Spanish Guitar: Farruca by Sabicas

A classic A-minor farruca performed by Grisha Goryachev.

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Author Jio Torres ( ago)
Grisha is an amazing player, i would sure love to meet him one day,
definitely someone to look up too.

Author Richard Beers ( ago)
such a fantastic player, such awful recordings! half of these videos have
so much hissing that I can't even listen to the song

Author vibflow ( ago)
perfection/ precision/ self-confidence, it's just amazing, especially the
quadromelo wOwww u really inspire us

Author antonio brandao ( ago)
can you please play Los Pescadores by Niño Miguel? Or A Mi Padre, which
ends with a good picado for your skill. They are so beautiful

Author AmitZuker ( ago)
Dear Grisha, Hi Im a 16 years old israeli student and i chose the flamenco
gutiar as a topic for my project the gutiar is my life and I would like to
ask u if u would like to answer me about some questions I want to interview
the people who inflewenced me the most :)

Author carmenaguirrerequena ( ago)
¡¡Maravilloso!! Felicitaciones y saludos Carmen

Author Grisha Goryachev ( ago)
@velspir You are very welcome, my friend! Great job! I wish more girls
played flamenco :)

Author velspir ( ago)
thank you for approving my video response! :) you are an inspiration to me,

Author MsEfqan ( ago)
He is really Grisha Goryachev,that is all

Author SYLVIE131501 ( ago)
very soft and beautiful. you play very well and the deep emotions!
congratulations. SYL

Author Miguels V ( ago)
So well played, How fast was that at 2:02 Makes me want to give up on

Author bmusicstudent ( ago)
Here in YouTube you can hear some real flamenco guitar if you search this:
Chords & compas in Solea por Buleria - Flamenco Guitar Lessons Toronto
Royal Conservatory

Author Alexander Pogosyan ( ago)
@folk89 Many flamenco guitarists have lived and died without ever knowing
how to read sheet music.

Author abby161919 ( ago)
best verison ever you are a genius!!

Author MsEfqan ( ago)
He is really Guitar Genius.

Author folk89 ( ago)
please, if you truly want to learn music in my opinion, read SHEET MUSIC!!!
it is the musical language after all....

Author neolardo ( ago)
a guitar genius, simple

Author aliosman88 ( ago)
please whre can i finde the tabss pleaasseeeee

Author astaschak ( ago)
Usted es muy talentoso en la guitarra. 5 stars for you!

Author maggpil1 ( ago)
Semplicemente fantastico...complimenti!!!

Author Shinmeiryu ( ago)
Holy shit...

Author ArgiMC ( ago)
bravo veramente

Author druhjt ( ago)
it's incredible, the feeling this guy has got.. and transmits..
estratospheric 'picados'. Bravo !!!

Author Jürgen Schenk ( ago)
Gorgeous, absolutely brilliant. I'm sure, Sabicas is smiling from heaven on
you. Compared to other high rated (and very often very poor) guitar videos
on YT you should get 7 stars

Author aryasancak ( ago)
inanılmaz bir teknik bravooo grisha

Author Natashia v ( ago)
wow this is fantastic

Author Ho Hung ( ago)
Flawless skills! Amazing! 5 stars!

Author Joab a ( ago)
You have an incredible precision, man!

Author swirlpool2005 ( ago)
He's great, but I hate how stiff he is. I wish he'd put more passion in the

Author 18yellowroses ( ago)
Beautiful, just great! Lovely.

Author Miguels V ( ago)
One of my favourite you played Grisha, Keep it up man.

Author neolardo ( ago)
his 'Rasgueado' as you spell it is pretty amazing id say.

Author Celso Domingues ( ago)
Grisha, pls learn more about de alzapua and rasgueado, other tecnhics you
are the our master. God bless your tallent.

Author mef1975 ( ago)
One of my favorites from Sabicas.

Author giossas ( ago)
plssssss does anywhere exists a atb version of this song?

Author fingershred ( ago)

Author neolardo ( ago)
777 views 7 ratings OH GYEH And Grisha for prez.

Author mike nugent ( ago)
Yeah, likewise...I have to say that Grisha is my favorite player of this

Author Mark Antony ( ago)
Fantastic playing!

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