Cobra vs. Mongoose

Cobra snake and mongoose face each other down in a duel that only one will walk --I have never seen a mongoose fight with a snake like this.
Mongoose vs. cobra Fight How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.

Slender mongoose kills black mamba.wmv
mongoose vs. snake
Mongoose vs Black Mamba !
King Cobra Devours Water Snake
King Cobra and mongoose /wedding dance
Cobra vs Mongoose
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Spotted Bush Snake fights huge Gecko
Cobra vs Mongoose
Squirrel vs snake
Snake vs. Mongoose Real and Deadly Fight!!
Slender Mongoose vs black mamba

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This video is created by MIC students as part of the project of Manipal University.


Author Gece Napiyon (1 month)
what the fuck is "(suddenly) the strange sound"? fuck ur nature

Author kevin li (7 months)
Lol flops

Author Pokeydepanda (1 year)

Author jeffel80 (1 year)
That cobra was a bitch!

Author michaelmooreon (1 year)
I wonder if someone was trying to capture the cobra for some reason, and
made noises to scare the mongoose off?

Author DreamSpaxe (1 year)
I always wonder does the MONGOOSE always win or are there exceptions once
in awhile.

Author Jansen Samoden (1 year)
It was so funny then. That crazy Mongoose wont let go.

Author Paco Martos (1 year)
The mongoose is more agile due to being warm blooded, and much smarter.
Once it gets a hold of the cobra's head, the cobra will be killed unless
the mongoose lets go or is distracted (this is the case in the vid).

Author Nehemiah Jacob (1 year)
Watch this in MUTE

Author ludeman (1 year)
Saved by the Bell!

Author Kyle Bratkovics (1 year)
A cobra can kill am elephant in one bite liqwon don srry

Author James chin yuen Lee (1 year)
It eat snake.. snake is his fav food, than why it always win

Author Jude Dominique (1 year)
No, the bell meant it was the end of round 1. Round 2 was suppose to be next

Author gmo976 (1 year)
We should find ways to reproduce giant mongooses to kill anacondas

Author Lee John (1 year)
Fuck the world

Author Amaya McNeil (1 year)
Rikki tikki tavi

Author Ana23LBJR (1 year)
It cool and bad

Author pigpieds (1 year)
That was a funny technique at 0:16

Author william schumacher (1 year)
incredible fight!!!

Author Lewis Blake (1 year)
Well I didn't think it was Mongoose vs Cobra Car!

Author Chandra Weerasinghe (1 year)
what was the outcome?did mongoose survive?

Author HinaKuran (1 year)
fight during break bell rang, time to get to class LOL

Author John Meister Dupa (1 year)
wtf the sound for o_o

Author Roman Huralchuk (1 year)

Author kl k (1 year)
"This nigga just bit me.."

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