Can You Solve This Murder?

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  • It’s a real whodunnit.

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Comments: 13 855

  • Christiana Nemtsev
    Christiana Nemtsev 5 hours ago

    Is fake

  • Zak Dank
    Zak Dank 6 hours ago

    Ah, I knew it. The butler always does it.

  • Trinity Dube
    Trinity Dube 7 hours ago

    Ohhhhh I was right wiry the sister

  • Trinity Dube
    Trinity Dube 7 hours ago


  • Kinzie Hale
    Kinzie Hale 1 day ago

    Nvm ish Her twin!!

  • Kinzie Hale
    Kinzie Hale 1 day ago

    Its that Kathy girl So Yeah bc SHE HAS A DAMN KNIFE!

  • Yoharat 7
    Yoharat 7 1 day ago

    Lowkey thought she killed herself

  • Moumita Khawas
    Moumita Khawas 2 days ago

    I already knew that it ws Ray mostly bcz he said he got that bandage due to playing basketball..& yea it ws that twin cz it ws her😂😂😂😂😂(I dnt knw why I laughed)..i hv seen many movies & shws wr twins r actually jealous of each other's so yea..

  • Panic! because i need a username!

    Okay, to be completely honest, just because he has the exact same kind of paper as the killers note, doesn't mean he killed her. I mean, unless thats the only notebook of that type on the face of the Earth.

  • Google User
    Google User 3 days ago

    true that

  • The Lozinator
    The Lozinator 3 days ago


  • El gringo the bandit master

    I think it was her sister cause she was really FAKE

  • Ordinary ME
    Ordinary ME 5 days ago

    Though my dream is to be a private detective I'm not too good at this

  • Ordinary ME
    Ordinary ME 5 days ago

    2:27 two suspect for me sister or the popular girl

  • notadecentusername
    notadecentusername 8 days ago


  • gurgel gamer
    gurgel gamer 8 days ago

    I watched all the episodes of "the mentalist" that was easy

  • Lauren Bradley
    Lauren Bradley 12 days ago

    more more

  • Mystery Miss
    Mystery Miss 12 days ago

    It was her sister because of the way she was acting

  • Enderslayer Goki power

    The twin smiled when she confessed she was not better

  • Love Notes
    Love Notes 13 days ago

    I know it

  • Nadia Osman
    Nadia Osman 14 days ago

    Title: Can you solve this murder?
    Me: Nope Nope Nope Bub Bye! y'all know can't do riddles!

  • Alexis Foster
    Alexis Foster 14 days ago

    twin and EX

  • Naa Quarshie
    Naa Quarshie 14 days ago

    this sister is soooooooooooo fake

  • Abby Luck
    Abby Luck 14 days ago

    It's the sister

  • Freddy Benson
    Freddy Benson 14 days ago

    me: Im so good at this stuff...
    also me: *scrolls through comments and finds the answer*
    me: i knew it was the sister and the ex!

  • tramia Springate
    tramia Springate 14 days ago

    Man Sherlock better watch out💁😏😏

  • Tokaku Seryuu
    Tokaku Seryuu 15 days ago

    LOL This is easy

  • Kayla Choo
    Kayla Choo 15 days ago

    so it was exactly ray

  • AshCharmander
    AshCharmander 15 days ago



  • Shakobi Koster
    Shakobi Koster 17 days ago


  • shannon pittsburgh
    shannon pittsburgh 17 days ago

    got it right

  • Kayla Choo
    Kayla Choo 17 days ago

    i thi k it was actually ray her ex-boyfriend ray dsorry if i spell his name wrongly

  • Swagger BG
    Swagger BG 18 days ago

    I actually got it right!!!

  • Cy Eerie Czar
    Cy Eerie Czar 19 days ago


  • John McAlister
    John McAlister 19 days ago

    the twin she was so fake

  • UnicornLoveGirl 777
    UnicornLoveGirl 777 19 days ago

    I knew the sister did it she was jealous... Too jealous...

  • YouTube Vlogs
    YouTube Vlogs 19 days ago

    It was Cathy well I thought

  • Amir Abbasi
    Amir Abbasi 19 days ago

    is she actully a ghost

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 21 day ago

    I knew it was them

  • CT12 gaming
    CT12 gaming 22 days ago

    I think it was her twin and ex. I mean they were both acting really weird. And her ex said that he liked someone else. There was a basketball in her sister room so I thought, maybe those two killed her so they could be together?? But idk I'm not watching the rest of the video

  • SidSky 28
    SidSky 28 22 days ago

    I was right! Wasn't that hard though

  • KatinnaPlayz
    KatinnaPlayz 23 days ago

    Jenny said she tried to haunt her twin, so maybe payback? And the ex acted so fake and talk about how he still wanted the imagine dragons album back

  • Dylan Washko
    Dylan Washko 24 days ago

    And the boyfriend

  • Dylan Washko
    Dylan Washko 24 days ago


  • J.C.Z World
    J.C.Z World 24 days ago


  • Francine Baluyot
    Francine Baluyot 24 days ago

    I only hear my name once in a my lifetime! I love murder mysteries❤

  • Kpop Lova
    Kpop Lova 24 days ago

    No lie, I actually said it was her sister an ex and they were in love , I'm so smart that I shock myself :)

  • Wolvnie Ding
    Wolvnie Ding 25 days ago

    I knew it was her sister because she wasn't even tearing

  • Victoria Brookland
    Victoria Brookland 25 days ago

    I think it was her ex-boyfriend because he had the same notebook paper as that note that said goodbye Jenny on it

  • Cmy Slime
    Cmy Slime 25 days ago


  • Nolan moo
    Nolan moo 25 days ago

    the ex bc he wrote down what he said so wrote down that note i knew it

  • maxSavage
    maxSavage 25 days ago

    99% of comments: I knew it was her sister

  • Brooke zzstu Cox
    Brooke zzstu Cox 27 days ago


  • It's Rachel Castle
    It's Rachel Castle 27 days ago

    Oh it was both of them 😂😂

  • It's Rachel Castle
    It's Rachel Castle 27 days ago

    I think it was ray or her twin sister

  • TheAwesomeCake
    TheAwesomeCake 28 days ago

    I think definitely the sister cause she cried but no one else did odd

  • Nerdy Animator
    Nerdy Animator 28 days ago

    Frick...I have the same bunny as the neighbor...eerhh....

  • Catelin Fortier
    Catelin Fortier 29 days ago

    Cathy or the neighbor maybe the boyfriend but I think the sister might be inocent I'm not entirely sure.

  • Chris R. South
    Chris R. South 29 days ago

    I already suspect the ex from 1:16 - same wounds.

  • Shashi Prayag
    Shashi Prayag 1 month ago

    who agrees it was her sister

  • aidan bowler
    aidan bowler 1 month ago


  • lois clewes
    lois clewes 1 month ago


  • Kaitlyn Garcia
    Kaitlyn Garcia 1 month ago

    I was listening to the video while is scrolled it the comments SOMEONE SPOILED THE ANSWER

  • Anime Books13
    Anime Books13 1 month ago


  • jazmine
    jazmine 1 month ago

    we need videos like this every week please

  • A Flamboyant Fandom Trashcan

    1:44 she had pretty hair

  • Jennifer Carbajal
    Jennifer Carbajal 1 month ago

    ray he had the paper pad

  • Nickie Mayes
    Nickie Mayes 1 month ago

    it was ray

  • Mina_bunni
    Mina_bunni 1 month ago

    Her twin ?

  • Lucian Heckman
    Lucian Heckman 1 month ago

    Her boy friend did it

  • Ayano -chan
    Ayano -chan 1 month ago

    So i think a twin and a ex because a ex says he met someone other girl and I think a twin is over dramatic to dramatic

  • Thevlogsoflife Dood
    Thevlogsoflife Dood 1 month ago

    paused at 3:40. the mark on her head is right above her left eye and the creep next door seemingly doesn't know her name and the paper had what looked like make up or something and the ex didn't seem to suprised and he was left handed and the popular chick would not stand the sight of blood seemingly by the knife being cleaned with polish the twin has a dominant right hand and the strike on her head was made from the right hand so I believe maybe it was the twin and the ex I am not gonna watch the rest just in case if there's spoilers

  • bmx the best
    bmx the best 1 month ago

    the girls from the school because she had a killing weapon on here and she was not crying.

  • Pink Lishesdog
    Pink Lishesdog 1 month ago

    It was the sister or the ex or both

  • Nevaeh Shaw
    Nevaeh Shaw 1 month ago


  • tayla payne
    tayla payne 1 month ago

    I got it right

  • Rosabelle Bunny11
    Rosabelle Bunny11 1 month ago


  • Nickie Burkett
    Nickie Burkett 1 month ago

    I new it was francen and the ex!

  • Matthew Gilpin
    Matthew Gilpin 1 month ago

    The neighbor

  • Kade Robertson
    Kade Robertson 1 month ago


  • Shane Deuz-Akana
    Shane Deuz-Akana 1 month ago

    what it ways your sister

  • Diamond Ruby
    Diamond Ruby 1 month ago


  • Cookiebear Cookiebear

    It was either her sister or the mean girl

  • Melfynaz Zacquelynn
    Melfynaz Zacquelynn 1 month ago

    but after ans I didnt expect twin

  • Melfynaz Zacquelynn
    Melfynaz Zacquelynn 1 month ago

    I think its ex boyfriend

  • Kyla
    Kyla 1 month ago

    He had paper and wasn't paying attention, and kept looking away. And the sister was acting too strongly. So I guessed it was one of them. But it's both

  • Red Phantom
    Red Phantom 1 month ago

    The only crime I can see is the missing comma at 0:40

    grammar. it's important.

  • Ash Book
    Ash Book 1 month ago

    its the twin..She was acting so fake

  • Shane Phelps
    Shane Phelps 1 month ago

    Her sister

  • Humans Humans
    Humans Humans 1 month ago


  • joseph hutton
    joseph hutton 1 month ago


  • NeonGlocKz FTW
    NeonGlocKz FTW 1 month ago

    This is Actually AIDS

  • pais and bryn vlogs
    pais and bryn vlogs 1 month ago

    it was the ex boyfriend and her twin

  • Ruth Delgado
    Ruth Delgado 1 month ago

    her twin and her ex

  • Nikki Prizer
    Nikki Prizer 1 month ago

    I thought Francinie

  • Eva Zhu5
    Eva Zhu5 1 month ago

    I knew it was her ex boyfriend but i didn't know it was also her twin

  • N. Abdulrub
    N. Abdulrub 1 month ago

    I'm at 3:28 okay and I'm gonna say what I think.. I think Francine and Ray are working together because Francine had a basketball and ray plays...sooo

  • Cheetah
    Cheetah 1 month ago

    I knew it wasn't the werid guy and the girl in school. i had it hard choosing between the ex bf and the twin so i chose ex bf. since the twin is her sister. but her emotions made me think it was her. this wasn't hard except it was 2 people and i was expecting to be 1

  • pink arrow
    pink arrow 1 month ago

    the girl from school

  • Tommy Beddis
    Tommy Beddis 1 month ago

    Cos she held a knife

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