Men Work Out In Prison For A Week

  • Added:  8 months ago
  • “Seeing all this shit makes you feel helpless."

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    Coss Marte

    Frank Sumera

    Ping Lieu
    Carl Edwin Robinson/Dwayne Dixon


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Comments: 8 607

  • eurys vargas
    eurys vargas 1 hour ago

    proud of my cousin coss

  • Isla Carr
    Isla Carr 19 hours ago

    I loved this !!

  • omega
    omega 1 day ago

    "I just wanna survive" yea boy welcome to prison



  • rareseal 25
    rareseal 25 1 day ago

    i cried..

  • arelycnunez
    arelycnunez 1 day ago

    Such a beautiful video. Hope everyone is having a blessed day.

  • ApollODST PK7
    ApollODST PK7 1 day ago

    I'd never knew I'd looked up to a prisoner or get inspire, but they just show me to appreciate everything I have.

  • Shanda Ramroop
    Shanda Ramroop 1 day ago

    these are the nicest bunch of prisoners i have ever seen

  • Eren Korkmaz
    Eren Korkmaz 1 day ago

    u guys forgot to drop the soap

  • Sarah Behrens
    Sarah Behrens 1 day ago

    omg carls still in their can u belive it. just think about what hes doing right now

  • Jak Jaky
    Jak Jaky 2 days ago

    the last guy singing is like a twin to CoryxKhensin

  • TheRealDanBond
    TheRealDanBond 2 days ago

    I feel like people get more triggered at Buzfeed videos than Buzfeed gets triggered by things

  • Rod James
    Rod James 2 days ago

    What a fantastic video - thank you for uploading this.

  • K Lu
    K Lu 2 days ago

    Can JustKiddingFilms please hire Ping

  • Calvin Manalo
    Calvin Manalo 2 days ago

    I really want a follow up video!

  • Craftton
    Craftton 2 days ago

    thats just gonna make the prisonners stronger and then their gonna fight their way out of there

  • Ruby Gee
    Ruby Gee 2 days ago

    Man they are just some of the coolest people. Id be proud to know them.

  • Random MSP
    Random MSP 2 days ago

    This is wayyyy more than a workout!!!!1111

  • Gracie Lewis
    Gracie Lewis 3 days ago

    Ping had me like 😍

  • Angelica Rodriguez
    Angelica Rodriguez 3 days ago

    This was an amazing video 👏🏽

  • nfinitiduck
    nfinitiduck 4 days ago

    Do your time but come back to us, brothers.
    If you're reading, this then you're out - welcome back, I hope the world changes to rehabilitate you instead of creating a cycle of destruction.

  • Melissa Call
    Melissa Call 4 days ago

    i can't wait till frank carl and ping get out :)))))

  • Dank memes 4 life
    Dank memes 4 life 4 days ago

    It's almost like football practice

  • Rebecca Brewster
    Rebecca Brewster 4 days ago

    Movies make prisons seem like hell. They don't seem that bad!

  • Rebecca Brewster
    Rebecca Brewster 4 days ago

    I'd like to work out in prison everyday

  • Teo Tsak
    Teo Tsak 4 days ago

    hey guys. This is what happens when Americans finally realize that the system is fucked up. It aint even funny that they get so overwhelmed

  • Imerria peoples
    Imerria peoples 4 days ago

    carl's crime is on his friend's name tho. right??

  • Imerria peoples
    Imerria peoples 4 days ago

    I wanna go. too bad😕 im a girl

  • Might Not Magic
    Might Not Magic 4 days ago

    hanzo is that you?

  • ED8
    ED8 5 days ago

    My worst nightmare has to be this. Spending your entire youth locked away...

  • ED8
    ED8 5 days ago

    True entrepreneur. "I founded a multi million dollar illegal drug business" then he gets out of his time in jail and makes a fitness company.

  • Oscar Hawkley
    Oscar Hawkley 5 days ago

    ffs these guys are clearly hehabilitated - they should be free

  • Loui Braps
    Loui Braps 5 days ago

    he talked about a gun and went to jail for 13 years

  • Neawor Taha
    Neawor Taha 5 days ago

    This jailing system is so fucking inconsistent

  • 12345 12345
    12345 12345 5 days ago

    4:32 the guy's neck though

  • Julian Garibay
    Julian Garibay 6 days ago

    damn dude I would freaking have a bbq with those guys man

  • Isabella Mueller
    Isabella Mueller 6 days ago

    all of the inmates seem so nice and movies always make us feel like they are all terrible people but theyre not and it makes me really sad

  • Uber Nova
    Uber Nova 6 days ago

    Frank Sumera... That's the kinda position where you don't want to try to escape

  • Paul Tafler
    Paul Tafler 6 days ago

    Ping looks like a hanzo main

  • TSP Squad
    TSP Squad 6 days ago

    Put a M infront of the time of this vid... COD ZOMBIES BOIIII

  • J-Horse Hay_barn
    J-Horse Hay_barn 6 days ago

    this looks awfuly similar to what we have to do in school

  • Pvpi Sal
    Pvpi Sal 6 days ago

    No wonder Gucci mane came out all buff

  • Juliette Comte
    Juliette Comte 7 days ago

    I'm so happy that they are all planning futures despite their situation :) and I heard that ping got out awhile ago :D I hope he's living the life he wanted and I hope he's enjoying it ^~^

  • Ratchet Ralph
    Ratchet Ralph 7 days ago

    Eli is hot AF😍

  • Blood D. Aaron
    Blood D. Aaron 7 days ago

    The inmates seem like good people... they did bad things but that doesn't mean they're bad people

  • Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot 7 days ago

    "Unjustly locked away"

    Huh? Guy steals, rapes and murders his way through life and it's unjust for society to lock them up so they can't hurt anybody else?

    If our criminal justice system wasn't a joke we'd put a bullet in them so we don't have to pay their bills.

  • Dean Saunders
    Dean Saunders 8 days ago

    Haha my brothers name is eli

  • cheryl huff
    cheryl huff 8 days ago

    frank is out now good for him!!!

  • Justin Stretch
    Justin Stretch 9 days ago

    My heart actually dropped when frank couldn't continue

  • Tea Leaf
    Tea Leaf 9 days ago



  • Prob_io
    Prob_io 9 days ago

    the don't even do full pull ups and push ups...hate those kind of people...

  • Shady Unicorn
    Shady Unicorn 9 days ago

    If ping worked in buzzfeed I'd watch all of his videos

  • Robert Hosein
    Robert Hosein 9 days ago

    Keep up the amazing work!I love all ur videos!

  • Bella Wyrick
    Bella Wyrick 10 days ago

    My dad went to jail a few years ago and completely changed now.He is amazing and managing a restaurant and was so hard for him to get a severing job and I think he really deserves to be a manger.

  • Brianna Lastre
    Brianna Lastre 10 days ago

    They should do a girl version

  • Catherine Mateariki
    Catherine Mateariki 10 days ago

    Video Idea: Ping and Carl - Where Are They Now?

  • The Scorpion
    The Scorpion 10 days ago

    Rocco would get his wig split in a real prison. Maybe even get his cheeks busted in the showers.

  • Pony1011
    Pony1011 12 days ago

    I feel as though I shouldn't be crying but I am practically balling right now

  • yotyytoy
    yotyytoy 13 days ago

    I completely forgot prisoners were human... until this...

  • Ana Plumlee
    Ana Plumlee 13 days ago

    Any update on Ping?

  • Shelby Schuette
    Shelby Schuette 13 days ago

    Why are there only men

  • Hyaku
    Hyaku 13 days ago

    6 years for possession of cocaine? This country is so fucked up no wonder. 15 years for petty crimes? 13 years for conspiracy? WTF

    THATGUYZER0 13 days ago

    Follow up video?

  • Zoe Johnson
    Zoe Johnson 13 days ago


  • P0T4T0 G4MING
    P0T4T0 G4MING 14 days ago

    This video told me the true meaning of life

  • Epic Sauce
    Epic Sauce 14 days ago

    Some of these people are a lot more genuine and nicer than a lot of the people in the world man...

    All of these people

  • Noah Jubran
    Noah Jubran 15 days ago


  • Caleb Jessee
    Caleb Jessee 15 days ago

    Who else is excited for Carl to get out

  • PeaceLoveMaliaJoy
    PeaceLoveMaliaJoy 15 days ago

    video creation is important for hundreds of reasons!!! thank you for making important revolutionary content!!!! and for doing it as non-colonially as possible!!!

  • Thomas Vandenbelt
    Thomas Vandenbelt 15 days ago

    ''sue buzzfeed'', we should.

  • Clash of Stuff
    Clash of Stuff 16 days ago


  • Lexii Low
    Lexii Low 16 days ago

    wait I don't get why carl couldn't be in the video anymore??
    is he still allowed to workout with them after buzzfeed leaves?

  • mahoganymar
    mahoganymar 19 days ago


  • Wavvvy.kelsey Wavvvy.kelsey

    Who else is saying, "Prison doesn't look as bad as they say it is."

  • SonicViperGaming
    SonicViperGaming 20 days ago

    You should do a follow up with Ping! Like how he's doing since he got out.

  • - Rosielittlepaws -
    - Rosielittlepaws - 23 days ago

    I did not come here for a emotional roller coaster but I'm glad I did watch this video.

  • Dr0p _xIToXic
    Dr0p _xIToXic 23 days ago

    to be real they are helping them to be stronger to then break out of prison xD

  • Andrea Merritt
    Andrea Merritt 24 days ago

    I'm confused. Is Carl in jail for his own crime or for the crime of the guy he was pretending to be?

  • Luke does freestyle
    Luke does freestyle 24 days ago

    I wanna go to prison now

  • Holly Giles
    Holly Giles 24 days ago

    Wait I don't understand , why couldn't Frank be interviewed anymore ?

  • Jose Rosado
    Jose Rosado 25 days ago

    You never know what can to you in any life cases,,, Anyone can get to Prison Easily without doing anything or get to Prison for something until Reality hits you...

  • Taylor Duda
    Taylor Duda 25 days ago

    Our boys Frank and Ping should be out

  • Sam C.
    Sam C. 25 days ago

    Does anyone else think Coss looks like Dele Alli?

  • ishwor khanal
    ishwor khanal 26 days ago

    ping is out by now, you must make follow up video

  • Rigo Lazar
    Rigo Lazar 26 days ago

    Group hug in the shower tonight.

  • Jared Medina
    Jared Medina 26 days ago


  • Danni Baker
    Danni Baker 26 days ago

    Absolutely moving and such an inspiring video! The guy at the end, I believe his name was "Ping", he made me cry. This is why we need to help others and fix the system.

  • Carly Gaffney
    Carly Gaffney 27 days ago

    I couldn't ever be a prison worker because they could be the hardest murderer there is, and I would only see people being treated poorly, because no matter what, everyone is human.

  • calistud442003
    calistud442003 27 days ago

    PING is Garbage!!! he is fucking trash!!

    • Tiffany Wenclewicz
      Tiffany Wenclewicz 21 day ago

      calistud442003 I guarantee you don't know him because if you did you wouldn't be putting this ignorant nonsense about him on here

  • trudisify
    trudisify 28 days ago

    Great video

  • Aiyana Cross
    Aiyana Cross 29 days ago

    This video almost made me cry I hope the best for them

  • Jamaicangurl81
    Jamaicangurl81 29 days ago

    They seem like good people..who probably made some bad decisions Hopefully they don't get into bad situations again.

  • Anna Johnston
    Anna Johnston 1 month ago


  • An0n 1337
    An0n 1337 1 month ago

    So ping is out by this time. What is he doing these days @BuzzFeedBlue ??

  • Milana's World
    Milana's World 1 month ago

    why did this video out of all videos have to be posted on my birthday?

  • Dan Raabe Peak Performance Coaching & Strength Training

    The little crossfit guy was in another video. I'm sure he'll become famous with 5-7 days a week of crossfit + twice a week with hiit training.... it's funny.

    LINDSEY KASTNER 1 month ago

    PINGS OUT!!! I hope he is eating all the hash browns he wants!!

  • sabrina archibold
    sabrina archibold 1 month ago

    ughh, PING!!!! <3<3<3<3

  • Sin Of Solitude
    Sin Of Solitude 1 month ago

    I watched this video and my reaction was both of anger, sadness, and even joy because the people I saw in this video is more human than some of us

  • Buzz Aldreen
    Buzz Aldreen 1 month ago

    why are u making criminals physically stonger?

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