How To Live Stream On YouTube - Start To FInish

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  • In this video tutorial I show you how to Live Stream to YouTube using their built in features! Remember this is Beta and things are definitely going to change over the next few months and years!

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  • Technologyguru
    Technologyguru 1 month ago

    If you want to learn how to live stream to YouTube from your MOBILE device, watch my tutorial on that here:

  • Belly RBLX
    Belly RBLX 6 hours ago


  • Dart Deity
    Dart Deity 8 hours ago


  • M J
    M J 16 hours ago

    How to get Steam live beta?

  • Ink Boom
    Ink Boom 23 hours ago

    can u stream without obs or anything at all?

    HWORANG LAW 1 day ago

    some of my settings are not the same

  • Ân Nguyễn
    Ân Nguyễn 1 day ago

    great video guy

  • shano6 -Minecraft

    Ok nice

  • Julie love/julius antilove

    I just wanna talk to my friends, BTW is there a button for spisific people that I wanna join in my live stream

  • Christallin Johnson

    I don't see where to become a google partner?

  • Cave Johson
    Cave Johson 2 days ago

    I'm going to make a portal 2 live stream

  • Muchhar Jokes Private Ltd.

    how to stream a picture all over a day without opening the pc

  • 7omasa_101
    7omasa_101 2 days ago

    like to stream about age of empire 3

  • Mohammad Kazim
    Mohammad Kazim 3 days ago

    how to end it? i dont know how to do that

  • Tyrone  Beukes
    Tyrone Beukes 3 days ago

    i wana press record then play my game

    thats all

    fkn complicated

  • Tyrone  Beukes
    Tyrone Beukes 3 days ago

    i give up😓

  • wildx iloveu
    wildx iloveu 3 days ago

    what about on lenovo tablet!! 😵😵😵

  • Forespoken
    Forespoken 3 days ago

    thanks dad

  • thatcrazeykid 118
    thatcrazeykid 118 3 days ago

    what is "obs"?

  • MetalMusicFromAcrossTheWorldYT

    What if you strictly want to stream only music? Such as full albums or a playlist for an hour or two?...

  • The Meme factory
    The Meme factory 3 days ago

    How do I set up the screen?

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 3 days ago

    how to get stream key???????/

    LAMBORGHINI SQUAD 3 days ago

    it says this Verifying your account by phone lets you unlock additional features on YouTube, and helps us make sure you're a real YouTuber, not a robot. and i don't have a phone

  • Insert clever and funny name here

    how do i get a stream key

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 4 days ago

    I want to stream my weather camera on YouTube from my own website. How is this accomplished? It's using its own URL. I can't figure out where to specify that.

  • Chitransh Khurana
    Chitransh Khurana 4 days ago

    can you tell me how to stop live streaming

  • Andi
    Andi 4 days ago

    Start to FLNiSH

  • Dolly Bakken
    Dolly Bakken 4 days ago

    how do you turn it off

  • Mlg dale4455
    Mlg dale4455 4 days ago

    does this work with ocam

  • Tamikamonkwalker
    Tamikamonkwalker 5 days ago

    ok now i know how to stream

  • Qari Abbas Arif
    Qari Abbas Arif 5 days ago

    i liked your video its great......plz tell me what is beta version here?

  • Lucas Alonso
    Lucas Alonso 5 days ago

    can you make the dang vid in slower motion

  • Script Vendor
    Script Vendor 5 days ago

    просто супер

  • LeRock Jacque
    LeRock Jacque 5 days ago

    How long can a live stream be?

  • Bicycle Cafe
    Bicycle Cafe 5 days ago

    YT live sucks , to many jumps & hurdles just to get it to work! FB is on the fly live!

  • Blogger Tutorial
    Blogger Tutorial 5 days ago

    which software can be used for windows xp???

  • Tacorn MSP
    Tacorn MSP 5 days ago

    i think beta only works in america or a different place to Australia

  • Issie23 gaming/toys/legos


  • Ja'Siyah Taylor
    Ja'Siyah Taylor 6 days ago

    love your channel not subscribing not allowed my dad said

  • Najeeb ahmed
    Najeeb ahmed 6 days ago

    what is BETA

  • noy 5555
    noy 5555 7 days ago

    How to be on mute on live stream?

  • Sir. Nathan
    Sir. Nathan 7 days ago

    It didnt give me a stream key

    • JustBear
      JustBear 7 days ago

      obs doesn't give you the stream key. Youtube does. Try rewatching the video, he tells you how t get the key.

    • Sir. Nathan
      Sir. Nathan 7 days ago

      obs didnt give me a stream key

  • Codmax Gaming Omg
    Codmax Gaming Omg 8 days ago

    I like modern combat 5:Blackout

  • Bleach Feminist
    Bleach Feminist 8 days ago

    So wait you connect live stream to obs what if you dont want it to do your desktop can u like just have a picture or what ?

  • Abdulrahman Alsyurafa

    i wanna start streaming DOTA 2

  • Lisa Conn
    Lisa Conn 9 days ago

    this is not working for me.

  • Illegal House Records

    How do you get your stream key? The link to the video is not shown in the description.

  • imissmydog PJ
    imissmydog PJ 9 days ago

    i left a comment, i do not feel wiser for doing this.

  • Andrew Molina
    Andrew Molina 9 days ago

    plz sub to me I well sub back plz sub

  • robloxian mike 2500
    robloxian mike 2500 10 days ago

    how do you you stop recording on a live stream

  • dj fraze
    dj fraze 10 days ago

    subscibed me

  • CoolGamerDude
    CoolGamerDude 10 days ago


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    Ace Gamplay 11 days ago


  • Dan Webster
    Dan Webster 11 days ago

    you da man

    PUNJABI STYLE 11 days ago

    bro first thank you for sharing this vedio

    i want to know that if we stream did that video will saved after live stream or we have option to remove that vedio from their

    i only want to live stream dont want to show video after live stream

  • Sam One
    Sam One 11 days ago

    what a voice... 👏👏👏😀

  • Naruto 7 Channel
    Naruto 7 Channel 11 days ago


  • Shadow 1160
    Shadow 1160 11 days ago


    • Shadow 1160
      Shadow 1160 11 days ago

      can i play modern game on low end pc with no lag when i streaming

  • Dragon lynx
    Dragon lynx 11 days ago

    This is a good video because i can make live stream videos and if i getting to 2K I can show my homies about that

  • Esther Torres
    Esther Torres 11 days ago

    GTA 5 online

  • Karlismi Roblox and more

    obs only?

  • Joseph-Edward Cerda
    Joseph-Edward Cerda 12 days ago

    So am I only able to live stream on YouTube if I have OBS or other streaming softwares? I can't just stream from YouTube?

    NIKE BOY 12 days ago

    Hey there Can u plz help me i have Microsoft expression encoder So how i will start my Live stream plz help me..

  • சம்சுதீன் தமிழன்

    can i stream live cricket score?

  • John Britton
    John Britton 13 days ago

    I would like to stream coin roll hunts

    FOOTBALL GALLERY 13 days ago

    i want football live stream in my page why?

  • Laurin Shema
    Laurin Shema 13 days ago

    How to livestream on YouTube and in livestream to show the Subscribes can anyone tell me pls reply

    R4Z3R GAMING 13 days ago


  • pearcey111
    pearcey111 13 days ago

    I don't have beta on mine, can anyone tell me why or how to fix it please

  • John Britton
    John Britton 13 days ago

    I downloaded the OBS soft ware but I cant get it to work It ask for a key ? code where do I find it ?

  • Khaysia Starr
    Khaysia Starr 14 days ago

    there are so many steps to this!!!!

  • Dangaming Xd
    Dangaming Xd 14 days ago

    How to go out of its and play games and put your scream when they see you and see you face

  • snupe  trigga
    snupe trigga 14 days ago

    i will sub to anyone that subs me

  • Fun World
    Fun World 15 days ago

    Stream Live M.U.G.E.N

  • BonsaiTreeGaming
    BonsaiTreeGaming 15 days ago

    You seem really nice

  • jack error
    jack error 15 days ago


  • suzycubes
    suzycubes 15 days ago

    how do you end the livestream?

  • Throughmylens
    Throughmylens 15 days ago

    Thank you for sharing. It was very nicely explained.

  • abdul basit
    abdul basit 15 days ago

    i cant be able to find my stream key in my obs me regarding this

  • Djo Gamer
    Djo Gamer 15 days ago

    subscribe in my chaine please Guys

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    yrl.markell 16 days ago

    sub to me

  • toon time
    toon time 16 days ago

    r u Indian?

  • leoric21
    leoric21 16 days ago

    I streamed ABZU on twitch because Amazon prime bought Twitch and i love Amazon Prime. But i really don't like the UI on twitch (very confusing). so i googled how to stream to youtube and this video popped up.

    I am glad i did much simpler then twitch also i like how you can save your steams on Youtube so people can watch them anytime they want. I know you can do the same thing on Twitch, however all the videos i can find about that are out dated.

    I'll check up your channel see if you have explained it yet. You just got a new subscriber.

    Thanks for the video.

  • Lunar Moon Gamer
    Lunar Moon Gamer 16 days ago

    Flnish 😂

  • Ajayi Ayokunle
    Ajayi Ayokunle 16 days ago

    I appreciate your effort and for being generous sharing this video. Thumbs up. Can I get a full video on how to Livestream CNN live?.

  • Royal Kingz
    Royal Kingz 16 days ago

    You spelled finished wrong

  • ahil ahill
    ahil ahill 17 days ago

    it cant,,i make my stream key in OBS,and after few seocnds got message,timed out and its not possible to connect.
    says or firewall or software password,,,

  • NiNo
    NiNo 17 days ago

    How's it going man, I was just wondering do you possibly know how to live stream a tv show on you tube ? It would be greatly appreciated if you could help out

  • Christian Albites
    Christian Albites 17 days ago

    Hey ! this is very helpfull.... buuutttt.... how about if I want to stream music ?? Like a radio?

  • Dark_ Galaxy
    Dark_ Galaxy 18 days ago

    plz tel me

  • Dark_ Galaxy
    Dark_ Galaxy 18 days ago

    how do u stop the live stream?

  • Mk _Gamer
    Mk _Gamer 18 days ago


  • Dr Faisal Gul Balushi

    If i want to show youtube live streaming match can it's possible and how?
    I mean if I want to show live any football match or other in My channel how it's possible and how can I do it?

  • WemzeKai Gaming
    WemzeKai Gaming 19 days ago


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