Trump's Taxes: Another Distraction? | The View

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Author Kazmir Brown ( ago)
Lol, ties to Russia. Who Hillary?? lol and these stupid bitchs are all incorporated and pay no taxes either.

Author walkermydawg ( ago)
You got to give it to the ole gal. She's the best looking tranny thus far.

Author Sandi J ( ago)
twelve year old tax returns? really? even the IRS let's it go after seven years!

Author Ieva pieva ( ago)
they will talk about trump 4 years....

Author jeffsor47 ( ago)
I wonder if any of these female morons ever heard of tax deductions?? Dumbest group of women ever assembled on TV.

Author AFair ( ago)
I have a bridge I'd like to sell Jed.

Author jesse aguirre ( ago)
pathetic I swear.....I just come by to see how pathetic these ppl are....and they still.....PATHETIC!!!!

Author Beverly Sanders ( ago)
tax release is partial false news. Where is list of profits from businesses and breakdowns. this was an intentional leak used as a distraction. no matter what truths said, his supporters will follow and make excuses.

Author Baby boomer ( ago)
JEDIDIAH BILA IS THE VIEWS LAUGHING HYENA. She laughs hysterically at everything. This is so annoying.

Author G hrvyck ( ago)
MSNBC's legal team must be morons.

Author PRallo ( ago)
So very sick of the liberal agenda. Get out of NY and CA and look at the map. The fly over states are really sick of the bias.

Author Prakhar Roy ( ago)
5 women having opinions. Hahaha

Author Vanessa V ( ago)
Jedediah tf is that jacket, girl you are fluoro

Author Anne K ( ago)
Whoopi is right, just another distraction! What is going on that he doesn't want you to focus on?? When he goes left, you need to look right!!

Author TCt83067695 ( ago)
it was released because of rachael maddows reporting. do these women actually research anything before talking?

Author Free Speech ( ago)
Bunch of air heads..............

Author Dylan Turner ( ago)
The only one with a brain is Jedediah. Joy is the biggest idiot

Author MrGertus12 ( ago)
Whoopie was better as a nun.

Author Tree ( ago)

Author frank wright ( ago)
no wonder why women get paid less, look at these idiots.

Author citizenxgen ( ago)
You cunts have being banging on about his taxes for months. Now you are upset that you have seen some of them. Trump is fucked if he does and fucked if he doesn't

Author michelle307 ( ago)

Author michelle307 ( ago)
These that's are completely unhinhed!!

Author Novida NoMeGustaMucho ( ago)
It's pathetic to see Trump supporters here all the time. This show isn't going to glorify his small hands🙄

Author kreed82 ( ago)
why is jebadiah trying to look middle aged. I really hate how these white women like her and Natalie Portman who are still in their 30s try to look 45

Author earthminus10 ( ago)
trump released his own taxes distraction for sure

Author Don Avenelle ( ago)

Author calmvoice44 ( ago)
Dkd anyone hear about the Olklahoma GOP Senator who was caught having sex with an underage boy. Just read it on the news... Trump supporters are always saying the Democrats do that but it turned out it was actually people from thier side.

Author John Smith ( ago)
hahaha dum liberals, big news President Trump pays his taxes, notice how they changed the subject quick, Trump President of the people for the people

Author annajeehee ( ago)
Producers and Barbara Walters- when are you guys going to get better ladies that can be neutral on things
Get rid of whoopie and joy

Author norm741 ( ago)
Bring back Charity hospitals and the corruption will stop.

Author B Lynn ( ago)
Trump paid more taxes than obama.... And Bernie..... And Hillary. Obamacare sucks. Keep your doctor If you like. LOL.

Author dly311 ( ago)
Whoopi is loosing her mind.

Author Jimmy Hadder ( ago)
To put in in Snowflake language: "Dez bi-otches, done got PUNKED!"
BTW, Shamu is looking quite svelte today!

Author Cold Duck ( ago)
Its called Trumpcare.

Author jaime martinez ( ago)
yes joy single payer health care !!!

Author A Joe ( ago)
well said Whoopi!!

Author Nancy Lewis ( ago)
So are these women actually saying he paid his taxes @ 25% in 2005 and then the following years he just decided that he wouldn't pay any taxes at all? Is that what they're really trying to get you to believe?? I don't know Whoopie it sounds like the audience isn't really on your side, you're trying really really really hard to get them to clap for your ridiculous comments but it just isn't working is it? Jedidiah is a lame counter opinion to their viewpoints on this anti-American show that slams President Trump against a wall everyday, but I guess whoever is paying them wants them to keep up their BS anti-Trump narrative and if they want to keep their jobs they have to keep doing what they're told because no one else would hire these nasty women.

Author faboze ( ago)
Release a recent tax return not one from freaking 2005

Author Liza aguirre ( ago)
Pivot,pivot ...

Author Bearwoman11 ( ago)
I think Trump released this out himself, because it's only two pages of his taxes. if a second party had access two his taxes they would have sent the whole packet

Author Larry Williams ( ago)
i came here just to hear them cry

Author Tuko Pomwene ( ago)
the View 2016: why doesn't Trump release his taxes, obviously he's hiding something"!!!!
Trump releases taxes
the View 2017: "uhmm................ ..........well........ why is he trying to distract us!!!"
LOL, you're a real idiot if you don't see how stupid these people are

Author ThomasProductions2000 ( ago)
There is more tax returns that need to be released Hillary released her tax returns all the way back to 1977

Author Transformers Detox ( ago)
So you go two years asking for Trumps taxes and when he releases them you call it a distraction?! Unbelievable... Trump paid 25% in taxes in 2005 while Obama paid 18.7% and Bernie Sanders 13% --- THE SOCIALIST. Ladies of the View have no idea how normal America works... they live in NYC and probably have never had to struggle to get a pay check. Stop smearing your far left politics in American faces... that's why you have a 2/10 rating and your show is going to be cancelled.

Author Tony Bagloni ( ago)
These dumb bimbo's need some Tony Bagloni !

Author JN ( ago)
Isn't whoopi supposed to be in Canada by now?

Author Darth Vader ( ago)
Lol. You wanted the tax returns so long and so bad and now that you get it you call it a distraction. Lmfao! Weak middle aged menopause women ROFL!

Author David Fiedler ( ago)
You get over yourself WOOP!!!

Author kenneth roberts ( ago)
These women are the way Trump won the election who can stand these pieces of crap one idiot after another

Author David Fiedler ( ago)
Shut these women up!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Oscar Calixto ( ago)
He leaked this anybody who says different is lying to themselves, if someone leaked it like he is trying to make it seem, he would be going nuts and saying find the crook who did this, bring me their head, he would be asking the fbi to help him find the leakers, but he is not mad I guess why, plus he probably leaked the 2005 taxes cause in hat he has nothing to hide cause he was a good boy that year, Donny where are ur 2013 to 2015 tax returns homeboy

Author R Navs ( ago)
Whoopi gets mad when accusations are made against her, yet makes constant accusations against Trump.

Author Jonathan Daquigan ( ago)
these women are so stuuuuupid.

Author Harish Yalamanchili ( ago)
I would like to see a GOP plan better than Paul ryan's.
The Paul Ryan plan itself is a disaster, the plan's proposed by so called "conservatives" like Rand Paul are an even bigger disaster. The Rand Paul plan is essentially taking back to pre Obamacare days where insurance companies played with people like toys.

Author Sonja Dawn ( ago)
Trump is all smoke and mirrors and people public and media continue to fall for it.

Author Ema Star ( ago)
never ends

Author LynS Eve ( ago)
Regarding the tax returns, that's not necessarily the portion most of us want to see. We want to see his business ties to foreign Countries. Conveniently _Only two_ pages of these 2005 tax returns were released. Conveniently all the pages that show his business ties were left out! Clearly Donald or someone from his inner circle leaked these. One year of tax return documents that only consists of two pages, and from 12 years ago isn't gonna cut it. He must think we're are that gullible and stupid. If you have nothing to hide Trump, Release _All_ of your tax returns. At least from the last ten years. And don't give me that whole I'm being audited, when the IRS _Themselves_ have said that it is _Untrue_ that tax returns cannot be released while being audited. Come on now!

Regarding the "American care Act"/Trump Care, estimates of 24 million people will loose their health insurance. Billions of dollars in cuts will be made to Medicare and Medicaid. Also on a different subject, Billions of dollars may also be cut from HUD! This will have a massive impact on the Veterans! A group Trump promised to protect. I digress, speaking on promises made, didn't he assure people over and over again that there would be No cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. What happened?!!

Author Patricia Holme ( ago)
I tend to support the theory that he himself submitted the tax return to the media. This looks to me like an EZ tax form done at Taxes R Us. Where are the backup documents? Didn't he have any deductions on a 150M paycheck? 38M is in a low tax bracket. This is not real people!

Author Riverphoenixisinheav ( ago)
Of course the republicans aren't bringing in what they promised Jedediah, they're liars. Duh!

Author Sara English ( ago)
in my opinion, Rachel Maddow was irresponsible in releasing this bit of NON information. She did it for ratings, yet she's lost her credibility.

Author Jennifer Lum ( ago)
Alright ladies!!! Sunni it's me!! Your twitter friend! Obamacare has issues- you admit- we are having problems- but GOP plan? Just nope. And because our politicians are so arrogant, we suffer. So, please keep sharing the facts, with compassion, so we can help each other.

Author DeMarcus Little ( ago)
The fight is for wealthy white men to keep their status quo...but, ALL empires fall...

Author dom peridone ( ago)
Another echo chamber!!!! Liberal BS. You have been served, he paid taxes so move on idiot. Jedediah is a moderate liberal not a conservative

Author janet Rodriguez ( ago)
Whoopi where are your tax returns? Do you pay taxes or do you write off what you can? You are talking smoke and mirrors about Russian interference - so far no proof! Legal loopholes are just that - legal!! Ladies - reveal your taxes!

Author Saint Pat ( ago)
Only Whoopi could make heath care racial!

Author Saint Pat ( ago)
Mad Cow Maddow has been put down! Who's next?

Author Saint Pat ( ago)
NEVER FORGET!! The President of The United States is the most powerful man in the world! TRUMP MOVEMENT #2A We have more weapons then all armies combined! Try invading, or taking over! ;)

Author T K ( ago)
he did pay taxes

Author treelishan ( ago)
Joy trains her husband's, and didn't want to marry her current slave till both his parents were DEAD.

Author tyler p ( ago)
these so called ladies are ridic. just a week ago they were still droning on about paying his taxes. now that they show he did and paid great % then any other pokitician.....they say it doesnt matter. what a bunch of fucktards

Author Jon S ( ago)
This bill is the best you're going to get and its keeping the promise to repeal Obamacare. Jed is letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. This panel is so biased. The "view" but 4 of 5 have the same view and the fifth is a whiny RINO.

Author underwaterseas ( ago)
Jedediah is always using anecdotal evidence to justify her views. Eh, use what you've got, I guess.

Author Angie Jones ( ago)
Why should people be losing insurance while we pay 30 million a month for Melania to live in NY and 12 million a month for tRump to go to his own resort every weekend and play golf? I also think he's on something when he goes there and that's why he tweets all those paranoid tweets! He's a disaster, hope every tRump voter loses their insurance first! Hope Karma gets them all!

Author Isaac Ortiz ( ago)
I find it funny how none of these heifers brought up the fact that Trump paid more taxes than Obama and Bernie Sanders.I bet he'll release his 2016 tax return next and shut everyone down.So much for Trump being a failed business man.😂

Author Kyle Herbz ( ago)
Republicans will never support a Medicare for all system or a single-payer system because private health insurance companies are some of their biggest donors - until money gets out of politics, none of these major issues are gonna be solved in any meaningful way that benefits people

Author SaiyanZ Rage ( ago)
Trump payed 25% of his income in Taxes,Bernie and Obama only pay 13%

Author Tracy Thornton ( ago)

Author Danny Dea ( ago)
These witches have been calling Trump to release his taxes forever! His taxes were leaked and it was discovered that he paid 38,000,000 million in taxes. More than Obama paid last year and Sanders COMBINED! More than NBC Comcast paid in taxes. Now, what are they saying? "Oh, it's a distraction" and quickly changed the subject to Obamacare. Giving Jeb props for standing her ground against Whoopi "Republicans said repeal!" Jeb interrupted "Repeal and REPLACE" "well, they added that later." Kind of like these witches saying immigrants but they tend to forget to put the word illegal in front of it when they talk about the immigration policy.

Author Hana Menker ( ago)
What do you old lady's need?

Author Alan Dennis ( ago)
Total distraction leaked by Trump. BTW, $150M is not the income of a 10 x billionaire. Such a low bar for Trump...he paid taxes, like we all do, and he is now a good guy. He is a con man and this is just his latest scheme to trick his supporters.

Author vyda2580 ( ago)
Waiting for all these idiots to scream Fake News BS

Author Christopher Meszaros ( ago)
Trump can cure cancer and these idiots still would dislike him....

Author Christopher Meszaros ( ago)
Why are these idiots still babbling ?

Author femme fatale ( ago)
Is it a distraction from what the US currently is destroying overseas with Trump's hike in drone strikes and illegal war in Yemen? Yes. Is it still important to know this mans a fraud/puppet? Yes. Will we go back to talking about the destruction the US is doing in the Middle East or will we still drag this out for months because the media doesn't want to cover US crimes? I vote the latter.

Author Me, Myself, and I. ( ago)
It's not a distraction, and you can actually learn some from it. It opens up new possible avenues of research for investigative journalists.

Author JohnG500 ( ago)
He did pay taxes in the return. Whoopi lying yet again. Hahaha

The GOP healthcare bill is amazing to me!!! Brilliant!!!! It's not big government like Jedediah said it is. The new plan is much much better and I never expect these people to see it. That's my honest opinion.

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