The Best Orthodox Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede

amharic mezmur orthodox the best ethiopian habesha God mezmur song music Zerfe Kebede Amesegenuh Kenferoche

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Author Semere Mebrahtom ( ago)
ኣሜን ኣሜን ኣሜን ዝማሬ መላእክት ያሰማልን

Author Tadesse Degu ( ago)
God bless you

Author yirgalem Semere ( ago)

Author Sara Teesema ( ago)

Author Fanu Berigan ( ago)
ዝማሪ መላይክትን ያስማልን ያገልግሎት ዘመንሽ ይባረክ

Author ኤልሻዳይ ሁሉን ቻይ እግዛብሄር ስለ ሁሉም ነገር እግዛብሄር ይመስገን ( ago)
zmara melyket yasmalen

Author tadios tesfamichael ( ago)
kal hiwet yesmana.Amen Amen Amen.

Author BINIAM MARIKOS ( ago)
Amen Amen Amen

Author sja shjs ( ago)
አሚን አሚን አሚን አሚን የዘማሪ አገልግሎትሽ ይጨምርልሽ ቸሩ እግዚአብሔር

Author Regina Lieder ( ago)
One of the 10 best You-Tube-Mix-Videos from the last two years.The quiet
music works good against stress and makes me focus on my Bible and to thank
and praise God Amlak and His Holy Son and the Holy Spirit..

Author Tigest Tigest (1509 years ago)
Amen amen amen

Author Mihret Mamo ( ago)

Author daro labu ( ago)

Author Nono Ss ( ago)
Meme thank you

Author Nono Ss ( ago)
Memey marey shecrey Hfety marey Hsen Eiy.mHezetey marey shecerat Aehwey
marey melemsgena Awetey.

Author Nono Ss ( ago)
Mazemri Eiy zesime Eilksci Alece Enibe Eyi Alec Aihwtey marey .

Author Nono Ss ( ago)
Malei mesgena mazemer

Author Fekir Kiflu (1977 years ago)
Amen amen amen zemar melakti yesemlina

Author Rahel Rahel ( ago)

Author samerwit mekonen ( ago)
ዘማሪት ዘርፌ ልደትዬ ትጠብቅሽ በጣም ቆንጆ መዝሙር ነው

Author Molinsh Molinsh ( ago)
Gabreli iranyaye new

Author Ethiopia ( ago)

Author Henok Mezgebe ( ago)
The best mezmur

Author Bereket Kehase ( ago)
Tsmesgen Agziabhir amlak nzie ksema zebkakani

Author Mahdere yemane ( ago)
God bless u i love ur song keep it up!!!!!!

Author Pierre Turner ( ago)
God bless u zerfe!!!

Author matiwos mehari ( ago)
just keep it up!! brilliant zefie

Author Zeru Fesshaye ( ago)
I'm not good in Amharic but all yr songs understand me.I really love yr
mezmur,keep going.GOD BLESS U

Author Andy Asefa ( ago)
Yes yes he change your life. This beautiful song. Please God bless you

Author Andy Asefa ( ago)
Yes yes he change your life. This beautiful song. Please God bless you

Author Liya Berekat ( ago)
Kale hiwet yasemlin

Author henok yeman ( ago)
Zerfe may almighty God bless you nice song.

Author Haileyesus getachew seboka ( ago)
god is grate. and we all r crated is to worship and worship him all the
time. bt da problem is dat we found ourselfs inside really bad situations.
please god help me out from those disgusting moments.and please don't blem
me for my past mistakes ... amen!!!!

Author Yordanos Tesfaye ( ago)
Yehen mezemur sisema betam new hode yemibesagn mikenatum yetilanetun
hiwoten zor biye sasibaw Fetari min yesanewal elalew lesew yemayisanew lesu
hulym yechalewal yetilatun enebayen selabeselegn hulem Amelaken
amesaginewalew zemari melaketen yasemakin tebareki

Author Redi habeshawit ( ago)
AMEN!!!!! ante nehe erefte...

Author Денис ( ago)

Author Robel Amanuel ( ago)
tarika keyari geta yesus amen God bless you I love this song

Author Leilt Seleshi ( ago)
I love it

Author Ezio Venturini ( ago)
be ortodox west 1 amelak 1 fetari 1 geta becha neew yalew segedetm
yemigebawen yemisgedelet leand fetari legeta amelak le abe le weld lemenfes
kedus le cheru egezabeher becha neew le embetachen degemo ye akeberot
segedet ensegedalen melaaketochem bemelejachew endiredun enelemenalen 44
yeegezabeher tabotoch alun beterfe keber yemensetewna yemenamelkew 1 amelak
1 geta 1bechawen fetari hulun maderge yemichel eruheruh azagh lehonew le
Egezabeher becha neew geta yebarkeh

Author manche110 ( ago)
'Kemelaekt aleka ke michael besteker yemiyatsenagn yelem' Daniel 10:25
Daniel yehen yalew Kiristos endemiyatsnana weyim endemiyaden silemayamin
weyim silemayak aydelem Hulum neger yale kiristos fekad ena filagot yemihon
alemenorun enkuan egna orthodoxoch seytanim yawkal enkuan seytan
menafikanim tawkalachu ......Lemanignawem erasihin beandit kuntsil tiks
atasenakil lela sewm lemasenakel atmokir. Metsahafihn anbib. Egziabher
mastewalun yestih.

Author WEYNI SET ( ago)
the only way to heaven is orthodox tewahdo

Author Stanimir Giba ( ago)
I think, it is Gospel song.

Author Shiferaw Meron ( ago)
Aman, yekibir sigdet new minsegdew. kibir lemisetew kibr situ ylal...ebakh
kechalk tetemek...egha be eyesus anaminm yalew manew, man new
yenegereh....ewek ena awra...temar asb, mastewalin lemin...because and ken
ygeletilhal ewnetu...

Author Aman Adu ( ago)
Uwnet new wey ??? Ye Orthodox church sewoch leteleyayu fitretat
tisegdalatuhu, tageleglalatuhu twedsalatuhu ??? Le sint Tabotoch
tsegdalachuhu ??? Uwnet new ??? Be orthodox sint Tabotoch (amalikt) Alu ???
Abet ! Abet ! Uwnet kehone Christian aydelatuhum . Ye addis Kidan Tabot
Yesus bicha new . Madanm beYesus bicha new !!! Lela yemiyadn yelem !!!.
Geta yisemal libn yimeremral ende sew aydelem be amalage yemisera . Begubo
beamalage aydelem beketita wede Yesus !!!

Author tomase taye ( ago)
thank you zerfe .EGZIYABEHARE YEMESGE .EGZIYHABEHARE Ethiopian yebarekat

Author carol burrows ( ago)
Thank you sis Zeref. God bless you.

Author Sitotaw Degefaw ( ago)
God bless u

Author bealtown ( ago)
What does Mezmur mean? Thanks!

Author Hadushzemen Nafrica ( ago)
you, the gift of GOD. we tank to GOD. thank you.

Author Sophie Manson ( ago)

Author TheKezira ( ago)
@MRafh979 You need to grow-up and read the meaning of faith and believing
in God...then you will learn tolerance and understand why Go allow
diversity. I don't tend to insult you or your faith...just because I
consider you as a human being even though your mind is less than an average
Hominid. teach peace and love among people of the world than preaching
conversion and intolerance. I pray for you, for myself and people like you.

Author Haimy A ( ago)
@MRafh979 People always convert and change their faith, what's your point?

Author Haimy A ( ago)
@Qu3enz WOW! Cursing and insulting someone's faith is the way to heaven.
"Judge not, and you shall not be judged; condemn not, and you shall not be
condemned; pardon, and you shall be pardoned." That's what my Tawaheldo
faith teaches me, I don't know may be you read the Holy Bible upside down.

Author Haimy A ( ago)
This reaches my soul. It's uplifting.

Author MsDil2010 ( ago)
how lovely

Author MRafh979 ( ago)
watch this YouTube ( Where are YOU Going to after death?! ) (See why
corruption Aslam Yusuf Estes ) (See why Aslam Abdul Raheem assigned )
(Jesus Christ in Islam) (why she became muslim) (Christian Professor
converts to Islam ) (European Scientist converts to Islam) (A Compilation
of Converts to Islam ) (Anatomy : Scientist converted to islam after
reading Quran) (compilation of converts to islam New Muslims from
different places)

Author LID ( ago)
awesome (*_ *) thumbs up that was great

Author fit-ufo ( ago)
Thank you for uploading! It is a beautiful song...

Author XXxMercyx ( ago)
where can i download this for my ipod?

Author Nini4lina ( ago)
@princeshewi means i sang with my lips... i worshiped u with the words
coming from my lips.. she is using her lips to put out her praising words

Author hawina legesse ( ago)
can you please upload the mezmur called ' endemiwedih geta tawkaleh'

Author PraiseJahRasta ( ago)
Good people, can someone explain to me the meaning of "Amesegenuh
Kenferoch"thanks and God bless

Author abelneh ( ago)
Lovely Mezmur! Thanks Zerfe.

Author mikaelhanna ( ago)
thank you for posting this vid. if anyone can add the lyrics would be
lovely... i really love this mezmur... God have mercy on us all

Author rebeldat2009 ( ago)
very meaningful and spritiual makes me proud to be ethiopian orthodox hope
we continue to praise GOD and appreciate the life we have been given.

Author Bar0kun ( ago)
Wow ...May God Bless her and all of who will listen the song

Author Tariku Adem ( ago)
god bless you

Author Selam Mola ( ago)
i really love her voice.....god bless u

Author Rasdashen x ( ago)
God Bless you Sister!!..kale hiwot yasemash!!...Now, I really feel good and
have peace of mind...hope will have good sleep too!!...Great God words

Author Leul Tezazu ( ago)
በሰወ ፊት ለሚመሰክርልኝ ሁሉ፡ እኔም በኣባቴ ፊት እመሰክርለታሁ" እዳለ ሁሉ፡ በእውነት እናንተ የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ
ተዋህዶ ቤት/ክር ዘማርያን እና ሰባክያን ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ በኣባቱ ፊት ይመስክርላችሁ አሜን።

Author balekenew ( ago)
i am happy to c kechene medehanialem church.

Author ashpimpful ( ago)

Author Ethiomusician ( ago)
AMEN!!!! This is a wonderful mezmur. My uncle reffered me to this zemari.
.. what a peaceful and powerful mezmur. ehenin video post yaderegachu ye
Cristos beteseboch Egzabihair cheru amlak abzito yebarakchu .

Author kikinaborko ( ago)

Author Remy Sabillion ( ago)
wow i really love this mezmur me and my mom listten to it allll day lol

Author Rasdashen x ( ago)
Great message and amazing voice indeed. God bless you enormously. Amen!! ~
kale hiwot yasemash!!

Author Yonathan Tesfahun ( ago)
This is an amazing and one of the best spiritual songs ever. It really
touches my soul.

Author GODis good ( ago)
yowhans wengel 6 47 እውነት እውነት እላችኋለሁ በእኔ የሚያምን የዘላለም ሕይወት አለው። 3 16 በእርሱ
የሚያምን ሁሉ የዘላለም ሕይወት እንዲኖረው እንጂ እንዳይጠፋ እግዚአብሔር አንድያ ልጁን እስኪሰጥ ድረስ ዓለሙን እንዲሁ
ወዶአልና። .we have gift from GOD accept it.GOD bless you!

Author GODis good ( ago)
JESUS CHRIST.He dead for your sins.He paid every think on the cross and he
need one think from as!

Author kidest as ( ago)
i love this song. i have to play it everday. it give me peace

Author kiduel ( ago)
hey! hey! are u calling me protestant?? well if u are then u are lost my
bro! i have been orthodox for my whole life, and i agreed with mesengeleys
comment not 6inhim7, please u better think twice b4 u wrote something, zim
bleh yesew sim atatfa

Author Sendek Alama ( ago)
Ayy kiduel, You agreed with a protestants response. This shows your true
color. Ayy Yesew Neger, Yetedebeqe Maninetu Sayasibew Naw Biq Yemilew Eko

Author kiduel ( ago)
good answer

Author 6inhim7 ( ago)
Which one is from "heaven"? yegonderoche stayle weyes yegojjamoche style
weyes yeshewawoche style? didn't u read the book in titled "Geddel weyes
Gedel"? Don't worry about the Zema but the content of the words or the
lyrics. why u act like melicon(2Samo 6:1-23)

Author Sendek Alama ( ago)
G/Egziabher zeParis, From the time St Yared received the heavenly chant -
to the day he performed to Emperor Gabre Masqel - or to the services you
see today at the poor tents of rural Betekirstians, It was and is our
'Akalawi Nefess' that was filled with joy, because it is authentic and
heavenly! The present day 'Mezmurs' like the one here are devoid of that
heavenly spirit and are meant to satisfy our paradoxical need of both: the
heavenly and the earthly and that to me is a reformation!

Author mesengeley ( ago)
hey, this is Gebregziabher from Paris. I like werfe's mezmur. I do not like
protestants' mezmur in fact i do not listen as well. I am afraid but you
can not convince me that the mezmur has "Reformation agenda". simply best
orthodox mezmur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author kiduel ( ago)
ya nice q

Author Dawit Baggio ( ago)
omg best best mezmur GOD BLESS OUR RELIGEON

Author jetaime1982 ( ago)
realy i feel from my hear these mezmur god blass you

Author Sendek Alama ( ago)
Since "... there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one
sinner that repent" Luke 15:7, I am happy for her that she abandoned the
Alemawi songs that she use to produce. However the "zema ena Gitim Dersis"
of today's so called Mezmur saw a BIG BIG market in producing Mezmurs that
also satisfy the Zefen need in us. It is so sad to see the sacred hymn
tarnished so badly by children of the church. It is a huge market for the
producers and also a hidden agenda for the reformers. sad

Author jordinfabelous ( ago)
nice mezmur

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