Donald Trump's Fascist Week: The Daily Show

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  • Clint Young
    Clint Young 1 day ago

    thank you, I needed that verification that he knew this asshole Ku Klux Klan member. You're extremely funny brotha, keep up the great work.

  • Jocelyn Lagunas
    Jocelyn Lagunas 2 days ago

    I don't hate republicans but if you support this man in particular I just dont get it . I mean he's ridiculous

  • bornwithclothes
    bornwithclothes 2 days ago

    trevor is so facebook lol

  • Jing Li
    Jing Li 6 days ago

    Ah, I'm glad that someone thinks Donald Trump when they hear the word and definition of fascist, because I think Adolf Hitler and they're not exactly too far apart.

  • Joseph Crackower
    Joseph Crackower 6 days ago

    i have a canadain citizenship lol

  • TheFlishtingTheory
    TheFlishtingTheory 7 days ago

    Only commiecrat retards would think this clown was in the least bit entertaining...This brain dead dildo breath has reached a new level of boring...

  • Nathan Grooms
    Nathan Grooms 8 days ago

    if at first you don't succeed, you're probably trash, so do something else

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 10 days ago

    the world no trump is a liar. liars r always thieves.

  • Miss Informed
    Miss Informed 12 days ago

    That is not a complete definition of fascism.

  • seriously154
    seriously154 12 days ago

    Trump doesn't know who Mussolini was? 😂

  • The54Tman
    The54Tman 14 days ago

    I don't think he understands that sheep means brainwashed and following the norm and going with the flow

  • Bezoozi me
    Bezoozi me 16 days ago

    and yet most of the cunt population voted for him

  • Isa Belle
    Isa Belle 18 days ago

    "Paused" when he learned it was a fascist quote...

  • Mike Jimenez
    Mike Jimenez 19 days ago

    the next quote is going to be from a speech of Hitler

  • Edward Soares
    Edward Soares 19 days ago

    Never forget the ever present shadow of fascism.

  • blablabla blablabla
    blablabla blablabla 19 days ago

    If Europe wants to save itself from the Islamic invasion, it needs an extreme right, just like that of Mussolini!

  • Steven Zhao
    Steven Zhao 21 day ago

    I love how Noah gives trump a serious dose of benefit of the doubt about that maybe trump didn't know it was a fascist quote when literally in the tweet there is @ilduce2016. Huh, I wonder who Il Duce was in reality?

    if Donald Trump asked that, it wouldn't be sarcastic lemme tell you

  • daniela  miky
    daniela miky 22 days ago

    "Il duce "from the hashtag is the nickname for Mussolini,so he knew very well who s quote it was.

  • Bruna Laurent
    Bruna Laurent 22 days ago

    Who else has a backup country?

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien 23 days ago

    Another example of the real Fascists here, the Leftist Social Media who continually fails to report the facts.

  • Suomalainen solitas
    Suomalainen solitas 25 days ago

    4:20 That "Hitler" qoute is actually a Sneferu qoute.

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha 1 month ago

    It's funny how, with everything that has happened, Trump has been wanting to change libel laws and wanted to look into the first amendment to stop the press from writing mean things about him. Yet, that will be nothing compared to when historians get their hands on him.

  • Andrew Gillespie
    Andrew Gillespie 1 month ago

    the amount of free publicity he got for this

  • Mark Stinson
    Mark Stinson 1 month ago

    Look at Europe there's some fascism

  • Ralf Römgens
    Ralf Römgens 1 month ago

    Your liberal, democratic system makes my religion plus a normal family life totally impossible, I believe in the fascist ideology, although Iḿ possibly partially jewish

  • big orange fan
    big orange fan 1 month ago

    oh Lord watching this now #sad

  • Jackisaboss1208
    Jackisaboss1208 1 month ago

    Lmao the tweet was literally from @ilDuce2016 , clear Mussolini giveaway right there

  • julius charles walker

    Just look at Trump's blink rate . . . . .people blink more when they know they are lying.

  • ram77 ram
    ram77 ram 1 month ago

    Today's South Africa is more zenophobic then trumps usa

  • legion999
    legion999 1 month ago

    Heh, he was about to say "I love Mussolini" but then stopped himself.

  • よう こそ !
    よう こそ ! 1 month ago

    Trump of course knew about David Duke. He is just confortable with the idea of lying, even if there is a camera.

  • Windows Sucks
    Windows Sucks 1 month ago

    I wish you could stop using the music at the end ..fucking annoying

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez 1 month ago

    the man is a dumb ass. that is y he try so hard to convinced the world he is smart.

  • Julia! At The Disco
    Julia! At The Disco 1 month ago

    Awwwwwe remember when this was allll a joke? Donald trump? BECOMING PRESIDENT??!?!? Ahahhahahahahahha


  • Jeff Goodman
    Jeff Goodman 1 month ago

    Trumptards should be made to pay for what they have done....

  • Danish Hariz
    Danish Hariz 1 month ago

    Hitlers favourite episode

    LUWADO 1 month ago


  • Kenny C
    Kenny C 1 month ago

    Did you know the sarin gas bomb in Syria was detonated on the ground? Not by Assad's warplanes which we blew up. Trump is even better at creating new realities without the constraints of the empirical than Bush ever was. Explains what kind of country we always wanted.

  • Kenny C
    Kenny C 1 month ago

    Russia is fascism in action. The ruling elite send their children to schools to be the next generation of leaders. That's the Nationalist Socialist agenda without the whole supreme race part.

  • Hollar777
    Hollar777 2 months ago

    Nationalism has no need for the delirium of race.

  • Hlaford Blodcyning
    Hlaford Blodcyning 2 months ago

    I think an honest assessment points to Democrats being more similar to fascists than Republicans are. Republicans seem more like fascists on the outside, but when it comes to theory and concrete policy, Democrats have them beat.

    Democrats: reject rule of law, and call their rejection "living document theory"; support corporatism (that's when bodies of interest go to the government for help, and the government works with them to find solutions that are for the good of the nation as a whole); reject individualism, summed up in the phrase "individuals don't live in a vacuum" (which echos the fascist idea that the individual only matters in the context of society); support centralised power; support social programs; and more.

    Republicans have militarism and nationalism in common with fascists, but the rest is kind of nebulous. Things like pride and respect for tradition don't really solidify into concrete policy.

  • Fuckinsurance
    Fuckinsurance 2 months ago

    wow!!! that definition perfectly defines how LIBERAL protesters are!!! intolerant of criticism and opposing views!! WTF, this don't describe Trump at all. I think describes the liberal colleges like Berkely

  • Raquel Goddard
    Raquel Goddard 2 months ago

    A big part of fascism is blaming problems on minorities which is what Mussolini and Hitler did. They also rose to power promising to make their countries great again because world war 1 left both of them broken and humiliated

  • ialjasser I
    ialjasser I 2 months ago

    U fucking lying David duke was never a KKK ! I guess u would say something completely if we're paid by different media agency...

  • No One Special
    No One Special 2 months ago

    This is hilariously false.

  • Johnny Unitas
    Johnny Unitas 2 months ago

    The libtard millennial world is absolutely irrelevant and you just can't get over it.

  • Phuti Malepeng
    Phuti Malepeng 2 months ago

    ayeye Trump

  • biggie lopez
    biggie lopez 2 months ago

    Mussolini did not CREATE fascism

  • biggie lopez
    biggie lopez 2 months ago

    the most bullshit definition ever

  • qjo uhv
    qjo uhv 2 months ago

    No it doesn't make any difference where the quote is from.

  • qjo uhv
    qjo uhv 2 months ago

    that's national fascism, there are different kinds of fascism, including third way feminism

  • Bret Monroe
    Bret Monroe 2 months ago

    Too much money is being paid to unfunny "entertainers."

  • Aish Jaann
    Aish Jaann 2 months ago

    First of all, this quote is from Tipu Sultan, not by marceline, second fuck you DT barking on Muslims and later using even their quotes to make your country great again .. you are even using their quote you dumb ass. #TipuSultanQuoteGetStolen

  • Me The Best
    Me The Best 2 months ago

    this whole "musolini_quote"-thing is just stupid. people cant say something, because some fucktard in the past said it and thus people share his views?

  • • Amadeus •
    • Amadeus • 2 months ago

    He says fascism like it's a bad thing.

  • TheRockyCrowe
    TheRockyCrowe 2 months ago

    'Rather live 100 days as a sheep.' ?
    Trevor, thats kinda err......

    a really weak, pussy thing to say.
    'Sheep' are controlled, oblivious, ignorant of their predicament, driven by meaningless short term gratification, always fulfilling the superficial goals society throws upon them rather than make their own goals and ambitions a reality and see through bullshit.

    Its way fuckin better to be the lion. Even if you only live one day and get riddled with bullets by an asshole poacher. Its worth it.

  • Peng Liu
    Peng Liu 2 months ago

    Sweden is widely considered to be a successful liberal socialism. There, the freedom of speech has been suspended where you can lose your job, livelihood, and name. The funny thing? The current party in power? Social Democrats.

  • Captain Codreanu
    Captain Codreanu 2 months ago

    Trump is a jewish puppet.

  • Abdulwasiy Ibn Aman Abdallah Al Arusi

    We live in the era of the smart phones and stupid peoples .

  • Chad Chaddington The Fourth

    The New York Times is not a credible source on what fascism is. They defended the policies of Stalin while he was mass murdering people, ffs.

    Masculinity has nothing to do with fascism. Hitler's national socialist party was primarily elected by the women's vote that had just been introduced. Stop lying.

    Maybe try a dictionary next time.

  • JayZPimpin101
    JayZPimpin101 2 months ago

    Hillary's campaign slogan was 'Stronger together' of Mussolini. Trump was bating you Idiots, and you took It like the morons you really are.

  • TheKueiJin
    TheKueiJin 2 months ago

    "If at first you don't succeed... Die, die, die again..." Dark Souls fan

  • Jan Crijns
    Jan Crijns 2 months ago

    Make Machiavelli Great Again

  • jose villalobos
    jose villalobos 2 months ago

    mussoini was called " il duce"

  • Clyde  Disney
    Clyde Disney 2 months ago

    A Fascist is someone who believes in LGBT rights but thinks there are only 2 genders.

  • Clyde  Disney
    Clyde Disney 2 months ago

    A Fascist is a Democrat who thinks his party put up the wrong candidate this time.

  • Clyde  Disney
    Clyde Disney 2 months ago

    A Fascist is someone who thinks their own culture is as good as all others.

  • Clyde  Disney
    Clyde Disney 2 months ago

    In todays world a 'Fascist' is simply someone who votes for the candidate you didn't vote for...

  • James Rawson
    James Rawson 2 months ago

    We missed fascist week 2017

  • Marina M.
    Marina M. 2 months ago

    Trevor is great.

  • Adrian Vera
    Adrian Vera 2 months ago

    This man's mind is deteriorating before our eyes that's the real reason his wife daughter is moving in....Diaper Duty

  • Andre Marais
    Andre Marais 2 months ago

    His dislike are now exceeding 10%. Starting to piss people off.

  • tnt cap
    tnt cap 2 months ago

    Trump is the biggest clown we've ever had...what a clown this guy's so freaking hilarious watching this fool fail over and over again...guess that's what karma is all about....who deserves more than this guy whose life's he's fucked up for so many years, yet he calls everyone a liar....guess what trump? you're looking at your own mirror every time you say that

  • Timothy Maynard
    Timothy Maynard 2 months ago

    They think they are so goddamn funny... yea as America continues to descend into depravity and immorality.


    Trump wants to bang his daughter? Hahahaha!!! He's been banging his daughter since she was like 15 years old!!! So he's been there and done that uncountable times to his satisfaction. That is, if he ever gets satisfied shagging her. Why do you think Melania still lives at trump tower while Ivanka is the only one of the trump children living at the White House? Moreover, Ivanka is now donald's "personal assistant". What do you think she's assisting donald with?!! Hahahahahaha

  • sunsetworms
    sunsetworms 3 months ago

    Like Trump even more after this video, sooo sorry

  • ctk4949
    ctk4949 3 months ago

    If I see this douche, I would punch him in the face!!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • The USA is dead
    The USA is dead 3 months ago

    If treason is proved. This entire Administration needs to be lined up in front of a firing squad made up of Muslims and Mexicans.

  • Fred Wangleboy
    Fred Wangleboy 3 months ago

    the definition sounds like CHina lol

  • Timothy Tozer
    Timothy Tozer 3 months ago

    Trump lies so easy to suit his situation. He has very low morals and cares not who he breaks bread with. We have a two faced President who likes the phrase "I DON'T KNOW! We want a President that does know. He doesn't carry himself like a President should.

  • Lavrentivs
    Lavrentivs 3 months ago

    I think it's time for Fascist week 2017

  • SedonaHealthCoach
    SedonaHealthCoach 3 months ago

    Mussolini preferred the term corporatism to fascism . . . . when the government is run by corporations.

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune 3 months ago

    OK, the national humiliation thing.... that's Trump defined.

  • rosset4music
    rosset4music 3 months ago

    Trump is just a liar.

  • Moe Maywood
    Moe Maywood 3 months ago

    there only one outcome to trump.. IMPEACHMENT

  • Emma Klinsmann
    Emma Klinsmann 3 months ago

    I very much doubt trump knows who mussolini is.

  • Sonia Ahmed
    Sonia Ahmed 3 months ago

    "Tell me who is walking and I will tell you if that can fly"

  • War Head
    War Head 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah, you disgusting little liberal cunt. Go back to that shithole you came from. If they open camps in America, I hope they put you in.

  • bloody Scarlet-Uchiha
    bloody Scarlet-Uchiha 3 months ago

    no I wanna be associated with interesting quotes

    -idiot president

  • wylo Megia
    wylo Megia 3 months ago

    When you buy a company is not the same as buying a country, I know I was once in a so called business that unknowingly he had semi sponsored, when he started talking about Mexicans I quit! There you go,,,,,,,,

  • Sauron
    Sauron 3 months ago

    He fucking Got me

  • Erich Nussbaum
    Erich Nussbaum 3 months ago

    Mussolini had a good life, before he decided to just hang around at a gas station.

  • Astir01
    Astir01 3 months ago

    What´s wrong with banging the own daughter? Isn´t that the way most republicans proliferate since the 19 th century? Isn´t that the only way Trump supporters could proliferate at all? All US used to ask: "Who´s nailin´ Palin?" Of course her Dad did.

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 3 months ago

    Better vet your media, here's what the fascist did, silenced their political opposition, and attacked their political opposition, so now we have leftist protesters not allowing conservative speakers on campus, and the DNC organizing protesters who physically attacked their political oppositions supporters. They are the fascists.

  • Lavinia
    Lavinia 3 months ago

    my favorite part of this is that he didn't even notice that the twitter handle was "ilduce2016" because he's too ignorant to know what that means

  • Dr.Dre
    Dr.Dre 3 months ago

    When did comedy become leftist cock sucking agenda? I don't even support Trump but Jesus, this didn't make me remotely laugh

  • Spookrockcity
    Spookrockcity 3 months ago

    The left needs to stop calling anyone aside themselves fascist. The cowards are literally wearing masks to protest events where they blind side women and old folks with pepper spray all in an attempt to silence free speech.

    Gonna be a fun 8 years watching these cucks cry their eyes out.

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