How To Live Stream On YouTube - Start To FInish

In this video tutorial I show you how to Live Stream to YouTube using their built in features! Remember this is Beta and things are definitely going to change over the next few months and years!

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Author DR. Awesomeness PHD ( ago)
thank you this was very helpful

Author BEN WINN ( ago)

Author W- Collections ( ago)
can I make live stream on my channel from another channel. if I can then tell please how do I set up this.

Author DynimiteXtreme ( ago)
how do you end it?

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Author UltimateTrident ( ago)
OBS Don't work anymore so how do i live stream now?!

Author Emi Jo ( ago)
how do you add music ?

Author luke riley footballing tv ( ago)
Can u show us how to do it on phones

Author Christopher Tullis ( ago)
in am new so 10 subs plz

Author Drunken Gamer ( ago)
to live stream shud we hv to make a video ready or do it when the live stream is started...will it record ur screen?? plz answer..I need to grow my channel

Author Drunken Gamer ( ago)
clash royale in my channel

Author Alex Ash ( ago)
SuperSmashBros 4

Author Idkwiah AJ ( ago)
please help me get 100 subscribers! i will be sure to subscribe back!

Author Coke Bitcoin ( ago)
subscribe to my channel please :) ♥

Author OMMO ( ago)
*Please help me get to 100 Subscribers, im 25 away and I upload DAILY* I can't wait to livestream my music.

Author XRobloxian AssasainX ( ago)
How do u add face cam while streaming a game?

Author Georgi Georgiev ( ago)
hello tall us how we can do ipcamera live

Author fan saifi ( ago)
how to play coc on live Stream

Author Jun Mark Alburo ( ago)
how can i live stream my game DOTA 2?

Author Lol/it me bubba ( ago)

Author Thebrothergamer ( ago)
can i have 100 subs plz

Author Glory Revive ( ago)
Great Video Thanks

Author Lutaaya Huzaifah Idris ( ago)
Hey thanks for the Video , can you please tell me the cheapest way of using a camera to broadcast a live stream on Youtube Live

Author sanat22jeff youtubers outburst ( ago)
how do i record

Author XxHypeBeastGamerxX ( ago)
On iPad how???

Author Elijah Minor ( ago)
yall please sub to my channel help me get up to at least 100 subs

Author the yellow gaming girl ( ago)
i am a youtuber check y channel it may be boring but it is fine

Author GamingWithcRz ( ago)
thanks realy helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author AJ Negrillo ( ago)
anime streaming

Author cats or dogs?? ( ago)
Help me get to 100 subs please. ill sub back

Author Aaron and maddie ( ago)
hi sophia u r watching this

Author Noah33 ( ago)
Help me hit 1,000 subs!! Im about to stream too <3

Author Arden Simpson ( ago)
Minecraft breasts and Minecraft Mineplex

Author AwesomeKid345 jamari ( ago)
i like to stream phantom forces

Author mangle the fox ( ago)
I have a tablet...

Author rxby love ( ago)
this is very helpful thanks

Author Ahmed and Hassan ( ago)
Thx helped alot

Author Snarledpoetgamin ( ago)
i dont have my stream key

Author Micah Friedman ( ago)
:D YOU HAVE AN IMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Author TK Music ( ago)

Author hype boi ( ago)
does this work

Author Football Madness ( ago)
Sub de my channel

Author Ceaz lawezz ( ago)
Subscribe to me and like this comment, I will subscribe back immediately. Comment DONE below

Author JokeProfits GT ( ago)
why me not show Beta ?

Author OFF- LiMits002 ( ago)
can you give me a link to download obs? :)

Author Melanchloli ( ago)
Well how do you get it to not show your face

Author LexDoseGaming ( ago)
Help me get to 50 subs!!!! Ill shoutout u if u get me there

Author Ninja Gamer ( ago)
how to you use editing

Author RAH Gaming ( ago)
Thank you

Author [-Natsu-] ( ago)
how upload the video affter enabling dvr

Author CrazyHyena ( ago)
i have obs and i dont understand how to put your live stream on there instead of it showing that infinite zoom in on the main screen,also do you have to have a webcam to do it or is that just for your face?

i dont want my face in it

thx now i know i might stream roblox in march 18th even though its a scary day because i can die but what ever

Author Homie2908 ( ago)
Comment down below in my The Stalker Video: Vid: 3 The Stalker and say what you would like to see it must be a website, overwatch, or minecraft

Author JeetHole ( ago)
I liked n subbed

Author JeetHole ( ago)

Author moises rivera ( ago)
I like to stream my self talkung about different topics and djing

Author Roblox gamer wars ( ago)

Author Miss Frozen Gem AJ ( ago)
I Have a question: Can you record audio off of your computer only, and if you talk it wont take that audio, but if you put music on, they will hear that?

Author Craftyplay tale ( ago)
how do uou end it?

Author Christian Moore ( ago)

Author surajit biswas ( ago)
plezzz help

Author surajit biswas ( ago)
i don,t see my beta option on my youtube studio

Author Gaming Bear FTW ( ago)
Can i get 400 subs i only have 300 its my bday it will be awesome if you do😍😍

Author Kitcat Kitty cat Hogan ( ago)

Author Kitcat Kitty cat Hogan ( ago)
This Doesn't work

Author marc wolf22 ( ago)
hey I need help when I live stream its keeps showing my avatar picture as my video

Author Mr. Lego ( ago)
Yo brah thanks so much for this tutorial video!! Ive been looking on how to do streaming some for ages now and I've finally found out how to do it!! You earned a new subscriber bro

Author George Senda ( ago)
Like all these help videos you went and talked too fast.

Author Roblox Bros ( ago)

Author Javien Williams ( ago)
subscribe to me

Author The Jamie Mc AKA get to the chopper! ( ago)
Could I have a shoutout for my 2nd channel it's called More The Jamie Mc

Author Wize Apex ( ago)
that intro beautiful my man great video thanks this video helped me out so much

Author The brick brack ( ago)

you spelled finish flinish lol!😁

Author Wolf Gang ( ago)

Author doomduck785 ( ago)
help me get to 100 subs plz

Author iballisticdreams ( ago)

Author SuperStromini ( ago)
Is obs none virus?

Author Bring It On ( ago)
Subscribe to me and ill subscribe to you

Author Sans The skeleton ( ago)
To see me naked go to my profile

Author ZimmyPlayz ( ago)
fs 17

Author Greenycric Gaming ( ago)
Where can i get obs

Author Lot of Fun ( ago)
Time wasting video

Author Rob Tillitz Imagery ( ago)
Nice! Concise and well presented, albeit you talk fast and for that I'm jealous! I do a lot of ahhhs and you knows.

Author Toyanklebreaker300 Swanson ( ago)
nice video

Author Shadow Wolf_Gamer ( ago)
I can't do it... :(

Author Fire Buddys ( ago)
ill sub back

Author Bwady96 ( ago)
uhh when i clicked creator studio and showed all my vids and stuff etc

Author YoutubeGamingLover ( ago)

Author Rahman 786 ( ago)
sir, I want to know which game is best for win 10 with amd r 5 graphics,, should I buy or download it from store... pls help

Author Mario MK ( ago)
guys pls helpi make a 1 hour long stream but on ytb posts just 25 minutes wtf

Author Black Chibi Cat Gaming ( ago)
what if it's a phone,tablet,iPhone or IPad?

Author Mahadi Gaming ( ago)
Help me get to 100 subs please.

Author ian rena ( ago)
I rather use the USTREAM for free and not as complicated as youtube and facebook live

Author Pixel Smasher ( ago)

Author SharMarvellous Studio ( ago)
dude i wanna live stream the ucl matches....hopefully thats possible. can you send me some live streaming links if you have, cuz i am one of your subscribers now..plzz

Author Devaglitch ( ago)
666 dislikes oh wow

Author Panda Sports30 ( ago)
Anyone who subscribes to my channel say done so I can subscribe back

Author OG GAMING. ( ago)
I got a question about streaming on YouTube. do you have to have any software and your computer to stream on YouTube or can you just stream by using YouTube directly software.

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