Honey: Bacteria's Worst Enemy

It may not look like it sitting in that cute bear bottle, but honey is a supercharged bacteria-killing powerhouse!

Learn more about hydrogen peroxide:

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Author леня болотинский ( ago)
so you say that sugar is good for health??

Author Ali AZZUBI ( ago)
Don't know exactly why I am so irritated watching this guy! He keeps appearing everywhere. somebody shoot me for God's sake.

Author sawadikin ( ago)
wich honey? we have numerous type of honey now.

Author Mordant221 ( ago)
Unfortunately, most honey you see in American stores are not actually honey.

Author Beanshkabob ( ago)
That's badass

Author Ash N ( ago)
So would honey actually help with acne?

Author Youngster Aidan ( ago)
I was prescribed honey to help with my throat.... Sweet. <--------- Get it? hahaha I'll let myself out

Author Gabriel Figueroa ( ago)
A video of Aloe Vera?

Author Ceiling Fan ( ago)
F*** wasps and hornets.

Author hello this is alec ( ago)
Who dislikes these videos?

Author The LADY and the FOX Podcast ( ago)
bye bye neosporin!

Author Kiwi Leong ( ago)
how are bees doing these days?

Author Treebam3 ( ago)
Beekeepers Unite!

Author john master ( ago)
try stingless bee honey from Malaysia!

Author Jacob Rozacar ( ago)
4:20 :)

Author realniqqa101 ( ago)
my grandma had a whole jar of old honey. it just looked normal

Author ShadowMaster 45 ( ago)
Can i clear my teeth cavities by putting a little honey on it?

Author Rohith Shinoj ( ago)
But wont eating honey kill gut bacteria as well then. They are definitely needed

Author Dave Schulz ( ago)
Buy raw honey not the pasteurized kind. You want unpaseurized honey .

Author The Yangem ( ago)
does anyone else just pour honey into a spoon and eat it like that?

Author django priceaction ( ago)
Should you brush your teeth with honey?

Author Dwayne Kemp-Bey ( ago)
wow this is mentioned in the glorious Koran

Author Eric Taylor ( ago)
Honey is full of chemicals. Don't tell the hippies.

Author Cocotero Delta Vos ( ago)
From now on I will not tell you 'Honey' ... because you can kill me ...

Author Varia ( ago)
um. honey feeds bacteria. it feeds candida. honey is not a health food.

Author SomeRandomGamerKid ( ago)
Pour some honey on meeeeeeee oh yeah sticky sweet!

Author Luis Prado ( ago)
What are the health benefits of eating ass?

Author ramdom lol ( ago)
what about all the good bacteria in our body

Author Flamii Editss ( ago)
honey fixed my broken screen.

Author D4Y DR34M ( ago)

Author Gabriela Galecka ( ago)
**watches video** **goes to kitchen and eats all the honey**


Author Princeton Toh ( ago)
wait... eat more of bacteria's worst enemy, aren't we promoting bacteria then?

Author Aviko ( ago)
0:08 Technically, in this bottle is not even a real honey, it's a sweet honey flavoured sirup. :D

Author frjuy ( ago)
so is it really true that honey will NEVER spoil??
and can still be consume after 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years??

Author Allhailmegajeff ( ago)
I did this honey stuff on my wound, when I had a leg ular for three years

Author El Inextricable ( ago)
When I was 15, I had a classmate that everyone called "piranha"... Why?.. well... the poor guy had this problem: all of his teeth was rotten. All of them. One day, I dont remember the context, I got enought courage to approach him and ask "What happend with your teeth, dude?" He put this face like if he heard the question a million times before (of course), and to my surprise he answer me pretty much kindly.
The answer gave me the goosebumps tho: "When was kid, I fell asleep with the mouth full of honey".
I rarely eat honey since then.

Author Sinwhisper ( ago)

Author backflip addiction ( ago)
90% of the honey sold in the us is faked its just sirup with some fodd coloring an stuff like that

Author Mataiodragon ( ago)
I have a coworker who says her grandpa eats a spoonful of honey every night, and hasn't gotten sick in years..this is making me believe there is some science behind this theory of theirs

Author Subhan Soomro ( ago)
munaka honey cures asthma avoiding taking in hot weathers as asthma mostly attack in winter.

Author ArunSuria1996 ( ago)
Does it effect the microbes in our body? Gut flora

Author NinjaOnANinja ( ago)
This is why Organic foods need to lead the way. The companies remove all the good stuff and then sell it as other products. Then they sell you the scraps of what is left as the product.
When you buy the real deal, you get all the healthy stuff with it.

The same is true for gas and medications and you name it really. Greed and corruption is calling the shots and running the show.

Author Lowkey Nikki ( ago)
I use Manuka Honey on spots on my face, acne or scars and its amazing.. in a week i lost a significant amount of scars on my face i thought would be there forever! Spread the word on Manuka Honey it works miracles

Author Shubham Keshri ( ago)
doesn't that mean that it will kill the gut bacteria that are good for us?

Author Binoy Vudi ( ago)
Eating a spoon of Honey every morning and evening after quitting smoking, can cleanse smokers lungs !! (and no, this isn't some crazy pseudo scientific claim)

Author TheJamesRedwood ( ago)
It's a pity the honey doesn't protect bee larvae from either American or European Foulbrood diseases - both bacterial, or Nosemosis, or Chalkbrood - both fungal diseases. These diseases are the bane of apiarists world-wide.

Author James Love ( ago)
So that explains why Manuka honey cured my acid reflux / GERD. I wonder why pharmacies don't carry it or doctors prescribe it. Oh yeah $$$

Author Joakim Innvær ( ago)
Um, actually, the honey in those bear bottles you are talking about probably wouldn't be honey at all if you live in America. It would just be loads of sirup and flavor, kurtzgesagt made a video about it.

Author Mote _ ( ago)
Honey smells like butt

Author Valentina ( ago)
It's also good when u r constipated ! Tip by my super Schamane granny, pity though I'm now traumatised as I had to down a whole bottle of honey, so I vomited it instead. Aiya my childhood memories in China ain't that sweet.

Author ronyene crispo ( ago)
can i have this to cure psoriasis?

Author Denis Kor ( ago)
i m allergic to it :(((((

Author Endeakour ( ago)
ironically im allergic to honey

Author Junaid Thanvi ( ago)
umm... now if we consume it(if in excess too!) will the bacteria in our gut be affected by it ?? (or by then it is broken down to less lethal by then)

Author Saif Md. ( ago)
I get bad stomachaches whenever I eat honey. :(

Author John Paul de Luna ( ago)
I am personally in love with honey 🐝🐝🐝

Author Coolbrosdead ( ago)
olive oil is good too

Author H. S ( ago)
am i the only one who hates the smell and taste of honey

Author Master Kuukai ( ago)
0:03 I was so tempted to reply "Yes, dear?"
hahahahahahahaha! (tbh, I replied "Yes, dear?" in my head XDDDDD )

Author usojas1 ( ago)

Author Le Bro ( ago)
I watch bee porn

Author petra roch ( ago)
Question: does otherwise beneficial honey have an adverse effect on the beneficial gut culture?

Author Mitchell Johnson ( ago)
Does it mess up your gut bacteria?

Author Cracker Gamer ( ago)
but what happens in our stomach? it just destroys all the honey's bacteria killing properties in order keep our gud bakteria safe in out digestive system?

Author Mathias Andersen ( ago)
And if you make the honey into Mead you double the antibiotics.....I know that's true! Because, when i get a cold i drink mead everyday...2-3 days later the cold is GONE

Author BarbikaPahor ( ago)
1:20 not really true. they can live as spores. and thats why babies to 1 year of age should not eat honey.
oh he told it... nevermind

Author Driss ( ago)
Ya like Jazz?

Author Hareka Tysiri ( ago)
i use it to lighten my hair

Author Karen K ( ago)
now i feel like i need to buy honey again

Author INDIA INDIA ( ago)
If It is PURE. But the problem is 90% on the market are not :(

Author Cookie Ann ( ago)
So as I am ill.... Would eating honey help with my throat?

Author Anita Bonghit ( ago)
no need to show an image of a bee. but good thing you showed an image of a sick kid, otherwise people might not understand what you are talking about

Author drkon Echols ( ago)
i hate honey

Author Latif Rohni ( ago)
soooo if honey is applied for external uses for example applying it on the skin which believed that the honey act as moisturizer, im wondering will the honey suck the water from our skin because of its properties or provides water?

Author mrhypnagogia ( ago)
can i apply bee honey to a bad injury supposing there is no risk of hemorrage?

Author Li ( ago)
I always have honey in my tea, or just a spoon of it when I'm craving something sweet. Had no clue it could kill bacteria, so cool!

Author the0master200 ( ago)
honey should never ever crystallize like that if it is really made by bees.

Author Kenneth Manuel ( ago)
so next time if infection occurred, don't drink antibiotics, simply just putting honey on the wound would kill the bacteria and removes the puss

Author Jayme Zayac ( ago)
I thought you couldn't give honey to a baby because of the low stomach acid in their stomach. our immune system can't fight off endospore formers because the endospore literally encases it's plasma membrane so it goes undetected by our immune system. our stomach acid kills the endospores

Author zoji rushi ( ago)
So like, why do girls smother honey on their faces if it dehydrates?

Author hep the great ( ago)
my preferred pancake topping. 😁

Author Anonymous ( ago)
Your Lord revealed to the bees: "Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow." From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind . There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect. (Qur'an, 16:69)

Author Jenn Alessa ( ago)

Author Miss. Muffet ( ago)
#HellaHURT I can't eat honey I'm allergic to the substance but Ironically I eat sugar like crazy.

Author Miss. Muffet ( ago)
#HellaHURT I can't eat honey I'm allergic to the substance but Ironically I eat sugar like crazy.

Author bobet jobe ( ago)
I'm allergic to honey :[

Author Sodium Fine ( ago)
bees, are so amazing

Author AlphaAllmaechtiger ( ago)
honey in bear shaped bottles is a really bizarre sight to me. I live in europe btw

Author Foxxy Wolf ( ago)
you ever look at the love of your life and think "bees are dying at an alarming rate 😍"

Author rahultmnt ( ago)
wow... thats so awesome... honey is superfood!

Author Padmashree Ghangale ( ago)
How do I use an ELN and is it really safe for scientists to use them securely?

Author HelloDarling! ( ago)

Author Timtimcharoo ;D ( ago)
I'm surprised at the amazing lack of 4:20 jokes in the comment section; like..."You know what else is sweet and sticky besides honey? Your mom. And these dank trees."

Author MysticNetwork ( ago)
I threw my tablet at the wall when I saw that bee picture and now its broken.

Author Janet Rollins ( ago)
they talk soooo fast!

Author Saeyoung Choi ( ago)
Isn't honey bee vomit? I'll still it eat tho

Author WH4LE ( ago)
376 bacteria disliked this video

Author Juubes ( ago)
I wish I understund what the chemicals are in Finnish...

Author Lovo Troya ( ago)

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