The Best Orthodox Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede

amharic mezmur orthodox the best ethiopian habesha God mezmur song music Zerfe Kebede Amesegenuh Kenferoche

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Author Molla Tsegaye (3 months)

Author Rahel Rahel (2 months)

Author Fiseha Gueshe (8 months)

Author samerwit mekonen (3 months)
ዘማሪት ዘርፌ ልደትዬ ትጠብቅሽ በጣም ቆንጆ መዝሙር ነው

Author Samri Kelkay (8 months)
my favorite muzmure

Author Nono Ss (1 month)
Malei mesgena mazemer

Author Molinsh Molinsh (4 months)
Gabreli iranyaye new

Author anmut zeru (10 months)

Author Ethiopia (6 months)

Author Nono Ss (1 month)
Meme thank you

Author Fekir Kiflu (1 month)
Amen amen amen zemar melakti yesemlina

Author Mahdere yemane (8 months)
God bless u i love ur song keep it up!!!!!!

Author aphraem Menalikii (8 months)
aphraem1:The Best Orthodox Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede 

Author Henok Mezgebe (7 months)
The best mezmur

Author Samri Kelkay (8 months)
my favriote muzmure

Author Bereket Kehase (8 months)
Tsmesgen Agziabhir amlak nzie ksema zebkakani

Author Nono Ss (1 month)
Memey marey shecrey Hfety marey Hsen Eiy.mHezetey marey shecerat Aehwey
marey melemsgena Awetey.

Author Nono Ss (1 month)
Mazemri Eiy zesime Eilksci Alece Enibe Eyi Alec Aihwtey marey .

Author Pierre Turner (10 months)
God bless u zerfe!!!

Author anmut zeru (10 months)

Author matiwos mehari (1 year)
just keep it up!! brilliant zefie

Author Zeru Fesshaye (1 year)
I'm not good in Amharic but all yr songs understand me.I really love yr
mezmur,keep going.GOD BLESS U

Author Andy Asefa (1 year)
Yes yes he change your life. This beautiful song. Please God bless you

Author Liya Berekat (1 year)
Kale hiwet yasemlin

Author Andy Asefa (1 year)
Yes yes he change your life. This beautiful song. Please God bless you

Author frita2011 (4 years)
nice mezmur, God bless you zerfie

Author Haimy A (3 years)
@Qu3enz WOW! Cursing and insulting someone's faith is the way to heaven.
"Judge not, and you shall not be judged; condemn not, and you shall not be
condemned; pardon, and you shall be pardoned." That's what my Tawaheldo
faith teaches me, I don't know may be you read the Holy Bible upside down.

Author kiduel (5 years)
good answer

Author fit-ufo (4 years)
Thank you for uploading! It is a beautiful song...

Author Dawit Baggio (5 years)
omg best best mezmur GOD BLESS OUR RELIGEON

Author ethiopiansolja (6 years)
Oh thank you very much for ur comment. I did that so people would find it
easily when they search for mezmur. I didn't mean to praise the artists
rather than praising God.

Author LID ❁ (4 years)
awesome (*_ *) thumbs up that was great

Author jetaime1982 (5 years)
realy i feel from my hear these mezmur god blass you

Author mikaelhanna (4 years)
thank you for posting this vid. if anyone can add the lyrics would be
lovely... i really love this mezmur... God have mercy on us all

Author ritabz (5 years)
love it...geta nuw redate!!

Author Sendek Alama (5 years)
Ayy kiduel, You agreed with a protestants response. This shows your true
color. Ayy Yesew Neger, Yetedebeqe Maninetu Sayasibew Naw Biq Yemilew Eko

Author alfanomegan (5 years)
god bless u zerfe, life changing song.

Author hailkid3262 (3 years)
May the one and only powerful GOD bless the person who uploaded this
awesome song and may GOD HELP all of you to Stay out of trouble

Author PraiseJahRasta (4 years)
Good people, can someone explain to me the meaning of "Amesegenuh
Kenferoch"thanks and God bless

Author jordinfabelous (5 years)
nice mezmur

Author Tariku Adem (5 years)
god bless you

Author hawina legesse (4 years)
can you please upload the mezmur called ' endemiwedih geta tawkaleh'

Author ashpimpful (5 years)

Author Liya31 (6 years)
keep it up sis, I Love it " Tebareki"...can Please add more of it ?

Author Sendek Alama (5 years)
Since "... there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one
sinner that repent" Luke 15:7, I am happy for her that she abandoned the
Alemawi songs that she use to produce. However the "zema ena Gitim Dersis"
of today's so called Mezmur saw a BIG BIG market in producing Mezmurs that
also satisfy the Zefen need in us. It is so sad to see the sacred hymn
tarnished so badly by children of the church. It is a huge market for the
producers and also a hidden agenda for the reformers. sad

Author Haimy A (3 years)
This reaches my soul. It's uplifting.

Author WEYNI SET (2 years)
the only way to heaven is orthodox tewahdo

Author Qu3enz (3 years)
@MRafh979 Buddy get the fucking outta of here, u lifeless Arab wannabe
piece of shit! this is not the Arab pagan religion called Islam advertising
place. I'm going to be in the presence of god up in heaven when I die and
if I don't sin but you on the other hand your going to 72 virgins and
rivers of wine which you were not able to consume here on earth and for
eternal erection! lol ye wut a paradise I tell LMFAO!

Author Mezy Demissie (5 years)
It is so true that. We all here because we were given a second chance and
by his grace. every single day given to us a chance to make it right with
God, for us to acknoweledge what he have done for us and praise him for
that. thanku God for having our sister praise u with the beautifule voice u
gave her. i am greatful for everything.

Author Yordanos Tesfaye (1 year)
Yehen mezemur sisema betam new hode yemibesagn mikenatum yetilanetun
hiwoten zor biye sasibaw Fetari min yesanewal elalew lesew yemayisanew lesu
hulym yechalewal yetilatun enebayen selabeselegn hulem Amelaken
amesaginewalew zemari melaketen yasemakin tebareki

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