Cobra vs. Mongoose | Mongoose Kills Cobra Snake | Mongoose Fight | Cobra Fight

Cobra snake and mongoose face each other down in a duel that only one will walk --I have never seen a mongoose fight with a snake like this.
Mongoose vs. cobra Fight How does a mongoose stand up to a cobra? You might be surprised at the outcome.

Slender mongoose kills black mamba.wmv
mongoose vs. snake
Mongoose vs Black Mamba !
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Cobra vs Mongoose
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Cobra vs Mongoose
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Slender Mongoose vs black mamba

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Author Hula Hup ( ago)
what the fuck is "(suddenly) the strange sound"? fuck ur nature

Author Andy Do ( ago)
Lol flops

Author Jude Dominique ( ago)
No, the bell meant it was the end of round 1. Round 2 was suppose to be

Author HinaKuran ( ago)
fight during break bell rang, time to get to class LOL 

Author The Vapologist ( ago)
Well I didn't think it was Mongoose vs Cobra Car!

Author Le Xuan Thanh ( ago)
Fuck the world 

Author Skillz ( ago)
A cobra can kill am elephant in one bite liqwon don srry

Author Pokeydepanda ( ago)

Author ludeman ( ago)
Saved by the Bell!

Author Chandra Weerasinghe ( ago)
what was the outcome?did mongoose survive?

Author michaelmooreon ( ago)
I wonder if someone was trying to capture the cobra for some reason, and
made noises to scare the mongoose off?

Author Nehemiah Jacob ( ago)
Watch this in MUTE

Author Ana23LBJR ( ago)
It cool and bad

Author Paco Martos ( ago)
The mongoose is more agile due to being warm blooded, and much smarter.
Once it gets a hold of the cobra's head, the cobra will be killed unless
the mongoose lets go or is distracted (this is the case in the vid).

Author Jansen Samoden ( ago)
It was so funny then. That crazy Mongoose wont let go. 

Author kl k ( ago)
"This nigga just bit me.."

Author gmo976 ( ago)
We should find ways to reproduce giant mongooses to kill anacondas

Author william “willtech” schumacher ( ago)
incredible fight!!!

Author James chin yuen Lee ( ago)
It eat snake.. snake is his fav food, than why it always win

Author John Meister Dupa ( ago)
wtf the sound for o_o

Author Amaya McNeil ( ago)
Rikki tikki tavi

Author DreamSpaxe ( ago)
I always wonder does the MONGOOSE always win or are there exceptions once
in awhile.

Author jeffel80 ( ago)
That cobra was a bitch!

Author Roman Huralchuk ( ago)

Author pigpieds ( ago)
That was a funny technique at 0:16

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