Maroon 5 - Animals (Lyric Video)

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Animals. (C) 2014 Interscope Records

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Author MysticMelanie ( ago)
I hate snakes.

Author 윤석 오 ( ago)
i think maroon 5 vocal is excellent .

Author edna dos prazeres passos ( ago)
Eu Sou O Dougras

Author Melisa Obrien ( ago)
this is cool😌😌😌😌😌

Author Melisa Obrien ( ago)

Author SpookeyLordzey ( ago)
3:04 when you get kicked in the balls.

Author SpookeyLordzey ( ago)
yea give her dat doggy style just like animals

Author Melis aytaç play ( ago)
good like

Author Martina Reyes ( ago)

Author sparky games ( ago)
vou usar essa musica pra expulsar os funkeiros daqui de perdo

Author Arda Güven ( ago)
en büyük Türk ler

Author تضامن عبد المحسن ( ago)
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author Abb Star ( ago)

Author Tanisha Albrecht ( ago)
ware is the ball python

Author Cheryl Ferguson ( ago)

Author Cheryl Ferguson ( ago)
yo you are the best i ❤ you guys

Author Happy KittyGirl ( ago)
No Bunny Your so cute i always love you

Author An actual Unicorn ( ago)
Who is watching in 2017 and finally realized what this song was about?

Author LPS miniş dünyası ( ago)
I am fovourite sing

Author R.I.P er ( ago)
poor if you felt sad

Author lily blair ( ago)
I can smell your scent from miles your crapping inside me

Author Lisa Schindler ( ago)

Author Ayoub Ez-Zaouia ( ago)
its fun

Author Bilal Zakarneh ( ago)
very cool

Author Lazar Bozovic ( ago)

Author Mark Modelski ( ago)

Author Bacon & Cheese ( ago)

Author PieDaw ( ago)
█▬█ █ ▀█▀

Author Илиян Стойчев ( ago)
Aah good times. I would give so much to go back then!

Author foxyman1223 1 ( ago)
first i touth he said la la la

but ill i heard is lie lie lie

Author foxyman1223 1 ( ago)
he said like animals

like animals ok

👍 the 🐯🐻🐮🐒s

Author foxyman1223 1 ( ago)
hey radom persons srowling down the comments

i spell good that up there forget about the spelling k


Author Carter Ferris ( ago)
Nice song!!!!

Author Abraham Parra ( ago)
i dont speak English

Author Just Lucy xoxo ( ago)
0:09 ''Like animals balls'' 😂

Author dark knight shows ( ago)
poor rabbit

Author KAPTAN ASAF ( ago)

Author KAPTAN ASAF ( ago)
Beatiful !!!

Author Ejjeyspl ( ago)

Author kick style ( ago)
Türkler baskına #TürklerBaskinda

Author Fateh Mir ( ago)
Snakes are my nightmare I have seen a lot of snakes when I was in Africa
Aniconda tiger snake

Author Zomboid ( ago)
best song ever in my opinion

Author nina letica ( ago)
Am I the only fucking person who always hears 'Just like animals, animals like animal balls' 😭😂

Author Suheyla Ileri ( ago)

Author Baby Rai ( ago)

Author Kinga Debecka ( ago)
I love Maroon 5

Author Beckyguzman004 ( ago)
What do they mean by thia song

Author Beckyguzman004 ( ago)
What do they mean by thia song

Author DumpTruckLove -Gaming videos ( ago)
Trump ate the rabbit, not the snake.

Author Chiru chan ( ago)
Its like a yandere song for me lol

Author Papeleria LA MARINA ( ago)
esta cancion esta padre

Author pot pot ( ago)

Author Vasiliki Bournazou ( ago)
bad video but perfect

Author Carter Ferris ( ago)
This is the best song ever

Author Carter Ferris ( ago)
Nice song

Author EmberBlade OAC ( ago)

Author tranclai ( ago)
I ilke this song

Author Jókedvű Kismedve ( ago)
I looked for my keys. Then I heard this! I found them..... x'D

Author Chava Garcia ( ago)
Maroo 5

Author SWEET HEART ( ago)
the song is so good but u know...the video is very creepy

Author Siddhartha garg ( ago)
R.I.P rabbit

Author Rusdan Pratama ( ago)
start over

Author Kenzie Reece ( ago)
Who here likes this song like crazy other than me?

Author mat_harem gaga ( ago)

Author Jorge Lopez ( ago)
I am an animal lover and this song is perfect for animal lovers. Love the song:)

Author Ginkys ( ago)

Author Carter Ferris ( ago)
Nice song

Author Zoe horselover ( ago)
I hate snakesssss! uurghh

Author racen & gamen ( ago)
I HATE SNAKES but I love cats

Author Sharne Scarlett ( ago)
I felt really bad for the rabbit

Author Nathan Smith ( ago)
pfft omg!

Author Rusdan Pratama ( ago)
i love u

Author luiz neto ( ago)
Mds cd os brs v

Author Carter Ferris ( ago)
Nice song

Author Amazingme ( ago)
im just now realizing that the subtitles are Japanese lmao random

Author Shadow Lizzie ( ago)

Author ItsElsaPvP ( ago)

Author Pamela Fernanda Dias ( ago)
Love is music❤🐰

Author Fayruz Martins ( ago)
cara você. é. bom

Author Fayruz Martins ( ago)
cara você. é. bom

Author Akka Alterawe ( ago)
2017 still listening it 💙

Author Dulce Areli Lopez Gomez ( ago)
te amo maroon 5

Author Taehun Lee ( ago)
Awesome drums.

Author Sofia Azevedo Silva ( ago)
muito bom gostei das cobras 🐍🐍

Author River Drop ( ago)
This is haunting

Author Charmaine Soh ( ago)
I Love This Video

Author blaze Collins Brannock ( ago)
if you are watching in 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 or 2022 like this( at least I didn't copy this)

Author blaze Collins Brannock ( ago)
who else tries not to listen to this song when other people are around

Author قصف جبهات ب الكومنتات ( ago)

Author Jensyn Mayben-Hammond ( ago)
wow that is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author Renske050 ( ago)
Fuck I can't hit his high notes... AND I'M A GIRL!!!


Author AOK 2016 ( ago)

Author Sharmila Rawat ( ago)
awesome only you can sing this song

Author AimWar ( ago)

Author Quit. :v ( ago)
Before i saw the lyrics... i love this song... but now... ._. wtf the lyrics

Author Emrys Castiel ( ago)
I have a phobia of snakes... why did I click on the freaking video? There were others...

Author Dj Snake 705 ( ago)
eisai pollis re esi... kame to metafrasi sta kipriaka 😉

Author Shadowolf AJ ( ago)
I think those snakes and the rabbit are his pets. who agrees?

Author Floria Vi Smith ( ago)
I love maroon 5

Author antigrafeas yolo ( ago)

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