Milo Yiannopoulos Comments on Pedophilia and Pedereasty (from Joe Rogan Experience #702)

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  • Danil Voiko
    Danil Voiko 3 hours ago

    It doesn't really matter that some of the things Milo has said were wrong, what actually disappointed me in this video was that Rogan can't take a joke. Like, aren't you a comedian yourself to begin with? Sense of humor is supposed to be one of the only reasons people like you, and here you showed absolute lack of it. smh

  • Brayan Catano
    Brayan Catano 2 days ago

    So a gay kid wanting an adult man makes him a pedofile, but when I was 13 I would have fucked so many female teachers, what does that make me? isnt that just the same tho

  • Diane Winchester
    Diane Winchester 8 days ago

    I hate this pig.

  • evan higgins
    evan higgins 12 days ago

    does anyone see what joe is doing?

  • YouCan Draw
    YouCan Draw 22 days ago

    This is really disturbing, this guy has huge psychological problems, no doubt brought on by the catholic religion.

  • Joakim Larsson
    Joakim Larsson 23 days ago

    This world is truly a fucked up place. Good thing this creep lost most of his influence.

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 24 days ago

    Milo made a critical mistake. He forgot that being a fag can not protect you from liberal wrath. He used to say all the time that as a fag, he was untouchable. He forgot that you have to be their fag, or black or women. They will even turn on their own if they don't toe the liberal line. Liberals have learned that they can use advertisers against conservative voices. They got O'Reilly, they will soon get Hannity. Conservatives better start fighting back or they're doomed. At least on traditional media. We need to start boycotting advertisers that fall for this liberal pressure. Stop buying their shit, and they will come crawling back !

    • MrGpt2010
      MrGpt2010 3 days ago

      Mark Johnson O'Reily got canned because he offered sex in exchange for a job. People left Milo because he excuses pedophilia. Not everything is about your political party.

  • Lornald Trump
    Lornald Trump 24 days ago

    lol this fag is full of shit

  • Pepe Le Jew
    Pepe Le Jew 27 days ago

    A pedophile going after pedophiles

  • Isaac Rico
    Isaac Rico 28 days ago

    Yep pedophilia will be legalized.

  • Martin Macdonald
    Martin Macdonald 1 month ago

    I think Joe likes 14- year-olds, too. He is very defensive. 
    Joe is a real conventional Dick here.

  • Jack Mathys
    Jack Mathys 1 month ago

    A key to hosting a guest is NOT TALKING OVER THEM

  • GazzaRover
    GazzaRover 1 month ago

    Milo is your typical misinformation zionist jew paedophile low life piece of shit, so what's knew? A lot of dumb cunt stupid people got scammed and suckered by this faggot pedo!! :)

  • Phoenix Chastaine
    Phoenix Chastaine 1 month ago

    This is an example of the American male vs the English male, and *exactly* why American men are the #1 males on the planet!! 🙆 Joe isn't going for Milo's b.s. Game and not impressed or bowled over just because he's got an English accent and, sadly, many English men believe that all Americans assume their accent is enough to be thought intelligent. No. No, it's not. Good job Joe! You did a good job not calling for that passive - aggressive, condescending horse shit which is what guys like Milo rely on. Milo is not the first English hat man to day *he* was at fault for being molested and was the actual predator. So did Stephen Fry. And, it's an example of the deep shame they actually feel and the persistent misogyny England will contends with. When grown men can't even admit that they were groomed, seduced, and molested because they were just little boys in the company of pedophiles who took advantage of their trust and Milo's fixation on pedophilia "becoming normal" is what's called a psychiatric "tell". His cognitive dissonance and projection is *astounding* and glaringly obvious. It's also not unusual at all for blood who get molested to grow up angry at women. Under the hood, they feel some mother figure let them down, didn't protect them, etc *and* they see women coming forward bravely with their sexual assault stories and are resentful because they feel that they *can't* (horse shit. You can and you should and is misogyny that tells you that you're "less of a man" for being a victim, not feminism!).

    Milo couldn't see the forest for the trees on his best day. Notice how he refuses to believe Joe couldn't possibly be *lacking* in predatory instincts of a sexual nature?
    Miles "logic" on the subject is what *really* covers up and normalizes pedophilia nectar the onus is put on the victim for having had sexual feelings during a sexual assault. That is actually quite common and quite normal. It does *not*, however, mean that the victim is any less a victim of manipulation, grooming, and abuse by authority figure. Milo doesn't *want* to believe that, but it doesn't make it untrue it just shows how *he* has "normalized" pedophilia.

  • 1984LizardKing
    1984LizardKing 1 month ago

    Posh English faggot paedo. lol

  • HAL 2000
    HAL 2000 1 month ago

    Did milos legs get kicked to far apart when he was nuggered by the catholic priest on the pulpit . Still feel sorry for him though.

  • Sam J. Johnson
    Sam J. Johnson 1 month ago

    So, a pedophile decides to attack people for being a pedophile.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 1 month ago

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug...

  • Jacob. B
    Jacob. B 1 month ago

    this is awkward

  • Hi Amin
    Hi Amin 1 month ago

    04:10 Even as a joke, fuck off lmao. You had my attention until this point. Sure, won't debate because you would "win". Come on and promote "amazing journalism". Such arrogance that your opinions are worth nothing. Perhaps some would argue "butthurt" or "libtard" or "SJW" but really, that's just cancer and unnecessary. Just such an annoying arrogant twat. What a waste.

    que the comments! Just my opinion.

  • Cody Berryment
    Cody Berryment 1 month ago

    "14 is pedophilia buddy, I don't know how they rock it in merry ol' England."

  • Bluudclaat
    Bluudclaat 1 month ago

    Milo is like Borat or Bruno. But unlike Those characters he's not open about the act. With this in mind look how stupid all these commenters looks. Swirling around he cesspool of retarded fuckups that get riled up by some blonde haired poofter says on alternative media. Get a life cunts.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 months ago

    "im a pedophile" - milo yiannopolis 2:20

  • Bloody Belle
    Bloody Belle 2 months ago

    This was hard to watch... That priest completely warped his young mind, and now, he claims he was the one after the older adults as a way of rebellion... and that I can understand to some extent. I can understand that he wants to believe that he was the one in full control and therefore not molested, but again, he was. Anybody under the age of 18 is unable to give consent. He wants to believe that he is not a victim, which is why he's not outing the man that molested him and is even thanking him to prove that he had all the power, but in the same interview shaming all the liberals for helping pedophiles and supporting them.

    Does it make sense? Barely. It only makes sense that maybe, deep down, he knows what happened to him was wrong and doesn't want it to happen again, but at the same time, not wanting to admit to himself and to the world that he was a victim in this particular interview. He made another video as he was leaving Breitbart admitting he was a victim of molestation, which was probably hard on him to admit, but sadly, with his deep hatred for liberals, he kept turning it into something the Left was at fault for. I feel sorry for him, but I wish he would stop blaming everything on the Liberals and focus the blame on who really deserves it: His molester.

  • 777KZL
    777KZL 2 months ago

    if ur drinking any of the kool-aid milo is pouring, ur fuckn dumber than u look...I use to think he had a point here n there, he's just a blabbin cockblowin Muppet

  • Luter Leko
    Luter Leko 2 months ago

    every homosexual men as the ego of a women.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 months ago

    After Mencia and Schaub, Joe Rogan is once again involved in someone's career ending, lmao. Get a hobby, Joe!

  • Liam Leonard
    Liam Leonard 3 months ago

    I've never really felt so disturbed as I did watching this, the way he talks about men having sex with these little kids like its nothing really disturbs me. I don't see how this was even a conversation? And what the well was joe rogan thinking during this? I've seen his stand up and he said (I'm paraphrasing) "pedophiles are like dogs that only want to bite people's dicks off, we need to put all those fuckers down" I feel like he was probably a little concerned and didn't know how to really respond.

  • Movies For Adults Music

    The accusation is false. Watch his talks. If you have ears and a brain that actually work, you will get it.

  • GarageStudio
    GarageStudio 3 months ago

    The Franklin Cover-up, Pizzagate and rampant paedophilia in Hollywood plus Jimmy Saville literally demonstrates that it is being backed and covered up.

  • Killa K2death
    Killa K2death 3 months ago

    Milo's hand gesture at 0:50 really does not sit well with me especially considering the topic being discussed at that very moment, very telling.

  • Rick B
    Rick B 3 months ago

    Milo supports and condones pedophiles.

  • Girl Buu
    Girl Buu 3 months ago

    The reason the Koch brothers are attached to Salon is because it USED to be a libertarian oriented site.

  • Aj Megale
    Aj Megale 3 months ago

    After watching this, I honestly hate this guy a little less. Don't get me wrong... I do not agree with him at all, but he was taken way out of context with the whole pedophilia shit.

  • 2enjoihsu
    2enjoihsu 3 months ago

    Milo's cringy as fuck.

  • Blonde James Blonde
    Blonde James Blonde 3 months ago

    your doing a great job man.the guy has molested boys himself,that why he wont snitch out.they have dirt on him.

  • Pete Haselden
    Pete Haselden 3 months ago

    Why are they not able to not speak at seperate times?

  • Mo Zimmerman
    Mo Zimmerman 3 months ago

    So female doesn't want to press charges against an abusive husband and its because she's emotionally upset and it's hard to do but if a male doesn't want to press charges it's because he support pedophilia...?

  • Zod of Heaven
    Zod of Heaven 3 months ago

    Some confused people below. Enjoy.

  • Sydney Welker
    Sydney Welker 3 months ago

    I'm a fan and Milo makes me laugh but sometimes I'm like "Whoa! Dude! Too Much!". I went back and replayed the "damaging pedo clips" and yeah, horrible comments strung together in a dangerous flippant fashion. I'm somewhat conflicted over it though because Milo uses comedy to cover up pain, any fan of his knows this, and his most painful personal subjects bear the brunt of his "crossing the line" jokes and epithets. The best example of this is his outlandish comments on gays, which as a gay man he is deeply bothered and conflicted about his sexuality.

    Let's all face it, abused children are always a little fucked up later in life.
    Milo - "The adolescent boy indulging in and mastering his raging and adventurous hormones"
    is probably a lot easier to cope with in his mind rather than...
    Milo - "The sexually abused child sodomized and manipulated by his Catholic priests at the tender age of 13".
    He needs help, Stockholm Syndrome is pretty evident.

    I find it disingenuous that out of all the thousands of people that listened to him on those podcasts a year ago, the audience comments show that no one thought Milo was a pedophile. No indeed.... apparently it takes the mainstream media telling people how they are supposed to think before anyone decides he should be professionally crucified.

    The left had successfully beat down and silenced the majority of centrists, libertarians, and classic liberals; Terrified of being labeled on a fanatical hierarchy chart based upon racial privilege and identity victimization. Milo did something that they can't take away from him. He spearheaded a movement that woke a sleeping giant. Milo gave people the courage to speak up again and fight for what should have been our MOST protected Individual Right... Freedom Of Speech.

    His statements were wrong and he should have been punished but Not ruined. And it's pretty fucking ironic that the far left, the self-proclaimed champions of victimhood, and the far right, self-proclaimed champions of compassion are the only ones right now having a rapturous climax over his fall.

  • Orpheus Alexander
    Orpheus Alexander 3 months ago

    Was Shakespeare promoting pedophilia? A quote from "Romeo and Juliet" where Juliet is not yet 14 years of age
    and women younger than her were happy mothers.


    But saying o'er what I have said before:

    My child is yet a stranger in the world;

    She hath not seen the change of fourteen years,

    Let two more summers wither in their pride,

    Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.


    Younger than she are happy mothers made.

  • midguardz
    midguardz 3 months ago

    Nice one Joe you ruined milos life.

    • Aurelia C.
      Aurelia C. 3 months ago

      +vidguardz - Considering how much Milo mocks and derides people who use their past incidences of victimhood as an excuse for their behaviors in the present, this reasoning just seems really off to me.

    • midguardz
      midguardz 3 months ago

      You had to keep pushing him to reveal his secrets knowing full well he had stockholm syndrome and would bury himself by defending a priest to advertise the fact that he had good oral skills in spite of the fact that it would ruin his reputation by linking the malady of being a homosexual that is basically a disease derived by some trauma mostly molestation or distrust of an authority figure at a very early and impressionable age which you even alluded to in your follow up post interview about it with Gavin Mcinnes.

    • Aurelia C.
      Aurelia C. 3 months ago

      How so?

  • slutthefuckup
    slutthefuckup 3 months ago

    dude is a fucking shithead who says the most retarded things in order to gain fame.

  • Manuel Garciea
    Manuel Garciea 3 months ago

    Its a touchy subject

  • DoG Ster
    DoG Ster 3 months ago

    why is it always when a priest sucks dicks the whole church is blamed, why generalize? if a traitor infiltrated a US nuclear sub then fired at other country's does that mean that all of US and its people declaring war? what the fucks wrong with that logic?

  • Gavin Shaw
    Gavin Shaw 3 months ago

    so the left is trying to normalize pedos then rant about how the guy that molested you wasn't that bad then the left is trying to normalize pedos.... I think there was a contradiction in there somewhere.

  • TALILAH K J Roberts
    TALILAH K J Roberts 3 months ago

    He's very dangerous

  • TALILAH K J Roberts
    TALILAH K J Roberts 3 months ago

    He describing himself

  • NotJustOpinions
    NotJustOpinions 3 months ago

    Milo learned to enjoy sucking cock with an older man, full stop. His subsequent (and current) hard drug abuse and constant fornicating has helped him become the pariah, provocateur who's brand of self-loathing gay, feminist-stomping misogynist that sells books. But, he's taking a piss with the "pedo-priest" trope. I will never buy that because if it is true and there is a priest preying on young boys in England that had never been caught, while we all know Milo knows that man very well, it is too disgraceful for Milo to cavort about, proclaiming his sinful acts resulted in ever more sinful (joking but it sounded good) sexual prowess

  • gizzycat cat
    gizzycat cat 3 months ago

    oh god, don't listen to Milo. He is crazy, please know that gat people aren't like "him". Uhg, so awful. Sorry

  • ScryingBiotech
    ScryingBiotech 3 months ago

    I have to say Milo, your hubris had you walking right into this one.  This is the interview that ruined your once promising career.  I know you wish you could take it back.  Sadly, you can't.  I say this having some sympathy for your remarks.  Not when you state that a 14 year old can engage in consensual sex - they can't!  But sympathy for the idea that adults can be sexually attracted to those beyond puberty.  Rogan is being disingenuous as are many self-righteous moralists.  It's what you do that counts not what you think.  In fact, it can be argued that those who master their baser instincts and darker proclivities - especially when the opportunity presents itself, or are led by God away from temptation, are better than those who never experienced the temptation at all or never had the opportunity.

  • Sidney Crosby
    Sidney Crosby 3 months ago

    The retarded who accuse him of being a pedophile are retarded he is just talking about his experience as a 14 year old that he felt like was able to give consent at that age he is just speaking for himself. Never anywhere did he say it's OK for Young boys and Grown men to have SEX. FUCK YOU LIBERAL RETARDS GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF IM PISSED OF YOU TWISTING EVERYTHING TO FIT YOUR EVIL AGENDA !

  • Meghan Scott
    Meghan Scott 3 months ago

    Since you're on already on YouTube, look up: Weird Al - Fat... then run screaming to the MSM about how Al Yankovic is guilty of fat shaming. They'll probably run the story. Then you add some virtue- signaling comments to that video as well. 😂

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 3 months ago

    Sandusky would be proud

  • Raami Sodhi
    Raami Sodhi 3 months ago

    If think you being Gay is a choice I've got news for you, you're Gay.

  • Wezz Hunte
    Wezz Hunte 3 months ago

    Milos a fucking sex fiend and needs to be hanged..

  • Jimmy Browskii
    Jimmy Browskii 3 months ago

    As milo shows with his sick mentality Homosexuality is born of pedophilia. People who are ok normalizing it are immoral and perverse and mentally disturbed.

  • Paul Mcloughlin
    Paul Mcloughlin 3 months ago

    Milo is not a real person, he is a character.

    • Bluudclaat
      Bluudclaat 1 month ago

      Paul Mcloughlin pretty much, like Borat or Bruno. And most people are pretty dumb.

  • Donny Barns
    Donny Barns 3 months ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos reminds me of my older brother, unless my brother didn't really kill himself. Stop the gay hate and give very long sentences to pedophiles.

  • kacj77
    kacj77 3 months ago

    the whole conversation is disgusting! wow!

  • B L
    B L 3 months ago

    he is geekin

  • Bill Payer
    Bill Payer 3 months ago

    People who have to talk the whole conversation think they are conning you when you really have already tuned them out.

  • Ali Roger
    Ali Roger 3 months ago

    MILO IS NOW EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE which makes this views he expresses and his attack on others as the height of hypocrisy. Milo is pure scum.

  • SnailTrail1010
    SnailTrail1010 3 months ago

    Is this the clip everyone keeps bringing up?

  • Shane Banta
    Shane Banta 3 months ago

    Conservative Liberals have plenty of intelligent speakers, we don't need a turd like Milo to speak for us! I've agreed with Milo on some of his views, though he's obviously fucked up! Why would he quit? He knows it! Now we know it! Fuck Milo, move on!

  • Labyirnth II
    Labyirnth II 3 months ago

    I don't know Rogan that well. Maybe it's just me thinking he might not like Milo that much but it's interesting how he's sticking it to Milo here. I've never really seen Milo uncomfortable and I think this is the topic (being abused) that does just that. (Obviously it would no matter how much you try to make it water off a duck's back.) Then again, I could be all wrong. And of course, on this, I agree with Rogan. I don't care what a 14 year old thinks they want, how mature they say they are. Heck no. Do not touch a child, jeez.

  • doris collins
    doris collins 3 months ago

    Milo is only playing a part. He is not gay or has been with a priest.

  • Mister Torgue Flexington

    The only time Joe sounds inferior is when he's talking to Milo or Robin Black.

  • AliensAnonymous
    AliensAnonymous 3 months ago

    "I did a piece of excellent journalism." ... but remember the title of it -- Melow Yapalotapus.

  • Kenenth Crowe
    Kenenth Crowe 3 months ago

    he sounds like he's going down that road where some woman rape victims go and blame themselves.
    its horrifying

  • D U
    D U 3 months ago

    He is not a pedophile he is a supporter of molestation. That is what he admitting to. Clear glass seeing right through him.

  • Albertucho2012
    Albertucho2012 3 months ago

    So this guy was molested at 13-14... explains alot.

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion

    I think there's a better than 50% chance Milo isn't really gay.

  • Olaf The Mighty
    Olaf The Mighty 3 months ago

    did this come after Milo got in trouble and fired from his job?

  • Black Dubh
    Black Dubh 3 months ago


  • Brad Wesley
    Brad Wesley 3 months ago

    All Demonic!

  • moe shaak
    moe shaak 3 months ago

    that was horror. please give him to isis so the can throw him a building and behead him

  • Emilie Cohen
    Emilie Cohen 3 months ago

    Sociology essay research from hell--I've now watched and listened to HOURS of this guy. I'm at a loss. Can anyone find me one instance of him being funny or witty? I seriously need some help here. Offering reward for literal LOL.

  • Bill Davis
    Bill Davis 3 months ago

    Forget anything Milo said, who in their right mind brings up the subject of pedophilia? It's a major hot button issue and almost everyone has a strong opinion on it, he willingly walked into that minefield trying to be as outrageous as possible and now he's paying for it.

  • Asianniga
    Asianniga 3 months ago

    would you rather be Hitler or a pedophile? hard one huh!

  • Terra Firma
    Terra Firma 3 months ago

    Did he report the abuse of these children

  • OWL
    OWL 3 months ago

    when i was 14 i did drugs i carried a knife i could kill and be killed and of course i was really horny i think getting buttfucked is absolutely my prerogative if i wanted it to be. and that fucking scrotum's face and the voices that comes out of it's mouth annoy me.

  • charles jurgus
    charles jurgus 3 months ago

    This guy uses his mouth like an anus trying to deal with a parasitic infection.

  • hammondsfromtexas
    hammondsfromtexas 3 months ago


  • Steven Quinn
    Steven Quinn 3 months ago

    I forgot about him giving kudos to the grown man priest for making him a professional at a certain thing he does If that's not crazy then nothing is Most Gay people don't speak or behave in this type of manner A fully adult man shouldn't be in be in bed with a 14 year old kid There's no reason for this In his clean up tour he's trying to make it 17 this is some kind of subterfuge and attempt to blow smoke around the subject Quite transparent and tired

  • Steven Quinn
    Steven Quinn 3 months ago

    This 14 year old bull is abysmal This crazy talk is troublesome to anyone Gay or straight Milo's talking like he's got Stockholm Syndrome His weird fame has made him more of an attention seeker There are certain subjects that are inappropriate for comic relief Now he's in a public scandal and has made himself seem insane I think he should have a psychiatric work up and stay out the public eye for awhile Tighten up

  • Steven Quinn
    Steven Quinn 3 months ago

    This 14 year old bull is abysmal This crazy talk is troublesome to anyone Gay or straight Milo's talking like he's got Stockholm Syndrome His weird fame has made him more of an attention seeker There are certain subjects that are inappropriate for comic relief Now he's in a public scandal and has made himself seem insane I think he should have a psychiatric work up and stay out the public eye for awhile

  • TheSnoopyclone
    TheSnoopyclone 3 months ago

    Todd Nickerson, a self-confessed pedophile who has been on salon. Salon is currently deleting stories about him.

    There is a video of him on barcroft tv on youtube, entitled "Inside The Life Of A 'Virtuous' Paedophile"

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 3 months ago

    Breitbart needs to hire you back. We cannot let the leftist succeed at any smear campaign.

    COMMON PLANES 3 months ago

    There is no defending this. Absolutely none.

  • pinco palla
    pinco palla 3 months ago

    wow, this Milo guy is 100% a full blown pedo, thankfully we have Lena Dunham as a fine example of upstanding morality.

  • Public Domain
    Public Domain 3 months ago

    trump supporter here but I absolutely condemn this vile disgusting thing I just heard. SMH
    milo needs to go do some soul searching immediately.

  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes 3 months ago

    lying fuck, kill yourself and stop breathing air other people need to breath, gong show reject

  • Daughter of Immigrants

    He is so full of crap. I'm a liberal and give no Excuse or believe that pedophiles can be rehabilitated. You cannot paint everyone with same brush.

  • Pizz Uff
    Pizz Uff 3 months ago

    there is a rumor going around some sites that milo and ben shapiro are going to team up with the backing of breitbart to start a new website devoted to fighting the lefts politicization of the academic culture. anyone else hearing this??

  • Mark McKinley
    Mark McKinley 3 months ago

    Catholics ARE NOT Christians...

  • Badger BadgerBadger
    Badger BadgerBadger 3 months ago

    Calling people "creepers" just left and right these days is the new witch hunt. Yeah, I'm sure there were evil old witches back then, but the people who suffer from a witch hunt tend to be as ordinary as the wart on your nose. And almost always the chosen path that terrible people use to exonerate themselves. Pointing the finger of judgment makes you seem like the last person on earth who would be guilty, but as we know -- from the recent cases against the Catholic Church alone -- the exact opposite is true.

    Joe Rogan -- despite not being responsible for the latest witch hunt -- really is part and parcel of the scumbag society that abuses the individuality of all for a taste of his own.

  • Brock McClain
    Brock McClain 3 months ago

    lolicon is pedophilia, plz stop this shit right here!

  • Testa
    Testa 3 months ago

    14 is the age of consent in Germany.

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