password:123 ip:

Author sven cro ( ago)
Join new cool bukkit server! network id:minecraftlover12345 pass:minecraft

Author deloleo ( ago)
Does this work

Author riah3342 ( ago)

Author riah3342 ( ago)
i can't get any of the multiplayer servers in my minecraft account to
work...i play in the "play offline" mode and every-time i try making a
server that WORKS it ends up not working will anyone tell me what to do?
every time i try it says "can't resolve hostname" WHAT DOES THAT
MEAN?!?!?!?!?! I NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!!!!!! tell me what to do!.!.!.!.!.

Author Mertin ( ago)
@legoandspeedstacker if you start up cracked minecraft, you can enter a
login name, just put Notch in there and you will be seen as Notch (:

Author Yessirplease ( ago)
How do you log into a username such as Notch in a online=false server?

Author Caleb Lee ( ago)
may i ask, can we use player commands?

Author Piwoot Machinima ( ago)
Join Ratsion now! It's a new VANILLA server, looking for more people to
join. Right now, we have one house, and looking for members to build more
houses to eventually make a whole village! Join now! Hamachi: Ratsion Pass:
123 IP: RULES: No asking for OP No asking for free items Nos
asking for teleports (some exceptions exists) JOIN NOW! :D

Author Gadving ( ago)
Quick Memory Editor whont work on my com.... : windows 7 ultimate 64
bit.... whont respond :S please help me... fast as possible

Author JiaWei333 (548 years ago)
This is my server!I am from singapore,Singapore time 11:00 - 5:00 opened :D
Log in hamachi JiaWeiComputer1,2,3,4,5 then call captainJ.w pass 123! IP: Call me to whitelist you!

Author RobloxDemos ( ago)
Join this server first one gets to be and moderator or an op Network ID:
Dragonfire736 Password: abc Server IP:

Author Alexandre Maru ( ago)
Hamachi: FantaPTCraft pass: 123 ip:

Author Alexandre Maru ( ago)
Hamachi: FantaPTCraft pass: 123 ip:5. 61.39.161:25565

Author Kevin Leal ( ago)
How to i join my friends minecrafy server?

Author RevoMusicStation ( ago)
Welcome to AppleCraft... a server full on imagination and wonder. The
server has 25+ plugins to improve experience and gameplay such as iConomy,
SignMaster, Lockette, iZone (for grief protection) and much more! Join now,
and recieve 100 free coins by entering the code in the server :
ILOVETHISSERVER Hamachi ID : AppleCraft1.0 No password. IP :

Author Benjamin Kok ( ago)
Hamachi ID: glibdgiugvfiu Password: 123 IP: Maximum 50
players only! :D

Author Ramzz10 ( ago)
ok thank you sooooooo much!!!!! :D:D:D I can't believe it worked!!! :D:D

Author HazardOutbreak ( ago)
NEW ONE OPEN 24/7 Hamachi : minecraft3rs2 Pass : 1 ITS A GOOD SERVER

Author HazardOutbreak ( ago)
Hamchi: Minecraft1ng Pass: 123 Roleplaying Ip:

Author xKazely ( ago)
pvp/survival server 24/7! Join now! ID:WorldOfblocks PASS:123

Author xKazely ( ago)
Skyrim server 24/7! Join now! ID:WorldOfblocks PASS:123 IP:

Author corron34 ( ago)
a free no hamachi server you can join its minecraft
1.0.0 have fun and place safe

Author khainguyen98 ( ago)
@TheHaloawesomeness what version of minecraft are you running? i want to

Author Binsx ( ago) timed out ayuda

Author JiaWei333 ( ago)
Join my server! ID:JiaWeiComputer(use 1,2,3,4,5 if no more space)
Pass:123(all) Join and have fun!No Grief No Hack No Tnt or banned!You can
build anywhere you want to!

Author Marin Amidžić ( ago)
can i put creative mod and to have alll my inverntory

Author SharkChaz ( ago)
In 1.9 how do u join online server

Author Abytot (532 years ago)
Okay,, i think i did everything right, but i just cant make it work :[ .. i
have cracked minecraft prelease 4 beta 1.9.. does this work on my
minecraft? if not, can u help me :] i also downloaded everything.

Author FarizoR Au ( ago)
ty so much!

Author jonny adams ( ago)
you are a beast thnx so much

Author Mrkirby1811 ( ago)
it works thx

Author Thodoris Liakos ( ago)
@edgarilfly Because u have to name it like this or
open with any reading file as wordpad and ....

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