Exes Take A Shower Together

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  • Krimson Kxng
    Krimson Kxng 6 hours ago

    Just cause you make a joke about it being clickbait doesn't make it ok that it's clickbait 😑

  • Tony Bulley
    Tony Bulley 17 hours ago

    Kinda tragic... 🤔

  • Dwalisumuzi Zinhle Dewa

    Yo, I thought this was a BuzzFeed video.. you did well. Not that BuzzFeed is the height of quality but you seem to know how to do the high quality thing even as a solo person

  • I Snipe Genos All Day
    I Snipe Genos All Day 20 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Logissa
    Logissa 1 day ago

    okay but can we talk about that house for a second?

  • Lance Satojito
    Lance Satojito 1 day ago

    4:11 is that a fat "roi"

  • coolkid kevin
    coolkid kevin 1 day ago

    they look like they are crying in the beginning

  • jheelan
    jheelan 2 days ago

    American houses are so big

  • Westbrook Meme's
    Westbrook Meme's 3 days ago

    What kinda fuck shit is this

  • Erik Betancourt
    Erik Betancourt 7 days ago


  • The Flower of the Field


  • wfmbu
    wfmbu 9 days ago

    this is probably what they had to go through when making those videos

  • Kefun
    Kefun 10 days ago

    Wow. I just understood the meaning behind the video and my mind has been blown.

  • Ahmad Rza
    Ahmad Rza 10 days ago

    wow this was kinda sad video..

  • Liliana Chavero
    Liliana Chavero 11 days ago

    shes so cute

  • Nina Bee
    Nina Bee 11 days ago

    Wait...what "lesbian fetishization"? Because he was listing off her exes? Am I missing something?

  • Talking Opioids
    Talking Opioids 12 days ago

    What camera did they use?

  • Jake Aalering
    Jake Aalering 12 days ago


  • violet lee
    violet lee 12 days ago

    someone send me the cello sheet music for this i liked it

  • Jacob Palmares
    Jacob Palmares 12 days ago

    This is fucking dumb

  • Guadalupe Delafuente

    that Mexican girl from buzzfeed is back yra

  • Vivian Bui
    Vivian Bui 13 days ago

    Love how this was filmed!

  • Linds
    Linds 13 days ago

    honestly holy crap leaving buzfeed was the best thing you could have possibly done, I'm sitting here watching all your vids wishing there were more. solidly subscribing.

  • Aimee Elisha
    Aimee Elisha 13 days ago

    Damn that's a nice ass house!!!

    (The one with the yellow door)

  • TheAwesomeGamingFamily

    The guy opening the door with pizza looks like a chubbier Guava Juice/Roy

  • OpalRiderLR
    OpalRiderLR 17 days ago

    I'm sorta sad that the second most viewed video on this channel is the one with a title that imitates what he used to do on Buzzfeed. There's so much more going on than what's described in the title of the videos, I can't wait to see how this channel turns into a story!

  • Elise'sPlace
    Elise'sPlace 19 days ago


  • Jackson Catlett
    Jackson Catlett 20 days ago

    Was this a subtle hint that yessica and Chris broke up? I hope not

  • Jackson Catlett
    Jackson Catlett 20 days ago

    I thought yessica and Chris were back at buzzfeed and I was so disappointed until I clicked the video

  • A D
    A D 21 day ago

    The video that came on straight after was the buzzfeed exes get handcuffed, oh the irony

  • Pedro Gutierrez
    Pedro Gutierrez 21 day ago


  • rachelcalderon85
    rachelcalderon85 22 days ago

    I love how this video shows the damage buzzfeed employees may have to feel in order to make content for the masses. Most of us have seen exes hang out for 24 hours or some bs like that on buzzfeed and we never stop to wonder how it feels for them in real life. I love this video.

  • rachelcalderon85
    rachelcalderon85 22 days ago

    how are these LA homes so fancy for post buzzfeed employees. I thought they didn't get paid much?

  • radioactive ood
    radioactive ood 22 days ago


  • deadtomeover
    deadtomeover 23 days ago

    Brittany is Louise Belcher grown up.

  • Josh Kayle
    Josh Kayle 23 days ago

    What is this

  • Andre Mendoza
    Andre Mendoza 23 days ago

    You ever see early Soul pancake stuff? You're stuff reminds of that. I dig it.
    Subscribing =j

  • Marie e e
    Marie e e 23 days ago

    this videos give me inner peace

  • Anna Ray
    Anna Ray 23 days ago

    this was all a ploy so chris could get yessica to kiss him and show him her boobs

  • thelittleprowler
    thelittleprowler 23 days ago

    Hello good quality YouTube content, its been awhile. How have you been?

  • Leanne Wonesh
    Leanne Wonesh 23 days ago

    These are so introspective and I love it

  • Slime Sundays
    Slime Sundays 24 days ago

    'lets take a shower,together'
    Chris' face 😂

  • roman hall
    roman hall 24 days ago

    She was kind of a cunt lol

  • Ayra Dimaapi
    Ayra Dimaapi 24 days ago

    I love this video!! Love the writing and Yessica!!!!! 😍

  • Soroiya A
    Soroiya A 24 days ago

    I screamed at the end. OMG. Thank you. Are we done?

  • Sorry2Baked
    Sorry2Baked 25 days ago

    1,136 had their exes in this video haha

  • Jaden Quinn
    Jaden Quinn 27 days ago

    Not interesting

    ARUNDHATI S 27 days ago

    are yessica and Chris dating in real life ??

  • oneofthegossips
    oneofthegossips 28 days ago

    Hahahhahahahahah omg your Videos are so funny 😂😂😂 excited for more

  • TheGirl Gaming
    TheGirl Gaming 28 days ago

    Two of them saw there tits...Penis...And Vagina.

  • Hi im Ace
    Hi im Ace 28 days ago

    she seems like she'd be a shitty girlfriend

  • trashcanwithfeelings

    when "exes get handcuffed together for 24 hours" is in your recommended.

  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown 29 days ago

    If this was what it would take for my ex to actually have a shower I'd be down for it.

  • Gelato Seven
    Gelato Seven 29 days ago

    But... Chris and Yessica ARE still together in real life, right? Right?

  • Terence Horsman
    Terence Horsman 29 days ago


  • WolfireGaming
    WolfireGaming 1 month ago

    I don't think a video has ever made me this uncomfortable. Well done, I guess.

  • Cisa Kersey
    Cisa Kersey 1 month ago

    Wow, he's great solo.

  • Royalty Juice
    Royalty Juice 1 month ago

    What's with the intro?

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens 1 month ago

    No chance.

  • miko
    miko 1 month ago

    This is quality shit!

  • Anissa DeLeon
    Anissa DeLeon 1 month ago

    i wanna be one of Brittany's exes! 😍😘😘

  • koala_raptor
    koala_raptor 1 month ago


  • It's Me David
    It's Me David 1 month ago

    This video confused me

  • TheForestFamily
    TheForestFamily 1 month ago

    Whenever he thinks of her violins play

  • Hanna Hermione
    Hanna Hermione 1 month ago


  • Hooligan Marie
    Hooligan Marie 1 month ago

    This is so gorgeous. Buzzfeed was constricting Chris' talent

  • Angie Brite
    Angie Brite 1 month ago

    It's like I saw the title and I thought "ugh boring just like everything else"
    Then I clicked it because I saw that it was Chris. And I'm like I will never doubt you again.

  • hmg9
    hmg9 1 month ago

    Probably one of the best videos on YouTube, because it captures a deeper emotion that most people haven't thought of, but can relate to. This is good art.

  • Jordyn Zehms
    Jordyn Zehms 1 month ago

    Did they break up in real life?

  • Veronica Cajuste
    Veronica Cajuste 1 month ago

    When buzz feed does this

  • Edward Rogan
    Edward Rogan 1 month ago

    You're really going somewhere with all this man, good to see

  • Maddie Molotla
    Maddie Molotla 1 month ago


  • ExTcZ
    ExTcZ 1 month ago

    Oh the criiiiinge !!! Love your videos :D

  • JC Munoz
    JC Munoz 1 month ago

    I've been enjoying your videos so far. I'm glad to see that you're actually using your creativity well. I can't wait to see more.

  • Haboo Naimee
    Haboo Naimee 1 month ago

    no, your video made it well aware its prob a bad idea

  • Alejandro Vega
    Alejandro Vega 1 month ago

    Wait....did they really break up?:(

  • 1Aldreth
    1Aldreth 1 month ago

    he reminds me of JD from scrubs.^^

  • Jarred
    Jarred 1 month ago

    where's the suicide memes

  • Natalie Shershow
    Natalie Shershow 1 month ago

    These videos are so good how are other people not realizing that

  • Last_mann's Biggest fan

    My name is Lesly

  • Superstuffed
    Superstuffed 1 month ago

    dat #Bokeh doe!!

  • shiclasher
    shiclasher 1 month ago

    i would've never thought chris was as creative as this when i watched him on buzzfeed. what a delightful surprise.

  • Jaheim
    Jaheim 1 month ago

    I thought this was BuzzFeed

  • Flamingo Snake
    Flamingo Snake 1 month ago


  • Jennifer  Saucedo
    Jennifer Saucedo 1 month ago

    Is that Jjjjessica from "People be like" ?

  • mike carson
    mike carson 1 month ago

    it's Yessica yay!!!!! :0

  • Quinn Purdy
    Quinn Purdy 1 month ago


  • Skkorm
    Skkorm 1 month ago

    Liked for John Ros <3

  • Katie Michelle Harrison

    I love yessica did she leave buzzfeed

  • SlyassassinXX
    SlyassassinXX 1 month ago

    I thought this was buzzfeed

  • Trebine Biascan
    Trebine Biascan 1 month ago

    nice roleplay

  • Jackson Perduyn
    Jackson Perduyn 1 month ago

    This looks like the intro to a porn video

  • Travis Takamori
    Travis Takamori 1 month ago

    Omg! I love John Ros!!!

  • Srarco Lover
    Srarco Lover 1 month ago

    3:56~ that was pretty f**cked up

  • lhatzia1
    lhatzia1 1 month ago

    What's the music in the beginning?

  • seung hyun choi
    seung hyun choi 1 month ago

    I love buzzfeed.

  • ultra sunrise
    ultra sunrise 1 month ago

    Ouch, the struggle for views is real... This has a buzzfeedviolet vibe to it. Going for 1 mil views next vid? Good luck, there must be a way to abuse the algorithm without stooping to all time low clickbaits.u can do it broski

  • BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle

    Wow Chris has my glasses...

  • Brenda Burt
    Brenda Burt 1 month ago

    Why do they have such nice houses?!

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