imvu how to GET NAKED 100% NAKED


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Author Lamarcus La La ( ago)

Author Flare {Ahmad williams} ( ago)
I did

Author iiDemonGirl ' ( ago)
who came here for a penis xD

Author skys MMD/nightcore ( ago)
I made a new acc and learned how to make it naked

1 you have to do all the quests n things u have 2 do to earn credits

2.Go to the shop and
Truly on
FL perfect feet by lurker
Combo scaler by scaler
Then normaler avi lady

3 Take off your bottoms AND BAM UR naked

Ovbi buy everything

4 girls

Author Mone B. ( ago)
100% works

Author Gloria Dosoe ( ago)
that's was to stop everyone from arguing but it truly works 100% :))

Author Gloria Dosoe ( ago)
for girls type in AnjuaForever (creator) then go on her avatars u will see
a giga avatar try it then type in boob tape then bam ur naked lol

Author XxGrace SpacexX ( ago)
for girls its boob tape and elite model avatar it works

Author rr linsagan ( ago)
you SH!T it does'nt work -_- i type in all pruducts "naked body" no result!

Author Guerline Alphonse ( ago)
Nigga you show yourself how to do it but us

Author Dashawn mcneil ( ago)

Author Underground imvu ( ago)
any females looking for real nudes suits , check me out its 3k and I have
trigger dicks for 5k ! video proof on my channel and I show proof before
purchase !

Author Makayla A ( ago)

Author James Tilmon ( ago)
Btw ima girl

Author James Tilmon ( ago)
Nasty I waisted my time in stead of doing wat girls do I watch dis
bullcrap. Anyways watch my video

Author desmode ⓘⓧⓥⓘⓘ ( ago)
What's the name of the suit 

Author A&V Productions ( ago)
WTF your just showing a picture of a naked dude

Author Unicorn Madness ( ago)

Author Terry B Parker ( ago)
Its funny how peps get trolled lmaoo

Author Tiffany Alsina ( ago)
lol me too

Author Superstar8724rox ( ago)
Where da hell is ur dick? Thats y i clicked this

Author Periwinkle Hawa ( ago)
no dick??

Author Periwinkle Hawa ( ago)
0% dick 1OO% pussy x

Author logan shield ( ago)
What's ur imvu name

Author J'Honesty McRae ( ago)
if you guys want imvu triggers to buy or sex room email me at i only sell it by file a trigger file is 30k i got
2 sex rooms file so if u want two of them that will be 35k some people sell
it for 80k or more i sell it cheap when u buy these file u can open your
own business of selling these and become rich 

Author rhonda reagan ( ago)

Author Minnie Star Luvs xoxo ( ago)
Fuck you you arent ap dumb ass

Author naynay3303 ( ago)
Where the **** is you peewee and uh what part of this showed u HOW to get
naked your just naked in the shop and u keep going around your ass.

Author Victor Nadal Martinez ( ago)
Can you put the created of the pirduct???

Author virginia smith ( ago)
every one go add me on imvu at SHYBREEL or THATstudCHICK 

Author TRILL X ( ago)
@uomp13p1s1dn hit up my boy**

Author TRILL X ( ago)
I got a waaay better trigger than this! Just hit upy boy im1creezed1jigga I
only paid 9.5k (9,500) word

Author marina esbeath ( ago)

Author Ali May ( ago)
were is the naked body? is there one for girls? cuz I see vids of it but I
cant find it

Author jacklyn pham ( ago)
thumbs up if u do

Author jacklyn pham ( ago)
who knows how to buy triggers

Author Rashad Frazier ( ago)
Just wow

Author Fathiya Mohamed ( ago)
what that outfit call i want to buy it?

Author Perfessor Happeh ( ago)
Y did u send me to this Natalie u kray-z freak u X-X Gosh... I hate this
side of utube.

Author Guto Arierref ( ago)
po colaca uma roupa no personagen 

Author Artemis La Belle ( ago)
thought ap meant "a problem" laughed at ):

Author Giannos Ioannou Music ( ago)
you have to be ap to see full naked and you must buy extra the dick so if
you want the ap you need to be 18+ and for girls also for naked just buy
access pass for view full naked and buy hot products 

Author Manusa Sing ( ago)
how to get naked imvi tell me pls if you know

Author TheLegend27 ( ago)
imvu knowed about this then took it off

Author tonne druecker ( ago)
it doesn´t work it not to find

Author Joshua Rivers ( ago)
Talk to USFKiD for the real thing....ITS LEGIT!!!

Author Eoae ( ago)

Author kathryn johnson ( ago)

Author kathryn johnson ( ago)
omg ima go to it

Author thekitcatsrock ( ago)
hit up silvia666666 for the answer, at least for girls ;D

Author kayla jasper ( ago)

Author kayla jasper ( ago)

Author T o b i 0 E P I K ( ago)
so corny i seen a real dick that u could find but i could never find it

Author Huncho Glo ( ago)
Wtf he don't have a dick

Author Kris “TheNBAFanatic” Young ( ago)
He don't have a dick. So a fajj?

Author Angie Hill ( ago)
this shit i try it 

Author monica marinskaite ( ago)
He has no dick :D wow

Author Akio Kashi ( ago)
jackass we could get naked back then -.-

Author Ryan Hoang ( ago)

Author Jullaion Jones ( ago)
Noobs! add me kiddopest

Author xpertgames999 ( ago)
He probably had no dick :P

Author Lupita Campos ( ago)
move ur fukin hand i wanna see u dik

Author auston swift ( ago)
ehhhh what the fuck

Author Paulina Ramirez ( ago)
If you started to read this you cant stop. im a girl with black hair with
green glow eyes. My parents got a fork and cutted my nose, finger and hand.
im dead. if you dont post this to 15 pages i will come to your room and use
a fork and cut every hand and arm. sorry dont want to be dead :(

Author ßalanced ▲ ( ago)
WTF?!?!?!?!!!?!??! Nvm! U are a hoe

Author xoxo ( ago)
add me user is iisnitched4oreos

Author Teylor The Ginger ( ago)
Add me my user is imsexyandiknowit7559 and imsexyandiknowit7599

Author deandreisback ( ago)
0 ich dick lol

Author lindseyloverchic ( ago)

Author Luke ( ago)
@lalalalalastrawberry u wanted to see that dick didnt u lmao?? :) im joking
with u hun

Author Sandy Shein ( ago)
Are you dickless ?

Author Headphone Actor ( ago)
It's a shame that it becomes AP after a few days, and it's a total waste of
credits until you buy it.

Author Chandan Shah ( ago) we sell trigger dick life time free replacement...We sell all
poses as well.Most bm sellers taking credits run away when replacement
comes.Our site is more then 2 yrs old with lots of happy customer we are
paypal only tho

Author Click-clack ( ago)
If you want to buy a trigger dick for few credits, message me. I sell

Author rouxgirl860 ( ago)
Yep..... I'm on the weird side of youtube again......

Author Mz. T A Boss ♡♡♡ (903 years ago)
Y ain't it showing the Fucking did

Author davidgamer ( ago)
can not find it 

Author Courtney Binns ( ago)
2500 credits... i'll pass on this.... i already have enough revealing
clothes on IMVU

Author Henrique Quatroque ( ago)
é uma vagina 

Author UnderWaterTears ( ago)
100% Lols

Author michael prell ( ago)

Author zaid rafeea ( ago)
thumbs up if u didnt find it 

Author Daniel Price ( ago)
Monsterking250 Y u no have penis

Author Lauren Agnew ( ago)
love how you don't show you don't have a penis on imvu. gay.

Author musiclover1234291 ( ago)
how do you get ap?Somebody tell me!!

Author Romy Siqueira ( ago)
@DeadSpace I saw one in GA a few weeks ago, but imvu probably took it out 

Author Chance Edwards ( ago)
B9FP8PC1FM expires 12/24/11

Author Ludibelle ( ago)
AP is Access Pass!! You need it to get nude unless you by and nude body...
some chatrooms are AP only 

Author Abigail Berry ( ago)
Soooo fucking..pointless..just get Ap....I mean by the time u buy it after
48 hours or less its gonna be gone and ur going to be broke so bahahaha
dont bother =.=..ur just waste ur time,everyone elses time,and ur own damn

Author AJ Jay ( ago)
there is an item to make a man naked its called monster dick but what about

Author triton ppooper ( ago)
show the virgina!

Author Danielle Powell (Tru) ( ago)
@ximvuforever Dumbass its not in there >:/

Author Danielle Powell (Tru) ( ago)
You need ap for that >:/

Author Melina Lopez ( ago)
maybe his dick is so dang tiny

Author sophia123koolio ( ago)
@Barbiiemaxx lol yaa!!

Author Lord Richard ( ago)
@123cryovac THANK YOU, Somebody with some sense in here. What the hell is
wrong with the uploader. And yea, It's been a month but I just now looked
at this video.

Author Lord Richard ( ago)
WTF? Why is this showing a dude naked? What the hell? Make the girl naked,
damn, shit.

Author M. Broglio ( ago)
I can't find it.

Author Slurry Noises ( ago)
He has... Man-gina!!! D:)

Author Lakiena Run ( ago)
i did it i didnt find it

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