Slakter Pepsis reklamefilm med Kendall Jenner

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  • VEKKER REAKSJONER: Pepsis reklamefilm «Live For Now Moments Anthem» med Kendall Jenner i hovedrollen, vekker sterke reaksjoner. Flere mener det er et tonedøvt forsøk på en politisk bevegelse, og at det som skjer i videoen er virkelighetsfjernt. Pepsi sier i en uttalelse til Buzzfeed at reklamen ble laget for å vise folk fra rundt omkring i verden komme sammen.
    - Dette er en global kampanje som viser folk fra forskjellige stadier av livet som kommer sammen i harmoni. Vi mener det er et viktig budskap å få fram, sier de. Video: Pepsi
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  • Electric Cloud
    Electric Cloud 7 minutes ago

    People are so dramatic. It's not so bad! I really like it!

  • goodguynow
    goodguynow 35 minutes ago

    So why was this banned?

  • ccf678
    ccf678 1 hour ago


  • TheTyrranicalT-Rad
    TheTyrranicalT-Rad 4 hours ago

    i drink coke.

  • Bindi Rock
    Bindi Rock 6 hours ago


    BIGANDOGG x LG 8 hours ago

    lol Kendall wiped of her lipstick for new lipstick

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia 9 hours ago

    This commercial SUCKED BALLS!!!! Pepsi you are now officially morons!!!!

  • stg
    stg 12 hours ago

    where is Pepsi man when u need him????

  • DeathByReaper
    DeathByReaper 14 hours ago

    Fuuuccckkkk me, no wonder this had so much hate. Jesus christ

  • lidyaaa puujii251996
    lidyaaa puujii251996 15 hours ago

    .. .

  • Gaming 2.0
    Gaming 2.0 15 hours ago

    words like love hate equalaty are all librel words

  • LadyKD23
    LadyKD23 16 hours ago

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this ad, lol. Not really sure what the controversy is. The message is pretty solid...get out of your bubble and get involved in some way to bring about change according to your own belief system. People of various races and genders were represented in a peaceful why all the complaining? Should they have staged a riot and encouraged more strain on police officers around the country? The officers in the video weren't even in riot gear. To me, this seemed like a modern take on the famous picture from the 60's of a hippie putting a flower in the barrel of the cop's rifle...only in this case, she handed an unarmed officer a fucking can of soda. People need to chill OUT. It was a good message.

    • LadyKD23
      LadyKD23 16 hours ago

      For the young people who have no idea what 1960's photo I'm talking about (or its significance), here you go:

  • Janae Young
    Janae Young 19 hours ago

    This commercial is a fantasy that isn't reality that's why it's offensive.

  • dnotloat
    dnotloat 19 hours ago

    seeing this makes me want a Coke cola

  • Wretched
    Wretched 19 hours ago


  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark 22 hours ago

    So fake. If this were a real "protest"/riot, there would be innocent people beaten, cars and property set on fire, and those SJW protestors would be throwing rocks and M80s at the police. Just like in real life.

  • Majestic 12
    Majestic 12 23 hours ago

    wtf is this Pepsi peace bullshit
    we all now illuminati! runs tha show

  • Asset_to_the_Team

    Remember children, all police, I REPEAT, ALL POLICE, are clearly violent, evil, and racist. Also, if you disagree with me, that makes YOU violent, evil, and racist...and sexist....and anti gender fluid.....or whatever thing that SJWs whine about these days.

  • Grace Muir
    Grace Muir 1 day ago

    2:40 minutes of my life wasted 😑 😑 😑

  • Maria Laura Camacho

    Racist?? Please!! Its cool.

  • ToasterBomb
    ToasterBomb 1 day ago

    Apperantly no one can comprehend symbolism.

  • Banana Swiss roll videos

    I don't get it .it's good

  • Raja Ziafat
    Raja Ziafat 1 day ago


  • Akashi is my Crush

    -Who came here after Pewd's vid?-

  • Irfan Dehalvi
    Irfan Dehalvi 1 day ago

    this Pepsi Add is Illuminati connection confirm

  • JasenHazu
    JasenHazu 1 day ago

    Wow!!! Dumbest shit I've ever seen

  • Benpiggy
    Benpiggy 2 days ago

    cop gets handed pepsi by protesters. cop thinks, 'screw it, probably not poison.' next minute crowd screams, cop drops like a bag of crap and all he'll brakes loose.

  • Nico By
    Nico By 2 days ago

    Haha what a bunch of vapid liberal bullshit. Only one white person prominently represented and its a woman lol Whats even more cliche is how the Left wing public ate this shit up and 'turned' on one of their own lol

    The rest are Asians, Asian trannies, blacks, Middle Eastern muslims etc. Could it be anymore fucking cringe worthily forced? God my society is so sick...

  • Amir Aboubaker
    Amir Aboubaker 2 days ago


  • Amir Aboubaker
    Amir Aboubaker 2 days ago what we were finally looking for the Pepsi commercial .....THERES FUCKING TAYLOR SWIFT IN HERE WTF!

    • Amir Aboubaker
      Amir Aboubaker 2 days ago

      Really Selena Gomez too what the fuck is going on.I HATE PEPSI

  • jacob thomspon
    jacob thomspon 2 days ago

    why is a soda commercial have anything ton do with this

  • Frej Neergaard
    Frej Neergaard 2 days ago

    LIVE FOR NOW. Because you will all be dead in a few years anyway.

  • Moii mss
    Moii mss 2 days ago

    I was dying. Kendall gives the police Some Pepsi and everyone was like 'YEAAAAAAH' Omg its Just Pepsi xD

  • Mel M.
    Mel M. 2 days ago

    I love that commercial. People will complain and yell whatever you give to them, so Pepsi be proud of your shit and you shouldn't have apologised for this ffs!

  • Nazneen Abbas
    Nazneen Abbas 2 days ago

    yeeaah live for now after drinking go in grave lmao 😂 uuuuuffff this Illuminati is like viruses Ya MAHDI (AJFS),

  • Nareja S
    Nareja S 2 days ago

    this is Illuminati don't follow this girl and boys please

  • Darkness Falls
    Darkness Falls 2 days ago

    why dislike? it isnt the uploader making this ad he deserves credit

  • Im A Raptor.
    Im A Raptor. 2 days ago


  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia 3 days ago

    i like coke

  • ssnakess Master
    ssnakess Master 3 days ago

    so apperently pepsi is going to help racism wow btw how

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 3 days ago

    Look at all those butthurt people on the dislikes.

  • yusuf jameel md omar

    devils in global village...

  • yusuf jameel md omar

    how this ad represents a Pepsi...........

  • knowladgeable Talk
    knowladgeable Talk 3 days ago

    this ad permotes the <*>

  • Sheheryar Ahmad
    Sheheryar Ahmad 3 days ago

    WTF means of live bolder, its F**king 666.. finger up for u!!

  • damanom !
    damanom ! 3 days ago

    Can people just enjoy things and not get offended? People think too deeply about stuff now a days

  • Brad Silva
    Brad Silva 3 days ago

    Who came here from ltcorbis?

  • wasim ahmad
    wasim ahmad 3 days ago

    so bad add in pepsi history lol

    LAHORI STUNNERS 3 days ago


  • rahul chaudhary
    rahul chaudhary 3 days ago

    Fake ad protest turns real for Pepsi

  • Oasis44_garden
    Oasis44_garden 3 days ago

    How a commercial can be so long?

  • ali asif
    ali asif 3 days ago

    illumanti fuck u

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 3 days ago


  • John A S
    John A S 3 days ago

    I'd still bang.

  • nico olsen
    nico olsen 4 days ago

    I don't think I have seen so much bullshit in one commersial..EVER. Think I will go over to something else to drink..

  • tubertom
    tubertom 4 days ago

    0:56 When she held still to think: Dykey anger mode

  • Atsuneh
    Atsuneh 4 days ago

    Wow why is this controversial again? Whenever I hear people talk about this ad they're always screaming racism, but not only did it feature a lot of different genders and races but it did it in a pretty cool way?? Idk I don't see anything wrong with it

  • Yunan Helmi
    Yunan Helmi 4 days ago

    This is not racist, I am muslim but no offensive thing here... IMHO

  • Blacky Sensei
    Blacky Sensei 4 days ago

    Somebody bring pepsi quick! I got peppersprayed

  • I'am Hiba
    I'am Hiba 4 days ago

    Song Name ??? Plz

  • jzornthgrt
    jzornthgrt 4 days ago

    there weren't any peaceful protesters peacefully burning cars and peacefully smashing windows of businesses. Peacefully.

  • Ramon sdik
    Ramon sdik 4 days ago

    So damn funny...... 😁😀😂

  • Lydia Morgan
    Lydia Morgan 4 days ago

    Ummmm k. 🤔🙄😶

  • gleb_420 ape
    gleb_420 ape 4 days ago


  • Uni Versal
    Uni Versal 4 days ago

    2:25 "maybe their lives do matter"

    CAYDEN 5 days ago

    it's a freaking ad what's the point of it

  • Kari Gamez
    Kari Gamez 5 days ago

    what here puré spanish😂😂😂😂👎👊

  • kimkimi ralte
    kimkimi ralte 5 days ago

    trying my best to feel offended while watching it .. but I am not at all offended .. and I don't know why some people are 😂😂

  • Valérie Nzabilinda

    Can somebody explain why it's banned?...

  • Leftist Cuck
    Leftist Cuck 5 days ago

    All cringy sjw bullshit aside. The video is edited pretty good.

  • Caleb Jones
    Caleb Jones 5 days ago


  • Kian Tube365
    Kian Tube365 6 days ago


  • vegas ibiza
    vegas ibiza 6 days ago

    malísimo muy muy malo

  • milwaukee4life
    milwaukee4life 6 days ago

    I saw probably 2 black ppl total in that big ass crowd smh

  • Fawful99 Storm
    Fawful99 Storm 6 days ago

    I still love Pepsi as a soda.

    CHRISTÁ WHALEY 6 days ago

    I don't get where the offense is coming from. Kendall's celebrity is actually being used in positive light unlike her sisters. Not sure why this is offensive. Was someone left out of the mix or something? If so, welcome to being black. I Gotta watch some other videos to explain. I just think it was long as hell lol.

      CHRISTÁ WHALEY 6 days ago

      Nvm have read and watched commentary. Ppl reading into stuff wrong and too much. This controversy is too much. But I like this

  • lord fuze
    lord fuze 6 days ago

    We could've lived in a nicer world if we were in Soviet Russia
    No feminists
    No pepsi ad like this
    No Obama
    No Hillary
    No capitalism
    No Hitler

  • DanimOGaming
    DanimOGaming 6 days ago

    Wait what's so bad not saying that I'm agreeing

  • Kerstal
    Kerstal 6 days ago

    For people who are saying that other people got too offensive over this Pepsi commercial:

    Like myself who think this is a disrespectful AD, there are some things that reality can't get to some of you. This commercial uses imagery in which riots are going against or for such as domestic violence, race equality, etc. although it oversimplifies, and that's one of the reasons why people got so pissed including I.
    There are more ways to explain why it has such flaws, but that is one (^^) that can summarize enough for it to be offensive.

  • Alyssa Creel
    Alyssa Creel 6 days ago

    This is an awesome Pepsi commercial, my dad works at and this commercial shouldn't have gotten banned

  • _ Sedivated _
    _ Sedivated _ 6 days ago

    I will never drink Pepsi again. Great advertising Pepsi!

  • Maximilian Neumann
    Maximilian Neumann 7 days ago

    Welcome to 2017, where human conviction, ideals and struggles are enslaved and perverted to sell a a product for the corporate world, falsely claiming 'righteousness' to belong to them.

  • Angus Brown
    Angus Brown 7 days ago

    wait what was wrong with this?

  • chavdar dyakov
    chavdar dyakov 7 days ago

    How Kendal changed her clothes so fast?!

  • Lauren W
    Lauren W 7 days ago

  • xDarkseed
    xDarkseed 7 days ago

    for all you ignorant pricks who don't see what's wrong with this commercial here's what's wrong with it. Pepsi is commercializing protesting and portraying that the problems of this generation will be solved if you give a cop a Pepsi lmao

  • Gerald
    Gerald 7 days ago

    lmao honestly fuck racism as a whole, the only reason its a big deal is because people make it a big deal. Learn to let the fuck go and calm down. period.

  • Gabriel Hoekstra
    Gabriel Hoekstra 7 days ago

    This was destined to fail. It's white people and fake black people trying to exploit race wars.

  • Ruben Huerta
    Ruben Huerta 7 days ago

    Just give ISIS a pepsi, just give trump a pepsi, just give north Korean dictator kim sung un or whatever his name is a pepesi

  • drama llama
    drama llama 7 days ago

    I don't understand how this is offensive???

  • Iacobus Williams
    Iacobus Williams 7 days ago

    How the hell is this offensive?

  • Deborah Hall
    Deborah Hall 8 days ago

    So Pepsi is the key to world peace?

  • hamilton is my life

    1. lipstick does NOT come off that easily
    2. when she takes the wig off she has black hair and a different OUTFIT but then 2 secs later she has a denim outfit AND no lipstick wtf
    3. riots/riot police don't work this way at all this is stupid

  • Aidan Briggs
    Aidan Briggs 8 days ago

    World war 3 happenes

    Bitch get Kendall Jenner and Pepsi!

  • Mairy Kenupp
    Mairy Kenupp 8 days ago

    I liked it. Why offensve? WHY?!

  • vivalataco15
    vivalataco15 8 days ago

    I don't get it why is it offensive

  • Camels are Horses with more regrets

    What conversation?

    MEGUSTA ALI 8 days ago

    This world is so dumb get offended by anything how is this even bad ffs sake i wanna go back in 1897 when there was a show called are you kkk or something

  • Cory Mayo
    Cory Mayo 8 days ago

    why did she throw the blond wig on the black girl with natural hair. she could have did a millon different ways

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