Kirchhoff's Laws: by Dr. C. B. Bangal

This lecture explains the Kirchhoff's laws and their application to DC resistive circuits. Please see this first before other lectures. For any queries/suggestions, please mail me on Your valuable comments are welcome here. Thanks!

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Author Sunny Gupta ( ago)
best teacher😃

Author Hatice Telli ( ago)
matematik bölümünden fizikten nefret ediyorum

Author Yoker Rekoy ( ago)
Thx for awesome lecture:)

Author ragini soni ( ago)
thanku sir

Author Arkish Mallick ( ago)
The solution is wrong. I1=90/37 ,I2=140/37,I3=232/37

Author sai krishna ( ago)

Author Achraf fafachbella ( ago)
the best explaination thank you

Author Eng Fahim ( ago)
Use full Lecture Sir. Thank you for your valuable effort.

Author shashank rawat ( ago)
Thanks for this amazing lecture sir, i recently topped my session exam due
to this.

Author Elmehdi Aadadouch ( ago)
Thank you Sir (From Morocco).

Author Amjed Imam ( ago)
Awsome !!! Thank you so much sir.

Author McFresH Hjælp ( ago)
Best video of Kirchhoff's laws on Youtube.

Author Ihatemyself ( ago)
we should let this man monetize his videos!

Author madhusudhanan karthik ( ago)
thx siri understood the concept anicely

Author Ishan Kumar ( ago)
Thanks a lot, sir!
I have my exam in 8 hours. If it wasn't for you i would have definitely
flunk! xD

also post lectures on mesh and nodal analysis and voltage and current
division rules of network theory

Author Mohd Rafeeq ( ago)
nice Out Standing..............

Author Amruth Jeevan ( ago)
thank you Dr.C.B Bangal sir...

Author ja gang ( ago)
thank you sir you helped me a lot

Author Ali_H ( ago)
This was amazing, Thank you soooooooo much 👊💯💯💯

Author M Alshamsi23 ( ago)
Dear Dr. C. B. Bangal
Thank you very much for the refreshing lecture.
excellent explanation.

Author Thushan Hettiarachchi ( ago)
amazing clarity sir thank you so much!!!

Author Maisum Hayati ( ago)
I owe you a big time sir. love you...

Author Maisum Hayati ( ago)
I owe you a big time sir. love you...

Author Saulen Khanal ( ago)
Awesome lecture. U made everything so clear to me.

Author Ida Faullend Heferer ( ago)
WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH, wish you had more videos for electrical engineering
students, for instance about delta to star conversion, about three phase
system, about AC etc. I am amazed by your teaching skills :)

Author Anže Benko ( ago)
it's so hard to hear him

Author Dhirendra Kuril ( ago)
gret lect... Bangal sir.

Author vijay ramakrishnan ( ago)
simple kracking lucid exp

Author Pastechi ( ago)
I wish my teacher actually teached like this. Thank you Mr Bangal. Im
starting to get an image on how to actually make the kirchoff circuit

Author Mideksa Mitiku ( ago)
very great lecture very short and briefly teach

Author Dau Jok ( ago)
Wow the best! I'm hopeful that I will finish this class with much knowledge
thank you sir!

Author nasrul sultan ( ago)
The best explanation so far, hats off to you Dr, well explained.......

Author Asif Nazir ( ago)
thanks i kno it is nt enough
bt stll thanks

Author Karthick Ashwath ( ago)
thank you, this helped me to understand the concepts clearly!

Author Suharsh Tyagi ( ago)

Author Kigundu Wycilffe ( ago)
more than 10 students in our education college have subscribed to your
videos bt thank you very much
it is an hour bt productive and thanks for your dispclined classsssss

Long liveeeeeeeeee so that you help us to succeed

Author Kigundu Wycilffe (197 years ago)
am at 45 minutes I have put the video on university every one is now
hearing it and understanding

Author Kigundu Wycilffe (873 years ago)
Sir my first comment am just half seen the video bt realy am on the right
let me first finish then i final comment

Author Janed Essad ( ago)
Point D is a node i think because node is an equipotential point at which
two or more circuit elements are joined.

Author VARUN KODALI ( ago)
sir wat about inspection,nodal&super mesh analysis?? and also waiting for
star & delta transformations???

Author Phanindra B Ramaiah ( ago)
very good sir i never saw such a great teaching hats of to u sir

Author shivraj pahadiya ( ago)
Thanks a lot for this lecture sir...........

Author Anika Tabaschum ( ago)
This was very clear and concise! thank you!

Author Brian Swarthout ( ago)
Great lecture!

Author Gargi Mukhopadhyay ( ago)
now it is clear..thank you sir

Author burgula dileep ( ago)
Out Standing..............

Author Rahul Jha (1595 years ago)
sound quality is poor........

Author Samuel Lian ( ago)
Clear enough, Thanks BaBU

Author Tirbhuvan kushwaha ( ago)

Author BMCC Peer Mentoring (1551 year ago)
Love it! A whole hour listening to this guy, but it's all worth it! I
Recommend it!

Author Vikram Mahey ( ago)
thankyou so much it is very helpful i understood it :)

Author niranjan dikhole ( ago)
Thanks a lot Sir for reaching out to us through this channel.Really
appreciate your efforts.

Author German Shepherd ( ago)
a very shocking lecture

Author Arshal Dabas ( ago)
thanks a lot for this lecture

Author rajkumar grvk ( ago)
thank uu sir well explained......

Author Ravi teja ( ago)
thank u sirrrr...............we want more
stop......................sirrr,...................... and

Author navin sambari ( ago)

Author Ranjit Ghimire ( ago)
thanks sir !!
helped a lot in my studies . 😊😊

Author ali qan ( ago)
well explained sir,

Author Mangleshwar Singh ( ago)
thnkyou so much guru ji

Author Mangleshwar Singh ( ago)
thnkyou so much guru ji

Author Shirish Maheshwari ( ago)
THE best sir i have ever seen . Explained it very well ! Thank you so much
sir !

Author Kedar Nimbalkar ( ago)
Thanks sir, this lecture helped a lot!

Author Pedro E Tjakwanda ( ago)
thanx a lot well explained

Author kanwaljit singh ( ago)
Dear sir i am very much impress with your teaching method. my question is
related with norton's theorem .if there one voltage source and current
source are connected in circuit and have to find circuit equivalent at
point A and B .how can solve this kind of problem and also if there is
dependent voltage and current source connected in circuit.please give your
guidance .

Author pranav rai ( ago)
Sir, I am in class 10,and preparing for IIT.
Really it helps me a lot.
It is the best viedeo i find out on youtube

Author Retired Chand Evil ( ago)
1 hour to solve a simple problem. Good video but very time consuming

Author saikat goura ( ago)
sir I am requesting you to upload a video lecture on RCL circuit
analysis... This is my humble request sir please try to upload it ASAP

Author daddymandy ( ago)
good man. no one had enough time to explain kcl kvl properly
very helpful indeed

Author Lamin Turay ( ago)
If I had a lecturer like you I will always score a very high marks in
physics. Thank you sir I just wish I was in the hall when you are

Author gautam mittal ( ago)
excellent job sir you are the best .....(y)

Author Deepak Sontakke ( ago)
thanks a lot for uploading this video. I could never have understood this
concept without watching your video.

Author nathalia kulatunga ( ago)
this was great sir thank you sooo much. im a student in sri lanka and doing
my alevels this year, this video was very affective i kp mixing up the
signs well i got this now thank u vrey much

Author Mahfuj rahman (1142 years ago)
Thank you so much Sir. Its very informative. You explained easily. 

Author Samuel Akoya ( ago)
Thank you sir. What you are doing is very GREAT to me personally.

Author Tanvir Rahman ( ago)
Best video in youtube.Sir,please upload more videos.we want to learn

Author sailabala soren ( ago)
Thank you sir .... You are the best ...

Author mariyam ismaili ( ago)
hi sir i'm from morroco and i want to thank you for that work because it
helps me a lot. i saw all your videos about norton's therom theven's therom
....... and i will be so happy if you do Wheatstone and passive

Author jayantj siva ( ago)
xcellent xplanation sir .

Author awsm byz ( ago)
thanks sir
really helpful
except the sound is too bad

Author Annie Rodriguito ( ago)
Thank you sir, for this video. :-)
I have got clear idea about Kirchhoff's laws, after watching this valuable
video. How i wish to have you as my prof.
-From U.A, Pamp., Phil.

Author SubhAjit BiswAs ( ago)
I am a Student of I.I.T,
Here we don't have teachers like you (unfortunately) maybe for the very
short time ...
and FORTUNATELY we have you and also a very good Internate conection that
we can easily watch some awasome vedios like it :) .
You teach like real teacher I saw your other vedios,, and I like your
teaching method very much,,, pls carry on.

Author Faith ( ago)
Sir, thanks for the video. It was really helpful.

Author akhil vura ( ago)
Thank You Sir..The Video Is Very Clear.

Author Al Underwood ( ago)
This is a good course, however the echo, and extra talking in class makes
it very hard to understand.

Author omar girro ( ago)
thnk u DR. C.B. Bangal

Author venkatesh venki (1792 years ago)
superb lecture

Author shaps products ( ago)
the best lecturer ever! that was so helpful thank you so much

Author dwight morrison (1386 years ago)
wish i had a teacher like him, hes really good.

Author foxx mulder ( ago)
Thank you for this lecture Professor. Is it possible for you to give a
lecture on kirchoffs' law applid to AC circuits

Author pritam kumar ( ago)
thank you very much sir.

Author Rajath Bolar ( ago)
Hello Sir,am a student from Bangalore..According to me answer should be

Author Shubham shukla ( ago)
it is best lecture i find out on youtube. thank you sir!

Author Trevor x ( ago)
needs subtitles 

Author Kundan Singh ( ago)
but how to find power dissipated in 8 ohm resistor??

Author Jennica Takada ( ago)
I finally understand it. Thank you, sir. :)

Author nitin garg ( ago)
wow man best lecture in my life

Author FluxFrags - Unique Content ( ago)
Thanks -from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

Author sandeep kumar ( ago)
Thank you sir, for your valuable video
I have got clear idea about Kirchhoff's laws, after watching this valuable

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