Spanish Guitar: Farruca by Sabicas

A classic A-minor farruca performed by Grisha Goryachev.

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Uploaded by: Grisha Goryachev
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Author MsEfqan (4 years)
He is really Guitar Genius.

Author neolardo (7 years)
777 views 7 ratings OH GYEH And Grisha for prez.

Author giossas (6 years)
plssssss does anywhere exists a atb version of this song?

Author carmenaguirrerequena (3 years)
¡¡Maravilloso!! Felicitaciones y saludos Carmen

Author fingershred (6 years)

Author druhjt (5 years)
it's incredible, the feeling this guy has got.. and transmits..
estratospheric 'picados'. Bravo !!!

Author neolardo (6 years)
his 'Rasgueado' as you spell it is pretty amazing id say.

Author antonio brandao (3 years)
can you please play Los Pescadores by Niño Miguel? Or A Mi Padre, which
ends with a good picado for your skill. They are so beautiful

Author astaschak (4 years)
Usted es muy talentoso en la guitarra. 5 stars for you!

Author folk89 (4 years)
please, if you truly want to learn music in my opinion, read SHEET MUSIC!!!
it is the musical language after all....

Author Jürgen Schenk (5 years)
Gorgeous, absolutely brilliant. I'm sure, Sabicas is smiling from heaven on
you. Compared to other high rated (and very often very poor) guitar videos
on YT you should get 7 stars

Author velspir (4 years)
thank you for approving my video response! :) you are an inspiration to me,

Author ArgiMC (5 years)
bravo veramente

Author aryasancak (5 years)
inanılmaz bir teknik bravooo grisha

Author Miguels V (4 years)
So well played, How fast was that at 2:02 Makes me want to give up on

Author guitarflamenco77 (5 years)
Flawless skills! Amazing! 5 stars!

Author Mark Antony (7 years)
Fantastic playing!

Author AmitZuker (3 years)
Dear Grisha, Hi Im a 16 years old israeli student and i chose the flamenco
gutiar as a topic for my project the gutiar is my life and I would like to
ask u if u would like to answer me about some questions I want to interview
the people who inflewenced me the most :)

Author Celso Domingues (6 years)
Grisha, pls learn more about de alzapua and rasgueado, other tecnhics you
are the our master. God bless your tallent.

Author FunWithGuitars (7 years)
Another great performance by the master! I never get tired of watching
Grisha play. Sabicas would be proud.

Author MsEfqan (4 years)
He is really Grisha Goryachev,that is all

Author Shinmeiryu (4 years)
Holy shit...

Author vibflow (1 year)
perfection/ precision/ self-confidence, it's just amazing, especially the
quadromelo wOwww u really inspire us

Author neolardo (4 years)
a guitar genius, simple

Author mike nugent (7 years)
Yeah, likewise...I have to say that Grisha is my favorite player of this

Author 18yellowroses (6 years)
Beautiful, just great! Lovely.

Author Joab a (5 years)
You have an incredible precision, man!

Author abby161919 (4 years)
best verison ever you are a genius!!

Author Alex Pogosian (4 years)
@folk89 Many flamenco guitarists have lived and died without ever knowing
how to read sheet music.

Author Natashia v (5 years)
wow this is fantastic

Author swirlpool2005 (6 years)
He's great, but I hate how stiff he is. I wish he'd put more passion in the

Author Miguels V (6 years)
One of my favourite you played Grisha, Keep it up man.

Author maggpil1 (4 years)
Semplicemente fantastico...complimenti!!!

Author SYLVIE131501 (4 years)
very soft and beautiful. you play very well and the deep emotions!
congratulations. SYL

Author aliosman88 (4 years)
please whre can i finde the tabss pleaasseeeee

Author mef1975 (6 years)
One of my favorites from Sabicas.

Author Grisha Goryachev (4 years)
@velspir You are very welcome, my friend! Great job! I wish more girls
played flamenco :)

Author jjjason (5 years)
Something has gone wrong with the recording of this song. The playing is
genius, as always from Goryachev, but there's also a disturbing buzz. Redo!

Author bmusicstudent (4 years)
Here in YouTube you can hear some real flamenco guitar if you search this:
Chords & compas in Solea por Buleria - Flamenco Guitar Lessons Toronto
Royal Conservatory

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