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  • Linda Solis
    Linda Solis 6 hours ago

    when I get bigger I'm gonna get one and when my little sister gets bigger we will make treats together

  • Kelly Minecraft/Singer/lazy:3

    My mental age is 25 but real age is 8 IM OLDER THAN U THINK €:

  • Valeria Gonzales
    Valeria Gonzales 14 hours ago

    dosent mo look like a celebrity I just can't put my finger on it

  • nhu nguyen
    nhu nguyen 21 hour ago


  • Cindy Chalfin
    Cindy Chalfin 1 day ago

    my sister uesd to have a esey bake oven

  • Charlotte Williams

    There faces when the girl dropped the pan 😅😂🤣😆😁

  • Eshita Bhagat
    Eshita Bhagat 1 day ago

    I also love chocolate 😘😘😘

  • Sama Draz
    Sama Draz 1 day ago

    OMG!!!!!!!! that's so cool🍰🍰

  • ilivia chandra
    ilivia chandra 2 days ago

    i ❤❤❤❤❤💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤you molly

  • Tarin Kaic
    Tarin Kaic 2 days ago


  • Charles Adtoon
    Charles Adtoon 3 days ago

    molly is like bella shes so pretty like if you agree

  • Sparkle Spice
    Sparkle Spice 3 days ago

    When you notice that ro always sits on left side

  • Saudia Simms Barriffe

    I love your you I wish you was my mother

  • alex furqan
    alex furqan 4 days ago

    more mo

  • aubrey Griffith
    aubrey Griffith 4 days ago

    I got the same easy bake as those ones for my birthday 💙💜💛💚❤💖💗💕🌼

  • Nafisyah Dwi
    Nafisyah Dwi 4 days ago

    hwo is younger? ro/mo?

  • layla Rivera
    layla Rivera 5 days ago

    do the vine challenge

  • Boong BN
    Boong BN 5 days ago

    lego challenge

  • Lucy Maw
    Lucy Maw 5 days ago

    LoL 😂

  • Cupcakes Donuts
    Cupcakes Donuts 5 days ago

    5:12 to 5:14 cookie is eyeing the dessert...

  • Cupcakes Donuts
    Cupcakes Donuts 5 days ago

    Mo asked Ro want she played when she was little, if they are sisters shouldn't she know?

  • Becky Romeo
    Becky Romeo 5 days ago

    have you ever gotten hurt while cooking

  • nagu munis
    nagu munis 6 days ago

    you can bake some mini candy challenge with Mo

  • Mason Thompson Ashford

    Spot the difference 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕🙁😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕 WARNING: Difficult

  • Cadaver The Crapfest

    This is adorable

  • Vy's Adventures
    Vy's Adventures 7 days ago

    How are they sisters if they were not together for most of their life

  • Aqsa Jehangir
    Aqsa Jehangir 7 days ago

    where did you buy them

  • Ccunha21 Um Ser Umano Ai

    e is br de 2017?

  • priyal Bagchi
    priyal Bagchi 7 days ago

    do some pranks with each other

  • Zoey Stewart
    Zoey Stewart 7 days ago

    This would make a hilarious part 2 with MARKIPLIER

  • Karla Alvarez
    Karla Alvarez 9 days ago

    Molla looks so pretty 😊

  • Dar Rizwan
    Dar Rizwan 9 days ago

    plz do another challenge with mo because i love her

  • Rahul Uppal
    Rahul Uppal 9 days ago


  • Leann Hill
    Leann Hill 9 days ago

    Ro u and Mo should make more video together

  • Nouri Hidayat
    Nouri Hidayat 10 days ago

    you should do the baby food challenge with mo

    #COOL JAZZ 10 days ago

    You both are so pretty and cute! 👍👏💜🐰🐇🐱🐹🐶



  • Jennifer Averitt
    Jennifer Averitt 11 days ago

    ClaireThe Jolly Bear spoiler alert

  • Presley Ryan
    Presley Ryan 11 days ago

    Do another type only BLINDFOLDED

  • Rumaizah Sumat
    Rumaizah Sumat 12 days ago

    do eat it or wear it challenge with mo

  • Helan Biju
    Helan Biju 12 days ago

    whats cheese that not yours naho cheese



  • Thewaterspirit57
    Thewaterspirit57 12 days ago

    My sister had an easy bake... she only used it once...

    Also wasn't there a model of the easy bake that had a lot of things going on with it?

  • Joty Islam
    Joty Islam 12 days ago

    MO is the winner

  • flutter shy
    flutter shy 12 days ago

    i want someone too look at me the way cookie was looking to the red velvet cake

  • Milly M
    Milly M 12 days ago

    I just ate all my candy and now I'm not even sick HOW??????

  • Shashi Bhandari
    Shashi Bhandari 13 days ago

    cookie challenge

  • Say Masha Allah !!!!


  • Say Masha Allah !!!!

    mo is looking like Emma Watson

    UNICORN PERSON 13 days ago

    1 :mo 2: ro 3 :mo. I agree

  • Totoro Girl
    Totoro Girl 14 days ago

    Those truffles are BAEEE

  • Ramiro Estrada
    Ramiro Estrada 14 days ago

    Do not my arms challenge

  • Aleya Carpio
    Aleya Carpio 14 days ago

    Who saw henry peeking behind the bake oven of mo's when she was talking about the pretzel

  • Aaralyn Blake
    Aaralyn Blake 14 days ago

    Play the wet head challenge

  • Dawn Caraballo
    Dawn Caraballo 14 days ago

    ro do the egged on challenge with mo plz!!!!

  • Aayan Nabeel
    Aayan Nabeel 14 days ago

    my sister loves you both alot

  • Aayan Nabeel
    Aayan Nabeel 14 days ago

    you both are also very funny

  • Aayan Nabeel
    Aayan Nabeel 14 days ago

    your sister is also sweet

  • Aayan Nabeel
    Aayan Nabeel 14 days ago

    my sister has watched all of your nurdy nummies videos

  • Aayan Nabeel
    Aayan Nabeel 14 days ago

    rosanna you are so sweet and your nurdy nummies videos are so good my sister watches them all the time

  • aparna chopra
    aparna chopra 15 days ago

    please do a burritos challenge with justine

  • Harrietta Potter
    Harrietta Potter 15 days ago

    do the gummy bear change where u have to guess the gummy bear flavor

  • alicialim888
    alicialim888 15 days ago

    how old is your sister ro

    BHIMA RAJU JAMPANA 16 days ago

    did you get married

  • Alvin Dave Msgsaysay


  • Fatima Mumtaz
    Fatima Mumtaz 16 days ago

    Ro and Mo you both are so cut!😚😚😚😊😊

  • Andi Delgado
    Andi Delgado 16 days ago

    I want your cute dogs

  • JoJo Buckley
    JoJo Buckley 17 days ago

    Who else watches stuff like this at 1 am nonstop

  • Hello I Am Cow
    Hello I Am Cow 17 days ago

    Is her name Mo or Molly? Umm..ohhhhhhh ok then

  • Hello I Am Cow
    Hello I Am Cow 17 days ago

    'Lightly spray'
    They both hold them up and spray for about 4 seconds

  • diana chavira
    diana chavira 17 days ago

    Do mo ro

  • Angel Trickey
    Angel Trickey 17 days ago

    can you and your sister do a them Disney rapunzel

  • Chloe Cassandra
    Chloe Cassandra 18 days ago

    Is ro older than mo?

  • RIRI's YT
    RIRI's YT 18 days ago

    Does anyone here that sound when u plug in ur phone to charge at some parts of the vid or is it just me ???

  • Marlo Bryant
    Marlo Bryant 19 days ago

    THE FIRST ONE OF THE DAY Was the best

  • allan gian z. bermejo

    like it

  • allan gian z. bermejo

    ro stop making me hungry im watching this all day i do not sleep you are soooooooo good lioe it

  • Nia Patel
    Nia Patel 19 days ago

    I think that they had a tie

  • Jose Hidalgo
    Jose Hidalgo 20 days ago

    like ro I love cholate

  • Althea Gail Gonzales

    hi rossana i'm your biggest fan i like your challenge and your cooking videos

  • Jeremiah Lowry
    Jeremiah Lowry 21 day ago

    I love the heart cake one it is my favorite

  • Gamermidnight Gamer

    mo should have a channel

  • Gabbie Romulo
    Gabbie Romulo 23 days ago

    Is mo's real name molly

    DAISY SALGADO 23 days ago


    DAISY SALGADO 23 days ago


  • Radin Ahmed
    Radin Ahmed 23 days ago

    l love mo

  • Faith Korvela
    Faith Korvela 23 days ago

    Do the gummy vs real food challenge with mo

  • molly roberts
    molly roberts 24 days ago

    Not chow cheese= not your cheese

  • Unicornpower The gamer and stuffer

    do more with @ijtseni

  • Addison Paige Villa
    Addison Paige Villa 24 days ago

    y'all are so corny
    sorry i know your trying but its true

  • Galaxy Cookiez
    Galaxy Cookiez 24 days ago

    I made all of those when I was littler.. I still do actually lol.. I love all except the pretzels. So Delicious!!!

  • Margot van der Burg
    Margot van der Burg 24 days ago


  • CraftyGirl8 !
    CraftyGirl8 ! 24 days ago

    When ever I watch your channel I always have to eat something!😄

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 25 days ago


  • teddy katgirl
    teddy katgirl 25 days ago

    I have the same kind,....and also you sounds and act like cookiesswirl c with that same cookie icon or emoji

  • Gaming Candy
    Gaming Candy 26 days ago

    Is cookie a chug?

  • Team Creative
    Team Creative 26 days ago

    who else is scrolling through the comments to find ro's comment?

  • all you need
    all you need 26 days ago

    do a tang challenge with mo


    i like your vids

  • Nimo Virk
    Nimo Virk 27 days ago

    Another Q and A

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