hack tribalwars free premium account!!

hey today I gonna show you how to get
free premium account!!!

first go to or wars.rar

1. download
2. extract with winrar
3. open tribal wars.exe
4. logg inn.. enjoy!!

Maby you will need this
:net framework

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Author Richard Jackson ( ago)
100% work hack premium only this webpage

Author Destabilising ( ago)
With being dumb enough to fool for that you shouldn't worry, people who
would fall for this most likely won't get far on TW...

Author TechMeme ( ago)
Was that annation supposed to hide your username? Lol

Author Jaulebrus CS ( ago)
Nice du e norsk :D

Author Shiemstra95 ( ago)
they hacked my tribalwars account and gave me a trojan horse!!!!!

Author ROBS99 ( ago)
fuckyou the site has got a trojan horse!

Author FrenziedMango ( ago)
Du har det dårligste village-setup'et jeg har sett, og du har jo omtrent
ingen tropper. Uansett om du har lite poeng, er det for dårlig..

Author lol3810 ( ago)
norsk ja...

Author SuperSRPP ( ago)
your father

Author SuperSRPP ( ago)
wtf damn your father

Author IWasBilbo ( ago)
I MADE THIS AND WORKS 1000000000000000% remove spacings and download! (if
doesn't exist, wait few days- just made it) ht tp://ww
m/?d=JA93IX6X version 0.1.8

Author Dovahkim ( ago)

Author zix95 ( ago)
hehehe! stupid man

Author MrZappey ( ago)
@arthusftw i think it will just vanish after refreshin the page mate ,
thats my experience with these things : /

Author Vincent Petrov ( ago)
MegaXLG you dumbass... as well as everyone who Thumbed Up it... Cheat
Engine if you know how to use it you can get 999999999999999 of each
soldier if you rly wanted to... stupid ass

Author MegaRubenDJ ( ago)
u failed much,i can close that annotation ,ur inlog name is : kenny123 or
something :P

Author UltimateMW3 ( ago)
Most failed Fake login ever. Plz Admins ban this guy

Author Mirdin9111 ( ago)
Can I have your IP to show you how to hack your PC? Or should I just find
it myself?

Author InFamous Gamer ( ago)
sickening piece of bull shit!!!!

Author Spencer Gibson ( ago)
@birdpirch69 im gonna spam you to hell

Author ionutshowcase (1489 years ago)
Fake,this is a big fake ;)

Author thedemonnl ( ago)
kenny188 l0l0l

Author gabbelabbe111 ( ago)
logg in spels with one n

Author Suad Lapandić ( ago)
Just another phising program...

Author killer66ice ( ago)
ya bitch:@

Author sam devoldere ( ago)
@MegaXLG ow in you mean like having unlimited rescources or making yourself
moderator? yes that's pretty impossible but still i think that when you are
a skilled hacker maybe you can find a way around or just hack it xd

Author MegaXLG ( ago)
@mw2rocks2hard runescape runs on java and you can scan source and let it do
all kinds of things. but what you probably don't understand is that using
bots isn't exactly what i meant with hacking. because using bots on
tribalwars might be possible.

Author sam devoldere ( ago)
@MegaXLG um just for the record runescape is a browser game to and there
are hundreds of bots for it. by example take a look at epicbot.

Author SEM USO ( ago)

Author Brett Gardiner ( ago)
Lol everyone who downloaded this just got phished, noobs

Author datapoint1 ( ago)
@MegaXLG it isnt that hard

Author zeilen222 ( ago)
its not working!!!!!!

Author gal vohar ( ago)
haha keylogger:D

Author moughitt atiq ( ago)
fuck u gay

Author ColonelYoung ( ago)
you mean, hack tribalwars account if you wanna get hacked? LOSER get a

Author 181jose ( ago)

Author MrMessilover ( ago)
Do it work ?

Author twelt123 ( ago)
@MegaXLG worst part is that it might go offline...

Author JM Mananquil ( ago)
I can still see you username ! :)) just turn of the annotations ;D

Author Lars k ( ago)
it is a virus ofcourse cause as megaxlg set it is not posible hacking
tribalwars unless you get in to the site

Author Antal Botond ( ago)
This is a new tribal wars speed server, check it out : /watch?v=XGUW1TO6h_o
. Thumbs up if you like the server. If you encounter bugs, let me know, by
leavin a comment on the video. Thanks.

Author Phplover1 ( ago)
U suck!!!!

Author Edin Avdic ( ago)
@MegaXLG You have to be a really good hacker to do that ^^

Author birdpirch69 ( ago)
download the bull shit, Extract the faggotry, Open your legs and get herpes.

Author csk6767 ( ago)
you guys really wanna know what he did? he were using a "Custom" icon
instead of his normal icon, the program he pressed was a shortcut to TW in
a internet browser, dont get tricked by fools people!

Author mycheck100 ( ago)

Author lol3810 ( ago)
@DUBSTEPPful he's from Norway like me...

Author Dany Khalife ( ago)
Actually there are cheats for Tribalwars, the one i use is TWBooster google
it and check it out, it will really come in advantage especially when you
are asleep

Author Victor Ry ( ago)
Fuck you

Author Chaython Meredith ( ago)
@DUBSTEPPful your wrong

Author DUBSTEPPful ( ago)
at 0:50 u can see Logg Inn , i think , on the normal tribalwars , it is Log
In , or am i wrong?

Author Devinlp619 ( ago)
@insoyvideos wrong not 1 month unless large tribe and premium to get 100k
so proven wrong

Author jpfcarreira ( ago)

Author Sticker704 ( ago)
Virus free? More like free virus.

Author Bakugo ( ago)
YaY Free Virus!!!!!11 Bottom Line: FUCK YOU!

Author JellyFish ( ago)

Author mckellion ( ago)

Author TheTrilogyXXX ( ago)
I downloaded the file, but when i execute it, an error ocurred. Why?

Author TheTrilogyXXX ( ago)
I downloaded the file, but when i execute it, an error ocurred. Why?

Author kijkmijnouw ( ago)
i dont understand why ppl always try to fuck you with virusses and hacking
your acc be fair and were all happy

Author machoman0004 ( ago)
whats your name ik kill you bitch!!!

Author baileygunter ( ago)
best cheat ever now its time to farm on the farmers >:)

Author volcov91 ( ago)
everyone that tried to cheat on TW you deserve the virus

Author FriskyArt ( ago)
Well, if you looking for hacking stuff it's most fake and/or you will get a
virus, don't try to hack things unless you know what you're doing (even

Author Niels De Clercq ( ago)
@Stone2580 awesome! ;)

Author Andy Zhang ( ago)
thats just mean if you did it just to give us a virus. i still have a few
points left luckily.

Author Stone Dallas ( ago)
I downloaded it just so I could send it back to him, I can hack it so it
goes back to the IP address it came from. SUCK A BIG 1. Besides i'm not
stupid, I looked at the comments ;[)

Author movieXprox ( ago)

Author ZAMIGUX ( ago)

Author ZAMIGUX ( ago)
vlw cara

Author 2tts ( ago)
Lol u know u can just click a button to remove the annontations to then see
ur username ? :P

Author Bulletmusicoy ( ago)
@2ttsi ja du e fra norge va jag bor typ 3 km fra gränsen

Author 30billyclementine ( ago)
il give some premium points to anybody that takes villages off ucco-sacc on
world 32

Author 2tts ( ago)
Er dette ett virus ?

Author TheThorneman ( ago)
im reporting that username cuz i turned off captions

Author 01ass32 ( ago)
I need a real hack plz plz plz

Author ETFJuStM4N ( ago)
yea, you guys log in and loggin in you write your password, he steal your
passwords!! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, and thanks for the virus warning.

Author MegaXLG ( ago)
@dexun1847 ur right i should say its impossible to hack tribal wars wars
for the beginners but you really have put your time in it.

Author Yuki Halvorsen ( ago)
He is from norway

Author MegaXLG ( ago)
for the guys waiting for a real cheat : tribalwars is a browser game ,that
means that you'll have to host the website to change anything. so if you
want hacks u need to get in their website and change the hell out of it.
but unfortunatly this is a little too hard to do... and if everyone gets
into their server the site would set offline. so shortened: it isn't
possible to hack tribal wars! thumbs up if you agreed.

Author JasonT20015 ( ago)
@keato02 idk i think a trojan

Author NONAMERadu ( ago)
you dumbass

Author keato02 ( ago)
what virus is it?

Author Paladier ( ago)
u're and idiot!

Author Trevor3355 ( ago)
@okejdinmama ftw

Author Halo3MasterMO ( ago)
Thanks guys for the comments! Now i dont download it! :)

Author bandeshiboy ( ago)
watch?v=LB_nLydNH9s watch the gold hack!

Author willgrana ( ago)
how is this a virus ? he made this in visual basic

Author Grimlock257 ( ago)
Most hacks have a virus in them if you have to download a part of it.

Author ionutz199531 ( ago)
halal jucator mai esti sa vi la mine sa te invat cum se joaca

Author ionutz199531 ( ago)
halal jucator esti sa vi la mine sa te invat cum se joaca :)):))

Author ForceSensitive23 ( ago)
I was going to download this... DAMN YOU! that was close...

Author AZ87ist ( ago)
i hate that fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author AZ87ist ( ago)

Author Trevor3355 ( ago)
thats cute nice virus that was the worst virus iv ever fucking seen i
clicked the link and virus poper poped up saying it was a virus im
supprised it didnt call me a dumb ass i mean sceriously do u think ppl r
that fkn stupid

Author acooarioom ( ago)
username:kenny102 or username:kenny108

Author JasonT20015 ( ago)
omg funny a virus

Author Víctor Puga ( ago)
i saw ALL the comments, U guys are really funny :DDDDD

Author crodoner ( ago)
thanx for the warning quys and FUCK YOU by the way

Author okejdinmama ( ago)
fan vad dåligt asså det står ju fan på svenska din dumme fan

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