2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

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  • Laura Payton
    Laura Payton 18 minutes ago

    I have a normal house cat. he plays fetch, gentle, likes car rides, and loves an adventure. and he was free. one of the best cats I've ever had. no need to spend more then a local adoption fee or find one for free.

  • Naya  Cutie Pie
    Naya Cutie Pie 3 hours ago

    He'll nah something that I can pay only ten dollars -cats for or people give animals away for free sometimes

  • Sara Kat
    Sara Kat 7 hours ago

    maybe for the hairless one cause they fugly cute

  • juliajulia julia
    juliajulia julia 10 hours ago

    Isnt it funny that the most expensive dogs are pure bred and the most expensive cats are mixed bred

  • juliajulia julia
    juliajulia julia 10 hours ago

    I got my cats for 50 bucks and i love them very much they are very good boys

  • MOHAMED08 deyqua
    MOHAMED08 deyqua 13 hours ago


  • Affroocentricc
    Affroocentricc 13 hours ago

    What is a 2k dern cat?! 👀

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger 16 hours ago

    I ate my cat. I am Chinese.

  • VisionaryCompanion
    VisionaryCompanion 18 hours ago

    This is disgusting.

  • Damocles
    Damocles 20 hours ago

    You're a dumbfuck if you pay even 1,000 dollars for an animal.

  • Kenakibae
    Kenakibae 22 hours ago

    That lock doe lel.

  • K hay
    K hay 22 hours ago

    UUumm...bands for kittens. Now I pay plenty for the kitty cat, but I've never spent bands on the kitten. Weird...she out our lane, we dogs lovers here

  • Diego G
    Diego G 1 day ago

    He should've brought trappy😂😂😂😂

  • Abdullah Aloosi
    Abdullah Aloosi 1 day ago

    Faze adapt

  • carol aureliano
    carol aureliano 1 day ago

    WTF she cant even hold de cats right aaaaa

  • ''walter$ world ''

    atleast he knows his math

  • ChelseaM B
    ChelseaM B 2 days ago

    The way he says kittens 😂😂😂

  • _. Déprimé
    _. Déprimé 2 days ago

    2 chainz can't whistle 😂!!!

  • Felix eRroR
    Felix eRroR 2 days ago


  • Jade Horn
    Jade Horn 3 days ago

    be great to see a season or a new show on $hit 2 Chainz can't do.....like whistle.

  • Zx Zx
    Zx Zx 3 days ago

    *100,000 $ for dust*

  • BrazyBrickzTv
    BrazyBrickzTv 3 days ago

    I realized two chains was high off da Reggie when he tried whistling for a good 30 seconds

  • Lilian Orellana
    Lilian Orellana 4 days ago

    I'd pay. No questions asked

  • Lilian Orellana
    Lilian Orellana 4 days ago

    they are soooooooooooooo cute

  • Alma Avelar
    Alma Avelar 4 days ago

    That giant lock on his chain makes him look like an idiot 😂😂😂

  • Ali Siad
    Ali Siad 4 days ago

    That ending tho 😂😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Joesan
    Jimmy Joesan 4 days ago

    Genmanipulation größtes Verbrechen größte TIERQUÄLEREI erbärmlich

  • MamaCoco Fitness
    MamaCoco Fitness 4 days ago

    No price for something that rare

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore 4 days ago

    omg 3:27

  • Fatality Korzz
    Fatality Korzz 5 days ago

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  • Georgia Skinner
    Georgia Skinner 5 days ago

    My two solid black cats fetch, snuggle, give kisses, and have little conversations with you. The girl cat doesn't do any of that but we still love her anyway

  • Massi C
    Massi C 5 days ago

    Why do they sell them like they are manufactured by humans!! It's like selling humans. I'm honestly disgusted

  • Monty May
    Monty May 6 days ago

    If I was as rich as he is I would buy one of those cats

  • cosovic14
    cosovic14 6 days ago

    I'd pay a grand for a Savannah cat

  • Dude
    Dude 6 days ago

    when you realize that cat has a better life than u

  • imMARGIE
    imMARGIE 6 days ago

    9 day old kitties, don't they need to be weaned off 1st.... the white hag is all about money...

  • Rahul singh
    Rahul singh 6 days ago

    2 chainz neck is a caged beast locked up

  • Sir Sharpe
    Sir Sharpe 6 days ago

    2Chainz is a cool dude

  • TheFreeRocketMan
    TheFreeRocketMan 7 days ago

    "I can't whistle"

  • Yasmeen Asi
    Yasmeen Asi 8 days ago

    I would pay 1000 to 2000 for a cat bc im stupid af 😣

  • Cali GirL Pretti
    Cali GirL Pretti 8 days ago

    Them cats is for RICH people only

  • JadeLeeTV
    JadeLeeTV 8 days ago

    guys people arent paying for the behavior of the cats they are paying for what they look like. currently begal patterned cats are super in right now and although i personally would not get one unless it was extremely cheap i understand the appeal. i dont understand the price tag. but then again i have a simple understanding of how hard it is to get these types of patterns.

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M 9 days ago

    2 Chainz is just the coolest, man, he sounds like such a genuinely sweet dude, haha.

  • nicole chang
    nicole chang 9 days ago

    if i had those kittens 😂 i wouldnt sell them even when offered a large sum of money

  • Alyssa Lizette
    Alyssa Lizette 9 days ago

    That lady is making B A N K

  • Jaela Love
    Jaela Love 9 days ago

    This is not ok

  • BloodCrow Playz
    BloodCrow Playz 10 days ago

    I thought it was half Leopard and cat (now that would be expensive)

  • Tx214
    Tx214 10 days ago

    That's for real how I whistle! Hahaha. #thestruggle

  • LFTE Beats
    LFTE Beats 10 days ago

    lmao "that's hard"
    *** cats takes kitten back ***

  • HummingBird
    HummingBird 12 days ago

    the cats faces weere all like =] =3 -.-

  • Axlur
    Axlur 14 days ago

    My mom is an Ocicat breeder and a kitten only costs like 1000$

  • Josiah Reginald
    Josiah Reginald 14 days ago

    2 chains keep spending this money he is gonna end up broke

  • MsArrika
    MsArrika 14 days ago


  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 14 days ago

    lol Too expensive...even for a millionare.

  • Fluffly PotatoDragon

    both my cats play fetch and they were both free no special breeding just cats born to domestic outdoor cats that I adopted I just had to find the right toy my little one year old will only do it with candies like mints and my three year old will only do it with the ring around a Gatorade cap

  • stay high
    stay high 16 days ago

    dafuck he on?

  • grahamyodude
    grahamyodude 16 days ago

    My cat cost 5 bucks lol

  • 진영미
    진영미 16 days ago

    gimme my cat back

  • Sean Walters
    Sean Walters 17 days ago

    4:09 gimme ma cat back boi

  • micheal brefery
    micheal brefery 17 days ago

    I am willing to sell my wife for couple of bucks...

  • Sam
    Sam 18 days ago

    He's got no idea how to act around cats though, lol. Like stop being so loud and obnoxious man.

  • Raiyana Alam
    Raiyana Alam 19 days ago

    I have one of the $15,000 cats breed that I got a year ago and honestly it's like having a dog lol

  • Toast Man
    Toast Man 19 days ago

    he already became a meme ^^

  • Vast   Finn
    Vast Finn 19 days ago

    I think that at least a 4th of the sale should go to shelters for homeless animals. thoes poor dudes in a cage while this other guy bein sold for 100k

  • Tango Manivong
    Tango Manivong 19 days ago

    I will buy the female one for babies

  • Zamiiz
    Zamiiz 20 days ago

    Well.. I mean you went to an exotic cat specialty breeder. What'd ya expect??

  • nick king
    nick king 20 days ago

    those cats are ugly pass

  • Overdosn Reality
    Overdosn Reality 21 day ago


  • Linda Cirillo
    Linda Cirillo 21 day ago


  • Dawn Campbell
    Dawn Campbell 21 day ago

    well for more than 5 bucks keep

  • C00kii0
    C00kii0 22 days ago

    I want one >_< but my education and bills cost more

  • MsKawi300
    MsKawi300 22 days ago

    I wouldn't pay a dollar. Don't like them.

  • Brittany Nino
    Brittany Nino 22 days ago

    2, I mean those cats are sweet but I have the OG cat, fatness.. She's a fighter in the streets and cuddler in the sheets. Ocecat, nah... she's a boss..

  • Mark Ohayon
    Mark Ohayon 22 days ago

    20k for a cat or send your son or daughter to college.  College definitely.

  • Recigy
    Recigy 23 days ago

    you shouldnt add a worth to a cat, you should adopt a cat that needs help and give it love.

  • Justine Rebina
    Justine Rebina 24 days ago

    Most Expensivest.... TRIGgErEd

  • rumour central
    rumour central 24 days ago

    id pay 100 for a car or less

  • TSK
    TSK 25 days ago

    man y do u sell animals id get it?

  • Valerie Antoine
    Valerie Antoine 26 days ago

    "I quickly declined" 💀

  • Beverley Keith
    Beverley Keith 27 days ago

    20 ,000 at the highest

  • Jaden Small
    Jaden Small 27 days ago

    Human interaction is priceless so I'm still worth more than these cats

  • Professor Penguin
    Professor Penguin 27 days ago


  • hud johns
    hud johns 28 days ago

    the reason why children are starving and in slavery across the world

  • Jane Reznickova
    Jane Reznickova 28 days ago

    Dont buy. Adopt. #adoptioniscool

  • Danyale Danyale
    Danyale Danyale 29 days ago

    $ 1000 000

  • Danyale Danyale
    Danyale Danyale 29 days ago

    AWWW SO Cute 🐱 and awesome

  • Aiidennn
    Aiidennn 29 days ago

    What if it gets hit by a car?
    Waste of money.

  • Riley York
    Riley York 1 month ago

    when he tried to whistle i couldn't stop laughing

  • master vegeta
    master vegeta 1 month ago

    3:35 bra

  • Sharef Kewan
    Sharef Kewan 1 month ago

    you can buy the female for 20 and make it breed its like ez profit...

    STAYSAFE718 1 month ago


  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards 1 month ago

    if i had that bread lol

  • KVB *
    KVB * 1 month ago

    The way he says "kittens" he pronounces every bit

  • Sm4rty
    Sm4rty 1 month ago

    I breed pokemans

  • Extreme101
    Extreme101 1 month ago

    Hes got 5 chains on

  • Lil Chenko
    Lil Chenko 1 month ago

    This dude 😂 "nahh"

    HOLO SEXUAL 1 month ago

    I took care of one and I was like to my mom we should just switch her with our other cat

    HOLO SEXUAL 1 month ago


  • Mr Nobody.
    Mr Nobody. 1 month ago

    i thought it was 165k kittens.

  • Tylor Jaynes
    Tylor Jaynes 1 month ago

    I wouldve sat on them, I couldnt see them on the couch cause they blend in to well

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