Bobby Ray Carter Feet

Bobby Ray goes barefoot on the rug.9-15-06.

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Author hotwok19 (6 years)
Bobbi Ray Carter is so gorgeous that every time i look at her i feel like
jerking off!.

Author parkman35 (4 years)
reymatt is a bullshit artist...he's a foot freak or else he wouldn't have
come onto this clip...come out and be proud you're a foot person
ray...there's no shame in that....

Author Justin P. Langston (1 year)
I would love to play footsie with her. Although Colleen Lopez is one of my
fave HSN hosts with delicious legs and feet. Colleen is delicious from head
to yummy toes, but I'd play footwith Bobbie and Colleen at the same time.

Author rg2027x (7 years)
Bobbi Ray C is 'da bomb! great legz too..

Author reymatt76 (4 years)
haha, I can't believe people get off on her feet. I used to work there,
she's a very nice person. I never looked at her feet, and while I am gay,
and don't generally stare at women's tits, I can tell you, she had nice
headlights. But above all else (not that you're too concerned), she's
definitely the same person on air as she is off-air. I just did a search
for Bobbi Ray and I found this and was like "whuhhh..."

Author reymatt76 (4 years)
I used to get these sickos calling during the shoe shows asking me to
describe the shoe in excruciating detail and then they'd hang up without
buying it! I lost commission! I dreaded the shoe programs because all the
foot people would call and fuck my call time and commission up, so I'd
either hang up on them or take lunch. Now I know who these "sickos" were!
hehe. I should've just said that Bobbi wore the shoes and you guys would've
bought it.

Author DrummingLawyer (3 years)
when i first saw her i couldn't stand her but over time i guess she grew on
me, and now i can't tell you what i would do to crawl up her skirt and have
those cute little feet on my shoulders while i nibble on her tasty little
clit for like a day or so!!!! Yummm ;~)=

Author David Hunt (4 years)

Author FOOTFAN255 (7 years)
more of her please

Author CoolHotJus (3 years)
Bobbi Ray Carter has sexy feet.

Author footfreak40 (4 years)
she can dig her toes into me anytime as im cumming inside her sexy mules

Author reymatt76 (3 years)
@klwewf I'm a GAY GAY GAY GAY male who was looking up old HSN episodes,
like from the 1980s, when I stumbled across this. Did I mention I was a
butt pirate, queer, homo, etc. So Bobbi doesn't interest me that way. Also,
I do not find feet attractive whatsoever, although I have fetishes that are
just as unusual, so I'm not a closet foot freak or anything like that. But
if you want to believe that, then that's fine. I've been called much worse!

Author JusNice84 (7 years)
her feet are sexy

Author pedmunch (2 years)
pretending to talk about carpet, but she's really talking about men: "you
can just dig your toes in.....i love to walk on them." work it ms. bobby!

Author swordfishmatador (5 years)
I wish I was that carpet. If I was that carpet it would turn into a tee-pee

Author Feet4Pothead (7 years)
sexy feet

Author DancingEar08 (2 years)
I love it when she slides off her shoes. She had delicious feet. I'd love
to play footsie with her.

Author bbtlegit (3 years)
she has some sexy feet. I would love to suck her toes.

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