How To Live Stream On YouTube - Start To FInish

In this video tutorial I show you how to Live Stream to YouTube using their built in features! Remember this is Beta and things are definitely going to change over the next few months and years!

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Webcam: Logitech C920 -
Main Monitor: LG UM57 -
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Microphone: Heil PR40 -
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Author Chips Crap ( ago)
I SUBED!!!!!!!

Author JohnnyGaming ( ago)
this is awesome

Author Bio Graphical ( ago)
Ty bro :)

Author RomiGD ( ago)
Yeah boi

Author Honest Cigar Reviews ( ago)
how do you video chat with others live like we used to do with hangouts live.

Author Mark Frank ( ago)
chukwunwike onyekaonwu i open youtube video is nice.

Author Dido kakooza spel ( ago)
pokemon legend

Author aestheticxo// ( ago)
fav game: msp

Author Kit Kat Kitty ( ago)

Author Biswajit singh ( ago)
How to record a song performance live with intruments with good quality sound???

Author Vlabel ( ago)
hi,i'd like to knwo when i go live which is the link to copy and send to my friend or post on fb or anywhere..(pleaseanswer ))

Author Dread_ Chain05 ( ago)
Subscribe to my YT to be in a shout-out on my YTShoutOuts

Author Junaid Ratyal ( ago)
Nice video

Author Golden-Rex PivotDinosaurs ( ago)
Can i stream without OBS?

Author Mettapop strikes back ! ( ago)
I have mobile... also I don't have the creator's studio X(

Author Shining Diamond ( ago)
1:32 lol

Author Pixies Channel ( ago)
Great video mate, Thanks for this, /you gained another subscriber.

Author RubyPlayzGaming ( ago)
i want to do live stream but.. i.. i don't have lots of viewers though..:c

Author Roh Ullah ( ago)
Hey! would you please let me know how to do TV live stream in youtube?


Author FLAMING -Spirit ( ago)
How do I do it in my phone since I don't have a computer

Author Gaming With Friends ( ago)
Will you do a video on how to set up your livestream on your live streaming software

Author Banking on Money ( ago)
Thanks for video was very informative and provides clarity on how to stream live video.

Author WOW! ROBLOX ( ago)
better thane my mum that does not help me

Author WOW! ROBLOX ( ago)
good vid

Author Zoe Vaughan ( ago)
I literally only came here to learn how to set up an incoding sophware.

Author Fifa mobile ( ago)
how can stream man utd game

Author Fifa mobile ( ago)
how can stream man utd game

Author Katniss12E ( ago)
sub me to help me thx :)

Author Lindsey Hazel ( ago)
You explained this very well!

Author Luna_The_Elemental 6139 ( ago)
Wait, how do I do this on my tablet?

Author Yombiee Matt ( ago)
1 Question
I try to live stream with YT Gaming but it have proplem and I cant
can help?

Author John Benedict Siles Plays Roblox ( ago)
i try using obs but i dont know how to use it

Author John Benedict Siles Plays Roblox ( ago)
I use bandicam :P


Author Xx_Neon Punk_xX ( ago)
how do you set up your obs

Author Mästare Kalk ( ago)
so like how do you link obs with say bandicam? because i started the stream said "what is happening?" then left

Author Eric Hsu ( ago)
thanks i just started :)

Author Adel AlSaati ( ago)
how I can stream online tv in YouTube which encoder I need

Author Tigerotic ( ago)
Thank you so much. Very informative c:

Author MixedFallenGamer ( ago)
mine said that due to violation you cant live stream

Author Israel Kuentzel ( ago)
can you be my youtube partner like 4 years

Author omgemily MSP ( ago)
In the title you put fInish XD

Author art_tvs ( ago)
i no have face cam :/

Author Lemini Tekonsa ( ago)
Yas finally

Author oliver bunny ( ago)
you kinda sound like master cheff

Author Gizla the Cute unicorn ( ago)
Hahahahah why does it Say Flninsh

Author Chief Daniel Gaming ( ago)
I will sub to every one who subs to me and like this comment.

Author Ethen gaming ( ago)
bullshit the deley time is big

Author NitziakuThundaa ( ago)
You need to verify

Author Mas Ritmo Net ( ago)
I would like to stream all my music and interact with my audience and maybe do segments on topics...

Author Alex Rico ( ago)
Hello,greetings.I have a macbook pro 2016 and i already have an account on You Tube.What type of camara do i need that shows my turntables,mixer etc,from diferent angle and that has audio ?

Author Melissa Moreira ( ago)

Author demonlord_11 ( ago)
i need help i just started

Author demonlord_11 ( ago)
what if u use twitch how do u do that

Author tech e shashank ( ago)
webcam jarori

Author Jawaid Qazi ( ago)
Are we allowed to broadcast live radio shows

Author Luis Lourenco ( ago)
how to screen record in obs

Author Harlord's Gaming ( ago)
age of empires 2 hd edition

Author ChicoYT ( ago)

Author CaptainCubecraft ( ago)
How can I upload my recorded Stream?

Author syrae jimerson ( ago)

Author MLP YUMMERS ( ago)

Author W33DDOG ( ago)
Hirrible thiss

Author Squad Goals Forever ( ago)
This guy is so um...dull ig

Author Lasse med stilen chrig89 ( ago)
Thanks Dude

Author Lasse med stilen chrig89 ( ago)
Thanks Dude

Author brittani adams ( ago)
but im on an ipad!!

Author Adam Blair ( ago)

Author phone boi x ( ago)
I like to stream unturned

Author Logan Vanderhoof ( ago)

Author Blitzitbros ( ago)
Can u use it with razor cortex?

Author LaCie Wharton ( ago)
How do you actually start the live stream? <3

Author KidShinyKing123 ( ago)
I JUST WANNA RECORD ME PLAYING POKEMON! And stream it, but this pops up :/

Author Alejandro Pena ( ago)
any free straming sofw to use??

Author mangle the fox ( ago)
Whats the variation code?

Author Domo Vinc Simo ( ago)
When i livestream it glitches where the view screen is a box not fitting the whole screen in a rectangular shape.

Author Steve The gamer ( ago)
He spelt finish wrong

Author Mr. SERTYP ( ago)

Author Feed TheBeast ( ago)
sigh...YouTube and Windows ruined everything....u CAN'T move now what u could before 2 years...and i have crappy Windows10 that not allows be to download OBS until i upload a few useless shit...i starts to get really angry about this disgusting greediness

Author Carson's Crazy Channel ( ago)
Farming simulator 2015

Author ayanda alfred ( ago)
nice video

Author Tyely Nguyễn ( ago)
Yeah! Thank you!

Author Elenator227 ( ago)
Thanks, this video helped me with a livestream that I'm doing on Friday (or Saturday if you're on my side of the world)

Author SICKBEAT4PROS ( ago)
He has dat golden voice

Author The Golden legent ( ago)
bro your smart

Author BanetteGaming7 ( ago)
Does anyone know how to add a picture to the background of your stream? (I mean the image shows while you are streaming?)

Author Beverly Westburg ( ago)
um so I can't livestream on my tablet?

Author General Stark ( ago)
subscribe me

Author General Stark ( ago)

Author Hassan Raza ( ago)
where to download OBS

Author Green_ Light ( ago)
um... when i opened strem now it says its offline how do i make it online?

Author Rock and Roll ( ago)
I HAVE NO BETA how can i get the BETA option..

Author Cheyenne Selle ( ago)
minecraft i wanna be like little kelly and little carly ^^

Author Tuned Awesome ( ago)
using iSpring. help

Author bendy gaming YT ( ago)
do you need 10k subscribers to stream?

Author Jacob hunter blalock ( ago)
thanks because i just started youtube today

Author Sinisterx Hope1 ( ago)
what is obs

Author AprilieCake ( ago)
ist so hard?

Author IzzyDoesStuff ( ago)
How do you delete a camera under the Ingestion Settings tab? PLEASE ANSWER I NEED TO FIGURE THIS ALL OUT IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS!

Author Elvis Dushkaj ( ago)
Help me get to 100 subs please.

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