[Old] How to setup a Minecraft [Cracked] multiplayer server with Hamachi! [In-depth Tutorial!]



If you have updated your minecraft you will also need to update your Minecraft server. Go to their website and re-download it [link below]

How to setup a multiplayer server of Minecraft [Cracked] with Hamachi.


Quick Memory Editor:

Minecraft Server:

Your server properties should look something like this:

#Minecraft server properties
#Tue Aug 24 04:29:03 EDT 2010
server-ip= [Add Hamachi IP]

^^Don't for get to add the last line.^^

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Author emile nu ( ago)
mine said in log and chat [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpected exception

Author TheJason2049 ( ago)
so is the server needs hamachi?

Author Adam Mihin ( ago)
u cant open the file with wit noething notepad or word pad
pls help 

Author Kleptomanta ( ago)
Make sure online mode is false

Author Bad Luck Brian ( ago)
hamachi is full please tell me another one if you make it

Author SkyPod07 ( ago)
it aYA Cnt resolve hostname for my friend

Author Drew Hawkins ( ago)
It says user not premium

Author Chris Halstead ( ago)
id: minecraft1179 pass: dope ip:

Author eric wang ( ago)
my friend keep on saying that my server is unreachable even he had hamachi
plz help!

Author Littlebig ( ago)
hey youtube if yur on mincecraft my sever is 

Author Linda Daly ( ago)
alot of people like raiding and such. it makes things more exciting. we
dont care about being the top server as long as players have fun.

Author phoenix man ( ago)
servers that allow greifing end up not being on the top servers!>:(

Author t0nnnyyy ( ago)
Op "name" (without the brackets)

Author Jussi Peltoniemi ( ago)
it happen every time 

Author Jussi Peltoniemi ( ago)
quick memory editor not respownsin

Author Agnostics ( ago)
It is the same way as any other server. You can visit our forums and post
in the support section if you need more help.

Author PMW NATION ( ago)
i know this was back in 10' but im asking everywere on youtube. how do i
add plugins to my hamchie server?

Author solarflight1237 ( ago)
wtf i spawned in the ocean!!!????!!!!

Author solarflight1237 ( ago)
never mind found out 

Author solarflight1237 ( ago)
its not letting me open it with anything

si alquien quiere unirse al mio es: limosino cotraseña:123

Author Slay Sauce ( ago)
Can some one help test my server and see if yall can join 

Author Tmayo1995 ( ago)
hamachi = SRMinecraft No1 Password = thomas ip = if full join
SRMinecraft No2 SRMinecraft No3 more will be added!!! 

Author Niykin ( ago)
COME PLAY ALL :D cracked Hamachi master password to all networks!:lol
network name:145865 network name:187468 10 AVAILABLE SLOTS JOIN QUICKLY OR
YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO AT ALL If you have skype tell us in game and talk
with us :D 

Author IGriefer JustKidding ( ago)
Join my server guys Hamachi is CoolguyTokenz1,2,3,4,5, and 6 pass 123 ip is

Author Rimc ( ago)
add me on skype for minecraft cracked servers - aivaras0012

Author homedisaster ( ago)
does this work with bukkit? 

Author Beto Reyes ( ago)
Why can't I login offline? It says it has not been downloaded. What should
I do?

Author crazychainsaw ( ago)
ok so my server is legit and i bought the game but i had to change online
mode to false because he didnt buy it now it always says he is offline when
he trys to tp or i tp to him is this y? 

Author Ericka Napolitano ( ago)
hamachi: kaye_shaeneCA pass: 123 IP: add me!! :DD 

Author Samuel Fernandes ( ago)
esse serve e de hamachi e e serv bukkit e muito loco da pra fazer loja e
tudo a conta do hamachi e roln1 roln2 roln3 roln4 roln5 roln6 roln7 roln8
roln9 tente um desse e muito irad o ip e

Author Spen10 -Gamer With Austism ( ago)
my server its also cracked

Author Spen10 -Gamer With Austism ( ago)
hamachi: SRnetwork250 no passcode! ip: or you7 if you join! help wanted!

Author Rpgloverz ( ago)
Hamachi: MCRPG's Pass:123 IP: NEW server!

Author Khalid Hussein ( ago)
join my server hamachi: khalidkk pass: 123 ip: thanks!

Author Khalid Hussein ( ago)
cant find player - widespring only have playerS wide string 

Author Nutraine ( ago)
i cant open the server

Author Dizzy Pooberry ( ago)

Author DolerisLT ( ago)
thank you :):):)

Author Prafulla Raichurkar ( ago)
i can connect but my friends cant 

Author Julia Lopéz ( ago)
join my server stil A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO CAN PLAY HERE Hamachi name:
CVDPJOJO Ip: no password but if there is a password then just
put in 123

Author The King SpyCrab ( ago)
Join my Server. It's cracked but with Hamachi. Hamachi server name is
Uniqecraft Ip: NO WHITELIST Survival. I will download more
plugins when time, it's allmost 24/7. opens up every time atleast 18:00

Author PirateBitter ( ago)
Join my CRACKED MINECRAFT SERVER IP: No whitelist Survival with
many plugins

Author LIJOSO ( ago)
He doesn't work. When I connect, there stays: Failed to connect to server,
connection timed out: connect. I do everything in this video, but he
doesn't work... HELP ME PLEASE!

Author Flapman ( ago)
Play on this new CRACKED minecraft server! You don't need hamachi and the
server is online 24/7! Search: "Riftland" on youtube and watch our trailer.
See you ingame!

Author Adji ( ago)
I need link for server creator version 1.7.3 PLEASEEE HELP!!!!!

Author higums1 ( ago)
at the quick memory thing i wont come up player widstring 

Author kozakmate98 ( ago)

Author 15killa16 ( ago)
i luv u the last line was def what i needed to stop the authentication of
minecraftDOTnet :D

Author onoshedidnt100 ( ago)
My Quick Memory Editor stops responding when I try to search!

Author Sam Nagaraj ( ago)
thanx this helped alot!!! I will like and subscribe!! :)

Author jack342able ( ago)
Hurry And Join My Server! Name:Lenticraft ID: Pass:123 JOIN Now

Author Dominik Baic ( ago)
Join my server! 1st, one who join will get op! Hamachi ID:
MinecraftServer190 There is no pass!! Everything else ill tell in hamachi!

Author MrRakso11 ( ago)
join my hamachi Hamachi ID: MrRakso password: 123 I.P: Join Now

Author MrRakso11 ( ago)
i have a cracked version of minecraft, but it dont login plz help 

Author supremeumbra ( ago)
Hamachi Cracked Server, join now! Network ID: Supremeumbrasnetwork
Password: minecraft I.P. :

Author Svencro100's Gaming ( ago)
Helllo,all pls join new minecraft server! network id:minecraftfunz123
password:123 ip:

Author sven cro ( ago)
Join new cool bukkit server! network id:minecraftlover12345 pass:minecraft

Author deloleo ( ago)
Does this work

Author riah3342 ( ago)

Author riah3342 ( ago)
i can't get any of the multiplayer servers in my minecraft account to
work...i play in the "play offline" mode and every-time i try making a
server that WORKS it ends up not working will anyone tell me what to do?
every time i try it says "can't resolve hostname" WHAT DOES THAT
MEAN?!?!?!?!?! I NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!!!!!! tell me what to do!.!.!.!.!.

Author Mertin ( ago)
@legoandspeedstacker if you start up cracked minecraft, you can enter a
login name, just put Notch in there and you will be seen as Notch (: 

Author Yessirplease ( ago)
How do you log into a username such as Notch in a online=false server?

Author Caleb Lee ( ago)
may i ask, can we use player commands?

Author Piwoot Machinima ( ago)
Join Ratsion now! It's a new VANILLA server, looking for more people to
join. Right now, we have one house, and looking for members to build more
houses to eventually make a whole village! Join now! Hamachi: Ratsion Pass:
123 IP: RULES: No asking for OP No asking for free items Nos
asking for teleports (some exceptions exists) JOIN NOW! :D

Author Alexandre Maru ( ago)
Hamachi: FantaPTCraft pass: 123 ip: 

Author Alexandre Maru ( ago)
Hamachi: FantaPTCraft pass: 123 ip:5. 61.39.161:25565 

Author Kevin Leal ( ago)
How to i join my friends minecrafy server?

Author Benjamin Kok ( ago)
Hamachi ID: glibdgiugvfiu Password: 123 IP: Maximum 50
players only! :D

Author Ramzz10 ( ago)
ok thank you sooooooo much!!!!! :D:D:D I can't believe it worked!!! :D:D

Author xKazely ( ago)
pvp/survival server 24/7! Join now! ID:WorldOfblocks PASS:123

Author xKazely ( ago)
Skyrim server 24/7! Join now! ID:WorldOfblocks PASS:123 IP:

Author corron34 ( ago)
a free no hamachi server you can join its minecraft
1.0.0 have fun and place safe

Author khainguyen98 ( ago)
@TheHaloawesomeness what version of minecraft are you running? i want to

Author Binsx ( ago) timed out ayuda

Author Marin Amidžić ( ago)
can i put creative mod and to have alll my inverntory

Author Abytot (532 years ago)
Okay,, i think i did everything right, but i just cant make it work :[ .. i
have cracked minecraft prelease 4 beta 1.9.. does this work on my
minecraft? if not, can u help me :] i also downloaded everything. 

Author FarizoR Au ( ago)
ty so much!

Author jonny “thenerdygamer” adams ( ago)
you are a beast thnx so much 

Author Thodoris Liakos ( ago)
@edgarilfly Because u have to name it like this or
open with any reading file as wordpad and ....

Author Rob Stuart ( ago)
@TAFxShinobi You get the IP by speaking to me on Hamachi 

Author RAR070 ( ago)
I cant find player widestring, i can only find players not player

Author Justln Bieber ( ago)
@vagotonik1 whats the ip?

Author .amon ( ago)
@vagotonik1 i'm dav115 the griefer :D

Author edgarilfly ( ago)
how to join it 

Author edgarilfly ( ago)
i cant open the propites somewhy plz help 

Author Rob Stuart ( ago)
Join our fun community! **Respectfull players only** Nice server with cool
moderators, PVP Arena, Ressource mines, all the cool plugins! Come build
your house and participate in the community life! have some fun! HAMACHI ID
: YakoServerAlpha [OR] YakoServerBeta PASSWORD: 123 You will be blocked by
default, talk to Tosheebah (on hamachi) to get unlocked, and you're good to
go! (give him a few minutes to answer) For Minecraft 1.8.1 [Cracked or

Author Kapy Mester ( ago)
Come to my server! Hamachi: Mine NS and Mine NS2 pw: 123 

Author Ararara Ararararar ( ago) join it, its cracked, no hamachi needed.

Author TheStupid Mexican ( ago)
please show how to add plugins 

Author TheStupid Mexican ( ago)
Thanks man Anyone join my server please Network Id: Tbdms Freebuild
Password: 123

Author Sgt. Voodoo ( ago)
it's only coming "end of stream" then i try to join my server 

Author zad188 ( ago)
HEY ALL looking for a great Hamachi Server Join my server Freeadminserver
pass123 (1234 if its not 123) IF u cant get in try Freeadminserver1
Freeadminserver2 Freeadminserver3 Freeadminserver4 We have an economy and a
cool pvp area Build stuff in the spawn and work for ranks!!

Author dallen1234567891 ( ago)
New Hamachi Minecraft server 1.8.1... bukkit Flatlands/Freebuild SO JOIN!!
Ip Id: Dallenzum Pass:123

Author sven cro ( ago)
hi all we are making Harry Potter server,i have bukkit,and we make
hogwarts,we have spells,we battle,and have fun,if you know any plugin say
to me owner:svencro100 hamachi ip:Minecraft harry potter!!! pass:123
join,and have fun :)

Author AssBurgers ( ago)
thx dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author kaiketsu07 ( ago)
What if it says "Could not create Java Virtual Machine"

Author Logan Harter ( ago)
Join my freebuild server! server name legit ian password 123 

Author zaraperson ( ago)
Join brbpancakes 24/7 dedicated minecraft server! no
hamachi needed full survival, friendly admins. Don't ask for rank, and you
might get some!

Author Drowzzyy ( ago)
New Minecraft Turf Wars Runs on hamachi so anyone can join Hamachi
ID:Turf-wars or Turf-wars 1-3 Password:123 IP: NO LAG space is
limited so join fast!] PvP And PvE

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